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  1. Still trying to get more Neko Sakura so probably there. Re-CYL sounds cool but I'd rather not and wait for the Fjorm banner.
  2. Well, Brave Heroes are back for the TT.
  3. Playing Conquest chapter 7 right now. I get super scared from enemies with Poison Strike believing they'll do 10 damage after combat, and get confused when they only do 4.
  4. They're all characters I want or wouldn't mind getting more of (besides Bunny Xander), so I'm going all in. Hopefully I can resist summoning with less than 20 orbs.
  5. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    That's four guys and we know that IS don't want a sausage fest. Kana being before Morgan is already less weird than Fates kids before Awakening so I don't really see the problem with it. I'd choose Morgan over Kana though.
  6. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Even though I don't care about Percy, if he's drawn by Kouhei Horikoshi I want him. I'd assume Kana will be on it (hopefully as a green dragon). Rip Velouria and Selkie who definitely won't be in for now. Shiro, Siegbert, Kiragi, and Forrest are a few expectable ones.
  7. I honestly don't care for Percy, but he fits Kouhei Horikoshi style perfectly to me so I want him in as long as he's drawn by that artist.
  8. Why is Michalis rerun so long?
  9. Kana will be there for sure. But... "Grand Hero: Berkut" seems questioning... It doesn't say revival or anything and runs alongside Michalis's revival.
  10. Rest of November and December look pretty promising! A LOT of orbs coming.
  11. We finally got another calendar! And there's quite a lot of stuff. VG, Amelia/Tana BHB, Thank You Special Maps, LOL Berkut Rerun. And new Fates banner it looks like.
  12. Rate the video game song above

    I mean it's a Mickey Mouse Racing game so I can't judge it too seriously. 5/10 Does the Sheep Count The Sheep (Bedman's Theme) - Guilty Gear Xrd
  13. A LOT of orbs will be coming soon, so saving up will be easy. Tempest, Book 2, December Quests, more CCs, Michalis Re-run. I'm planning on spending until the 20th because Sakura.
  14. It will be soon... On the 27th... At least I hope so.
  15. Beat it all with Flier Emblem (Scamilla, Palla, Hinoka, Scorrin). Definitely the easiest one for me so far.