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  1. DLC characters announced

    Well, I'm not sure how to feel. The on-disk characters as paid DLC is not cool. I had hoped they could be patched in as free DLC or something later, as that could have made sense. But there goes that idea. At least Olivia, Tharja, Minerva and Azura are all nice additions. It's unfortunate all but Azura/Oboro will probably be clonse of existing characters. I was really wanting to play as Tharja, but I don't find Robin's gameplay to look very fun, so I'll be kind of disappointed if that's exactly how she plays too.
  2. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Had I known Ayra would come merely 3 days later on a banner that never otherwise introduces new characters I probably wouldn't have rolled a single orb on the Sigurd banner. Had I had any indication ANY new units could come on another banner 3 days later I would have at least waited to spend orbs to see what else there could be.
  3. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Once, and that's all the salt I needed for today. If there's headless Eldigan on the Halloween banner, it's probably mine.
  4. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Yup, that's what I did. My 100 orbs for no Arya salt helped too. I'm kind of worried that if they react/respond that IS will deflect the blame onto datamining. I assume they know of them and they could just blame dataminers for misrepresenting how Ayra would be added. While some people are mad she's not just the TT unit like they thought, indeed due to the datamine, that'd mean IS could ignore the real criticism of her introduction banner's shadiness.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Literally my experience with getting Summer Corrin. IV reset when.
  6. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    You can also send player feedback in-game. I'm glad the Japanese players seem to also be raising a stink over it. I assume it's all the more likely IS will actually take in the feedback when the Japanese players are just as upset at them.
  7. I wouldn't say likely. I know why you're saying it and I know what the datamine showed, but everyone also got wrapped up in the assumption she'd be free due to the same kind of info. I wouldn't bank on her getting demoted, since doing so and skipping this banner on that assumption could mean getting burned if that's wrong. I hope she does, but I'm not going to make more assumptions like that for a while after today.
  8. I'm looking forward to using him in the TT. He's gonna be a mean healing and debuffing machine. I just slapped Fury 2, Iceberg and Draw Back/Ardent Sacrifice on him. He'll probably be nice for CC and stuff too later. That would be great if it happens, but I'm really not going to get my hopes up.
  9. Ayra's why we never got an October schedule. Valflame can't melt steel beams.
  10. Fair enough, though I still hear lots of complaints about scummy practices in FGO. Still sucks IS has broken their pretty good track record now. Double tin foil hat: Ayra is also the 4* TT unit and there will be a mix of cries of anguish from people who blew orbs on her like myself and sighs of relief from f2p who could resist today. All while everyone riots over the ultimate bait banner unit being free 3 days later.
  11. I don't find her not being free to even be the concern. It's true that was everyone's own fault for assuming from the datamine. What's pissed people off is the no-notice inclusion of her on this TT banner, rather than putting her up front on the Sigurd banner. And no trailer or anything for her. 0 Introduction besides appearing in the prologue and the datamine info. It feels like they held back on her just to let people drop orbs for a few days and then they surprise them with her after. Plus she's on a banner sharing a color with another, older unit which seems to purposefully make her harder to get. This kind of behavior is out of place for this game. If this was FGO or something I don't think it'd be any surprise, but FEH has always had fair notice for new characters until now. Edit: I'm dumb and forgot to mention she was also in the prologue. Though being in the prologue but not the Sigurd banner if anything helped encourage people to think she'd be free, like Arden is.
  12. Maybe this is Nino's Ayra.
  13. I remember people calling the first Hero Fest after Ike's banner IS baiting the community hard. I think this takes the cake though. New OP unit with no notice outside of the datamine, right after popular Sigurd and Deirdre's addition that people would have likely blown orbs on? It's a bit dirty. It's partly our fault to jump to conclusions from the datamine she'd be a free TT unit, but damn. I'm just really salty I just blew my Halloween orbs to get Eldigan spooked, somebody put me out of my misery Also worth noting ONLY newly released units are the 40% TT bonus, when at least the last ones had had at least 1 older character be one. I'm really surprised Seliph isn't even a bonus unit period. If I didn't happen to get Sigurd the other day I'd be stuck with Arvis and now Elidgan. IS going all out for the cash this time, man.
  14. ...You're gonna have to hold me back before I do something drastic.