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  1. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    Hi everyone read My Girl by Mizu Sahara. Finished it in about 2 hours and its one of my favorites now. Edit: I need to gush about it more because I love it. My Girl is about a 23 year-old dude named Masamune, who, for years, has been waiting for his lover, Youko, who left to study abroad. He'd send many letters to her hoping for a response back but none came, causing him to develop doubt. One day, Youko's mother comes to tell him that she passed away. He also learns from her mother's visit that Youko secretly had a daughter (which is said to be his) named Koharu who is now 5 years-old, however this is met with much skepticism (reasonably so). Meeting Koharu by chance, she delivers him a bunch of response letters from Youko. From them, he learns why she chose to keep Koharu a secret from him, how lonely she was, and that he was wrong for doubting her. For his lover who chose to take on parenthood alone for 5 years, Masamune decides that he would try living together with his daughter. Sounds a bit questionable at first but you really just have to read it to get the full gist of it. Anyways, I absolutely love this manga. I can't express how glad I am to stumble upon it. "Single father raising daughter" seems to be a common concept in manga but I think this one does an amazing job. The art is good, it's really hard to dislike a lot of the characters, the whole thing is adorable and will make your eyes water or put a stupid grin on your face, there's just so much that I love about it. The story tackles a lot of hard subjects such as parenthood (an obvious one), putting value in yourself in a family, enduring loneliness, moving on from the past, divorce and how it effects a child, there's just a lot. If I could choose any story to get an anime adaptation, I'd choose My Girl in a heartbeat.
  2. So Catria and Laslow are in this game and yeah I think that's it Edit: Anyways for real now with the games I've played SoV: Kliff and Genny are in. Kamui and Silque aren't here yet and I need them quickly, would not mind an SoV Catria alt SS: Tana and Myrrh are in (though Myrrh became a SS fave due to her being in Heroes). Awakening: Inigo has his PA and alternate identity self in, Tiki has been in, Cherche has been in. Birthright: Sakura has been in, Subaki has been in. Selkie has not. Conquest: Laslow has been in, I'm kind of indifferent to the rest of the cast really.
  3. Palutena buffs has made her so much more comfortable for me. I played her lightly in Smash 4 but couldn't get really far because of just being generally bad. Explosive Flame is useful as hell, combining counter and reflect was nice, her tilts aren't exactly terrible anymore, just a lot of stuff that makes her feel great.
  4. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    I've been on romance/drama manga high right now so here's a couple that I like. Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai aka I Want to Eat Your Pancreas was so damn good. I heavily resonate with a lot of the things it mentions and overall was just super enjoyable read/watch. I think it does a very good job establishing a powerful relationship between a guy and a gal without making it heavily based around love and romance but more around needing each other to understand ones self and their surroundings. I enjoyed the manga a little more but that was only because I didn't know what would happen the first time. Was hoping I would cry but did not in the end. Kanojo no Rokurokobi is a rather short manga about a Yokai girl and her childhood friend with 22 chapters but is very nice. Nieki Zui has a very interesting style that I've come to really like. Kakushigoto - Secrets is a rather interesting story that seems to revolve around the idea that "circumstances change but our feelings stay the same". The manga is actually written by the writer of Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai and drawn by the artist of Kanojo no Rokurokobi, funnily enough. The chapters that are currently out seem to be only the opening of the story so I can't wait to see more. Go-Toubun no Hanayome aka Berkut's Harem is one that's been going on for a while that I really like. It isn't necessarily "amazing writing" but it does a lot to satisfy me. I feel like a lot of romance manga tend to build it's stories off of a lot of characters's misunderstandings and hesitation and is the reason a ton of them haven't concluded (which may simply mean it isn't time for it to end which is fine but I get tired of it quickly). While it does have some of these moments, this manga tends to give those misunderstandings and hesitations a follow-up quickly that gives them some progression and feels like the relationships are moving at a steady pace. Also it's art is good Haruba Negi has pretty stuff. Yippee it's getting an anime in a week or two. Not a romance/drama but My Hero Academia blah yeah whatever I don't think I need or want to explain really
  5. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Hi, my favorite anime is My Hero Academia. Deku (AKA Izuku Midoriya) Moveset: Other stuff
  6. I thought "whoa death metal in feh lmao" but that was about it. Not something I would want back here. I do like the Book 3 battle theme though.
  7. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Because a Fjorm moveset was made, it's only right that I make one for Ylgr. Ylgr Moveset: Extras: Fun Fact: I did a yolo summon while writing this out and got a Spd+/Res- copy for her heh. I think this is my new way of trying my luck.
  8. Book 3 Artist?

    Heyo people, it's been a while. With Book 3 coming soon, and that likely means we'll get a new cast of original characters being added to the mix. Because of that, I've been kind of wondering if there will be a different artist taking lead for it. Kozaki Yusuki, as we all expected, had taken care of Book 1 making the Askran and Emblian folks. Maeshima Shigeki had taken over for Book 2 creating Nifl and Muspell. Which artist do you think would be a good fit or do you want to see for Book 3 under the assumption that the main artist will change? Basically this is another "Who's your favorite artist in FEH?" topic in disguise. Personally I want Umiu Geso because they are literally goals but they've done two characters only so :/
  9. The "Seasonal Alt Nickname" thread is dead but I came up with a perfect name for the Adrift Corrins. Snorrin.
  10. Shouto Todoroki is best boy

    Yo for real
  11. Press Ctrl+V

  12. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Octopath Traveler rep would be dope Therion Moveset: Other Animation & Aesthetic Stuff: The BP system sounds like it'd make for a pretty cool gimimick.
  13. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Ye but if someone's already done one for them I might as well give attention to someone else.
  14. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Tweaked some of Catria's damage outputs. Changes: Thinking about doing Alm and Celica later when I get the chance. Edit: nevermind people already did those two
  15. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Yeah, trying to make her a fighter WITH her Pegasus is a bit difficult.