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  1. Seth is a better Stahl, we thinks. Trades HP for leadses in Atk, Spd, and Def, though they tie in Res. Is there betterses? Yes. But Seth not very bad at all, we thinks. At least not as badses as Stahl
  2. Guidance? Overpoweredses? We don't thinkses so. Two tileses of range is relatively smallses, so infantry and armorses can't crossmap through terrain except in very specific situationses. Cavalry don't benefit from Guidanceses either, and they're arguably the best Mov typses in the game. Being able to move onto forest tileses for extra range is good, we think. But that's really it most of the time. EDITSES: In Arena Defese, the AI uses C buffses better most of the time anyway.
  3. +Res -Atk. Atkses easier to fix than -Spd, yes yes yes!
  4. Guidance only lets armorses and footses move next to Tana, so we don't thinkses so.
  5. Exactly thises, yes yes yes!
  6. Hmm? No it doesn't. Uwe hee hee.
  7. +Spd 3 Stackses of Goad Armor 40 Spdses What do you thinkses now? Uwe hee hee!
  8. But Nosferatu is a light magickses, yes yes yes! Blame FE6, we says. Gaiden tho
  9. Not badses at all, actually. Uwe hee hee.
  10. Neitherses. Klein does most of his workses on Player Phase, so a breaker skillses like Swordbreaker is betterses for him most of the time. Uwe hee hee.
  11. Updatedses, but I forgot to make a postses. Uwe hee hee. Post your questionses here, as always.
  12. Legion does not understand what you're saying. Cavalry with armor BST isn't very balanced, hmm? EDITSES:
  13. So, just like every other heroses in the game, hmm? Legion finds that 169 BST funny though. Is bigger than some infantry units, uwe hee hee! Why so much HP, we wonder?
  14. Easiest TT yet, we thinks. Been running it with Celica, Bride Cordelia, Reinhardt, and Dancer with no issueses, but we still don't like Nowi! -Spd Celica still hits 45 Spdses with Darting Blow which goes nicely with her base 55 Atkses, and +13 HP with the HP seal and +4 Def / Res gives her a good mix of power and bulk, we thinkses. Delthea and Gray are good onses too. But Sonya! Legion doesn't have to lift a finger for these runses because the triple pointses gives 5k after just three runses! Very very good, yes yes yes! @Astolfo! and the rest of allses have it easy this time, uwe hee hee. Wantses to be starting somethingses now, hmm?