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  1. Nintendo Wii: My Wii's disk spinner broke halfway through playing like my 16th run of FE:RD. Other consoles haven't really broken (they still work really well, even the hinges on my ds lite are still pretty good). I have had really bad luck with gc controllers, but that might be because i never had one of the original nintendo controllers so :shrug: If pc counts, I have fallen many times with my laptop in my backpack (winter is slippery)... they caused a few parts of the cover to break off (one got stuck in the fan and you'd hear it rattle every now and then). I replaced the laptop after a long 4 years of abuse... tried turning it on a few months later, and it was really slow to do anything (might be because the new one has an SSD instead of a hdd).
  2. fairly frequenty around casual company... Never with someone that might get me a job (unless it slips out or something)
  3. I turned to PC just before 8th gen when I realised it was far much more affordable. Humble Bundle and steamsales are just too op to even consider most game consoles nowadays (unless there are a couple of games you really want to play and console exclusive like FE and stuff).
  4. Well since Akala island is the volcano island, and the girl is already used to finding and befriending cat pokemon, why can't she find a Litten that lost its way within Wela Volcano park and befriend it. Or maybe it is being hunted by other pokemon in Wela Volcano Park (a mean marowak, salazzle and salandits, or magmar)?
  5. Ulki or Mordecaiser.
  6. Yeah at the time my screen was kinda dim and I was tired.
  7. QOTD 1229 - Fire Emblem Fates... I have only played PoR, RD, awakening and fates (conquest), but the changes made with the weird skills, the addition of kids with a bs alternate dimension, as well as just the general growth of units and the pair up mechanics are just too different from the FE i liked in PoR and RD. Also, Conquest has the habit of just being really unfair... Honestly, the mission in the cave with all the fucking ninjas is a pain in the ass, and their weapons are just too op imo. Final Fantasy - FF9 takes the cake. It is honestly not a compelling game IMO. Much rather play FF8. Although, Vivi is fucking great so at least it has that going for it. LoZ - Spirit Tracks, haven't played all of the games so out of the ones i have played spirit tracks is my least favorite. I always thought it missed something, but not sure what. Perhaps it was the lack of being able to walk on the field or something... idk. I like the train and the bosses in the game though. Its a fun game none the less. Although playing the instrument is slightly less annoying than playing the harp in Skyward Sword. QOTD 1230 According to Wikipedia, Monster hunter, FF and Tales are JRPG's soo.... Monster Hunter tri, FF12, and Tales of Zestiria (might be early to take that spot from Symphonia, but i really like the battle system, among other things [although story and dialogue it is quite meh (possibly because it is i am playing it in english though)]). These games are subject to change at the drop of a hat and without notice.
  8. Pokemon Sun I believe. Buying games and downloading them early online is pretty great. Get to play right at midnight which is pretty great when i am really hyped for a game.
  9. I am kind of really hoping the pokemon games don't go on the switch... I don't have one Although, if they do release it on the switch, I hope they do like a less fancy version for the 3DS.
  10. that reminds me of this: I like whe it goes with the girl on the yearbook(?) page, but that isn't so readable. Anyways, still on team pizza + pineapple, though why the fuck it matters is beyond me.
  11. Didn't people say Hoenn games would never get remade? I don't see why they wouldn't remake D/P/Pt... It isn't like it wouldn't make money anyway. GF throws a pokemon game and everyone drools over it. I think it might be out in a year or two (maybe 3).
  12. handshake if they offer... otherwise I much prefer not to handshake or fist bump or whatever. A hi nice to meet you is enough.
  13. Things like facebook and google + that insist on me showing my face to the world is something I hate. I like my anonymity in Internet, even if i have shared my picture in this forum. Things like messenger and skype are fine, because i have more control over that information. Other kinds of social media like twitter, pinterest, and snapchat I have very little care for.