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  1. Men of Serenes Forest!

    to answer the original question, I wear boxers. Briefs/Boxer briefs are just too tight and annoying to wear. I don't like tight clothes for the most part. As for how often i seek help, well... I'd would like to say I ask for help fairly often, but most of the time i feel too awkward to ask. Either because I have already asked a lot of questions or because i feel like this is something I should know (particularly when it is work related). But I do often try and get over that and ask anyway, at the very least for the more important things that need to be done. With friends it can be easier to ask, specially cause they know me enough to know that I am just a fool. I do frequently google things up instead though. Very useful for normal skills people tend to develop as kids (like cleaning or cooking basic stuff). Also really useful for more personal issues when you don't have many good friends that you can talk to without judgement or feel like you can't talk to friends for some reason or another.
  2. Why Do You Europeans Do D/M/Y instead of M/D/Y

    I wouldn't care which format is used, just as long as it is consistent. Checking dates from a bunch of shit that has all different kinds of formats is really annoying. I have used all three in the past, but I do prefer D/M/Y and Y/M/D over M/D/Y
  3. What's your favorite Pokemon?

  4. Yes. I finished reading it all. I'm not ashamed. I still watch the fight scenes.
  5. Games you are waiting for.

    Monster Hunter World on PC is about the only game I am waiting for. I don't have a switch although, I have been thinking about getting one. If I do, maybe I'll be looking foward to FE switch, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. The last few new FE games have been disappointing to me. This doesn't include the remakes though. Just awakening and Conquest
  6. What do you think is the best battle theme in the series?

    There are quite a few, and I can't say I have much of a favorite. If i hear a lot of them, some part of me is going to start moving to the music. Although, some very memorable ones are Battle Frontier Brain music from gen 4 Cynthia's battle theme (I can still hear Spiritomb's cry in the first few seconds lol) pokemon stadium Gym leader battle theme HG/SS champion and red battle music I love topics like these because I always end up listening to these gems yet again
  7. butter both sides of the bread slices. then just add some grated cheese to one bread side while its cooking in the pan, and cook until both sides are golden brown. I also sometimes add honey.
  8. so how wrong was I

    It is still pretty rude not to cover your nose. At least I think so, but that doesn't stop people from sneezing and not covering their shit. Those people are assholes though, who cares what they think. Also I would condone the judging glares/rude comments about it. Fuck those people to be honest (Note that if it was just like a single sneeze, that is forgivable; sometimes they are too sudden. It is a problem when it is a common occurrence though.)
  9. It depends on the promise. If it is something small, like a promise to get together a certain day or something, it doesn't really matter if it is broken. If it is something like they promised to be my roommate for the next year and then decide very last minute to break it, it would depend on context. But when that happened to me, the person clearly had no regard for me (based on a convo he had with one of my actual friends) and his reason was that his other friends wanted to get a place and needed another roommate [and this came very last minute, like a month before the next rent term began and all we had to do was hand in the lease and deposits].
  10. I have a pothos plant that is technically two (three?) but they are all in one pot. I really like it and it has grown rather nicely. I also have a succulent but i don't take too much care of it since my roommate does it instead (also because it has spider mites and I just figured my roommate knew what to do more than i did). It had almost died in my care, I just didn't know how to take care of it. Although the spider mites were not my fault entirely. My roommate had plants infested with them already... I just left it with the other plants... I am a fool. The pothos is free from them though, seeing as it is in my room.
  11. Do you ever want to be a hero?

    I am going to be honest and say no. At least not if i have to go out of my way to be a hero. If I had superpowers I'd abuse them for personal gain rather than using them for the common good.
  12. The best competiteve pokemon

    Had Mega Rayquaza but switched to Landorus-T after reading Shoblongoo.