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  1. Yet another banner I have none of the units from but would like all of, yet there's other priorities to pull for.(legendary, Halloween, Ophelia, Muspell) Like Celica, I'll probably never end up with Eirika or flying Nino unless they pity break me.
  2. I have a feeling my unmerged neutral Fjorm is going to have a bit more trouble. I luckily haven't had to use Anna or Sharena as bonuses yet, but Alfonse pretty well and I didn't even have double brazen for him at the time of his season. I also completely forgot this first week of the new season isn't water blessing time yet, so I guess I'll actually use Laegjarn this first round. No way I can stay in 21 without Fjorm+water blessings working. I suppose my blessing switching was a waste after all.
  3. The only FEH channel worse than the anniversary was the summer one.
  4. That's definitely a good idea. I'm pretty stingy about using resources just for arena's sake, so I'll have to see how badly things go first. I just realized it's going to suck fighting all these Dual skill Lewyns with her too. Fjorm's not going to kill him on her own except maybe with an offensive special charged and he'll be more annoying to corral and chip at than Ephraim. If only blessings weren't a thing I could just use Laegjarn for this season..
  5. Looks like I barely squeaked by to stay in both tier 21 and top 3k AA. Arena rank of 1,180~ and AA rank of 2,800~. I sized up how the scoring looked and decided to use a couple fire blessings to get the boost with Legendary Marth to stay in the tier. Just in case crowns are actually worth something good later, I figured this is one of the only opportunities I'll have to grab one on consecutive weeks just by switching some blessings around, so I took the risk and traded some blessings for the crown. I'll probably switch my core back to water for next week and see if Fjorm as the bonus will manage 2 more consecutive weeks. However, since more people will have merged Fjorms and use of Duel skills increases by the day, it may not happen. Still netted one more crown than I would have, at least. 2800-ish in AA is dangerously close to dropping out of top 3k, so I guess having a Cavalry unit as my 4th member isn't going to cut it soon. Unfortunately, the game refuses to give me more copies of units for my other flier/infantry projects so there's not much I can do about it. I refused to dump resources into making any +10 dragons or armors for the sake of scoring, but I guess that turned out to be a good thing in the long run since now Duel skills are becoming a thing anyway. I have no highly merged red fliers or green infantry I want to merge for now, though, so I'll have to wait for other ones to come out. I'm also growing sick of CYL Hector and Ephraim already. They're on 9/10 teams for me now. Even bulkier than the previous common armors with higher damage too. I'm not looking forward to fighting them with Fjorm as a bonus unit at all. At least L.Marth had enough killing ability to muscle through Hector. Fjorm might need a lot of chipping help from the rest of my team to kill Ephraim. Oh, and I took a few pictures during my AA spamming today.
  6. I know there's a couple Beruka fans around here besides me, but she still seems pretty rare. She's such a fun and mobile melee tank and I love it. It pleases me greatly watching her wall even sword units. Once I get more copies of her I'll start merging for sure. I'm undecided on whether I want Guard+QR or QR+CD3, so that's why her build just has QR2 still. That could have been me, but I'm sad to say the stats are just that bad that I still couldn't bring myself to invest resources into her. It's too bad, since I like her Heroes art too.
  7. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    I've played since the day after launch and I don't think I missed a single day. Could have been day 1, but it took me a while rerolling until I got a Camilla to start with. Didn't know how hard it would be to get 5* units, so I wasn't chancing playing the game without her. Knowledge of IVs wasn't widespread right at the start either, so I was lucky to find she was +spd -res later on. While SI has been a good thing, I remember the simplicity of the pre-SI days were pretty interesting. Hector and Takumi dominating the arena, Kagero being really good to counter Takumi, Ryoma being the best red in the game, etc. Fury boosting your arena score due to how stats and score calculated was pretty funny too. I sure DON'T miss the 50 stamina limit or the huge stamina costs on story maps. And to think they stated that celebrating the launch meant all stamina costs were cut in half, meaning they intended to double them. And they wanted to make switching skills cost stamina too. Good thing they monitored feedback and dropped those ideas. I also kind of miss the feeling of roughing it early on in the game. Camilla was my only 5* besides a 5* Fae I rolled soon after starting (but she was another green, so I didn't use her), so she kind of carried me. The rest of my team was a 4* Selena, 4* Peri and 4* Virion I got within my first 2 summoning sessions. That was my team for a good while, and they held things down surprisingly well. Nowadays you get a handful of free 5*s to start off and way more orbs and feathers, so I guess using 4* units doesn't happen much anymore besides maybe the emblem quests super early on. I didn't spend any money on the game until the first bride banner, as I expected to skip it so I didn't save up orbs, but then they had Cordelia on it. I just could not miss her. I spent a few hundred bucks total by the end of last year, but pretty much none of it ever got anything worthwhile. So so since December I've been mainly F2P again besides a couple monthly orb deals and the BK pack.
  8. My RD setup is Cordelia, Sky Olivia, Faye and Lilina. Luckily Faye naturally knew WoM3, and I had to toss a 4* Frederick at Lilina since I haven't given WoM to any ranged units before. The AI units didn't want to attack my Cordelia or other Galeforce options in the same order as most videos I saw, so I had to work things out myself some. I should be able to get about 65k feathers if I can grind all the new units I've gotten in the past month. If I could just get more Fury fodder I'd maybe put some of those toward promoting my +spd Libra.
  9. How's your luck in Heroes?

    I'd say below average with some gaps of surprisingly good luck. I usually need 200+ orbs to get a focus unit I want, which is above the average amount in most cases. I regularly get up to 4.5-5% before seeing any 5* at all. I'm astonished if I ever get anything before 4%. My IV luck is pretty mixed, as one would expect, but I tend to have waves of really bad IVs happen sometimes That happened during the bride banner where I actually got a lot of 5*s in about 200 orbs, including all the brides, but they all turned out -atk or -spd. That was a bummer. My worst run in my whole time playing had to be getting 3 +hp -spd S.Corrins in a row last year, 2 of which were from me buying orb packs to try and fix the first. Luckily that's not always how it is, but those moments still sting when they do. My biggest struggle has been getting desired units for fodder/merge projects. It took me a year to amass the Cordelias needed to +10 her even though I pulled constantly from blue, a year before I ever got even one 4* Kagero, months to see a 4* Legault after his demotion when I wanted Atk Tactic, I almost never get Hinatas from red, my Soleil has been stuck at +5 since early summer, etc. If I could punch Wrys, Seth and the others that always seem to show up instead. My luck's been alright since around mid-summer this year. I've still had to spend a lot of orbs and I missed out on a few units I wanted, but overall I got most of them, and with decent IVs for the most part too. The biggest issue lately has been the sheer number of banners I've been interested, leaving not much chance to save up orbs for a batter shot at certain things. I sure picked a rough time to not spend more money on the game. (stopped after spending too much to fail at getting Bride Charlotte in June)
  10. Remove: Bold Fighter Vengeful Fighter Special Fighter Duel skills (I'd rather have seen IS balance arena score issues a different way than a whale-oriented bandaid) Forsetti and future weapons with that effect (it seems so cheesy compared to regular Desperation's effect that actually takes some thought to use) I'd want the armor skills gone since I just find them over the top. Armors had lower movement compensated with a stat advantage, but IS has removed most of their disadvantages now. Vengeful Fighter and Special Fighter are unnecessary powercreep of QR and Guard that's only available to them. I also liked how most armors were slow and usually unable to double on player phase. It fit the idea of armors usually being defensive balls of stats and gave the few faster ones like Amelia or Draug more of a niche. Now armors get all the stat benefits and can also double for free with a cooldown charge on either phase and can have better movement than infantry (can go through trees). (Though don't mind Armor March overall, since that keeps playing a full armor team from being such a drag to move around) Add: Beast Slayer Wyrm Slayer Variant of Breath/Wrath skills available to melee Cavalry and Fliers Armor Boots as a real skill Skill or weapon with effect to nulify adaptive damage (so units like Innes aren't shit due to adaptive breath ruining what niche he had) Bonus: Make Flashing Blade usable by Cavalry and Fliers. (If Heavy Blade is allowed, no real reason this shouldn't be too)
  11. I want a Beruka alt that will never happen. Also a vampire Peri for Halloween would be absolutely perfect, but I don't think she's popular enough. I'd like a Halloween or Christmas Camilla alt as well, but I guess she's probably tapped out on getting alts for this year. Halloween and even Christmas aren't quite far off enough from summer 2 for me to expect more of her yet. She does have a Christmas-theme Cipher card to draw from, but I'm still doubtful of it happening yet. Edit: Yes, witch Sonya would be a great choice if they gave SoV something. I agree they really dumped SoV after the initial wave of stuff around it's release.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Did surprisingly good on the Muspell banner so far. I was going to wait for the legendary reveal to drop first, but.. I haven't pulled in a while so I gave in. About 70 orbs spent, and now I'm sitting at 100 left. I got an Elincia pity breaker about 40 in, +atk -hp. My 3rd perfect IV Elincia, and she'll be merged into my +atk -def one to put her at +4. I love my Elincia so this is a fine pity breaker. 30 more orbs got my Laegjarn, my main goal. +res -hp, which is basically neutral, so good enough for me. Very happy with the results! I would still love to get Laevatein, but that might be too greedy right now. With the legendary banner and Halloween coming up, I might have to restrain myself to see if I can afford pulling for her later. My orbs are really crying right now between all these good banners right now and in the near future.
  13. [Datamine] New GHB: Garon, King of Nohr

    @mampfoid Your clears keep making me wish I had a Brave Roy. He'd be so nice alongside Peri as a Galeforce cav duo (since he doesn't need Heavy Blade seal, which she's hogging) Nice clear as always. I always forget to consider getting an enemy phase kill like you did at the end, since being so aggressive makes me focus too much on the player phase part.
  14. So I guess I was right all along Lene's big deal was her Valor more than being a dancer. I figured it'd be Silvia going down. I also just got a copy of her pulling on the new banner. +atk -def, which is alright. But that's 13 def, so I'm not sure if I should promote her or not..
  15. Shame about no new paralogue or anything. I guess they just didn't feel like bothering this time.. Oh well, I'm still pulling on the banner and hoping for at least one of the Muspell sisters.