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  1. This is another reason that such an extenede period without a shower becomes an issue... It gets so itchy, and a one point you scratch so much things start hurting... Also my face dries up so much it starts itching and hurting as well....
  2. I approve of your signature. Lina is hilarious.

    1. SlayerX


      Always great to meet a fellow fan of Slayers!

  3. I don't know if I could do it. I mean I have gone ~5 days without a shower, but by that point I really feel a very powerful urge to shower. Hair gets far too greasy, face feels terrible because of the grease, smell becomes extremely unpleasant (not that it wasn't by the end of day 2). I have heard that using a wet cloth with some soapy water is great for washing yourself without a shower or bathtub. At the very least, it would help clean the important areas -- armpits, crotch, ass, and feet. For hair, I would suggest the water bucket, or that shampoo that doesn't need water (never used it but i have a friend that uses them, she just brushes her hair after using it and her hair is clean). Throwing water from a bucket is a bit more difficult in a yard, i would think. Specially, when you are concerned about privacy. I have done it before with hot water bucket, back when i lived in a place with no water heater and it felt too cold in the early mornings for a cold shower (I lived near the equator where temperature during the day is almost always in the ~20 degrees celcius or higher, so early mornings feel cold).
  4. I have never even touched one. Don't really see why it is so popular, but then again, I never see why most things are so popular.
  5. Sort of this. I was away for a long time, but I had a few friends for a while before that. Now I am not too sure, because i rarely if ever talked to them outside of the forums so i drifted apart.
  6. pfft amateur.
  7. The sight on guards is sometimes really broken... I don't know how they coded the game, but vision could be a bit more polished. The door thing really didn't make any sense. BTW, what do you think of the program shade? I came across it and really thought about it but decided i'd be fine with just wisp for my expert plus playthrough (i could have afford it, just decided to save money). Also do you have any tips for Expert plus? Not being able to see watched spots unless you see the source is a huge pain... It has already caused a lot of restarts in the first few missions.
  8. Oh I didn't know that about Monst3r's gun. Can you sell it back to him? That would be funny. Anyways, Omni labs can truly be a pain. I got a generated one where the first room had 2 doors, and both led to rooms with cameras I couldn't quickly see and guards watching the entrance to those rooms. Along with pesky scientists patrolling around and a surprise visitor from the shielded dudes with the massive ap... That was a big pain and i really didn't think I'd make it to the 20 turns. Wish i had known of that perfect cover place. Will definately keep it in mind.
  9. I am honestly enjoying just reading through the mission and decisisons. But maybe, Isaac can talk about how he got roped into invisible? Has he already talked about that? I can't remember.
  10. Hey nice to have you back. Was kinda missing the nightly read. That is pretty good play. How long have you played invisible, inc for? Also the lying tactical vision is pretty darn annoying. They should seriously consider a slight color change or something.
  11. I so want to get a group of friends to drive down to the US and go see it. I don't how feasible it is for me though. I'll most likely be working and i kinda need the money. Plus it would likely be a 2 day trip. Maybe I'll just stick with the partial solar eclipse.
  12. It would make sense. It seems like a lot of design and thought went into creating Ryuki, it would be a waste to just leave him as that random funny looking dude that only shows up during the E4.
  13. Well yes, but I mean, when it comes to Legendaries they sometimes seem to give no fucks. Mega Rayquaza is proof of this. Although they do tone shit down for things like VGC (the Darkrai nerf was probably due to that).
  14. They get a third typing which happens to be psychic... lol On a more serious note, I'd love to see Solgaleo have a better ability. Prism armor on Solagaleo would have been bad ass. What are they worried about, Solgaleo being too OP? Like that ever matters when they make pokemon.