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  1. Nino wants her follow-up attack, I don't see why you'd take it away from her. If she OHKOs after buffs, Windsweep won't do anything for you. If she can double and ORKO, then Windsweep keeps that from happening. Got a Shanna for Desperation? That's by far her best option for a B Passive.
  2. Do you love my Hawkeye.

    1. MrSmokestack


      Hawkeye is Desert Husbando, what's not to love?

      Sanaki though

    2. Soul~!
  3. Speaking of multipliers, for how much Tempest was touted as a survival mode, I was a bit surprised to see Speed have a much bigger impact on the final score than Survival, since depending on the map and enemy composition, finishing quickly to get the maximum Spd bonus can be nigh impossible. Usually, Ferox and the infamous Tree map end up being the biggest offenders. Meanwhile, losing a unit gives a measly .05 drop in Survival as opposed to 0.1 in Speed for losing a turn. If Tempest gets balanced the next time it runs, I mainly just want to see more maps get added to the rotation as well as tweak the Speed multiplier to be a bit more forgiving, while making the penalty on Survival more harsh to compensate. Free vs Paid bonus unit multiplier is fine as is, though. Overall, I like how IS handled Tempest Trials. The grind is just a trait it shares with other gacha games rather than being a fault in and of itself.
  4. @Cute Chao Those two and the lava map are probably the most unforgiving to improper baiting, I find, but they're perfectly beatable nonetheless. What team are you using? You'll never win if you keep surrendering on those maps, after all.
  5. I mean, it's been said time and again that no team can offer perfect coverage, but frankly your composition is weak if it's losing Lunatic 7 more than it's winning.
  6. I have three Get on my level. :( At least I got my Riceload on the very last day of the banner so.
  7. Can confirm @Hilda, especially when the sole axe user on the map is easily the most dangerous one. I ran Lucina on all of my attempts through this map, and she had just enough Atk to leave Michalis with single digit health, letting my underleveled 3* Alejandro finish him off. With Hone Atk, she could just ORKO him outright. You can always field an archer with a dancer to deal with basically everything else because flier effectiveness.
  8. @r_n Cordelia, Bride Cordelia, Reinhardt, Raven, and Camus are my votes. Brave Weapon users as well as units that need to deal with high-Def enemies prefer Luna if Draconic Aura doesn't give them at least 15 added damage.
  9. You might want to wait on better horses then. Xander is a pretty great candidate for receiving Hone Cavalry since he wants Fortify Cavalry buffs more from his teammates.
  10. Roderick wants Hone Cavalry buffs himself more than he wants to give Hone Cavalry buffs to other units. Give him and Reinhardt Fortify Cavalry instead. What other horses are you running?
  11. Obligatory "the things we do for love?l Nice! So what did this do to your sleep schedule?
  12. And you did it without a bonus unit. Until the very end, of course. You have defied all odds and won the 'Pulse. You are my new favorite hero.
  13. Think of all the 3* Virions units you could have summoned with those orbs, man. You're running out of time!
  14. Lukas is pretty great with his default Killer Lance, but with Quick Pulse and Bonfire he makes for a excellent counterkiller. Like this set: Bonfire has a CD of 1 with this set while Ignis has a CD of 2. Bonfire improves his matchup against mages if you run Distant Counter, which give him the most trouble by far, while Ignis handles everything else. He's perfectly viable as a tank, especially when he has more bulk than most armored units at base. Too bad mine is -Def
  15. Valbar sports some great bulk for an earlygame swarmed with terrors, so he does pretty well for choking the point if nothing else. By Act 3, he starts to fall off because he can't catch up, figuratively and literally speaking. Low Mov as a Baron combined with poor Spd and Res leave him separated from Celica's group too easily to contribute much of anything, and he becomes easy prey for Witch AI as well as Mire. Overall, he has some earlygame utility but he finishes weaker than when he started. Kamui is your second choice for a Mercenary after Saber, and is pretty great if only by virtue of his class. Dread Fighters have high Mov and all-around high bases, especially in Spd. Though his Res is worse than Saber's, Apotrope from Dread Fighter patches this up pretty well. By Endgame, he tends to edge out Saber with his Spd and Atk leads. One of my personal favorites even if he doesn't stand out quite as much when you take the rest of the group contributions into consideration. I've probably heard Bryce Papenbrook's voice before, but I wouldn't know from where. I do like how he did Kamui's though.