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  1. I'm with you on wanting and preferring the normal versions of character getting added into the game over coming as random seasonal alts, but I wouldn't say it's "disrespectful" to their characters. This is a light-hearted gatcha spin off game, and not unlike the increased fanservice in general, alts and gimmicks are a big part of how these games work. Pretty much anyone is fair game to be put into a silly outfit or swimsuit with a gacha, so I just accept this type of game for what it is. And doing so with otherwise unreleased characters is just another strategy for IS to mix things up. I'm still waiting for regular Charlotte, but I don't mind she got that random bride alt the first year. (I do mind that I never managed to get her, though)
  2. I'm stunned at the free Loki, but that saves me from pulling on the banner. Kind of had a gut feeling we might get her after NY did the other OCs, but I wasn't fully expecting it. Not as good as her original Shigeki art, but she still looks pretty good. Also a free bow flier sounds great. I hope her weapon is a prf and does something cool. Definitely feels like they're attempting to bait people into playing AR more to get grails with the string of popular/fancervicy girls getting TT'd lately. The banner units all have really nice art and look fun. Only Marisa seems underwhelming unit-wise. Palla's a certified Surtr killer and that AR skill sounds like a pain for my AR defense. Bruno's rather boring, but still good art. Veronica looks really nice but I'm annoyed they're putting a duel skill on a seasonal. Not that I'm surprised, but this is exactly what I was afraid they'd do. Azura keeping the B Duel stuck to her in a legendary banner was bad enough. Overall, it's not really a group of characters I'm that into, but just off the art and how fun the units look, it still seems like a nice banner.. I'll probably have to skip to keep saving, but I wish I could get at least Palla and Veronica. Even 2 Veronicas to fodder one for the duel skill. Again, I'm glad Loki's free or she would have had to dump my orbs for her anyway.
  3. Surprisingly Good Characters

    Not that I thought she'd be bad, but Bow Hinoka seemed to be written off as not that amazing when she came out due to her attack and defense not being the best for dealing with DC armors at the time. As time's gone on, I've just seen her get better and better, especially with AR. Armors and fliers are both common in AR and she's a great pick to help handle both types of teams, while also giving an extra +3 attack buff to her allies. She's like a complete package of support and countering some common threats, not unlike how Summer Micaiah's double effectiveness + dancing has made her so helpful in the mode. Plus, Sturdy Impact came out and complements her perfectly, shoring up her defense while also denying Vengeful Fighter/QR on the armors she wants to be able to deal with. (If I can get a Tibarn he's totally being foddered for her) She also makes a good AR defense unit on flier teams for the same reasons. The other is Bath Camilla. Even though I like Camilla, I didn't think this one would be anything but a worse Eir that you can merge easier, nor would her weapon be that worthwhile. But turns out instant Icebergs with her native dagger + QP have been very fun and powerful to play around with. I could even one shot some Dumas during her AR bonus season that way. Not to mention she can make a potent colorless tank that's better than Eir for AR due to blessing buffs if you want to use her that way. Didn't think she'd be anything notable but she's got some surprisingly strong uses.
  4. Binding Blade Banner Speculation Thread

    My speculation is somebody gets the Karla treatment, taking a lower-popularity character and turn them into bait. Alternatively I would have considered a Roy or Lilina alt in the normal pool, but 2 Roys 2 weeks apart seems highly unlikely. Sue and Miledy would be nice additions and seem like good candidates to give the Karla-type makeover to as well. Imagine Sue one-upping BLyn's stats and taking Firesweep cav cancer to the next lev- actually okay, let's not do that, thank you.. I definitely feel like some kind of Karla type thing or another powercreep skill will be on the banner(Swift Impact, anyone?), since most of the remaining BB characters don't sound like too big of a draw otherwise.
  5. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Great banner, bad timing. Trying my best to save up orbs for CYL and the bath banner already robbed me of a lot, so I really don't want to use more. Velouria's my favorite beast in the series but I don't think I can go for her right now. Selkie looks great too with that art and Yu-Gi-Oh weapon. I'm hoping Velouria manages to be the demote so I can just pick her up as a 4* later. Kaden could go instead, but it could go either way. Panne for free is nice. I didn't get Nailah and I didn't promote Naesala so she won't be redundant for me as another blue for now.
  6. I'm not really feeling it. From the graphics, to the art style, to the school setting. Just not very appealing to me so far. Maybe later we'll see more on the gameplay and it'll still be fun enough to be worthwhile in that department. It looks like a low-budget imitator of FE by some other company so far. This looks straight up like one of those battle school harem animes. That doesn't mean it's inherently bad, but just not what I was looking for.
  7. Feh Channel Out Now

    Possibly, though it still means instead of skirting the bare minimum to maintain tier 21 you're pressed to actually play seriously again. I was glad to have gotten over the climb and get a rest for a while, with just the issue of maintaining top 3k in rank later on. The cap change is nice, though it also means you have to play more in total since you'll be able to do basically twice as many matches as you can now in 21. Dragon flowers sound like straight up permanent +1 to all stats when maxed out (or +2 to old infantry units).
  8. Feh Channel Out Now

    It was 100 last year. I'm pretty disappointed about that bit too, but I guess they figure the 3 free 5* units across the other parts makes up for it.
  9. Feh Channel Out Now

    100% called it on adding more AR tiers. I think I'll still play pretty loosely even with this addition. AR is such a slog through all the cancer maps I'm glad to mostly vegetate at tier 21 now. More grails and flowers is nice, but I'll just do what I can. Also NO demotions of any kind. I kept saying expectations were getting to sure about that happening. At least the free seasonals and stuff is pretty nice, and I do like the flower thing to buff units a bit more.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    I'm sorry about your luck. While I got a good Sakura at first, trying to hunt greens for Hinoka got me a 4.75% rate broken by a 5* Libra which was painful. Then using the remainder of my orbs got Hinoka finally.. but +hp -spd. Effectively 200 orbs for Libra and the worst IV Hinoka, after Sakura. My friend is also at 5% on this banner hunting for Sakura and I've seen some youtubers struggling too. 4 person banners suck so bad. Hopefully Valentine units aren't interesting for either of us so we can both keep trying on this one.
  11. Choose Your Legends 3

    I was thinking that too, since the numbers seem too bloated to be fully legit. All the top placings are way higher than last time, when I expected they'd go down a bit more this year if anything. I'm glad all the kicking and screaming wasn't coordinated well enough to bump Camilla into third. That big margin Micaiah has over her when she was below her at first shows just how many people jumped ship thanks to the midterms, though. Staying first would have been nice, but she still gets her CYL alt so I'm happy.
  12. Choose Your Legends 3

    Same. Considering the source is the CYL site itself, though, I'm gonna mostly expect this is true.
  13. Choose Your Legends 3

    If this is true..
  14. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    Here I present Hinoka, with bow in hand, blotting out the sun on Duma. Easiest abyssal so far thanks to owning a flying archer and the AI being roadblocked by that breakable wall. I beat it with a more "fair" flier team first, but I noticed Hinoka did most of the work so I tried using just her afterwards. It ended up being a pretty easy but fun idea.
  15. Aether Raids General Thread

    Congrats on making it to the comfy tier! Welcome to relaxation time! (for a few more weeks, anyway) And no need for thanks, since you're the one who still had to play out the battles, after all. You're still the the one who had to bring it together to make it happen.