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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    This new event in JP has been pretty good to me. Cleared 43 boxes so far. On the other hand, I’m past 55 boxes in NA. Thank goodness for autoclicker...
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Did the rest of the CQs today. On Box 47. Let’s make it to 50.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Spent 35 apples today. That puts me in Box 37. That should be enough to max level my remaining golds and ascend Bedivere, but if not I’ll bust out the wallet for the next few refills.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    I just brought Saber Alter and she did over 1M damage with a single NP. Is it supposed to be hard?
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    Today was a real doozy. I MLB’d the lotto CE and cleared out bronze medals from the shop. After that, I beat the CQ three different ways: -Nero Solo -Arts Team -No Damage CE The third run was ironically the “best” out of all of them; nobody died besides Arash, and the clear was reasonably fast too—42 turns. I used this team: Since my phone sucks though, the last run never saved. I just finished editing the other two videos and will upload them tomorrow as a single video though.
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    Debuff clear is a thing guys... I’m planning on going at each of these challenge quests with multiple teams. On box five at the moment. Once I hit the last CE I’m going back to grinding medals. Three turn clears make this really fast.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    So I have no taste for wanting to get rid of Ligma then? Anyway, about the maintenance. I have stuff to do in the meantime so the downtime isn’t as big a deal to me. It would suck if my 439 day streak finally broke though.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Says the guy that doesn’t want the ligma meme to die, apparently. Did the CQ with BB Waver setup. Was pretty easy though I misplayed a little because of the break bar gimmicks. How are you guys enjoying the authentic JP experience?
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    You forgot Ligma More quests opened up today in JP. Hopefully the challenge quest is harder than last time.
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    Some morning this has been. After rolling NP2 Edison on Caster Day, I decided to try rolling Waver again on JP, since he has a solo rate-up unlike last time. I have rolled 5 SSRs on JP in the four months I’ve been playing and 9 on NA in 14 months. What is my luck. Also, @The Priest I hope this makes your day: The author of Lord El-Melloi Case Files finally rolled Waver today and got him to...well you can see for yourself. Still no Interlude though
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    Rolled 6 tickets on Caster rate up for some Mana Prisms. Then I leveled Illya with some embers and immediately got a Super Success. RNG abuse confirmed(?).
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    It’s an interesting analogy, albeit one that only works in a vacuum when the number of situations you can take double Okita into are not very many. Utility skills (buff removal, NP charge, and targetable buffs) are not the same thing as gimmicks (damage vs [attribute]). You seem to be conflating the two. There is no situation where buff removal, NP charge, and targetable buffs are not useful. There are many situations where damage up against anything besides humanoid is a complete dud. It doesn’t matter how many times you can use it in a fight. It’s an option that will always give some value whenever it is used. Diarmuid’s defensive buff removal is admittedly more situational, but Fran’s buff removal is something that Okita does not have, full stop. That alone is a significant advantage. This is mainly just another demonstration of how good Okita’s 5.0 quick is. It’s also not an accurate representation of reality. The cards that are actually chosen on those turns, and the order they’re put in, depends on the NP gauges for the rest of your team. You may not have an opportunity to pick the DPS card in more than one or two hands in all likelihood. But it’s for the sake of example so why nitpick See above. CEs make a comparison about as clean as buffstacking does so let’s ignore those. One turn of Evade giving more durability depends on the enemy you’re fighting. Also, Fran’s Atk Down doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s meant to be stacked with other defense boosts. The cooldown is short at 5 CD, and 100% Def Up with a guarantee that the enemy won’t be buffed for damage means that you can no-sell any NP barring one that removes buffs. A potential Zero damage to the whole team for 3/5 turns (assuming your other defense boosts share the same CD) is better than 0 damage on one ally. Re-evaluating Diarmuid over the course of this discussion, he’s probably worse than Okita. The buff purge removing only defenses is too situational for how much damage he loses out on. Yet another hypothetical. We were talking about distributing stars to 2D 1S and the arguably more consistent 1D 2S. If supports are better than DPS servants (and they are) it would make sense to run more supports than DPS. Merlin is the most broken caster in the game, more at 11. Yes. Artoria existing doesn’t make Orion not worth using though. It’s true that Euryale is generally considered better than Orion, but her cards aren’t nearly as bad as his. Looking back, they’ll die to the buff removal but not the Sure Hit. Defense buff stacking is a very reliable way of no-selling NPs. While this is a bit more situational, Fran at least has a chance of being able to get a kill on an enemy before they NP if they put up a dodge or invuln on the NP turn. This is all true. It doesn’t negate my previous point that Quick teams are up a creek without Merlin, though. Merlin + Skadi is generally better than double Skadi for this reason. Or you can forgo Skadi entirely because she adds very little to the team compared to running another support caster. Merlin is so overcentralizing that you can’t really call it a Quick team anymore. It’s a buster crit team using a subpar DPS. The problem with bringing Merlin into the discussion is that he makes any servant look good. Support servants do the most carrying on any team. Merlin in particular distorts comparisons even more as the shortcomings of hard-hitting DPS like Okita or Jeanne Alter can be handwaved due to his 2nd skill and NP.
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    If I wanted a star generator, I’d bring someone with utility worth a damn. Okita’s damage is not utility. Tristan, Lobo, and Jack’s buff removal is. So is Tristan’s Harp. And Lobo’s 70% Defense Up. Not every fight is going to have a Berserker boss with no buffs that allows themselves to get steamrolled by crits. A few turns of burst isn’t always going to be enough to overcome them. It’s actually 2.8 Arts in the case of Diarmuid and 5.0 Arts for Saber Fran 3/5 turns. It’s not that close. Diarmuid’s Quick being “bad” doesn’t mean you can never click it. So is not having to click Okita’s cards every time you see them. Clicking Okita’s cards means you’re not clicking a support’s cards. This point is not relevant in certain teams. Doesn’t it make more sense to run two supports for one DPS? Why would Merlin or Waver specifically need stars for themselves? Saber - Rider - Caster team is asking for trouble with star weight. Unless you’re somehow firing off Golden Wild Hunt for 40+ stars every other turn—to say nothing about how mismatched that deck is for chains—Drake will just take all the stars. It also doesn’t change the fact that it’s a weak starpull with no other effects. It’s worth noting that Okita is actually one of the worst Mind’s Eye servants in the game. Her crit damage boost is low and there’s nothing to supplement it, unlike the majority of Mind’s Eye users who are Buster or Arts. She has starpull and that’s it. In her case criticals literally only translate into more damage and NP gain, and seeing as how Buster or Arts crits are better by leaps and bounds, yeah. No. I’m failing to see the logic behind Weak Constitution and Mind’s Eye not being plain skills in a game where Self-Modification exists. It’s almost as if you read what I wrote then didn’t read what I wrote... It is when the content in this game that’s actually worth making a team for isn’t something you can clear buffless. The stat boosts actually matter since they make the two more comparable to Okita damage-wise. This does not mean the same thing as outdamaging her. Then you look at the everything else they have in their kit and you have to wonder whether the tiny damage lead Okita has over them is worth giving up all that utility. I’ve only ever said that Diarmuid and Fran’s Arts is better though? 1) It actually is. Okita gets cockblocked by Evade and Invuln. Diarmuid has good refund on his NP due to being 10 hit Quick and can use his facecards to set up another NP for the next turn. There’s also Fran whose NP damage absolutely cannot be blocked. 2) See above. The buffs don’t let her outdamage Okita, but they make her more comparable. I’m not ignoring Okita’s bases. I’ve conceded that they’re better than Fran and Diarmuid since the very start. Servants aren’t only their bases though, and believing a servant can get carried just by their bases when their kit is both vanilla and selfish is plain wrong. Skills matter more than bases do. The real counterargument is Vlad Berserker and Orion. Their bases are utter garbage. How can they be good with 1% Arts? The truth is in their skills. They take both of them from being virtually unsuable to some of the best Arts servants in the game. If you’re gonna make a strawman, use one that actually exists in the game. Quick teams needing Merlin of all people for existant survivability says everything that words can’t express. News flash: Quests last longer than three turns and NPs happen more than once every seven turns. And what do you do if the enemy removes buffs or has Sure Hit? Guess I’ll die. There’s no healing on support Quicks besides Osakabehime who is largely considered terrible in that role, and the main sources of defense come from Skadi’s NP and from the better Quick DPS servants like Lobo and Fran. Okita literally gives her team the finger if she can’t stop the enemy from NP’ing. Skadi’s “sustain” can’t really be called sustain. Her lack of a AAA deck limits the number of Arts chains her team can make. She has one hit Evade on her NP and damage cut with no other boosts. She’s quite literally the worst of both Merlin and Waver. That’s the core issue with all Quick teams; they are all burst and almost no durability. Take a look at the past several CQs in JP we’ve gotten and tell me if Okita’s damage alone is enough to stomp them. It’s not. All of them have enemies from multiple classes, that can buff themselves, and that have break bars. Their HP in both breaks is also low enough that Okita’s extra damage actually doesn’t matter when bursting them down. True on paper but not true in practice. Buffs exist. Skills exist. And not just skills that increase damage, mind you. I mean skills that can influence what situations you bring a servant into. See above. Implying is another way of saying “I think you said...” and that’s wrong. Either I said “Fran does more damage than Okita because of her 3 turn buff” (and I’m wrong) or I didn’t say that and you didn’t put what I said into context. I have never made the claim that Diarmuid and Fran can outdamage Okita. My claim has always been this: “Summer Fran and Diarmuid compensate for their lower damage and bases with skills that make their damage comparable to Okita while also having additional tools relevant to difficult content.” Okita’s damage is great. But it’s her only advantage. And her competition, while worse at it, have other options that make them preferable to Okita in content where team composition actually matters. To quote someone who actually uses Quick teams in JP more than you do, “...everyone deals damage. [DPS] just deal more of it.” Any support a unit can provide is always more valuable than just more damage. Always. And contrary to popular belief, 60% of the fight does in fact matter more than 30% of the fight. Quick’s good guys, just use Merlin. Yeah no.
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    I already explained why Okita generating a gratuitous amount of stars is overkill. The teams you run her on still need non card-based stargen to fuel those criticals that refill her NP in the first place. That’s why Okita generating 50 stars (or however many she generates, doesn’t matter) in a chain is irrelevant. Not really sure why you quoted this since I said the exact same thing you’re saying. Where did I say this? If you read my post more carefully you’d see that I explained Diarmuid’s NP gain with the relevant skills maxed is worse than Okita without skills. The exception is the Arts on both him and Fran which completely blows Okita out of the water. That’s fair, but you completely skipped over the point on survivability. Summer Fran is preferable to Okita for two reasons—the buff removal and Attack Down on her 2nd skill and (to a much lesser extent) the stun on her NP. Buff removal alone is a massive advantage that by itself arguably makes Fran better. So Okita’s NP ignores defense? So does Fran’s, but she she has Pierce Invulnerability too, and the whole party can benefit from it. Attack Down, while less impactful, is still a small Defense boost to the whole team—a crucial point since Quick teams lack survivability. Since Tristan is a natural fit for Quick teams, he can also use his NP’s debuff resist down to give Fran 90% stun on her NP. It’s a bit of a gimmick, but a powerful one at that. Fran has no issues firing her NP off repeatedly despite her “weaker” cards. You’re really getting hung up on the numbers when they were mostly irrelevant to my argument. You’ve demonstrated that Fran and Diarmuid base-wise are worse than Okita. No kidding, I already said 5.0 Quick is strong, but that alone isn’t enough to make Okita better. Both SR Quick Sabers have other tools that make them more reliable than Okita in difficult fights. Of course, if you’re just concerned with maximizing damage, go ahead and pick Okita. She’s still a top damage dealer, but she is by no means the best in general out of the pool of Quick DPS units. JSND already explained it, but Bryn’s Mana Burst (Flame) is a lower rank than Karna and Arjuna’s. The buff value on the latter’s Mana Burst is 1.56 on NP (Vanilla Mana Burst is a straight 1.5), while the value on the former’s is approximately 1.44. This means that for Karna / Arjuna, their NP will do more damage while their Buster cards do slightly less. Unfortunately for Brynhild, she has both a smaller damage increase on her NP compared to a vanilla Mana Burst and less damage still on her Buster cards. I generally consider mixed buffs to be better than vanilla buffs, though it depends on what stats are being boosted and by how much. Summer BB still has low NP damage even with Pig Chalice at Lv 10, but something like Paracelsus giving NP Gain and Arts Up can get degenerate pretty fast.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    A couple of things: -Wanting to give additional damage to another servant strongly depends on the team composition. In a 1D, 2S setup this doesn’t make sense. In 2D, 1S, there’s an argument for it. There’s also crits giving NP gain to your supports for more NPs, but that’s reaching a little. -The problem with Quicks being as good as Arts cards is that they’re still not Arts cards. You can’t Arts chain with them. This isn’t a peg on any specific servant, just in general. “Consistency” means more than just damage. It includes survivability, effect duration, and NP generation as well. Okita’s effects do nothing beyond additonal damage, while two of the units you mentioned have effects that extend beyond just damage. That says nothing about how much more useful those effects are, too. Diarmuid has defense buff purge and NP Gain + Defense Up 3/5 turns, and Fran has 3-turn damage and NP Gain. While Scathach is mostly damage too, (chance-based) Crit Strength and Star Absorption, stun on NP and those godlike busters put a rift between her and Okita. There’s also Fran having buff purge and one of the dumbest NP gain boosts in the game, and Shishou having absurd crit capability assuming you can supply her with stars. Okita’s kit being so vanilla holds her back greatly. Saber Fran is generally seen as much better than Okita for a reason. Stargen still caps at 300%. Extra damage and NP Gain are good, but it’s only for one card. It’s true that Diarmuid has worse Quicks than Okita, but his NP gain boost is actually greater—56%. It’s still not better than Okita even without Shukuchi, but the kicker is that 30% of it applies to his Arts, which as stated previously is just better than hers. Vanilla boosts in a vacuum are rarely better than a mixed boost unless you’re Brynhild. This is fair. I never made the claim that Diarmuid was a better damage dealer than Okita—only that he’s more reliable than her.