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  1. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    They're all kind of bloated to hell now. Blue's probably the most balanced hell now, since it's not like red or colorless where the balance of fodder is so extreme between great pulls like Sothe and awful ones like Gaius. Green's got a lot decent units if you're aiming to build them, like Raven or Soren, but most also have bad fodder if you're not. In my quest for Kagero, I think for every session that had a green there was one that didn't, and each time I did get greens it was 1-2 at best. I'm really not in much need of what little decent fodder green has, so pretty much every unit is pretty useless. And of course Beruka, the one unit I would like more copies of from green right now, only showed up 2 times in 300 orbs worth of green sniping. I never want to pull for green on a 4-man banner again after this one. They showed up so rarely the orb efficiency was really terrible.
  2. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Oh my bad, I meant Halloween Dorcas. I was expecting his super stats to just faceroll things but even with my +10 Effie and Armor March supporting him he wasn't doing so hot on auto battle. I guess his default Wary Fighter build without a Brave Weapon is a bit slow at killing before he gets killed himself on auto. And I'm not gonna lie.. I actually completely forgot regular Dorcas was a bonus unit, oops. I tunnel visioned on using my Mia for some reason and forgot his normal version was a bonus too. I think I'll switch him in right away now that you reminded me, and I bet he'll surely do better Halloween one thanks to that DC and 2 move.
  3. Yeah, I don't dislike RD but the format feels like it has a lot more potential that the one way they've used it so far. Taking on real (or closer to it) FE maps but with your large Heroes unit selection would be pretty sweet.
  4. Luckily I have enough +10 projects lined up that the orb and feather rewards keep me motivated to never skip out on events. That said, we could definitely still use more good content to play. They're slowly adding more and it's better than it used to be, but it's still pretty light on stuff to actually do between new GHBs, Abyssals or whatever the current auto-battle mode is (TT right now). I keep pulling on new banners but don't find there to be much to do with the new units most of the time. To give a solution to my own complaints, I wish GHBs or similar content came a lot more often. I was even thinking how it'd be cool if we could get another kind of GHB that takes place on RD-sized maps. That format would make it about as close to playing a real FE game's chapter in Heroes, which could be fun. Actually.. it could even be neat if they ported RD-scaled versions of real maps too. Imagine playing something like Conuqest chapter 10 but with your Heroes units. I'd be down for that. I guess to be fair it's just a phone game and not meant to try and engage you for as much time. And the actual grind-heavy games like Granblue or Dragalia have their own issues of eternal mmo-like farming which is a different kind of problem. I guess I wish FEH leaned a little more toward a middle ground. The game's fun enough that I'd like reason to play it more often than I'm currently given. (not counting managing my TT/GC/FB auto battles)
  5. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Surprisingly I'm not really liking Dorcas as a bonus unit. Even with the bloated stats he doesn't seem the best fit for this TT, especially with Bold Fighter Henry as the boss. My regular mia (-atk) is doing pretty good, though.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    5.25% now, probably 1 summon away from 5.5%. No Kagero or anything of worth to be found yet. Enough orbs left in TT for me to do 1 more full summon, but not looking good. Had 3 sessions in a row with no greens and managed to not get pity broken yet. Sadly the reds I kept picking were just junk like Seilph and not anything good for fodder either.
  7. New Calendar!

    Same. I'm happy we got Ophelia and Nina (and Flora, though I was kind of hoping she'd just be a GHB unit, not a random banner unit), but the lack of Charlotte again still seems odd. I don't like how she got one of the first seasonals yet her regular version still can't manage to get after all this time. Even Shigure got his non-alt self in already. I'd also like another Awakening banner, just because I want Aversa already, damnit. GHB, banner unit, whatever, I just need her in my flier collection already. (actually hoping she's a GHB so I don't have to spend orbs)
  8. I don't have any bias against her character, I just mean objectively she seems pretty mediocre. Maybe the poor ratings also have to do with the limited mage presence in arena right now, too. Worth noting she can make use of G Duel Infantry, though. I'd consider Firesweep down the road.. but that'll also require an extra Faye. Either way I'll wait for if I get a good one sometime, since this -atk one is Spd Tactic fodder the moment I get a new one, unless it's -atk too. I'm neutral on Lyn but I don't she's neutral on me. Bride Lyn showed up -spd before I got Cordelia on the bride banner, the brave one pity broke me with a worse IV than neutral on the first legendary banner and both my Legendary Lyns were -atk. And regular Lyn, who I'd like the most out of them, is one of the few launch 5*s I'm still missing. I skipped the VA banner so I don't have that one either. At least I did get a good +spd -def Bride Lyn randomly on her legendary rerun, so the bad one got foddered to my Elise for Dazzle, which was nice.
  9. Superbanes should be illegal.
  10. I've tried using her with the atk seal (so -1 atk total) and her boon is +spd, but she just hasn't performed besides fighting blue mages. The way her personal skill works only on enemy phase forces her to be more niche than she could be. From what I've seen most people seem to rate her as the worst legendary hero, which is a shame. Maybe I'd try giving her some other SI if I get a better IV one in the future that's worth investing in.
  11. Indeed. I haven't put Galeforce on any other red fliers yet, so she's still who I use the most. I'd trade her to you if I could. Since my second was also -atk, Effie got to eat one for my mixed team. If I get a 3rd one I may do the same plan as you and give one to Cherche. (and then +10 her since my other merge projects are eternally waiting for more merge copies anyway) I haven't been able to fodder my last copy thanks to my collector mentality.
  12. Nope, but I'm happy to have a +3 Elincia and +2 Alm since I use both pretty often. +2 Legjarn (saving one for Duel skill SI) is cool with me too since she's who I liked most of the Muspell units. I'm still surprised how great Lucina is compared to Lyn, when they're both colored bows. Granted my Lyn's -atk (superbane), but regardless she feels like a bad unit. Even with an atk seal to patch her up I don't find Lyn ever worth using over another other greens, but I can see myself using Lucina a lot if I manage to get her.
  13. Yeah, I'm not really surprised to not get it this month, since November is when book II happened. Crossing my fingers they add a skill forge or something good along with it. We could really use something new to mess with. I really lucked out on it and got Laegjarn x4, Laevatein, Elincia and Alm in bit under 200 orbs. I guess the current 5% for Kagero is the universe balancing that out. Thanks! And good luck getting a new Lucina too. I'd love to get her since she seems like the most fun and unique legendary with that assist skill, plus great art.
  14. Hopefully it's just off the range of the calendar. If not book III, I was hoping for something else new but it seems like it's more of the same again. I'm still hoping for new events sometime since the only new thing lately has been Relay Defense, which didn't go so well. Yeah, exactly. I end up prioritizing the heroes on limited banners if I see a character I really like, so a lot of the normal pool units I'd like to pool for end up getting skipped these days. Since I decided I wanted Mia and Kagero, that means all my orbs have to go toward the Halloween banner before I can worry about anything else, since missing Kagero would be worse than missing a new normal pool unit. The fact that they've had at least 1-2 of my favorite characters on every seasonal since like... June, hasn't helped with this pattern. They've been out to get me this year. I at least got a break with the Muspell banner, since September had no seasonal running and both girls sharing red on a 3-man banner meant getting at least one would be about as easy as it'll ever get. Wanting Summer Noire on the upcoming legendary(if she's there), L.Lucina rerun next month, and then both the new Christmas banner + the rerun to try and get Lissa (not -atk) basically tells me I won't be able to pull on anything else for the rest of the year... Not feeling too strong to get Noire this month either, judging by my 5% Halloween rate. Hopefully Kagero actually shows up with the TT orbs and not a pity breaker or 5.5% rate, or that'll be more orbs I have to keep sinking.
  15. That was my thought as well. I'd also be a lot more interested in what the new heroes banners could be if I actually had orbs for them. Aside from rare occasions like the Muspell banner, all I ever seem to pull on anymore are seasonal and legendary banners. I hardly ever have orbs left for anything else with how much those suck up chasing things I want. Still disappointed I didn't get to pull on the Fates banner for Ophelia, but seeing how I'm at 5% on Halloween I guess it's a good thing I didn't. If something pity breaks me instead of Kagero I might die.
  16. Official Pull Topic

    Thanks! Some real flip flop luck today. At 5% now and 10 orbs left. Guess I'm waiting for the TT now to pull again. No telling how many Myrrhs I could have gotten by now, since I kept getting flooded with red orbs instead of greens.
  17. Official Pull Topic

    Both lucky yet brutal so far. My free pull was a +res -def Halloween Mia on the one colorless I got. Awesome. Then I went 150 orbs straight sniping greens for absolutely nothing of value. Not even any good fodder, just green junk and bad stuff from all the reds I picked on the many no green circles. I'm at 4.75% now and out of orbs. I hope I can still get Kagero by the end of this.
  18. Sure they come with extra skill goodies, as expected, but you said the same old slow and bulky statline was an issue, which evidently it's not. And as I said, it's not like fast armors are exclusive to limited banners either. That shouldn't inhibit them from releasing any normal banner armors like that at all for so long just because they'd be too samey or something. And remember M.Grima and Hardin did come with Vengeful and Bold Fighter too, so I don't think the skills alone are keeping them exclusive. IS is just being stingy with them lately, it seems. And I forgot about W.Robin. My brain had blocked out that Ryo art. Whatever the reason is, they do it, and I'm far from the only one who experiences this. Surely you see plenty of armors too. It's a problem when at all levels of play, even when we don't have THAT many armor units they're a good 80% minimum of what I see now. And I have seen some Duel skill units, as I said. They're just not very common. I've seen a couple Tanas with builds just like that (luckily Laegjarn could still beat her up pretty easily). I saw more +10 Lewyns than any other Duel skill unit, but not anymore since last week. Absolutely. Pulling for a copy for a Duel skill to throw on your existing +10 unit of X type is far more budget than actually whaling for a +10 5* and/or replacing anything on your team with armor if you aren't already using one. While I still don't like it, I'd rather pull for Green Duel Fliers when it comes up than replace my Camilla with a Sheena/Gwen/etc. that needs to be built from the ground up for score. You're not maxing out even normal budget F2P armor teams without DC usually either. Well give the people around the 750 range a notice. I'd rather see G Duel Infantry Azuras than keep killing these CYL Hector + CYL Ephraim + L.Tiki/Hector teams. I guess we can't say either way, but I'd still chalk it up more to what characters they wanted to spread out at what times as a big part of it. They gotta fit in plenty of cute cav girls and a couple cav bros I guess as they spread things around.
  19. It shouldn't, no, but that's what they seem to have been doing for a lot of them. Armors have the competitive edge right now, so it seems like being armored may add an extra layer of value in IS's eyes. It feels like they've turned armors into a mostly premium unit type in of itself, or so it seems. Almost every one of the limited banner armors has been that same slow and bulky type too. H.Henry, LA.Lyn, H.Niles and L.Tiki are basically the only exceptions. In the regular pool, Amelia and Zelgius are both quite fast too. I don't see a stat format that's forcing them to keep them as special units. They could still balance armors between limited and normal banners better than they have been. I really think it's more of a bandaid than an actual fix. I know you don't think they'll move the range further for the time being, and maybe they won't, but the way that 180 Tiki got whipped out immediately gave me my doubts. Yes, I know the 180 is still in the current BST formula, but that was some interesting timing. I don't think the difference in the 180 units being negligible means it should be disregarded, since an advantage is still an advantage. It's still part of the draw in pulling for those units and adds to their value right now. Tell that to the people loading their teams with armors anyway. Even when I do my daily extra arena runs with unmerged units and a dancer I still keep coming across them constantly. I'm really tired of seeing Hector's alts so much. Even more than score stacking, this is my real issue with the armor meta. The arena experience is just too stale, and we'll need more Duel skills before I notice much difference from those. I've only seen a couple PA Azura/Lewyn/Caeda still. I agree on the logic for 1, but I think the quick implementation of 180 BST right after Duel skills was also a message that Duel skills are to be seen as a budget option. They still want to push people to pull for something greater than just using Duel skills if they want and edge in score. And while I may be sounding pessimistic, I think you're being a bit optimistic thinking they won't possibly push things further than we might expect too soon. "They wouldn't do that" is how you end up with a reaction like the Ayra situation got. I think it's hard to deny increased stats aren't also meant to draw people to pull newer units. Re-balancing may well be part of things, but surely that's not all there was to it. As for the cavalry numbers, I don't think tells us much. That may well be just how they decided to lay out certain characters and unit types, even if they didn't get boosted. As much as a discussion about stats the armor issue has been, it's still not the only factor to consider. I'm just speculating off the last year's treatment of armor units, but we all know by now IS is actually just crazy and does whatever they feel like.
  20. Official Pull Topic

    @ZeoNice Veronica! Hopefully PA Olivia will still get some more reruns sometime, but at least that's probably the best pity breaker you could have gotten from colorless, and a decent IV too. @Tybrosion Damn, who else were you pulling for now, Flora? I hate that I had to, but I skipped even trying to get anybody off that banner, as badly as I want Ophelia and Nina. I just couldn't spare my remaining orbs with Halloween right on top of us. Hopefully they all get legendary reruns or something in the near future..
  21. Yes, but they still don't need to be saved for special banners as they are. That's the point. Because of the system they're using them as premium bait units rather than it just be a matter of they can't fit them in elsewhere or they want to boost the armor lineup. They could add more to regular banner armor units instead. Benny could have been on the latest Fates banner, or Kellam on the Awakening one, etc. but they haven't been doing new normal banner armor characters since Hardin(if he doesn't count as an alt too). And if they want alts, they still don't need to keep dumping them on special banners, as we got M.Grima and Zelgius early in the year. Since then, every armor has been seasonal, legendary or CYL. I don't hate armors or anything, but I don't really like how they're being handled. It's just so transparent how they're bait units, not unlike how most ranged fliers have been, but these also impact arena negatively, in my opinion. It's still an advantage to use them, though. You're even stating it with "but any legendary armor," because armors are still the big ticket units for arena score. IS is purposefully using them to tempt people by making arena scoring easier for those who get them. And because of this, tons of people run armors to try and up their score, meaning most teams you face have armors, so you want to get your own score-boosting armors to help pump your own score, which means IS keeps pushing more of them. That seems to be the cycle they're going for, at least. Not everyone will take the bait, myself included, but the system still works the way it does. It seems both bad for balance and variety when one movement type is clearly above the rest for the "competitive" mode of the game. Duel skills may be sufficient for those not vying for the top spots right now, but they're only a bandaid on this issue. They present a way to throw a bone to those who want to use other units, but then they remind you you're only allowed to catch up so much with the release of 180 BST units right on the back of that. Considering Duel skills, DB4, dual rally+, and the current BST formula being maxed by 2 units all in the span of about a month it seems like things are still moving forward pretty quickly as of late. They didn't pause with that 180 BST release right on top of the Duel skills, so it's hard to say if Gen 3 is a ways off or not. Yes, I know 180 is the theoretical max for right now, but this is IS. I suppose it could be until they get more Duel skills into the game, at least.
  22. Armors also have lower representation in the actual games, so it makes sense for there to be less in Heroes too. Same reason we get a disproportionate amount of infantry swords, since they're common in the games. But it's not like they really try to do much more than wait for seasonals/special banners to load up on those armor alts to fill in the gaps + bait whales due to the limited availability at the same time. I mean, 2 limited availability trainee dragon armors back to back to hit people in the wallet is pretty obvious what the main reason is. And in the end i all feeds into keeping arena in a stale armor meta. Selling people a "solution" with the Duel skills is pretty much a cop out when they drop multiple 180 BST units before their introductory banner even ends.
  23. Yeah, that's what's really disappointing. IS decided to just dig the hole deeper rather than try to change how arena scoring works. I wish it could have been different, since maybe they could have also shifted away from pushing all these armor units for the sake of baiting arena whales.
  24. Somebody sell me on Innes' refine. I have a +atk -spd one I never use, since the adaptive dragon breath change killed his old niche.I'm not sure it'd be worth the dew. It seems like an awkward refine for him. Owl buffs are harder to arrange on offense but that's where his firesweep effect comes into play. He's also still a colorless unit trying to damage high def dragons and I don't know how well he'd deal with mages when he's not going to one shot nor double most of them anyway. Tana's refine is interesting, though it wouldn't help her out much on a flier team. I guess she'd make for a better tank or mixed phase blue flier than Catria with it. As an offensive flier team unit she still probably wants Firesweep. Too bad I don't have her. Lon'qu's refine is good, but I'm still not sure if it makes him worth promoting and using over other good swords. At least he's still a lot better than before, though.
  25. Man, I was at rank 2,500-ish for AA last night and usually that's pretty safe to hold over through the last day, but not this time. I didn't bother to play more today and I dropped to 3,015 and just barely fell out. First time out of the top 3k in many months. I guess I should have fished for a better run but I didn't think it would be needed. Also dropped back to tier 20, despite trying hard to see if I'd manage to stay in 21 for the 4th week in a row. I should have waited till he last day to see how rankings really looked, since 3,776 seemed maybe possible early on this week, but I was about a full 500 places below the cutoff by today. I had no chance after all without a merged Fjorm for a bonus unit. Until Green and Blue Duel Flier skills come out, I guess I need to stop caring as much about arena since I can't boost my score much more for the time being. I need to replace Peri on my AA team since her cav BST is holding me back a bit, but the game won't give me more merges for my other projects so I still don't have anything better.