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  1. One good use I've found for my crystals is leveling some of the Three Heroes quests units(one set of which is coming up soon). Instantly getting weaker ones like a 3-4* Hinata, Henry, Saizo, etc. to 35 or so to do their kill quests easier saved me some stamina and headache. I really don't feel like leveling them myself in those cases. Perhaps eventually they'll do for shards/crystals what they did for badges to make them have more uses. (even if shards aren't as in need of more use, they'd probably get lumped in with crystals anyway)
  2. Fliers really trivialized this map. Camilla, S Corrin, NY Azura and Elincia (Elincia never actually did anything) beat Infernal first try for me. I just flew them all to the bottom middle first to buff up, then let Camilla eat all the enemies besides M Corrin who was taken out by S Corrin. Camilla also had Iote's Shield seal to deal with the archer easier. She's really pulling her weight in these challenge maps lately.
  3. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    Haha yeah goad wasn't part of the plan, I just threw Beruka in as the 4th so I could enter and didn't even think about it. All I needed was basic hone/fort buffs! She's a big girl (for you). ;)
  4. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    Found out how to do a basic recording with the phone. So here's my Camilla's semi-solo (since flier buffs) I did for flier the flier emblem quest. @mampfoid @GuiltyLove I wanted to see her wipe the map in just 1 turn, but to be in range of everyone at once means getting hit by Threaten Attack from the axe fighter which throws things off. She lives just fine, but can't counter kill most of them after being debuffed. So the lance had to wait until the next turn.
  5. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    I'm not too surprised. I was worried the Fates pack might have been an exception since adding 2 spear users and making them clones of each other in the same pack might have looked too bad. I'm pretty bummed Linde is the unique, since now I don't really have much reason to play with Minerva instead of Camilla. And I'd put my bets on Tharja being a Robin clone, with Olivia probably being the sole unique character next time.
  6. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    This was the most fun one so far, just since for fliers I got to watch Camilla bait and kill everything besides Navarre himself. It was great. Cavalry and armored took me a few tries each. I had to figure out the right way to shift the armors around and for cavs it took a few tests to see what Xander needed to bait all the units on the first turn. I ended up needing to take fury off and putting the spur def seal on Priscilla, then it went smoothly. Infantry was mostly a joke thanks to Fjorm.
  7. What's your preferred seasonal aesthetic?

    If they're gonna bother with a seasonal I prefer one like Spring, Halloween or Christmas that really goes for it. Ones that really put the "seasonal" in seasonal banner. Favorite characters and some good fanservice of course get votes too. I'm happy to see more of characters I like, and stuff like W Tharja is fun too. I don't care as much about new skills and stuff. I'm happy to re-kit units I like if I have to, and I don't generally pull for units just for their skills or how new and broken they might be.
  8. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    This might be the first TT I don't try to get top 5k in for feathers. I have none of these bonus units besides a 4* Clarine who I'll need to level first. I'll use Eliwood when I get him but it's still only 20%..
  9. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    I'm glad this wasn't as hard as I was worried it might be. I managed to finish each team clear on the first try, which I was surprised by. For my teams: Fliers: Camilla, H Nowi, NY Azura, S Corrin Armors: BK, Hector, Arden, Effie Cavalry: Xander, Peri, Olwen, Brave Lyn Infantry: B Cordelia, Nino, PA Azura, Tharja. Fliers and Cavalry were the most interesting. For fliers I actually had some fun not playing hyper offense. Instead of trying to nuke everything, I just fully buffed Camilla + Iote's Shield seal so she tanked everything on the right side of the map with ease, including the horse archer, and killed them back. Nowi and Corrin cleaned up Lloyd and the axes on the left afterwards. For cavalry, Xander baited and killed the horse archer and hammer infantry. The rest cleaned up after that. It was fun using Peri in tandem with Xander for this. I hope the other ones go as well. I think the really cramped maps like Robin and Ursula's might be an issue for my units, though. Especially cavs, since I don't have a big selection of them to pick from.
  10. Thanks, I have a feeling I'm gonna need the good vibes.. Also seconding the notion about Lucina. I've been wanting her since the start of the game (and not even her Spring or CYL alts have ever showed up for me), but her normal form would feel almost pointless to get now that we can have +5 Masked Marth. Well, not like I'll ever have more than MM at this rate anyway, I suppose..
  11. It sure seems likely that's what that banner will be for. Especially with a Falchion banner trailing right after it.
  12. I don't even think I'll wait to see what the 3/8 new heroes will be. And I'll probably skip the 2/21 ones unless they're very specific ones I've been waiting for. I NEED Hinoka man. I can't skip another banner with her, not now.
  13. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Well this thread is sure providing entertainment while waiting for the reset tonight, in more ways than one. I think they probably went for a hard 3DS focus during the first year as the safe bet for making profits riding off the post popular/recent stuff. Now that the game's gotten a chance to stand on its own legs a bit, perhaps they're more willing to venture into older games for this stuff more often.
  14. Old units getting unique weapons

    While Camilla can be good with a ton of investment, that goes for a lot of sub-par units. With that investment done, I actually think she's very underrated, but she could still use help. And if Hinoka got buffed it makes sense to do something with her too. It's even kinda weird how lackluster she is compared to how amazing she was in Fates. I get the impression they unintentionally made her lacking(just look how unfitting her base kit is for her stats) and might want to patch her up now that this is a thing. Looking at underused units from launch, I almost wonder who wouldn't have a good shot to get help. Maybe ones like Kagero that kind of have a special weapon to begin with, so they won't bother.
  15. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    It is pretty hypocritical, but with the bias for the older games in these online communities I see no surprise in less complaints now that those fans are the ones being catered to. Lyn is non-3DS and cool with the older fanbase, so she gets a pass from most. Lyn getting that pass while Camilla gets scrutinized to an extra degree is usually just the community liking and disliking things more than concern over alt numbers. Like you said in your other post, IS is just following the money, which has meant a lot of 3DS pandering. They're just finally doing the rounds on a different part of the fanbase today.