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  1. I'd love to see more, especially between unlikely pairings. If it's just going to be supports though, I wouldn't buy it. Even though I liked the supports, it kind of sucks that they're locked behind DLC.
  2. It's best to just get all the supports you can. Use this as a reference. For the ranks category, all that say none mean they're passive supports.
  3. I like them. Probably the DLC that's worth it most. Emma is an adorable peg knight. Her voice is done very well, but I don't even know did it. I love that you can bully her in the Cipher legends map by saying no only. Randal is alright. His design and voice is nice but I prefer the others. Shade has that sinister feel, but her personality says otherwise. I really like her elder sister personality towards Emma and I enjoy her interactions with Yuzu. Yuzu's design is my favorite. Her portrait is awesome. I didn't expect her voice to be so refined and mature but it's a good voice. Praise the ration ball. Also, does anyone know their age? I found on the wiki that Emma is 13 but that's it.
  4. Yeah, this game doesn't feature kids. Just so you know, Celica has the most supports with 4, so it shouldn't be too hard obtaining all the supports except for Sonya's and Deen's.
  5. Unlimited but there are only around 26 supports in the game. They are done on the battlefield. They build their supports by battling or doing other actions within 3 spaces of each other.
  6. I'm going Priscilla for Kaya8. She's adorable.
  7. Sage is the only one I don't really like, mostly because the Priestess are so much cooler to me. Harrier overclass I was a little disappointed about, but it's not a super big issue for me.
  8. Sooo... Team Priscilla anyone? Edit: Dammit, no poofs for the Wrathful Staff.
  9. There were some good onesbut a lot are left quite empty. I think Awakening had the best quotes.
  10. I'll be away from internet for a while so I guess I'll get it later. Thanks for the info.
  11. It's a shame Yuzu's spell list is so small. I know she's a much more physical fighter, but having a good spell list would've been a plus.
  12. It's not a big issue, but it happened on normal maps. I was doing a skirmish at that first graveyard at Celica's side. Huh, did I not get the patch or something then?
  13. Just some weird thing I noticed that probably isn't normal. Their portraits during the XP gain after combat is completely white. No eyes. I haven't completed the battle I'm in yet but I'm guessing after battle group exp they still don't have it. So I beat the battle. There's just nothing there lol
  14. Ah I see. I think it was just something new they wanted to try. I personally like the new layouts and would like it if they stayed like this.
  15. I'd assume it has to do with the Cipher DLC, but I might be totally off.