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  1. She might have hit and run, but there's no running for her enemies. ;)
  2. Well, of the ones I can remember voting for, I got all but 1 so far. And all are in the game. Camilla, Beruka, Peri, Cordelia, and Hinoka. Hinoka still evades me, and probably will continue to for a long time to come thanks to how rarely she ever sees a banner, and being 5* locked. I wasn't anticipating to get into Heroes as much as I did, so I didn't vote every available day in the poll.
  3. Never got a defense win, but I did move back up to tier 20. Time for another week of taking it easy on offense. Which is good, since unless I get a 5* banner unit with my free Sacred Stones banner pull I'm not going to have a 5* bonus unit this week. I might have to actually 5* my Alfonse next week. Yuck. Aside from the missing defense feathers, I like how hefty of a sum of feathers regular arena combined with arena assault is. What a huge change from early on in the game. I might actually be able to start trying some fun builds now that feathers aren't quite as painful to save up. And I wonder if 22 Sacred Coins is a significant amount or not..
  4. I just get the gut feeling they'll be colorless and effective against both cavalry and fliers. Colorless because not getting WTA would make them a more universal counter to all horses and fliers, which they've been purposefully building up both of all this time. So everyone's had time to build up these strong horse and flier teams that were everywhere in arena and now we get a new class of units that helps counter that. Since they focused on horses for a while, and between S Corrin and Valter we might be focusing on fliers for the moment, I think that could be their next step. I could see them handling them like dragons too, but I feel like business-wise they might want to make the colorless pool more worthwhile, and baiting people into pulling for beasts on a color that's pretty weak to use orbs on right now could be a good idea on their end. And I could be totally wrong, and that's cool too since I just want my Velouria regardless of how they handle her
  5. I've taken Galeforce into the next map on all the TTs and in CC. She retains a charged Galeforce if she gets it charged by taking a hit on enemy phase, and can go into the next map with it ready. If she kills the last unit on the map and it activates Galeforce, it still activates and gets wasted as it always has, and is completely uncharged at the start of the next round. I don't think there's any Galeforce changes at all.
  6. Uh, are you sure? I'm not having this happen at all. Galeforce is working on her the same as it always has. I'm doing the same to mine (though Draw Back over Swap since I'm being dogpiled by 3* Sullys from hunting for S Corrin..) plus gave him Bonfire. I don't know what I'll give for a B skill yet, since Hit and Run really doesn't seem to fit him.
  7. Hard to pick an order, but mine are: 1. Aversa- I'm not even a huge fan of her character, but if she came as a red tome flier she'd could be an incredibly fun unit. 2. Velouria- My favorite beast unit and I'd love to see her get in soon. I don't know what they'll do for beast transforming units but she'd probably be fun. 3. Walhart- Really enjoyed him in Awakening and I'd I'm guessing he'd be a distant counter green cav. That'd be great, and I'd love to use him instead of Cecilia, Titania or Fredrick. 4. Ophelia- My favorite child unit after Velouria and I'd be down for another great mage. 5. Reina- I wonder how much a flying archer would shake things up. She'd probably be fun and possibly OP unless they cripple her stats for balance. Honorable mentions go to Benny, Nuibaba, Noire, Sophie, Lute and regular Charlotte.
  8. I'll probably do the same with mine. I could probably do with having another tanky blue in my barracks since I don't have many. I thought Tobin wouldn't even be worth leveling, but I trained him up when Arena Assault dropped and I've already fielded him a few times to deal with Hectors, so I'm sure Clive with have his uses as well.
  9. That's true. I'm only trying this though since doing the opposite with the strongest/most reliable team I can manage hasn't gotten results yet. I may end up 5*'ing my Anna to help my offense score (again, best bonus unit option I have this week if Nohrian Summer doesn't come through soon), but I doubt that'll help out my defense team much. She's really not much of a threat.
  10. LOL Maybe I can be part of the no-defense cool club this week! I tried taking off Ike's skills besides Vantage, switched his special from Aether to Luna, took off Hector's Hone Atk, and switched in Cordelia with Desperation and her C skill off. Maybe with less point value my team will get some weaker people who can't finish off both Ike and Hector.. I usually don't use Hector since he's bait for a good team, but with the current maps and my 2* Hana bonus unit I'm trying to bait weaker opponents, maybe he'll work out.
  11. I'm starting to get worried about my defense win happening this week. I don't think the current maps lend themselves to the lvl 1 3* bonus unit + 3 real units strategy I've been using of late, as after a couple days I still didn't get anything. I have no good bonus unit this week so I just boosted up my Anna to 4* and got her to 40 so I can try using her as my bonus unit on offense. I also threw her on a defense team now with Ike, Cordelia, and S Camilla. But still no dice since the other day. I got 7 defenses last week, so things are being erratic again.
  12. So strong! How will her sisters feel? +10 Palla up next
  13. Doing great with my team of Sonya, Alm, Tharja and Cordelia. Sonya can kill boss Sonya with Hone Attack buff, which is fun. Some maps are a little sluggish thanks to being the slow Valentia ones where AI doesn't usually move toward you.
  14. Made it to 4,850 today, putting my at rank 858. Pretty satisfied with that for now, and seems like it could be enough to stay in the top 5k by the end of the season. I don't expect to be in the top 1k the units I've got, so I'm okay with that. I used @Whistle's advice (helpful post by the way!) about farming items on easy with 1 lead unit. So I stocked up on some items first but surprisingly didn't end up having need for them just yet.
  15. I somehow ran into only 3 Reinhardts total in 2 7 streak runs. Meanwhile the number of S Corrin's I saw was pretty numerous.. and usually on fully decked out flier teams. I've run into a ton of Annas and S Corrins, so it still feels like it's normal arena defense teams to me. But of course I could be wrong.