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  1. Not too surprised about no CYL2 coverage. I figure they'll release them at the same time as last year, so it'd be a little early for them to do more than say "they're still coming." Nice of them to actually respond so people don't keep hyping up their expectations. Having CYL not be part of it makes me even more interested now, honestly. Now who knows what new stuff they might have to show us. Beasts? Possibly. I'm not anticipating that though, nor do I really care about when they get in. I'm still hoping for some kind of town builder thing like that survey had asked about, but I'm not going to get my hopes up for that either.
  2. Poor Sakura is just crying as all the madness goes on around her. And I don't know how Ryoma had the guts to take up the fight when Turkey's angry face looks like THAT.
  3. What if Vaike came with an axe, but it was unequipped?
  4. I like that Xander and Ryoma sound like they're fighting over a Turkey. They're not fighting for their kingdoms, they're fighting to be the host of Thanksgiving this year.
  5. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    Well.. I rushed and got the Flashing Blade seal already but then I realized I don't really have any infantry I really need it on. I sure wish my Peri could use it to free up Heavy Blade for someone else.
  6. I still want to see Sumia, Maribelle and others make it in, so perhaps the next new hero banner could be Awakening themed with an Olivia alt on it. (and make the GHB be Aversa or Wallhart, please God)
  7. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    So far this is the easiest tempest yet. Camilla just obliterates anything I point her at and it's great. Cordelia/Elicnia/Azura galeforce cheeses as easy as ever too. I think I'll try to make the auto battle team around Masked Lucina and see how she holds up through all the maps.
  8. My first promotion was probably Tharja. Totally worth it, since she helped a ton as my main red unit for many months.
  9. I kept the 3* copies on the off chance I were to need it. I've had all these these copies of him sitting around so long I don't see myself needing that many if I ever do want it. I've been hoarding GHB copies I don't use for way too long.
  10. I'm not sure if I'd actually get any use out of him, since I don't even find use for Beruka as much as I'd like. Having a +10 Camilla and a bunch of seasonal axes means I'm not in short supply. If my feathers weren't tied up in projects I'd consider promoting a cavalry axe, though, since Husband Marth is all I have for green cavs period at the moment.(edit: Oops, I forgot Gunnthra too)
  11. I should promote Michalis but I already have a good Beruka who is significantly cuter. I realized I haven't promoted as many of the GHB units as it felt like I had. I'm even starting to let go of the hoard mentality and sending home/foddering more of them to make barracks space. Valter and Legion's extra 4* copies have gotten the green light as Darting Blow and Fury 2 fodder.
  12. Mine has 0 in all stats because I still don't have her, fuck. I wonder what unholy "rerun when" hell a seasonal that's already had it's second year and legendary banner reruns is in. Doesn't seem like they'll cycle them back through the legendaries this year, and next June I assume they'd just run the previous year's banner, not every old one.
  13. Not that I thought they'd punish anyone for it, but I'm still kind of surprised at them basically responding with "yeah go ahead and use it."
  14. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoidDamn, you're really clutching new units out lately. Congrats on her, that's an amazing IV too. I was weak as well and spent my apology orbs as well, + the couple I'd started to build back up(10+18) trying to get Noire again. Unfortunately, nothing but 1 Tharja merge fodder came of the summonings. I suppose that lucky Tana I got the other day without any pity rate was where I should have left things to start saving up for the legendary banner, but boy I sure wish I could get Noire.
  15. What's your opinion of buying orbs?

    As long as people know the risk and have the means, it's their money to do what they want. I do agree though that orb prices are very expensive, but that high pricing seems very standard among gachas. I've spent maybe a couple hundred since launch, which feels not too excessive to me. I don't regret having similarly bought some cosmetics and whatnot in an MMO years back(which I no longer play), because I still enjoyed my time back then and I didn't go beyond my means. I've "wasted" far more money on stuff like TCGs and whatnot. And while it's true gachas are impermanent and you get to keep cards and/or resell them, I'm not spending so much that I'm that worried over it. That said, from my experience my luck still blows in this game a lot of the time and money doesn't often solve bad luck. I only consider buying a few orbs if it's a character I really don't want to miss out on, like a seasonal for one of my favorites. My only real issues related to buying orbs is when people try to lord either their whale or F2P status over people. Surprisingly, I think i see the latter more often. Both are equally shitty behavior.
  16. I'm tempted to do this with Merric so I can get the SP to throw a breaker skill on him without having to drag him through real SP training. Of course a funky exploit happens the day after I grinded the SP for all my new summer pulls normally.
  17. Official Pull Topic

    I feel you, and I can related to seeing everyone's lucky pulls usually just makes it even saltier when your having bad luck. I did decently on the summer banners this time, for me anyway, but I still got up to almost 6% trying to get myself a second non -spd Camilla. So it took me over 300 orbs to get a good one in the end. My average rate before I get a 5* on most banners has to be at least 4% or more. I usually don't feel "safe" about getting a particular unit I want unless I have 250-300 orbs sitting ready. Just try to remember there's plenty of other people getting RNG-screwed too, and it's mostly the people who got good pulls who will bother to post about what they got.
  18. Restart SP glitch.

    Yeah, I hope you're looking forward to Tap Battle+.
  19. Nice apology orbs. Now I have to be smart and try to save for the legendary banner. Please come home Lissa.
  20. I found a very dedicated person on my last AA match. All +10 of course, and with slightly different builds. (one even has Windsweep and Phantom Speed seal) I uh..
  21. Yeah, that with Desperation is what I was thinking of. At least from what I can gather using the battle sim, she'd punch through a ton of units with everything active, but I'm just unsure how viable getting her to take a hit before going on her killing spree will be. She has reasonable bulk to take a single hit from most +10 red/green things, so I was imagining her tanking a Myrrh, Tiki, etc. and then going nuts. I guess Fury is a safer choice since she can one shot a dragon on player phase and Fury still drops her in Sealed range, but the big number payoff isn't as crazy like Brazen.
  22. Has anyone actually tried the Sealed Falchion + Brazen Atk/Spd combo on Masked Lucina? How is it? It seems fun on paper, even if it requires some setup to get in the right HP range. But I'm wondering if it's actually any good in practice, before I potentially spend 20k feathers on a Linus to try it. It feels like one of those meme sets that's just crazy enough to work.. or not.
  23. Like I said, I think maybe I undervalue those movement memes too. I tried using Nowi for a while with her Grimoire but I didn't tend to make much use of it, so having her obliterate stuff with a blade tome ended up being more my style. Flier Formation sounds pretty neat on Tana, though. Perhaps I'll still try out some more tricky moves with a setup like that. :P And yeah, I forgot about that. It's harder to remember the atk/spd tactics sometimes since I don't get to use them much myself. (why won't any Legaults show up on colorless for me) I guess if you're trying to squeeze max score out of a mage that could be an issue, but that seems like a light knock if SP value is one of the worst downsides. I usually find Panic Ploy pretty easy too play around, and that goes double for fliers. At least cavalry can get stuck in the way more often by trees and such, I suppose.
  24. Very true, just it's still a bit better than it was at least. Now, without using any for SI, you can have 4 carriers of it for AA, which is pretty nice if you're heavy on using fliers. They seriously need to give it to a 4* some time, though I doubt it'll be any time soon. I guess they still like making flier emblem more premium than horse emblem.
  25. It also helps that Hone Flier options aren't quite as limited as before. By having all of Hinoka, Nowi, Azura and now Camilla, that's 4 providers right there, so enough for multiple fully-capable flier buff teams in AA and such.