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  1. @Zeo Chrom is now updated with new weapons and seal.
  2. Jaffar, Angel of Death

    I disagree with the windsweep comment. He won't be able to kill anyone but his teammates can easily finish the job after he chips 24 hp out of everyone. You only need to make sure he's danced or reposition out of enemy range. Mine looks like this.
  3. Here is my brand new Chrom. Upcoming: Hawkeye and Eirika. As soon as I find the perfect IV.
  4. Great thanks! Dragon is a very good shout. Is that Y Tiki?
  5. @Infinite Dreams Haha the No 1 Henry fan! @Ice Dragon I’m copying you in since you are the biggest whale in this forum (or every forum) and thus may have the best resouce to answer this... Approxiamately, do you know what sort of score range we can expect for a +10 team with 2 mages and 2 melees? I’m planning to drop Hector out of my team to use a red mage (I haven’t decide whom yet, depending on upcoming banners, but for the most prudent method, let assume it’ll be someone like Sophia). Thanks in advance!
  6. Theory on the icons that Fjorm has.

    What if that is her personal skill? Then I guess (finger crossed) they will gradually give other units personal skills to other units too.
  7. Was really hopeful for Sigurd to be in this banner but we have Ayra instead, so more motivation to save orbs. If anything, I want to pull for some Hectors (like I’ve always done in his banners). But I will be quite mad if SCamilla gets in the way instead.
  8. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    I don’t like the fact that we are now having “seasonal” nonstop from Oct till - expectedly - end of Dec. Too many special units make them feel less special now.
  9. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    Am I the only one not hyped with the hero fest banner? I thought I could whale for a +10 this time but the chance is pretty slim given they have 3 heroes each color now.
  10. Definition of Power Creep

    I feel like this is becoming a dictionary dispute rather than a discussion around the impact behind it. Shouldn't we talk about the implication of everything happening now for us going forwards? If we take Rein as a fact, PA Azura as a fact, Ayra as a fact, what can an average player expect and what action should they take in the future?
  11. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    Crap I have like 2 orbs left. I hope Hero Fest is anything but Sigurd and Hector so that I don't have to whale lol
  12. Ayra Update: Where do you stand?

    I hope so. That will confirm FE4 remake!
  13. Ayra Update: Where do you stand?

    I'm a bit indiferrent about the whole thing. I don't have any problem with her not being free. People forget too quickly that IS has been quite generous with free units already. CYL, BK and Arden are all awesome. Arden isn't good-looking, but you can't exactly expect top quality service for free foods. I'm more annoyed by people whining about free Ayras as if IS had the obligation to give top tier free waifus all the time. However, I'm quite bothered by the way she was released. It wouldn't have been much problem if she was in Sigurd's banner. Given the game had amassed more than $100m of revenue already, one would hope they could sacrifice a bit of profit for the game's longetivity, or to prop up the FE brand to new players. Alas, I obviously don't understand the gacha industry.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    At 3.75% I took it as a cue to offer my wallet to Anna. ...-atk +spd. Actually Becky, you know what? Pay me 1000 feathers and consider your contract finished. A few orbs later... Ooooh finally! Arden's best pal. And +atk-res, as perfect as it gets! Unfortunatey I merged my last 5* Boey but I promise you will have the tome you deserve next week. If you can help me hex everyone.