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  1. Rate the Fire Emblem character above

    Funny guy. Preferred Tobin but this guy is cool. 8/10 Artur (Sacred Stones Monk)
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Got Deirdre Atk+/spd- (-4 rip) on my first non-free summon. 4* Seliph followed her home too... If I get Sigurd, I guess I can complete the family.
  3. Rate the video game song above

    Mmmmm.... It's pretty catchy. I think it's cool. 7/10 Magnolia Eclair- Guilty Gear Xrd
  4. Badly describe your favourite characters

    F: Exposed back is pretty hot. M: Just wants a cup of tea but with you but it seems things never work out.
  5. Same. I was really hoping for more orbs for PA.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Yeah it's definitely yours then. I think it might be Flier Formation on her right now, which doesn't get to do much since the other ally isn't a flier also.
  7. Just saw it. Sigurd got CYL treatment as in all passives being filled. I still have PA to pull from so maybe I'll try mostly for mama Julia and less for the others since I don't really know these people.
  8. Post fanart requested by the person above!

    Ayy my fav elite four character Fack, someone got to it before me. Here's theirs. Anyways, Tooru Hagakure from My Hero Academia.
  9. The only one I share with that list is Ninian x BLyn. Although, I switched to it about a week ago (previously Marth/BLyn and Julia/Ninian) and should probably work on building it up.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Okay whoever's Elincia this is from my friends list (in japanese so IDK) on Team Ninian, it's been doing amazing. My only guess is that it's @Ice Dragon but I can't tell.
  11. Are FEH's later maps unfair

    It's not unfair. It's challenging sure, but definitely unfair. You can hate maps for being really hard with enemy with crazy boosted stats, but if it's beatable then it's not unfair. There is a difference between "can't make units workable" and "unit having little to no use on a map". Special maps (GHB & BHB) aren't always designed for every team to work with.
  12. Rate the Fire Emblem character above

    Never played his game but he's a Greg Chun character so 7/10. Inigo
  13. The "Ripoff" thread.

    Primrose (Octopath Traveler) is a copy of Linde! Both want to avenge their father and look similar! Although Primrose seems much more mature...