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  1. FU- Oh wait that's pretty good. Is Owl the only non-exclusive/non-seasonal tome added after launch? They need to bring in more inheritable tomes or more characters with old ones so it isn't such a pain to only go for one character (luckily two blades are with 3*-4* and on is on a 4*-5*)
  2. I just want the white haired shota Kliff. Hopefully without a sword.
  3. I've brought this up before too. Lolis in general are more popular but I like loli characters more than shotas anyways. Also note: Lolicons are people who like lolis. Shotacons are people who like shotas. Right now, we have Gordin, Raigh... I don't know who else but that's probably it.
  4. I'd rather they keep distant counter to a skill and weapon exclusives. Man, SS banner ends right on the 31st meaning I can't use next months quest orbs to grab them... I really like all the characters they added and they even made their sets really good at least in my eyes.
  5. I forgot to do Tatiana and Atlas, but I don't care too much for them anyways. Faye: She's okay. I liked all my other clerics more, and I never got to unlock her "dance" spell either. As a character, I expected something else when we first saw her. I imagined her acting as the older sister of the Ram boys, keeping them in check and being somewhat protective of her friends. Too bad I was super wrong and we got what she is now. I wouldn't have minded her Alm crush but it's pretty much all she is so I do. Her obsession/love isn't on the same level as Tharja, but at least Tharja had other things going for her. I think it would've really helped if she didn't just have an Alm support. Kliff could've totally gotten that extra convo because they're both stuck with one. Nomah: I didn't use him, I don't really care too much about him. He was in such a random place and the fact that he's a hidden optional character makes him less significant to me. Berkut: I thought he was a cool guy. I really liked the last scene in Duma Tower but I feel like they don't do enough to make you feel for him. It's just bug-stomping and high almighty nephew. He wasn't even that nice to Rinea and I don't get why she really liked him. He didn't even make a good rival/obstacle for Alm, since he got rekt everytime. I know that they stayed faithful and they couldn't alter things much, but if Berkut actually had a bigger effect on the story, I would've liked him more.
  6. I have mine at Lvl 40 4* so I'm going to promote him sooner or later. I don't know if Fury synergizes well with Riposte 2. It'll only take about two rounds of combat to keep him from QR doubling. Oh yeah, I spent about 7 stamina potions trying to beat Legion Infernal... BUT I CAN'T :( I'm trying so hard with mt Flier Emblem and they get so far but they end up losing. Honestly, if the enemies didn't have an immediate charge for their specials, I could probably beat it.
  7. When do you think they'll announce what the Sacred Coins do? We're finally earning the first reward today from Arena Assault.
  8. I have yet to pull him, but he seems the best out of the four current trainees. It's really a bummer he looks the most underwhelming of the four...
  9. I don't think popularity is factored with new banners and it's characters. If it were, we'd be getting Fates and Awakening banners forever. I expected Joshua or L'Arachel to be in but I'm super okay with these guys too! It's a bit weird that Seth seems the most underwhelming of the four to me right now...
  10. Considering she is one from her game, I'm assuming she is. Gray doesn't seem bad to me. He's just completely overshadowed by others. I'm hoping they don't kill Amelia's spread though.
  11. Yeah, I expected a little more higher and a bit younger. But I can't believe Xander Mobus (Smash 4 announcer) is doing Innes! That's awesome!
  12. Seth you mean? My guess is Seth and Ameli will drop to 4* since Innes and Tana both have exclusives, but we'll have to wait and see. But damn... A trainee as Armor? What is that BST...
  13. Armor March from Amelia? Def+7 when Tana is attacked and a permanent ally WoM for armor/infantry? BowOwl from Innes? Freaking Seth? This banner looks amazing to me! I'm totally going to try to pull from it.
  14. These skills are amazing! Also liking Innes artist. Pretty sure he's new. Also, Amelia is the first new Armored Unit, besides GHB Zephiel!
  15. DAMN AMELIA AND TANA MAKING ARMORS MORE RELEVANT Jesus these skills! Also glad it's a paralogue so we can get another CC.