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  1. Yes, but that is a bit an extreme case. Gronblade Cecilia with buffs is a force to reckon with to everyone, and in that case I still don't see any member in TC's team being in a better position than Xander in dealing with her given the others don't even have WTA and distant counter. If they meet horse emblem the best solution really will be to run and bait.
  2. The best unit in your team to stick R Tomebreaker on is Xander because of distant counter. He should be able to deal with green mage too. As an extra measure over highly merged team, you can have someone to buff his atk and res, both Ephraim and Hector can somewhat fill in the role. Reposition/Drawback will help a lot because your Hector will need to be very flexible when facing mages.
  3. I don't know if this is something new in Tier 18 but Celica+9 starts to pop up everywhere. She kills Rein who is sitting on a defense tile damnit. And nowhere else to run.
  4. L Wow that's impressive. Just curious, how do you find fighting mages with this team?
  5. Wait a min... Tier 18 is Hoshidan noble? Does that mean Tier 19 is Norh noble then? If so I'm so happy that it will be my permanent tier.
  6. I run either Linde or Reinhardt so red is never an issue. On another topic, with the arrival of Genny and her mighty wrathful staff, I start to like the idea of having a healer babysitting my Hector. Imagine qr2 + ignis activating all the time! The tier list says Genny is crap but that 48 atk (and will be 55 with passive and buff) can't be a joke isn't it.
  7. My most common boon is +speed, even when it's not required (like +spd Hector). Guess I can't complain then.
  8. New high score and rank #589. I may stay in top 1k for the first time!
  9. Just took stock. Managed to pull 51 in total now, mainly thanks to Hector's banner.
  10. Just out of curiosity, why do people recommend L&D instead of Fury or Distant Def for Celica?
  11. The problem is that his HP is 41 so one use of AS will reduce it to 31 which is not enough to activate 75%. And he almost can't take hit with that pitiful res.
  12. Vantage or something breaker. However, vantage requires him to take some damage first but he needs to be very very careful with that pitiful res stat. Probbably not ideal now that he lost his close counter i.e. He will mainly tank mage now. So my vote goes to breakers. And yes this should go to the SI thread.
  13. 10 years is still quite an acceptable gap isn't it. I always imagine he's in late 20s, which is still marrigable age. Not like GunterxCorrin (ew.....)
  14. Yep that's true. He's so OP that it's easier to solo the game with Seth than raise the entire cast.
  15. No his picture looks quite young especially for someone in his position. May have been promoted early thanks to exeptional talent