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  1. Head canon: Laslow taught Xander how to dance just before the festival
  2. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Heyyy I did a thing Catria: Summer WhiteWing Edit: Twitter is shit with image previews
  3. Heyyy it is I. I've only ran into an SF peep once which was LordFrigid and that quite some time ago. Edit: @Vaximillian I assume you might have ended your battle but you can go ahead and defeat it, I've gotten two already it seems.
  4. It feels good man lol I should honestly be using it more but I've SPed up a good few
  5. Tbh all it's doing is saving time. It's not like I'm gaining any unfair advantage from getting SP (which has almost zero value compared to orbs or feathers and the like) faster than I normally do. But go ahead and play as you like. If you're alright with not using it that's fine.
  6. this glitch is stupid lmao
  7. Restart SP glitch.

    I mean it's quicker than doing SP farming the normal way. It takes like probably a minute or two for over 1000 SP.
  8. Restarting after you lose the map also applies the multiplier again.
  9. yeah just checked it's working lol
  10. Lmao I think it already got patched, stopped working for me half way
  11. What's your opinion of buying orbs?

    Spending = cheating how Someone please explain to me.
  12. Why you should go F2P

    Eh, everything you listed sounds like a personal thing. I'm not a whale or anything trying to +10 a 5* I really want, but like I've probably spent around $140 from launch to today and I'd say I'm not any less happy about the game. Whether I spend money or not, I'm going to be super excited about getting who I wanted. I've seen multiple people spend money, get who they wanted, and still scream about it. How does spending money = less to do? Literally, whether you're F2P or not, the game is the same for everyone. I'm still having the same amount of fun. I mean, I'm not going to hate myself for choosing what to do with my money. If anything, it's given me motivation to start doing art commissions. FEH is what's keeping my livelyhood as a twitter artist alive. Take my money FEH. I still value every orb and feather lol. Besides, I'm not trying to be the best at FEH. I'll try to stay in T20 but I don't care if I'm not. I find that the biggest capture of FEH is getting you're favs and making them amazing units as well as getting to brag about it Spending doesn't take anything away from the game at all. Honestly I'd say I'm a bit happier after spending a little to get what I wanted. I think you're assuming to much of the mindset of someone who buys orbs. Let them play the game however they want because it's not like the hundreds of dollars they spend is going to affect how you enjoy the game.
  13. Who has the "best art"?

    Also want to add: Giga Nino's critical portrait is my favorite. The amount of detail Amagaitaro put into it is stunning.
  14. Who has the "best art"?

    I don't know about "best art" because there are lots of good artists in FEH with each having their own charm. Also, I'd argue that there aren't any bad artists either, just that they need to do characters that compliment their styles well. Wouldn't say I have a favorite art, but my favorite artists are Kaya8 and Tobi. Kaya8's style is simple, clean, and easy to look at and just overall adorable. Tobi's colors are pleasing to eyes and is just a very good style. But WHEN WILL WE GET MORE UMIU GESO Some of the best art for cipher they've only done Christmas Lissa for Heroes