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  1. Yeah I'm somewhat doubting my previous statement because of that. Though SoV 1st anniversary was just yesterday
  2. So uh, the new banner will probably be revealed tomorrow? If so, I'm taken my wild guess. Echoes banner with Kliff, Silque, and Python as a non colorless bow. The fourth could either be Forsyth or some type of special Alm, probably conqueror. Even cooler is that he's also a non colorless bow. I'll probably be super wrong but just saying it in case I'm not :v
  3. Whoever VOCO is did her Ciphers nicely. Maybe they could do Ethlyn again but I wouldn't mind a different artist either.
  4. Father Leif and Sister Leif sounds good too
  5. Still need to play genealogy but just give me Ethlyn. She's cute
  6. Create an FE Character

    Kind hearted, always wearing a smile but also quite airheaded and clueless on the battlefield, which constantly puts others in danger. It's fun, I enjoy improv type stuff like this. Of course! Edit: Also, Jago's backstory is almost 100% similar to a story I'm currently writing which I thought was interesting.
  7. Create an FE Character

    Nia began studying under a gifted sorcerer from her village at a young age, fascinated with magic and it's abnormalities. Eventually the sorcerer started to isolate himself as he began discovering more advanced magic and eventually was driven into madness, no longer the kind soul he once was. Others saw this as a consequence for his fruitless endeavors and looked down on him but Nia saw his maddened state as evidence of a large discovery. Her parents constantly told her that she was no longer able to see the sorcerer, so she ran away from her village with all his notes and most prized tome, hoping to find whatever he did and that it wouldn't leave her in the same state. Btw this thread is really cool and I might draw some of these characters later.
  8. Create an FE Character

    Was forcefully enlisted into the enemy army by his family who abused and treated him harshly, simply to get rid of him. After being enlisted, others made fun of and attacked him for his lacking physique. He would suck up to them and play along, trying to gain any sort of respect but was given none which led him to keep to himself. He found peace being with his wyvern, Boreas, interacting with it more than any other people. Eventually, Boreas was captured by a group of bandits, which left Galehaut into a state of despair, until he ran into the lord's group, kind, trustworthy faces who agreed to help him. After they save Boreas, his respect for humans is restored and he joins them, despite turning against his homeland.
  9. I'll try finding another build. I literally just did the Lafast one right now because I decided I wasn't going to use this 4* Sothe anyways.
  10. Heyo I'm almost never here anymore but I finally decided to finish this Oh wait QR2 still rip also
  11. Look, Dude of Kong's Art (New: Chibi Catria)

  12. lmao just give me anyone tbh as long as it's a 5* They pretty much got rid of all the people who I'd be upset about getting
  13. Look, Dude of Kong's Art (New: Chibi Catria)

    Same thing. This kind specifically It is a little confusing at first but you mainly just need to look at the screen since that's where it all comes out. Don't worry too much about looking at the pen and tablet.
  14. Look, Dude of Kong's Art (New: Chibi Catria)

    Did an olwen