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  1. Learn something new everyday i guess... Also, Happy Birthday!!
  2. Oh I hadn't noticed you updated this thread. As always, I enjoy reading the comments of your playthrough. I look foward to watching you finish the game, even if it takes a few more months :P
  3. That is pretty cool, although I feel like Kommo-o won't be that great still, even after +1 on all stats. Hopefully I am wrong though, just hope he gets good physical moves. Also, it is really neat to have more pokemon-exclusive Z-moves. I like seeing the unique animations. I just hope pokemon sun/moon get patched, but given history, that is unlikely...
  4. Sony headphones.
  5. :o I remembered one, Megaman Legends
  6. Jet Force Gemini
  7. There is better ways of doing purchase bonuses though. The special munchlax was pretty good, because other than a z-move, you are not really going to be missing much if you don't get it. Dusk!Lycanroc is different, in the sense that it is a unique form with presumably different playstyle from the others and making it so restricted is kind of a douch-y move. Part of the reason people complain as well, is that Gamefreak has done many cases where certain events are there to stay, forever possibly. Like getting the Eon Ticket through Spotpass, getting Magearna through QR code, or even Ash-Greninja (though that one depends on how long the demo is on the e-shop, or how long the e-shop lasts) so there really is no reason to keep special and unique forms be limited time only.
  8. depends on context
  9. I think they also considered the munchlax an early purchase bonus. I think it just means, you bought the game around release time, instead of a year later or when it goes down in price (which is never cause nintendo)
  10. I would say steam, cause that tends to be compatible with most of the Humble Bundles you can get which is where i get most of my games. GOG is another good option, and the games from GOG are DRM free. More about the two here: I replaced my old laptop and was pleased to know that most of my games had been saved by the steam cloud. Sunless Sea is the only one I am aware of that wasn't on the cloud. But I was lucky to be able to turn on my old laptop and copy the save file onto an USB for transfer. I also tried playing on offline mode in steam for a bit when i first started, but I haven't used it since. Never really had an issue with internet, so I can't really say how much the DRM affects single player games in offline mode. I have never used GOG.
  11. My terribleness at video games like league of legends or overwatch, even when the ping is like 40-50, leads me to believe that I have very poor reflexes. On the other hand, I have saved many a falling breakable thing from its death by a quick motion that surprises me, considering i never thought myself capable of such speeds for anything. Though, it doesn't always happen. Sometimes i just watch in a motionless state as the thing falls and breaks.
  12. Did you use lots of revives and high potions? Thats usually how i do the Elite four when I am too low level, but too damn lazy to go and grind. Edit: God damn it, I have to go find a new image hosting site... screw this photobucket!
  13. This is another reason that such an extenede period without a shower becomes an issue... It gets so itchy, and a one point you scratch so much things start hurting... Also my face dries up so much it starts itching and hurting as well....
  14. I approve of your signature. Lina is hilarious.

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