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  1. Just got through probabbly my most difficult match ever in Arena. Everything started well until I got Hector into this position. Both my and enemy's side have Fury 3 and neither of us can double each other, except poor Hector who will certainly get smashed. If both Nino and Marth can live through player's phase then I'm doomed too because whoever in range will get killed - and there are only 3 spots out of range. To top it up because my team is somewhat low in hp already, anyone who tries to engage in combat this round will be likely to get smashed next round due to Fury penalty. Finally solved it by a combo of Ardent sacrifice, draw back and swap on Eirika to help her reach Nino and stand up to Marth. Luckily Bonfire activated otherwise she wouldn't have managed to kill Nino! She survived both rounds with 1 hp left. Sounds simple when knowing the answer now, but that was a good 15 mins of scratching my head. God I love FE. In conclusion Fury OP.
  2. I have an extra Eirika which I would like to merge asap to get some sp. Which one will be better to keep: +res -atk or +spd -res? Her main business outside of buff is just to tank highly merged Julia/Nino. I'm leaned more to the +spd one but that -res throws me off a bit. Alternative I'm gonna stick g tomebreaker on the -atk +res Eirika. What do you think?
  3. The wall is not that great, with only 36 hp. The res is quite respectable though
  4. The most interesting build I see recently. Jagen with Distant Counter xD
  5. I really miss the hit/dodge element. Hope they will implement it, even if need to nerf it heavily (mobile casual players who only want to spend 15 mins on the game will go nuts if the hit/dodge rate is at the normal FE level). It will immediately be a meta changing factor though, considering all high speed units will take a huge advantage.
  6. Will do. Really they should have option to put on costume or something. I'm leveling up all four of them but can't remember who is the +atk one '__'
  7. Thanks to this banner I now got my 4th 5* Reinhardt (and a +atk at last). Now gonna put all of them on defense to see if he's good as they say he is.
  8. Oooh I love those blues. Might try for Nowi! Anyway should I pull green for fred too?
  9. Do we know the ghb banner yet?
  10. How about b tomebreaker? Ryoma will have trouble tanking Linde I guess, and if you use Julia to bait Linde with some teams like mine, yours will be in trouble instead coz she can only deal enough damage to Linde to trigger WoM on Linde's teammates. The only issue is that skill is only available on Robin F ...
  11. Uhm... how about tomebreakers to help Julia to deal with fast mages like Nino and Linde otherwise she will only hit once? I always get my +hp Linde tank Julia (don't judge me, I have no better bait '__') and she can only chip Linde near death, resulting in Linde murdering her in next round. I guess it may be worse with Nino?
  12. I have no idea to be honest, never used her in arena before. How good is she at walling? She's a bit of an extra in my team at the moment because Eirika can already buff fairly well and Linde can delete all blue/red. Sharena is there just because bonus... I may switch out Eirika and give that buffing role to Sharena though.
  13. Would it be a good idea to give Sharena a brave lance+? I mean, Fensalir is nice but I don't really need its debuff. And Sharena is kinda slow with the base speed of 32 so she can't double Lucina and friends naturally.
  14. I find stacking Wings of Mercy (even level 1) on the team is super helpful. The AI is really good in suiciding an unit to allow other WoM units to gang up on one enemy and many people will surrender after losing 1 unit. Works best with the suicider being a ranged attacker and the WoM ones are melee.
  15. M-may I ask why Reinhardt has Goad Cavalry while none of the rest is cavalry? EDIT: lol no worries someone asked it already xD