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  1. I'm playing arena assault for the first time and gosh all teams are full of Rein and BowLyn. Kinda poor planning, I have just wasted all feathers doing something else, so I don't even have a single raven tome. So probably just rank at the bottom haha.
  2. Yes, in a way. What I specifically meant was that it does not have the depth and the investment that Fates/Awakening had. Very good as a mobile game, but still not a mainstream game. However please don't put my comments out of context, I'm not trying to debate abou this game's quality.
  3. If the parents let their kids have details of their accounts/cards, that is irresponsible of them. There is just so much a company can do. If they try to encourage that behavior, for instance by placing ads in kids' magazine or designing characters that are clearly aimed to a 7 year old, then it's an issue, but I don't think Nintendo did that? About whaling, it's practically gambling, so if gambling is legal I can't see why this is not ok. As long as you don't spend beyond your means - and even if you spend beyond your means, others are still in no position to judge because it's your money. That said, the business model is somewhat questionable. The fact that this game can gain more than Fates/Awakening combined does not sit well with me as it is an evidence of a key factor in the game mechanics here other than quality. Do I think whales should be condemned for 'giving in' to the temptation? No. We are all adults here and it's not my money to judge. But I won't object to more industry regulation as a whole.
  4. I got Lyn as the free pick and Linde as the free pull. Now I can happily focus on the other banner for more Hectors :D
  5. Dear IS, this is my 5th non-focus pull in a row... All I wanted was an Odin :s Anyway, an extra dancer isn't too bad so I'll forgive you just this time.
  6. Yep I pulled way fewer 5* back in May/June than now. But my 5* back then had more quality lol
  7. Seems like I have great luck lately. Get a 5* in every banner within 10 pulls. The problem is, none of them is the unit I want. None of them is even in focus... Seliph, wtf are you doing here? You're not as bad as people make you be, but for god's sake I have too many swords already so your place will be firmly on the bench. Yep, on the bench. Not even a SI fodder goddamnit. (Or you can replace Alfonse. +atk -spd makes you a better Alfonse, but you don't have his privilege of being bonus unit every 6 weeks).
  8. Minerva, what are you doing in the Sacred Stone banner? Fine, you will be a superb L&D fodder (if I ever need one).
  9. I think they may run another Sacred Stone banner and a tempest too, just like with SoV. Finger crossed for L'arachel next month.
  10. Aaaaaaah Seth. Don't worry I will reunite you with your Eirika. Innes' bow looks great, but I'm so full of archers now damnit. No L'arachel. Guess that means no reason to whale for Wrathful staff then.
  11. Bough a few orbs in the the last-ditched effort to get Celica and here we are. *Sigh* Fine IS, whatever.
  12. I'm so salty seeing people having fun with this new mode while I'm still stuck here in the office on a miserably clouded Sunday afternoon. I'll have my revenge when the holiday comes up.
  13. I love it because it's an FE game. Also a way of killing time during commute is always welcome.
  14. Huh? Didn't expect to get her right in the second pull. Is it a sign that my luck has returned?