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  1. Eh... We still have 5 days til the next new banner. The time within banner reveal and actual release always varied but this seems a little too early. If it does, I won't complain though.
  2. Laslow, Laslow, Laslow, Laslow, Laslow, Catria, Catria.
  3. Look, Dude of Kong's Art

    Nobody can stop me
  4. Look, Dude of Kong's Art

    A quick one I did for the second FECompendium challenge. Still bummed out a bit that I missed out on the first one...
  5. Who's your best unit in any Fire Embem Game?

    Probably Selkie. Breaker Selkie was the greatest thing, dodging literally everything. Her damage wasn't amazingly high like others but it was enough to make me proud.
  6. Nichol is one of my favorite enemy units. I really like his design. I wish he'd somehow get in a GHB but that's super unlikely.
  7. a kind of like fire emblem anime

    oh shit i just found out the novel was illustrated by Eliwood's heroes artist
  8. If Legendary Heroes aren't restricted to Nifl and Muspell people, I want Legendary Hero Alf and Sharena's pa.
  9. a kind of like fire emblem anime

    to the payload wait
  10. Grancrest Senki. Lords identified by some mark that has powers in some kind of war. Conquer stuff. Mages that do stuff. A dude who almost has Alm's hair and a lady who almost has Celica's name. I'm probably stretching at this point but yeah. I don't know if I'd recommend it because it was only decent but I don't think I'm gonna watch it. help im slowly becoming vicetoluct
  11. Favorite anime OPs/EDs?

    Kyoumen no Nami (Houseki no Kuni Opening) has been on repeat for a couple of days :/
  12. You can say that for almost every hero though. We're not forgetting we're just waiting.
  13. Desperation and Fury? That doesn't seem like much compared to others. I won't say "use her she's great!" since I don't plan to either but she's almost ready to go without any sort of SI. And no it isn't because merges. 34/36 offense is great.
  14. Look, Dude of Kong's Art

    Another update because I like jade too.