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  1. Aether Raids first impressions

    Well, I actually lost a matched on the very second one of the day. Absolutely awful enemy team of Veronica, Maribelle (pain build), NY Azura, and BLyn(Firesweep). There was basically nothing I could do to prevent somebody getting danced and killing one of my units. My only hope was that if I broke a structure that I could bait Maribelle with Adrift Camilla and hope Veronica would move straight down toward my Azura into the broken building's spot, so nobody would be in the Azura's dance range. Well, Veronica decided to move diagonally and so she moved down and killed Azura, debuffed Camilla and I could kill Maribelle and Lyn but Veronica was going to get danced kill the rest of my team no matter what after that.
  2. Aether Raids first impressions

    I get the feeling it'll become a molasses pace once those lift loses happen + the increasing cost. That's my main gripe with this mode, and I don't think I can manage a defense team that'll actually wipe people. (both of my current wins seem like people who forgot the turn limit) Aside from a basic Veronica, I don't think I have many scary defense units. Haha, thanks! I lucked out and didn't run into many really nasty teams, so I only lost 2 units. I did miss enough aether to miss out on the "extra" run, but it didn't affect staying in the top 3k. (I think was like 500-ish with my score)
  3. Aether Raids first impressions

    I still need to figure out the secret for defense teams. I've gotten 16 defenses and only 2 have been wins. Both loses were time outs where the people spent too long positioning units. About half of them the attacker loses 1-2 of their units, and only a single team has actually gotten all the aether items. Seems like most don't even bother trying to break the pots if they look too troublesome, so they're not working well as bait to cause risky play to nab a win. I thought about putting lunge on some firesweep units, but even if that ruins some people's perfect matches I doubt it'll cause the wipe needed for a successful defense. At this point I'm already reserving myself to the inevitable -80 lift per day next week.
  4. I hope we continue to see more unique weapons/skill effects that utilize HP, or even other stats. While it may be common to the point of annoyance at the moment, I really like how potent and unique Aversa's tome is in Aether Raids and other modes. Aether Raids has also shown how Loki's staff went from seeming like a meme-y effect to actually being very useful to cripple the common Veronica + Rein defense teams. I like that we're getting some effects that feel more strategic to use, or at at least different than -1 CD, +10 special damage, +X stat when initiating, etc. types.
  5. Aether Raids first impressions

    Lost another unit on the last match today from 2 dumb mistakes. I'm so used to associating Mulagir + Sacae's Blessing that when I saw a Lyn with a Brave Bow set my mind skipped right over that she still had Saccae's. So I went to bait both Lyn and Rein over a wall with Camilla and Lyn attacked and.. no counter. Then she got danced + Moonbow proc and killed her. She might have lived since her damage barely made the kill, but I'd also made the mistake of putting Cordelia next to her for the support drive buff since I let Aversa's presence slip my mind the moment I went to move her. Just the previous turn I'd even reminded myself to not do the next turn.. At least I did get both aether items and didn't lose the match, but it was close. I almost ran out of time trying to get the enemies to move into Cordelia's range around all the walls, but Galeforce letting me finish both PA Azura (killed her thought TA) and Lyn on turn 7 was clutch.
  6. Aether Raids first impressions

    I'd be surprised if they could make a system that could gauge what that really means, though. I've seen a split of maps that are set up well and ones that were really easy to clear perfectly. I think it's just random.
  7. Aether Raids first impressions

    I dunno, since I saw both an unmerged horse team and a +10 team with 3 whale armors on it today. Overall only like 1/4 of my matches have been horse meme ones, aside from Veronica tossed into some random teams. I've been getting a good mix of everything and haven't lost a match yet (but I did lose 1 unit by accident yesterday). (I'm 3,080 score)
  8. Tempest Trials: Before We Met…

    I'm in the top 200 with about 135k score. I've never bothered getting higher than the top 5k before, but maybe I'll see if I can stay for the 10k feathers this time. I've just been auto battling while playing the new Total War Warhammer DLC and it's been pretty easy since my team's been more consistent than usual.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Wow, got FKana from my free pull on the BHB banner. And she's +spd!... -atk. And that's a super bane, so she's completely useless. Can't complain about a free 5*, but I have yet another reason to pray for IV rerolls.
  10. Camilla 7 times. Voting for my other favorites with no real chance to win feels like a waste. I'd rather just help try to help Camilla's chances of finally getting a CYL alt.
  11. Aether Raids first impressions

    I've been having the opposite kind of problem from invincible units... Enemies being too frail for me to reach the aether items before they all die. I can't help but bait multiple enemies with all these layered threat range teams, and usually the last one standing is a cav or something that I can't easily kite around and I'm forced to kill them too soon. Stuff like armor teams are usually a blessing so I can leave one crawling around until I've collected everything.
  12. Aether Raids first impressions

    Dammit, I lost my first unit today. I meant to move Aversa to a spot in the corner but I accidentally attacked an Aether pot with her first and she was left in range of the Halloween Myrrh I was kiting around. I also ran into a map where it was basically impossible for me to keep the enemy team alive long enough to reach an aether pot tucked away in the corner. I had to bait them all at once with with Camilla who couldn't help but kill them all. Maybe I need a bulky mixed defense unit without DC in one of my teams for when I need to stall longer, but I don't really have another unit like that. I also hope I'm not stuck for the rest of the season with 30~ aether I can't spend. That's almost a full match wasted, but the rising cost and missing a couple of aether items has it stuck there.
  13. Oh nice, that's a sizable amount of apology orbs. The other part of it may be they also don't have confidence in not continuously using the popular characters and their alts to drive banners. Even if they have a large pool to draw from, I guess they want to spread them out between "safer" options. In theory it makes sense, but in practice they've ended up annoying a good chunk of people. Indeed, this is the kind of new mode I've been wanting. They get to avoid "fixing" arena of it's BST and whale issues while still giving us an arena that's more like what we actually wanted. I'd worried that survey had been forgotten or they dismissed that town builder idea, but I'm glad it ended up happening. I know the update didn't touch a lot of the community issues, which hopefully 3.0 addresses a few more of, but I'm pretty delighted with what we got. Now just let us get grails a BIT faster please..
  14. I think one point not brought up much is that alts are also a way for IS to stretch the lifespan of the game. Perhaps the shift was a bit sudden this year, but if they plan to keep the game going for years to come then they probably don't want to blow every character that actually has decent popularity too soon. Reusing popular characters with alts to pad things out makes sense on paper, and judging by banner performances it hasn't been doing that badly, just not amazing either(not counting seasonals). They could use a better balance, but I think the weight of the alt spam is part of a one-two punch along with the content issues we've had. A meaty new mode like Aether Keeps has been sorely needed, while we also need something to ease the repetitiveness of the current event cycle. The other new modes this year have been okay barring relay defense but not really exciting either. As Akariss has said in some of his "should you pull" banner videos, "don't spend money on this banner since it's not like there's much you're going to do with these units anyway."
  15. Maybe they'd have fared better if they pulled out more stuff like Aether Keeps earlier this year. I feel like lack of content has been the biggest issue for the game, more so than banner variety. I've seen some whales on forums and youtubers say they backed off on spending not because of the character selection, but because why whale on units when there wasn't much content to use them in anyway. If they could keep more player engagement and make having lots of units feel more worthwhile that might help. I think RD/GC (uses more units) and Forging Bonds (read the supports and maybe feel more inclined to pull for X unit) were attempts at that, but kind of fell short. That said, Aether Keeps is definitely a step in the right direction as far as good new content, but it may be a bit late for this year's figures.