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  1. Yeah he's my most wanted colorless pull too. Every healer needs Wrys.
  2. Got bored and decided to spend my last 35 orbs sniping green. Look who's coming at the last pull. -atk +res. My second -atk in this banner. The @Rezzy curse must be real.
  3. Decided to whale one last time to close off my pity rate on the summer banner. Not a bad outcome...
  4. Hi, today I get this message whenever trying to get access to SF. I'm using a normal iphone 6 on 4g mobile data. This only happens to SF site. Is there any chance the site has been hacked?
  5. Yay new high score - 4994. I'm quite close to 5k now
  6. Reinhardt is my MPV in both banners. There are other people who can do it too but he just happens to clear it the fastest thanks to the horse. And I'm quite lazy, so spamming him is the best option.
  7. Sniped for Sonya, got Effie. -atk +spd too. With this 'awesome' boon she can avoid being doubled by Hector. There goes my 4.5% pity rate.
  8. Sonya's stats look quite good. We need more blue mage tank That speed is a bit a bummer though. Do we have Leon's stats somewhere? Gamepress has 138 total but it can't be right?
  9. Urg... The mage looks great but what a shame they are not red - I'm in need of someone to replace my Eirika. And doesn't look like their tomes are inheritable either. I love Mathilda in Echoes so may try to snipe her but at the same time she has no place in my team. What to do...
  10. My God look at the skill...
  11. I have most trouble with dancers, espcially a dancer teaming up with Firesweep Cordelia and Reinhardt. The main reason is because I only have 1 unit to tank both of them and with a dancer they can both attack him on the same turn, which guarantees a death.
  12. I didn't get any wins either until I changed to the following set-up: Hector with Threaten Atk, vantage and bonfire; and WoM Reinhardt (maybe do that your Olwen?). My team is Sophia, Hector, Reinhardt, Eirika. Basically the same core every week except bonus unit but I never had to change my set-up to fetch some wins. I'll just blame Sophia for this
  13. @Interdimensional Observer Irrelevant but nice profile photo. I love Alcor.
  14. @Winsomniak when I try to customise the hero, the box just freezes, for instance instead of showing +spd it will show nothing (an empty box, not a single text). The battle simulation will not run. It may resume working after a couple of minutes.