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  1. Why is True Hit called True Hit?

    I always see it as: The probability of hitting the game shows the gamer is false, meaning the actual probability would be your true hit. The 2 RNG system is not being called 'True' by any means. Only the hidden value is being referred to as true.
  2. I don't celebrate thanksgiving, but i am always dissappointed by the turkey that my friends bring from their homes or make. However the pumpkin pie is great, as most pies are. Also the stuffing tends to be pretty good. My friend also makes the mashed potatoes like Darros' grandmother which is indeed delicious. My friend is Darros' grandmother confirmed.
  3. Balcerzak's Backyard

    You twart my plans to make you mad, you old fogey :V It is a good gif though. Wish we had printers that could print gifs. Like Harry potter
  4. No. I don't even think i would join a war i did believe in.
  5. Rank the Pokémon games by difficulty

    I struggled with some boss battles in Sun and Moon, and I am replaying Platinum and have lost 2 main battle already. I also remember struggling a bit in Heart gold. Other than that, i haven't really found much of any difficulty in the games soo.... Sun Platinum Heart Gold Everything else, partly because nothing else has been very memorable or it has just been too long since i played them.
  6. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Leak/Spoiler Thread

    Is there any news on what other new features there might be? Like will there be a way to see what pokemon you are missing in a route ala dexnav, or changes to breeding or something of the sort?
  7. Seeing as I have already lost it, my appendix.
  8. Friendship is not necessary for the Espeon or Umbreon. An npc will give you an item for them to hold, that evolves them into Espeon/Umbreon the next time they level. That same npc will give you the evostones as well.
  9. Mostly in MOBA's. Gets really bad when i am doing really poorly and team or enemy starts to troll or flame me because i'm doing poorly. Sometimes the enemy is just that good ok ;_;
  10. Balcerzak's Backyard

    Thankgiving already happened in Canada though. In fact, your backyard needs a christmas tree *pulls out of pocket*
  11. I see, but then if it is because of smeargle, why didn't they just stop at making the move darkrai-only... Gamefreak can be so weird sometimes.
  12. What if Pi ended?

    Then it wouldn't be irrational anymore...? Actually would it still be irrational if pi still cannot be represented as a fraction of two integers?