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  1. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    I'm waiting for Ena to cast judgement on whether or not we can throw the key.
  2. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Assuming that Radle actually passed the key, meaning that works with gameplay and all, and once a new turn starts again, Sicon to E5. If the key cannot be passed in this manner, Sicon to C3 to get it via Trade.
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Eric stood frozen as Oshea was questioned, knocked to the ground, and berated. Did the man deserve it? Hell yes. Mentioning how Oshea had let his entire unit die only increased Eric's anger. That could have been...And then more insults came from the surrounding mob. With each jab, each insult, Eric could practically feel himself turning red...Finally, he spoke without thinking, unable to stand it any longer. Forget the insults of or to the masses. This was personal. "How does it feel to lose, Commander? How does it feel, oh mighty one, to lay sprawled on the ground, at the complete and total mercy of those in front of you? How. Does. It. Feel? To lose every ally you may have had in one fell swoop? How does it feel to be nothing?" It felt really good to spout that off. Was Eric really adding anything fundamental? No. Did it even have anything to do with anyone else? No. But damn if it didn't feel cathartic.
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Eric protruded from between the two houses. He shot a glance in each direction. Left saw a congregation start to form. Right...well, it didn't matter was was right, because Eric decided to go join the hubbub. Everyone was turned, looking at...something. Eric couldn't quite see, but he wanted to. They were also calm, that was for certain. And calm is a good sign in this...scenario. In a spectacular display of courtesy, Eric shoved his way through the crowd, stopping abrubtly once he saw what(or rather, who) they were gathered around. "...You."
  5. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Sicon stepped back in the cell. "Actually, before I take my leave, you mind handing me the keys? Rekia did bark for them a minute ago. And just between us, I don't get the impression he's the most patient man around." What even is movement anymore?
  6. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Sicon chuckled at being referred to as "the big dolt with the lance". And he knew when he was being asked to step out. "Heheh, it's Sicon. And yeah, it'd probably be better if I did...yeah. Though, I would have thought Rekia would have shouted again if anyone else came."
  7. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    The swordsman stepped in, assuming the role of comforter. That was for the best. Being surrounded was no doubt unpleasant, so Sicon stood up, took a step back, and leaned against the wall. Legs don't work, eh?... "Hey, no one's being a hinderance to anyone. If we didn't want to deal with carrying anyone, we wouldn't have opened the door." ...That felt like it came out wrong. More harsh than it should have been.
  8. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Sicon listened as the girl in the corner continued to basically whimper. She was scared. Understandably. Sicon did his best to sound comforting, speaking slowly and in soft tones. " No one's going to take you anywhere. We're here to help."
  9. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Sicon watched as the swordsman opened the door, calling inside to check for anyone. And from inside, he made out a faint voice, almost a whimper in tone. We got one. The swordsman(judging by Rekia's voice down the hall, his name was Radle) didn't seem to move, so Sicon took the initiative and walked into the full armor. His eyes hardly adjusted to the dark, Sicon took off his helmet and kneeled down. "Hey, we're not here to hurt anybody." Sicon softly spoke to the figure huddled in the corner. Since it's apparently a new turn, Sicon to B3.
  10. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    I'm freakin' waiting for Sully to react.
  11. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Yeah. A little healing was GREATLY appreciated. "Oh, man, that feels so much better. Thanks. And, uh...I dunno. Still feels like a lot was happening, but maybe that's 'cuz I've been doing a lot of fighting. Didn't figure I'd see so much action on my first fight AGAINST Deira." Eric paused, solemnly and blankly staring into the distance for a moment. He hadn't stopped to look at anyone he'd cut down. He didn't even know for certain who was in charge. Was anyone he knew here?...Had he killed any of them? Eric snapped back to reality...again. "Heheh, look at me, letting my blood get the best of me. What's it matter?" ... "A-anyway, finishing or not, I prob'ly oughta get back in the fight. Thanks again for the patchup!" Eric started off again, in the direction he remembered there being commotion in. No one there. After a pause, Eric turned right. Right was good. Eric to (13, 7).
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Eric had landed the blow this time. After missing and getting hit twice, it was satisfying. He gestured a little, but was cut off by one of the two others there asking if he wanted any healing. "Me? Well, uh, no problem." Short. Humble. Good. "And I'd appreciate it, yeah." ...Now that he thought about it, despite his adrenaline, Eric kind of hurt. A little patching up would most definitely be welcomed.
  13. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    Uh...Have a chat with each other while you lie there bleeding in the bushes?
  14. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Sicon turned down the hallway, walking past the swordsman. He stopped before the third door. As he walked past, he took the time to address the man. "Thank you for coming to my aid. I would be probably be dead if you, Rekia, and Abeloth hadn't taken care of those men." He took a breath. " one's in that room, either? Well, third time's a charm, aye?" Sicon over to D5
  15. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    My guess was it had some'n to do with that door on the top right.