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  1. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I think i will wait before getting excited. I would like to see a closer return to FE:PoR and RD mechanics for weapons and skills. I hope weapons no longer lower your stats and that it has no more bullshit kids (the plot can allow for them but don't pull them out of your ass with 'time is different here'). Also not too sure how to feel about the characters being squads. I think i would prefer the skirmishes more than anything else. Seeing a small band of soldiers defeat a crap ton of enemies has always been great. One of the reasons I loved RD so much.
  2. Pokemon Ideas?

    A fire-grass type pokemon that is a burning tree. Make it look really awesome. And give it some nice attacking stats and speed and a decent enough movepool so that it isn't absolute garbage. Also a fire ice pokemon would be neat Actually just any typing combination that hasn't been done yet.
  3. Durability. Yes or no?

    either keep it but have an option in the base where you can pay to have them repaired [or do something else], or if you want to get rid of them balance weapons in other ways aside from what fates did. There is little reason why a steel sword should automatically reduce my stats. I get that it might be heavy but this is coming from a game series where one of the main characters easily wields a 2 handed sword with just one hand. Echoes did ok without having dumbass side-effects to the weapons. They should follow that approach more. Don't know how i feel about the weapons skills but that is besides the point.
  4. How do you all stay organized?

    I have to be honest, I winged it most of the time. Though all the assignments that needed to be done would generally be somewhere I would see them if I grabbed/opened the notebook for that class. Having study buddies in each class also helped, cause they would often remind me by asking me how I did question x, or how to do y, etc. Granted it was rare for me to have much more going on other than assignments/projects/exams. I wasn't much into extra curriculars and didn't have a job either, so I found it pretty easy to remember what I had to do. I know my friend who likes to keep himself occupied always kept an agenda handy and frequently checked it and updated it. That seems like a good way of keeping organized, but do make it a habit of checking it. You could develop that by always checking it everytime you are going to start work on something, everytime you get to class, when you arrive home, etc. As for knowing where stuff is, I found that notebooks with pockets (they would have little sleeves on the inner side of the covers or dividers if it was a multiple classes notebook) to be a fantastic help. Far more convenient than binders too. Of course, if you misplace your notebooks the problem remains, but you can solve that by making sure to leave your stuff in designated places (i.e. if your math notebook is not in your backpack, it should be in your current working space, your desk at home, or a designated place like a bookshelf in your room).
  5. I was going to say telekinesis, but this article explains i mean psychokinesis
  6. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Laws that prohibit possession or use cause more harm than good. The "crime" of using drugs can only hurt the person using the drugs. Sure you could say drug influenced people can do dangerous things that could put others at risk, like driving. However, we have other laws for that. You don't see people claiming alcohol needs to be illegal so that we can stop drunk driving. Just because a person is impaired does not mean that they are not responsible for their actions. Plus it costs a shit ton to enforce. Also, we know that drug laws are one of the most epic failures we still stick to for some dumbass reason. The war on drugs is a futile and costly war.
  7. Piano man if i was drunk enough.
  8. Men of Serenes Forest!

    This new banner is fucking great.
  9. What is this thing? And how do I get rid of it?

    Out of curiosity, specially since everyone is suggesting to buy a new laptop, could you replace the laptop screen? I'm kinda curious how that would work, if it is even possible, seeing as my own laptop doesn't seem to have any way of detaching the upper half (the hinges don't seem to have screws or any way to remove them).
  10. I feel like i don't know enough about schools of philosophy to answer this question.
  11. Men of Serenes Forest!

    to answer the original question, I wear boxers. Briefs/Boxer briefs are just too tight and annoying to wear. I don't like tight clothes for the most part. As for how often i seek help, well... I'd would like to say I ask for help fairly often, but most of the time i feel too awkward to ask. Either because I have already asked a lot of questions or because i feel like this is something I should know (particularly when it is work related). But I do often try and get over that and ask anyway, at the very least for the more important things that need to be done. With friends it can be easier to ask, specially cause they know me enough to know that I am just a fool. I do frequently google things up instead though. Very useful for normal skills people tend to develop as kids (like cleaning or cooking basic stuff). Also really useful for more personal issues when you don't have many good friends that you can talk to without judgement or feel like you can't talk to friends for some reason or another.
  12. Why Do You Europeans Do D/M/Y instead of M/D/Y

    I wouldn't care which format is used, just as long as it is consistent. Checking dates from a bunch of shit that has all different kinds of formats is really annoying. I have used all three in the past, but I do prefer D/M/Y and Y/M/D over M/D/Y
  13. What's your favorite Pokemon?

  14. Yes. I finished reading it all. I'm not ashamed. I still watch the fight scenes.