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  1. I can't decide! I might have to flip some coins. Oh I know, I just hope my total score rankings wouldn't be awful by not getting that 10% bonus for using her.
  2. Man, I'm not sure what to do. Elise is the only character out of them all I care about, but I don't have her. I have Sakura, Lyssa and Priscilla out of the rest, but I dunno if I want to back them anyway. Either way I hope Elise wins, and she probably will. Don't know if I like the sound of the 7.5x multiplier. I already didn't like the 3x one, and between that and 10 less orbs rewarded it looks like gauntlets are already going downhill.
  3. I've been really enjoying developing my favorites, of course. I don't focus on any themed movement teams so just picking who I like and/or who I need to fill in areas has been going just fine. Cordelia, B Cordelia, S Camilla and Tharja have all be very fun and rewarding to deck out. They're all absolute monsters. I'm training up a Camus now to work toward trying out a cavalry team, though. He's still leveling so I can't comment on if I like him or not yet, but he'll be joining Xander and Olwen. I still really need to deck out a Cecilia if I want a usable cav team, though, so that'll be a while. As for your question, I'd suggest replacing your Spring Xander with Camus and Fredrick with Cecilia. Even if you can't afford to get her Gronnblade+ from a Nino she's a good counter to blues plus colorless with Gronnraven. If you're properly running cavalry buffs on the team I'd say a buffed up mage like Cecilia is scarier than 4* Fredrick. And Spring Xander kinda sucks, so Camus with his distant counter and better stats(if you 5* him, anyway) should help you out more. He's not dissing Fredrick, he just said he's down as in he goes down against magic, which is true, while Cecilia can deal with magic. Since he's only running Olwen as somebody who has good res, Cecilia is probably a worthwhile switch.
  4. Well I hit 100k a couple days ago, but I still dumped a bit of stamina since then to make sure I stayed in the top 5k. I finished rank 3,500-ish and about 104,000 points. I'm glad I went for the 100k+ for those extra orbs and securing another 8k feathers. I just spent 20k on Camus, and I'll have enough for another 5* Promotion by the end of this arena season. I'm glad we got something to really do with the game, even if it was really repetitive, but I kinda wish 95% of my stamina for 2 whole weeks wasn't sucked up solely by Tempest.
  5. I had 682 to 694 on the week before last, so that was 12. Honestly, depending on your units and how decked out they are with SI, none. I haven't merged a single unit in this game and I'm in 19. The week before last when I was also in 19 I might have even moved up to 20 had I squeezed out more points using Ike/Hector over Tharja/Camilla, since I was just under the cut off with my usual team.
  6. My Tharja vs Ike is just as you compare(aside from Moonbow on her, but it's the same SP as Vengeance) while Hector vs Camilla is Armads/Pivot/Bonfire/DC/Vantage/Hone Atk vs Gronnraven+/Reposition/Moonbow/TA3/GB3/Hone Atk. The Jump in match points was 12 more minimum, so if Ike's skills are only adding 4, and I assume Hector is adding slightly less skill worth-wise, BST might be making up the rest of the difference. Or I could have just been lucky with the match RNG giving me extra high value ones, since that's always a thing too.
  7. He may be, but his movement(even with Pivot) makes him harder to weave around enemy threat range when I don't want him getting attacked by non-blue mages in the first place. Especially so on the more cramped movement maps we have this week. Camilla's extra Reposition and better maneuverability is more helpful for me playing around erratic dancer shenanigans. He was good last week, but I don't like how easy he can get stuck in a bad spot on the current maps. It might be his Aether. I know you've said BST is worth almost nothing now, so then I can only assume it's Aether + Hector's Distant Counter value. Last season I first used my preferred team of Tharja/S Camilla/Cordelia/B Cordelia(bonus) and got on average 682 point match ups. When I switched to Ike/Hector/Cordelia/B Cordelia I got 700 point matches for the majority, and none under 694. I ended up with 52 points higher than my initial run that season by using them.
  8. Sad times this week. The best I can muster for a bonus unit is the Camus I just 5*'d the other day, and he's only lvl 25 so far. So he's a deadweight in the arena. Then I got the map with the alternating patches of 2 walls/2 forts vs a olivia/nino/ryoma/nowi that were all merged +2-3. That map makes me salty as fuck more than any other. I just can't do anything about a danced mage on that map most of the time. Especially when I'm running Hector and Ike over Tharja and S Camilla to try and make up some for Camus's score drop. At least with this un-SI'd and untrained Camus in tow I wasn't expecting to ever get into tier 20 with this team anyway.
  9. I have a question about the Falchion + Renewal + Ardent Sacrifice build for Falchion users. While I see it discussed sometimes, and it sounds cool on paper, how does it actually do in practice for anyone who's tried it? I'm considering whether to make my Masked Lucina a more standard build or try that build for her since I have a -atk 5* Jakob and a second 5* Fae that I don't need. Healing 20 HP every couple turns and using Ardent to heal seems neat, but I can't tell if it's just a meme build compared to LaD/Desperation/etc. I also have a +atk/-def Marth that could consider such a build too, even if I didn't do it to Lucina.
  10. I think it speaks for itself that most knowledgeable players just disregard all the tier lists elsewhere. Ever since we got SI, this game reminds me more of Pokemon than other gacha games. While it takes much more work, I feel like something akin to Smogon's Pokedex for competitive Pokemon would apply to this game better. Every Pokemon has a write up, suggested sets, teammates and counters. That makes it an excellent resource regardless if you play in their self-made meta or not. However, Pokemon only has to deal with big changes once every couple years and not a regular introduction of new characters/skills into the meta like Heroes. So keeping a similar resource up to date would no doubt be a nightmare. Still, with how SI, natures and teammates factor in (cav buffs, etc.) I feel like a standard tier list is really hard to apply to this game while maintaining much accuracy.
  11. Found an example for you. I think with the Japanese voices on, she also does "awawa" as one of her lines when you click to move her in Heroes as well.
  12. I totally forgot about Effie somehow. She's probably the worst dub for me, for the same reasons you've said. I had hoped Heroes might try to be more like Japanese Effie, but sadly they just treated her the same as in the Fates dub.
  13. To be fair, Felicia's Japanese voice was similarly defined by "awawawa," so I guess it's no surprise. Oboro's Japanese VA was like nails on a chalkboard for me, so I'm super glad that changed. I feel like Peri's voice was pretty divided, too. I don't remember her Japanese one, but it seems like people either found the dub fine or jumped on the Tommy Pickles from Rugrats meme. I didn't even have that come to mind at first, and I thought it was one of my favorite voices in Fates. She could totally cut all the crust off my sandwich. I don't know WHAT happened in heroes though. "WAHAHA-HA! To make the blood spatters more spattery-er!" Ugh, I'm really not a fan.
  14. I didn't check Serenes much before Fates launched, but I remember when Felicia's dub was revealed in an NA preview video and people elsewhere were horrified at her new voice by a pretty vast majority. Personally, I'm pretty indifferent her dub voice, as with most of them, though I admit her "awawawawa" thing in the Japanese one is pretty cute compared to "Wooahh we got trouble!" The only notable dub vs Jap voices to me were Camilla and Oboro. I didn't like Camilla's dub as it was a lot less sultry/sexy, while Oboro's I found a lot better than that grating Japanese one. I like the woman they picked for Camilla's voice in Heroes a lot, though.(Misty Lee, I think?) Especially when she's doing Spring Camilla. "Cute widdle bunnies, like me." Oh lordy.