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  1. Holy crap, this is rough on one hand Ed, Edd, n' Eddy. But on the other Courage the Cowardly Dog...And then there were teen titans and Ben 10... And also The grimm adventures of Billy and Mandy and Foster's home for imaginary friends... Oh there is just so many... Though Courage will probably always hold that extra special part in my memories. I love that show.
  2. Favorite Song?

    Piano man by Billy Joel is probably my favorite. Though other songs include: Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty A Mi Manera by Gypsy Kings Heart of the Continent by John K. Samson Summer Vibe and Gang of Rythm by Walk Off The Earth Cryin' by Aerosmith No Rain by Blind Melon Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield
  3. Pineapple on Pizza: Yes or no?

    exactly nvm that it is more like i am lazy more than i want to leave it as that
  4. Pineapple on Pizza: Yes or no?

    Yes, because I do what i want.
  5. Cynthia is without a doubt my favorite character. I love it when she shows up in other games. She usually says interesting things.
  6. It can be. Eating with a group of friends, a potential SO, family, or some other group of people is a fairly social circumstance. On the other hand, eating alone is not.
  7. Monster Hunter World

    I'm so excited for this game. Waiting for it to be out on PC though. I loved MHtri, and it has been a while since I played another monster hunter seriously, but I really want to play this one. Thinking on using the Insect Glaive first, and then branching out from there. Although I am fairly sure I could always go back to lancing should i need to. It doesn't look like there were many significant changes to lances since MHtri.
  8. The need for formal clothing (even when it is uncomfortable) is pretty weird. I get that some people like it, but i think it is ridiculous to require/expect it for so many things. Then there is the myriad of made-up notions as to how either gender should behave and act. Also, and this is more for North American countries, having infant male circumsion as a norm. Then there is also the views of society in general as to how people should carry out both romantic and platonic relationships. In fact i think society as a whole is fairly weird.
  9. Jet Force Gemini. Also Megaman Legends
  10. Nintendo Labo

    This pretty much. Though I personally wouldn't buy it (don't even have the switch), I thought the idea was pretty cool. It could make some really neat, immersive games.
  11. Anyone Know How I Can Redownload Microsoft Word For A New PC?

    You could always just use LateX, and skip the hassle of microsoft word. It is basically coding the entire document yourself, but it isn't actually that hard to learn. Alternatively, many of the free versions work well enough. Though I personally didn't like them very much when i was looking through them.
  12. I want to live in a cool loft

    If you are willing to have roommates, you can live comfortably on part-time jobs in some cities, though it would mean not a lot of money to spend. You get some, just not a lot. Either way, its an easier start than jumping into a 1 bedroom apartment in an expensive city or something. Plus you get the benefits of living in those cities, meaning you can easily be on the lookout for better opportunities around there.
  13. finally finished the game. At least the main game anyway. My team ended up being: Incineroar, Jynx, Mantine, Passimian, Muk, Alolan Exeggutor. Training Jynx from smoochum was a pain, but afterwards she nestled into the team ok. Still would die to a sneeze, but she was good nonetheless. Mantine and Muk were Godsends at time. Bulk coupled with decent attacking stats, meant i could breathe in some battles, allowing me to stall for revives, or hit-heal-hit to eventually win. Alolan Exeggutor was a bit more disappointing though. I think i could have given him a better movepool though other than dragon hammer, flamethrower, sleep powder and leaf storm. Passimian was great. It can take a surprising amount of hits, and can hit pretty hard. Lastly, Incineroar was great. He was much better than Decidueye even, cuter too as he reminds me of sylvester. Definately turned him into my favourite gen 7 starter. Had a much easier time with the Elite four this time. Although, I was at around level 57 this time as opposed to level 52-54 back in sun. Also I knew the Elite 4 had changed somewhat, but the change was not what i was expecting lol. Kinda weird why they would change it but whatever. GF doesn't always make sense.