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  1. I really want this too. I want to see all the concept art close up. After seeing ShadowofChaos's video showcasing it, I really want to see it. I WANT.
  2. Fite me IRL bro >:o But thanks for the late welcomes all.
  3. Do bonuses from the ___ blow skills and Spur skills apply to special skills? Example: If Spur Def 3 and Armored Blow 3 is in effect during combat, meaning a +10 Def, and the unit activates Bonfire, will there be an extra 5 damage?
  4. I definitely see where you're coming from. I do that all the time with anime instead. I really liked Fates because it was announced while I was playing Awakening. I enjoyed playing it because it implemented cool new things that I didn't like about Awakening, such as a polished pair up system. While I can't compare Fates to other past games well besides Awakening because they're the only two I've actually finished, I learned quickly while playing it that Fates lacked a LOT of things. I never understood the whole Takumi darkness thing, I liked the children characters but the way they implemented back in was pretty bad, Corrin was a pretty weird protagonist, like you said, many characters were based on tropes than actually a good character, many S-supports felt VERY forced just so you can have babies (Sakura and Azama was shit). A lot of things that you don't want to re-experience. That's just how I feel.
  5. Depends what they'd do with it, but I'll say no because I'd much prefer the settings they've been going with. But if it did happen, I won't lie, I would be laughing really hard at the decisions IS is making and the reactions of their fanbase because I'm fairly certain that 50% of them (especially the asshats on Youtube) would leave. Also don't mean to be that guy, but "Should I.S revist the Mars (or space) idea for FE Switch?" It's really bugging me.
  6. Wow, I feel really bad about now doing this sooner. I've been on these forum for about a month, mainly on the Echoes: SoV and Heroes Forum. I guess I'll talk about myself now. So, I'm this introverted 15 year old who has nothing better to do with his life right now. I joined these forums because I've seen how much more pleasant the atmosphere is here compared to Youtube comments... Also because I have no one else in real life to talk about Fire Emblem except for my cousin who's some what into it... I have a dog? I don't know what else to say. Well, for Fire Emblem, I've Completed: Awakening, Birthright, Revelations Currently playing: Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade (lost my old phone with it so IDK if I want to restart with all those tutorials...) Started and made like zero progress: Gaiden, Genealogy of the Holy War, Shadow Dragon I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing. Well, again, this is a very late introduction. Hi to people I have yet to meet.
  7. I don't think it'll mainly focus on the fraud and cheating. It just seems to be two distinct topics posted at the same time. I could be wrong but that's what it seems like.
  8. ♪ I'll summon my minions straight from the grave ♪ ♪ If you think you can beat me, you better have saved ♪ ♪ By singing a song I'll raise up the dead ♪ ♪ Get ready for battle, now OFF WITH YOUR HEAD ♪ I need more lines.
  9. I don't hate her either really. I just prefer pretty much every other female character over her. Lol It's a shame she and Kliff aren't plot relevant like Gray and Tobin. That would've given them more dialogue and more for us to see. I wonder if they'll do something about her ending though.
  10. This is a very small thing and I've stated it somewhere else before, but I really like the battle animations and the speed of it. Awakening and Fates had RIDICULOUSLY slow battles without holding the A button. This one seems much more realistic, except for when they let the Terrors walk up and gnaw on them. Personalized victory animations is a nice touch, too. Adds a bit more character to each of them. Hey, I guess there's more than one command quote for each character. Faye says, "Just leave it to me!" then goes to "Okay, I'm ready" on a different turn. Maybe it triggers by the amount of health or something.
  11. I don't think the voices were bad either. A lot of them were pretty good. I just thought the acting was bad. Many lines seemed to forced and didn't seem like anyone was trying. Especially Hisame. Anyways, I'm really excited to see more voice-acted scenes. I kind of wish they got younger people to do the acting for them, because I'm not a fan of adult's doing kid voices, but they did alright. Can't wait to hear everyone else's.
  12. Damn... That sucks... One 4* per pull. I hope luck comes your way with your next pulls.
  13. Got up to 20 orbs and got Titania on my very first pull. Hopefully I'll have this luck for the rest of the banner. Sakura and Lilina too so that's cool. Titania: +Res/-Def (Thats fine ig) Sakura: +Spd/-Atk (Pretty gud) Lilina: +Res/-Def (Wow same IVs.) I really hope Titania doesn't disappoint because Spring Camilla was my only 5* green.
  14. Not sure if I should make a new topic for this (tell me if I should) but is there any artists you guys would want to see in the future? That, or do you have any characters that you want drawn by a specific artists? I feel like toi8 could do something sooner or later. Even though I wasn't a fan of TMS, I wonder if the Carnage forms would ever make an appearance because they looked pretty cool. I really doubt it though. Hidari's art has left a great impression on many and would be cool to see their artwork (it'd feel kind of misplaced though, something about the style...) This artist would never make it in (isn't japanese and doesn't have connections to IS really), but I would really like to see Ian Olympia do something. He drew Lyn and Camilla when Heroes released and they looked pretty good.
  15. Man, I'm glad you made this topic. Would've done it myself but didn't really want to at the same time. The character arts are probably my favorite thing in this game. Favorites are hard to choose so the one's I like most are some with reasons, some without: Kaya8 (Azura, Maria, Priscilla, Fir)- Probably not a popular choice, but every character he/she's done are adorable. Kippu (Ninian, Linde)- I just really like this style, also because Ninian and Linde are on my main team. Cuboon (Palla, Reinhardt, Olwen, Lukas) Iack (Nowi, Saizo, Kagero, Beruka)- His/Her critical portraits look badass. AKIRA (Hector, Raven, Lon'qu, Olivia)- Not really into Olivia's portraits, but Lon'qu's looks amazing. Hako (Felicia, Caeda, Shanna, Elise) Tobi (Klein)- They only have Klein going for them so I'm hoping for more Haimura Kiyotaka (Julia)- Julia's heads a little too big but the detail in her clothing look really nice. Honestly, they're all pretty good. The only one I'm not into really is Ueda Yumehito. The other artists spoil me with amazing detailed artwork that his/her's seems so simplistic and proportioned incorrectly. Also, I'm probably the 1% that doesn't loathe Rebecca's artwork. Her face is really a problem though with it's sparkles and distance between the eyes, but I think it looks fine otherwise. Just realized that her attacking portrait and critical portrait have different stances too.