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  1. I mean, I'd rather go, but ultimately, if Sicon must stay behind, so it shall be.
  2. Eric practically turned red as the mage insulted both him and Accolon, only to turn away. "Why, you...I...WE have just as much right to be here as anyone! And the fact that it was..." His voice trailed off. By that point, he was talking to the air. No one was listening any longer. "Argh!" Eric fumed. Did no one think of him as any more than worthless?! He stomped forward, only to give up part of the way-mostly due to a lack of intelligent-sounding retort-in front of a tree. In a fit of anger, he drew another of his blades and hit the pommel of it against the tree. The tree wouldn't mind and the blade wouldn't be damaged. Eric to (10, 9), Equip Killing Edge.
  3. Sicon stood dumbfounded as the three new arrivals introduced themselves. Seeing as his name had been mentioned multiple times, he felt no need to follow suit. He turned to Elijah. "So...allow me to recap. That thief guy stole a tome that those three-" At this, he gestured towards the three unfamiliar men, "-were supposed to deliver to the guy we're heading for. Well, I'm more than willing to go track the man down, and apparently they are, too, but ultimately, it's your call, sir."
  4. Well, the two established females disappeared, Serkat never joined, and that...leaves...uh...quick, Ena! Accept Michelaar's sign-up! And if all else fails, we have the almighty persuading force known as money.
  5. I would have used a more polite term, but...Yeah. All the females seem to have bailed.
  6. Sicon was poised to thrust as the thief effectively went around him. However, a voice commanded him to not, and he was bound by...oath? obey. So he stood down. The thief busted back through on a horse, but then Abeloth grabbed the horse, of all things. At a loss for words, Sicon just stood, confused and disoriented. A lot was happening around him, and he didn't get it.
  7. Sicon awaited a respomse that didn't ever come. Folpowing a flash of light, a man, sword drawn, had bumped into Abeloth, and was cautiously going around. A thief, eh... As this apparent thief attempted to circle around the large man that was in the way, Sicon grabbed one of his lances, returning to the scene as the punch was thrown. Abeloth had proven a good distraction. He grabbed the thief from behind and pointed the lance right in between his shoulderblades. "I wouldn't move if I were you."
  8. Sicon was lost in his own imagination, daydreaming as the hills passed and the road stretched onward. Suddenly, it came to a screeching halt when they stopped in a little town. After Rekia's rather...exuberant rise, Sicon stood up and stretched. The day had been a little lazier than expected. That was good. Before he decided to actually sleep, he figured he'd make sure he wasn't needed. "Hey, uh, Elijah, y'need me to carry that box again?"
  9. Eric had defeated the axeman he attacked, but his final words...Eric couldn't help but hesitate. And that hesitation, that pause, that loss of focus, allowed him to hear a bloodcurdling cry from off to his right. He looked over and was terrified by the sight of a wyvern rider getting pulled into oblivion. And quickly enough, Accolon started chastising a man who was presumably the caster. The caster snapped back at the benevolent rider. Eric was close enough to hear, and caught the blatant threat. "Hey, he's just trying to help!" He yelled at the man, "I mean, the 'save your soul from damnation' bit? Doesn't matter how much you serve some queen; that's no excuse to go around threatening people! Disagree if you will, but have a little respect!"
  10. Sicon did a quick headcount as...Rekia asked if they were all present. "Yeah, looks like we're all present and accounted for." Truth be told, Sicon had been planning on walking, but Rekia had insisted Sicon take the seat beside him...Rekia had insisted; it was only right to humor him. So, he shut his mouth and sat down, still not entirely awake. He yawned rather audibly, which he quickly followed up with an "Excuse me". He wouldn't be yawning all day, hopefully. The warm sun and bumpy wagon were sure to wake him up...right?
  11. Sicon chuckled. "Right. The box. Of course, sir." The next morning, Sicon rose from bed in the same sluggish manner he always did. He sat up, rubbed his face, wiped the drool off of his lance, and took a moment to process why he wasn't in the barracks where he usually awoke. He put on his armor, which he was obliged to do on duty, grabbed his other equipment, and dragged his feet outside to the wagon. He wasn't the first there, and offered a groggy "Morning" to anyone present.
  12. Eric watched the soldier collapse in front of him. First fight since...then...and it was a victory! He sheathed his blade and grabbed a prize: the soldier's sword. It was a rather nice-looking much so that he couldn't bring himself to use it. He strapped it as best he could to his belt(with three already there, it was a tad difficult) and looked for an opening. And then...he saw one. He rushed forward, put his hand on one of his blades, and not-so-gracefully combined the draw with the attack. "Haaaaaah!" Eric to (8, 8), draw the Steel Sword and hit Axe Fighter #1 with it.
  13. Sicon looked up from the bread he was hungrily devouring as the large man introduced himself. Abeloth...I should be able to remember that. With a mouth fairly full of food, he offered his name before the man turned to go. "Sicon." He raised his hand as he said it. Sicon swallowed his food, then stood up. "I think I'll retire. It's late, and there will be plenty of time for conversation on the road. If I am required, however, do not hesitate to call." He bowed slightly and left to his room, where he fell asleep curled up with his lance.
  14. Well, that pretty much settled that. This guy seemed to get the message that they wanted to hire him. That was good. Yes man means me, right?..."Uh...there was this Palmyrian archer guy, but...yeah, that's roughly the extent of it." He was developing quite the habit of answering questions meant for other people...Oops.
  15. Sicon stood in silence as the brute of a man and the diplomat stood face-to-face in awkward silence. Finally, he broke it, first by coughing, then speaking. "We're just asking because, uh, he's headed off to Vinhon soon. Important business opportunity, I dunno. And we could use some hands on the road," Was it direct? Yes. But it was better than being an observer to a staredown. "We figured we'd ask anyone we saw, in case they wanted to head that way." It wasn't the greatest story ever, but it was all he could come up with.