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  1. Hand her over or Sharena gets it.
  2. @mampfoidThat's a solid comparison there. I suppose you're right that the difference isn't that big of a deal (especially when I didn't get a +spd or atk Bride version either), though it still annoys me they release an alt of her that's basically just a + version of her default in terms of stats. At least they made Winter Tharja completely different while still being a red mage. It seems silly for them to have just made her so close to her original with this one. And that's a fair point on her original art, just I do think the quality on her alts has been a bit higher.(I supposed that applies to a lot of units now that I think about it) Also, on Peri and Oscar: They seem pretty interchangeable to me. I think character preference matters more when only 1 spd or atk hangs in the balance. I even had a hard time picking between +atk and +spd for Peri, since with horse buffs +spd can be kind of overkill for most things, barring some +10 Ayras. Since I'm probably going to run her often with Camilla (+3/3 drive buff) and in a mixed team with more atk buffs/def debuffs than spd ones, I went with +spd.
  3. That too. Now I really wish I'd had more spare orbs to pull reds when Soleil/Hinata were on the last one. I haven't seen either of them in a long time now. None while pulling for Bride Tharja, though I think 3* Seth must have had a secret 80% rate on this banner instead.
  4. @mampfoidThanks! Oscar's a real good choice too. And you're right, he does seem pretty rare for some reason, despite how good he is. I forgot all about Morgan, though I only have a single 4* neutral copy of him anyway. Can't say I care much for his art either, though he is interesting. Lillina's a good one that I'm waiting for a +atk one to come around for. Not sure if I'd highly merge her but I'd probably give her a full build at the least. Hana's actually the sword unit I was ready to work on merging just before Soleil came out. I'd honestly like to merge up both, since while Soleil is taking forever to get more copies for, I have more than 10 Hanas just laying around alongside my already-promoted and built one. The only thing that bugs me is they'd be built mostly the same, or at least fill the same role for a team. I'm not sure if it'd feel too redundant to pour feathers into both. Since ideally I'd like Soleil a bit more, that's why I've been attempting to stick with her, but it's been rough with this drought of getting more copies.. If only we had even more feathers to play around with.
  5. I've almost finished one of my top merge projects. I just need one more copy and then everyone's favorite murderous chef will be complete. I kind of want +spd -hp for the final copy, but I may end up settling for this -def one depending on how actually pulling more of her goes. I like how she gives some relevance to Camilla's Axe also buffing cavs, since they're now together for my Arena/AA team as my next top merged unit. (Soleil's sitting out this arena season to use Ike as the bonus unit) She's a total monster in Rival Domains/GC as well with Spd Smoke. I have 1 Swift Sparrow fodder but I'm not sure it's worth bothering with, as LaD is just fine. I wish the non-5* locked characters I liked weren't almost all under blue/green. I've got a few more like Beruka, Cherche, Nowi, and Effie I'd like to work on, but I've already maxed Camilla to cover green and Cordelia and Peri are at +9. I'd like to diversify a bit before building more redundant options like more green fliers. Unfortunately Soleil and Tharja are the only reds I want to really work on, but Soleil refuses to ever show up and Tharja just got totally powercrept by herself with better stats and art.. (even though I can actually merge and get a good IV on her normal version, it still feels bad)
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    @mampfoidAnother good one! Nice Takumi strategy there, I wouldn't have expected that one.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoidWoah, that's a great Tharja, I'm jealous! And yep, I finally got enough copies for +10, but at the same time I thought I could use some Galeforce on somebody else for fun like you've been doing. So Cordelia's now +9 and I gave my +8 Peri Galeforce to complete her Slaying/Heavy Blade set. I'm hoping to see her tear things up in Rival Domains/GC maps now. Hopefully there won't be such a big gap between Cordelias again after this.
  8. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    OH, well I guess that would be pretty nice on some units. I might actually upgrade that one then.
  9. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    The seals seem alright but not nearly as nice as last TTs. Drive Atk and Def Tactic were both pretty awesome to get and none of these stick out nearly as much to me. Spd Smoke is pretty nice and possibly saves foddering FH Takumi to some units. I think it'll be great for some dagger units, especially on Kaze so he then debuffs every stat alongside his native Atk Smoke. Flier Formation is kind of junk in my opinion, outside of adding to defense team jankiness. I never found it that useful on my Elincia. Not bad for throwing on a flier that doesn't usually carry a seal, at least. Seal Atk/Def isn't that useful, but it's at least fine for tossing on a tanky AA unit or something.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, this has been like the strangest banner ever for me. I've had both the best and worst luck I've ever managed in this game. I started with 195 orbs, wanting at least a neutral Tharja and Ninian. My luck's been pretty bad for getting focus units these last few months, taking me at least 150 orbs per focus unit and often being a terrible IV (150 for +def -atk F Morgan, 300 orbs for 1 +spd -atk Bow Hinoka(400 after fixing her IV), for example). Little did I know 1 of those problems would completely flip today, while the other came out in full swing. I think I may have officially inherited @Rezzy's -atk curse. I managed to pull: +def -atk Bride Tharja (On the 3rd pull of first session and I was Elated.. until I saw the IV. Of course I couldn't stop there with her, and had to keep pulling more red) +def -atk Bride Sanaki (Picked a sole green left on the second session to make sure the % bumped up next one. Not sure if it's as a bad or worse than -spd, but not a good one) +spd -atk Zelgius (Totally caught me by surprise. Real bummer on the -atk, so he won't be any better than my BK, but I didn't have him so +1 for the collection) +def -spd Bride Ninian (Once again I was elated to see who I wanted so soon.. and then saw the IV. -spd really hurts the Blarblade build I had planned, so I continued for a better IV) +hp -atk Ephraim (Second time I've gotten him off-banner. Unfortunately not better than my previous +atk -def one, so I guess he'll be getting merged into it) +atk -spd Linde (Shocked to see her show up, since she's one of the original 5*'s I was missing. Another really bad IV, though) +hp -res Bride Tharja (Finally something without a crippling IV. Still not very good, but I guess I'll settle on it since not many orbs left. Ninian still bothered me though..) +def -spd Bride Ninian (Just WHAT. Absolutely freakish luck that she came on the first blue orb of the next summon session after getting Tharja, yet her IV's the same bad one) I had 21 more orbs left by this point. Between Ninian's IV and still wanting lots of blue fodder units, I just threw the last 20 down the drain in hopes of some final luck. I didn't get another 5*, but I did get a Cordelia, Shanna, Peri among the last few summons, which are all ones I really needed. So yeah, I feel really weird after this. I've never ever had such a great 5* ratio before, but I also got horrible IVs on literally everything but the second Tharja. Overall happy though, since despite the IVs this is still way better than I've been doing on recent banners and feels worth the 194 orbs. Luckily Ninian's still usable by being a dancer, Tharja got saved with a passable IV, and I got some new units for the collection from the pity breakers.(at least I can HM farm them even if they end up rotting on the bench) Also worth noting, while I got 0 useful red fodder units, I did get some really nice blues near the end. 2 Peri, 3 Effie, 2 Shigure, 1 Odin, 1 Shanna, and 2 CORDELIA. I was about as pleased seeing those Cordelias show up as I was actual 5*s. @mampfoid
  11. Oh boy, things might heat up again when people see Sanaki's lines..
  12. I think the most likely candidates for the coming legendary seem like Roy, Marth or F Corrin (with Yato). My gut leans towards them picking Roy, though. I dunno what they could do with him other than being yet another sword user, but I guess that didn't stop them from making Legendary Ike so similar to regular Ike. I wish we'd get a new OC instead, though. I don't like that they turned Legendary banners into another excuse for more alts. I'm cool with getting alts, but we already get plenty from both seasonal and now regular banners too. Legendary banners let us get something different than usual, but now that idea's been dropped unless they still plan to stick some more OCs in down the line. I'd prefer Laegjarn as a red legendary over yet another Roy or something.
  13. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    I'm glad that wondering who the bonus units will isn't an issue anymore. The freebie TT unit giving the full bonus was a great change. I'll probably just auto battle with Marth + some armors, which worked well enough with Finn in the last TT. I'm gonna guess we get another threaten or seal skill, plus possibly Spd Ploy and Res Tactic. Hopefully they don't skip over Spd Ploy for a worse filler skill. I'd like to have that one, since I'd rather fodder an Arvis for Def Ploy and then use Spd Ploy in the seal when possible, since we have more fodder of him than Saias.
  14. At least she can probably still pack a punch with a blade tome easier than PA Shigure or Inigo thanks to flier buffs access. I'm sure she won't be S Corrin, but if you want a dancer + blue mage in your flier team she can partly fill both together to leave you room for something else, which sounds pretty neat.
  15. New Voting Gauntlet!

    I could see a few upsets in this gauntlet potentially making people upset. I'd guess Sanaki causing an upset would be the worst, though. I think Cordelia's definitely the most popular of the old brides (despite being the most popular character-wise, Lyn got ragged on for being a healer when they were still bad), but I bet a lot of people will pick one of the newer units instead, like with the spring gauntlet. So it's pretty hard to make a good guess. If NY Azura's anything to go by, Ninian might be in a strong spot by being another flying dancer.