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  1. Would you be surprised that my #1 favorite is actually Cordelia? And Kagero is on the favorites list, even if she's betrayed me and has never shown up even after an ENTIRE year.
  2. Yeah, I'd like something else that makes use of the friend list. Here's to hoping that town building/my castle mode actually gets made, and maybe the town attack/defense system they mentioned could utilize friend units in some way too. I'm pretty hyped at the prospect of that mode, though I doubt we'll get to see it any time soon, if they really do it at all.
  3. Hopefully they'll stick with putting the TT reward as a 40% bonus again. If not, maybe Lyon. I'm unfamiliar with Sacred Stones and I don't intent to pull on the new banner, so it'll be a relief if last 40% unit being a free one remains a trend. I'm guessing Eirika, Ephraim, Innes/Tana and maybe an Askr unit will be the 20%.
  4. I'll probably go all in for Camilla, since I'd really like to see a CYL of her and she seems like the best chance out of who I like besides Tharja. Assuming they don't let the past winners run again, Tharja's got a good shot at retaining her high placement, while Camilla's the one who might need more help to not get beat out by Azura or something instead. Hard to say how much impact the game itself might have on characters or not. I'll be interested to see how much Reinhardt, Nino, and some others move up.
  5. Now that's what I call a well spent $4.
  6. I'm pretty excited to see we have no VG on the horizon. Maybe they finally read some feedback. A second TT Mini is great too. I'm not sure what to do with my orbs anymore though, since I was expecting a second CYL banner or something. I guess I'll save most for Valentine's Day or whatever that special banner after the anniversary might be. I never played SS and legendary banners haven't been too good to me, though I might try for Brave Lucina or something if she's on this legendary one.
  7. Does it even still sound like we're getting those 4? It just sounded like they're starting with a new poll for the next set of units instead. Kinda bummed if so, since I really wanted all 4 of those.
  8. "Special heroes" banner for Feb 8th-March 8th. I wonder if that's a Valentine's Day banner.. (even if it starts at an odd placement)
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Was hoping to roll Klein to fodder to my +atk Leon. Only 1 Colorless, got a 4* Serra. She doesn't even get Hone Atk 3 at 4*, nor anything worth inheriting to other healers. Possibly the most worthless colorless 4* I could have pulled.
  10. Pretty much this. I'm not one to replay games I've already beaten too many times, so going back and beating Fates, Awakening, Echoes, etc over and over until a new FE comes out is not something I feel like doing for my Fire Emblem fix. Nor do I really feel like digging up much older GBA titles and whatnot that I've missed. Heroes has been something that stays fresh so I can keep playing something "new" between actual new FE games. So I'm still enjoying the game and will probably continue to do so. If I stop enjoying it, then I'll stop playing it. And then as far as cost sunk fallacy, even with some money put in, I don't find it really wasted since I've had fun and I haven't spent beyond my means. Even on a game that's not as permanent, neither is life. Everything will be "wasted" eventually.
  11. TT boosts and flier buffs is magical. Automatically makes this the best TT, as if QR seal and being a mini wasn't enough. Also I just realized Beruka can now run both Guard and QR at the same time. Finishing the mission intensifies
  12. DC + Vantage + QR seal is gonna be pretty nuts in arena. I'm somewhat glad I've never spent feathers for a QR3 fodder yet. I'd been holding out for QR3 to come to a 4* but is pretty good too. Only a few of my main candidates won't like the seal slot taken up by it. Def Ploy is pretty cool too. Seal Atk is kinda meh, but whatever it'll be worth tossing on somebody at least.
  13. >QR seal Holy shit arena just entered the next circle of hell.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    This banner hurts my soul by dropping right now. I still really want to get her, but there's so much possible stuff that could happen next month that I already don't have enough orbs saved for.. Brave Lucina likely being on the next legendary banner pains me too.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    These absolute bastards... They knew I didn't care about the RD banner so they threw up a Hinoka one to bait me instead. They got 8 orbs out of me to roll all 3 blues from the first session (all junk of course), but I will remain strong. I got burned so hard on her last banners, I won't lose all my anniversary savings too.
  16. Official Pull Topic

    Got a 3* Robin from my free pull. Had 1 other blue and it was a 3* Oboro (was hoping for at least a Cordelia/Peri). 4 more orbs than I should have spent, so I'm back to waiting till the anniversary.
  17. Glad I'll have a good opportunity to get HM on Azura and Camilla with this TT. Normal Takumi and Camilla need a lot of HM too, so hopefully they might be 20% units. Another TT worth of orbs to stock up for the anniversary is A-OK with me. (especially as just a mini, thank god)
  18. Dropping an update just after people had been saying FEH was dead for a few days. They sure got the timing down. Disappointed there's still no Seiglinde refine at the forge yet. Kinda odd they only added support for 2 more units.
  19. They can't make an event schedule when there's no events.
  20. Poor Camilla sure has it rough on Serenes. I do hope we get CYL part 2, with her, Tharja, Chrom and Hector. All of them would probably be amazing units just like the last set, and Camilla emblem would be a lot of fun to use. I'd even want Chrom and Hector if their art turned out good. I'd wonder what would come next with CYL, though. A full year later seems a bit long to continue going off the same poll results, but I think having the poll in the first place was mainly a feh launch gimmick I don't really see them just holding a new one soon to replace it either. I really hope we don't get a Valentines banner. Back to back limited banners with a legendary banner in between like we've just had was way too much, and I don't want it to see that happen again already. It's terribly excessive at this point. CYL 2 on the heels of the January legendary banner would be bad enough if they do just that.
  21. Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace!

    I got my 8k feathers so I'm good from this TT. I auto battled basically the entire thing with my armor team besides the daily multiplier runs. My armors were already maxed in HM besides Tharja, so I gained pretty much nothing in HM farming this time. I just couldn't be bothered to play manually to farm anymore.
  22. Alright, I'm mostly kidding, but the last month+ hasn't let me get my hopes as high for a big anniversary extravaganza as I had before. I'd been thinking of Askr trio promotions, a new monthly mode, CYL part 2 (Tharja/Camilla/Chrom/Hector), maybe a free unit of choice(either CYL again or in general), and more chapters for book II. I think only the last of those feels of any likelihood now. At least the survey gave me hope again of new modes coming, but I doubt they'll be ready for the anniversary if they were just gathering player feedback about them this recently.
  23. Glad Azura won, I would have been disappointed to see a final round upset. I surprisingly made it pretty good in ranks, despite only really playing during multipliers and not even being around for every one. I got in the top 5k of the army this round and top 10k cumulative, which is good for having been on the popular teams. Pretty much, yes. Since at least there's less salt involved. Even then, winning by overwhelming popularity or lame multiplier upsets are both unsatisfying, in my opinion.
  24. Cool, though like others have said, with the amount of worthwhile Switch titles out so far, it doesn't seem as impressive as it could be. That said, Warriors is my most played Switch game right now, even above BotW and Splatoon. (though I've only played BotW for like 70 hours, I'm not a Zelda fanatic)
  25. You still do, just now it's in the quests for each round (4 orbs each round, for 12 total) rather than handed out after the gauntlet ends.