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  1. It seems pretty established alts are gonna be part of the norm now I suppose. I'd like more new characters to come first too, but this is how they're going to stretch things out. I'm only bothered by them if they're like Zelgius or Legendary Ike and barely different from their original version. They couldn't even bother to give Zelgius his other armor so he's literally just BK 1.1 that you can merge. Honestly I'm glad that seasonals or CYL aren't the only ways for a unit to get an alt anymore. I think alts playing on the different job classes a unit could have in their game can be cool. As such I think Hinoka's an example of a good alt. She's just a causing a salt mine anyway since it feels like Reina got bumped.
  2. New Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    I'm surprised Finn's been so sturdy. I swapped out my Rein for him as my bonus unit. I'm thinking of foddering my 4* one for Atk/Def +2 to Xander or something but I'm not sure if it's worth it over Fury. It sure feels like there's a lot of mages in this TT, not even counting the final map. This is one of the few where my armor team + bonus aren't doing so well at auto clearing lunatic 5. I'm having to manually finish the last map most of the time since they usually arrive at it pretty busted up.
  3. She'll probably make it in eventually. I don't think she's out of the running for whenever they decided to add another flying archer to the game. It just might be a quite a while now. With the slow drip we got for flier mages I'd expect they'll space these out a lot too.
  4. I dunno if I'd call this banner actually Hoshidan themed, even with Hinoka. It just feels like a general Fates banner to me. That said, considering Kaze has no obvious place to show up from that we can tell, I wonder if they'd have him in that next banner with more Fates units. Probably not likely, but possible.
  5. That's very true. I'm only afraid of those same 2 you mention. And Kagero and Klein both being at 3* now is another relief. I still really want a regular Kagero and I could always use more Kleins. Now watch me still get nothing but 3* Niles and healers
  6. This Hinoka scares me, since she might be one of the few 5* locked units I'd legitimately like to +10. But sadly that'll probably never happen for me unless she had a Hero Fest appearance while I somehow happened to have like 1k+ orbs. She just looks so perfect for my usual teams, especially with that extra armor effectiveness since I'd rather not build up a Caeda for my main team. Rare times that not being a whale actually hurts a bit.
  7. I think the complaints about Shigure being another alt are kind of funny since this is technically his non-alt version. We just got the alt first in his case. Hinoka is honestly the only true alt here, and she's somebody most have agreed deserves one. Just seems unfortunate that we're on an alt streak lately so there's some heat for it I guess. RIp Reina though. Maybe she'll get to be our second archer flier then.. My only gripe with the banner is I'm not a big fan of the Kanas, so I'd rather see another child unit on the banner (Ophelia, Midori, etc) and M Kana as a GHB seems kinda meh.
  8. DAMN that Hinoka. I'm liking everything down to her chibi design. that new C skill looks pretty spicy too. Strange to see both M Kana and Kaze aren't on the banner, but at least that means Hinoka won't share a color which is great. Kana and Shigure are an easy skip though. Kana's okay but I'm not a big fan of that artist and Shigure isn't that interesting. I know I'd never use him over my other lance fliers like Cordelia. At least his Wo Dao lance might be cool to inherit to others if he gets dropped to 4* later.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull was just a 3* Tiki, +atk -hp. -4 bane, yet she's still the best IV out of the now 8 copies of her I have. If only I liked her art more I'd build her, since the game seems to really want me to.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    My condolences. Not even Cordelia out of blues is always an extra blow during bad summons. Cordelia on a fodder banner when, IS? I'm tempted to jump back into the spring banner myself for a better Catria (mine is also -atk), but I don't feel too lucky. And with those 2 new heroes banners coming up, Golden Week, and brides next month.. I might just have to hope I have better luck during a legendary banner rerun for her.
  11. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Ended up with 13 areas for the last round. So it was about 7, 11, and 13 final counts for each round. Each time it went from being in a strong lead to a big drop within the last few hours. I still really don't like that the rewards are mostly luck-based. Overall, not really a fan of this mode. It seems like a neat idea but it doesn't play out very well and needs a lot of changes. I think I might like it better than VGs just because checking your phone every 30 minutes for a few days is just plain annoying. At least you can choose to drop all your stamina at once and not worry about things for a few hours here. Too bad that TT still remains the best event mode in my opinion. I was hoping something would finally give it some competition.
  12. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Looks like it's tumbling down in the final hours as I feared. It's 7-16-7 as we've been losing a few areas over the hours. But now team Anna seems to have woken up and looks like they'll be sweeping almost half our points at the end of this hour. Meanwhile my team seems to be dumping stamina into the lone island area we have up by Alfonse's base rather than defending our border with Anna that's in bad shape right now..
  13. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Bless this guy on my team with a Lillina lead. He's taking like 4 enemy areas all on his own this round with 8-10k score dropped on each, and 7k on a 5th with other allies on it. Guess at least somebody must have had some spears left. Hopefully the team keeps it up. I guess I'll try to nuke a choke point again when my stamina fills back up later.
  14. New Event: Grand Conquests

    My team took some steroids last night and we've stayed at about 20 areas controlled since then. However I get the feeling that won't hold out till the final hours where it actually matters. I've spent some stamina defending the choke at area 18 which is holding so far. It might end up falling to Alfonse at some point though, which will be bad news.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    4* Subaki from one of the two blues on my free summon. QR Fodder is ok. Where are all the Cordelias
  16. It certainly should be, but since you're having trouble anyway that's where stuff like the F2P guides come it. And that would be fine, but you'd rather refuse to get the freebie units needed to follow those guides, so you end up stuck anyway. An easy solution is put right in front of you and you push it away but keep complaining. I just don't get it. If you'd be less stubborn you might save yourself some frustration with the game.
  17. It is an exaggeration, but you get my point. I've got units I don't care about much either, but I still keep and somewhat build them for when a good use for them comes up. You're meant to have a wider pool of units to draw from for challenges in this game besides just your core favorites. Otherwise you'll likely end up stuck on some content, which is what you've been having happen. And what's wrong is exactly what I just said -- you're unable to follow the help guides. If you didn't need the help that'd be one thing, but apparently you do, so your inability to clear the content ends up as your own doing if you're refusing an easy solution right in front of you. You really can't complain in that case.
  18. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Yeah, it's surprisingly effective at letting her take a counter hit if she quads something wit those low LaD defenses. With an actual damaging special she'd end up with less kills thanks to straight up dying on the counter with some enemies instead. I have yet to try Firesweep Lance on anyone, despite a 5* Roderick collecting dust for months. I'll probably give it to either Cordelia or Peri sometime and see how it goes. Since both are +atk instead of spd and reds keep getting speedier in arena, I worry about actually doubling to one-rounding the more common ones like Ayra. Your Spd Ploy helps offset her not being +spd against some of those though, which looks nice. Another neat set I've seen for Peri is her Slaying Lance+ with Galeforce. If I ever get my Cordelia +10 first, I might toss a Galeforce on this bloodthirsty girl to try it out too. It's hard to pick when she can run so many weapons well!
  19. 1. Nothing, but there's a difference between prioritizing your favorites and just refusing to use any that aren't. 2. If you choose not to get the get the freebie units or throw them away despite knowing they could help you out with stuff like these guides, then you have no grounds to complain. You're choosing to reject a solution put in front of you that way. 3. Because the difficulty is balanced. There's content for people on all levels of play, and that's how it works. Honestly whales probably have the least content specifically catered to them, as most pve content is easily doable with conventional stuff, or even freebie units. Considering that a lack of units probably isn't your issue with how long you've been playing, you just need to be willing to branch out from your favorites and/or follow advice/guides to help you beat content like Infernals if you can't already. If you're going to shut down using anything but Frederick and refuse to equip yourself with the freebie units to follow these guides when he won't cut it, you're the one gimping your experience, not the game.
  20. It usually boils down to 3 main issues I see when you complain about the game like this: And if you don't enjoy the game and the challenge of it as it is, that doesn't necessarily mean the game needs change. Rather than demand they cater to you(despite that they already are, honestly), you might just want to choose something else to play. Maybe less challenging if that's so frustrating for you with this game.
  21. New Event: Grand Conquests

    That sucks. It doesn't seem like a good thing where even if I were on a team with 20 areas controlled I'd feel bad anyway because you know somebody else is losing out on so many feathers instead. I feel like they should have more of the rewards tied to rank or something(and just make it take longer to get to 20/have more tiers). Even VG only really has 500 feathers on the line per round between the winner/loser. And longer rounds would probably be an improvement, I agree. I wonder just how heavily they'll be willing to change things when they get the feedback afterwards.
  22. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    That looks pretty nice! (I think I would have just promoted a Donnel or something to save that Hinoka for another Hone Fliers fodder, though) I'd like to get into working on my Peri too, especially since I've finally gotten a few more copies of her. Right now mine's +atk -res with Brave Lance+, Draw Back, Escutcheon, LaD3, Lance Breaker and Hone Cav. I could give her Firesweep too, but I'm not sure yet. Speed Ploy seems like a cool idea on her. I might try that myself if I get a non-res bane one with +atk/spd sometime.
  23. Crept up the left side of the map with my fliers and managed to get in and out hitting the archer with Hit and Run Elincia and a chain of Repositions to get back down. It wasn't too bad to clean up the rest of the map with her and Cordelia afterwards. I don't think I'm going to promote Saias. Ploys are nice but I really use Arvis for his constant Arden Sacrifice heals in CCs and TTs, with his ploys just being a bonus. It's too bad Saias doesn't get a special skill too. Speed Ploy fodder will be great for some later projects I'd like to work on though, like Felicia.
  24. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Welp, I went to bed the second to last hour and we had 18 nodes after a hot streak for a few hours. I woke up to see we closed out with 13. I was hoping for a better result to make up for the first round only getting rewards for 7 areas held. Now I'm on team Sharena this time and it doesn't seem like my team is doing much this first hour. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the round since the first hour has usually been one of the more active from what I've seen. Or maybe more people just aren't playing as much by this point. Can't really blame them I suppose. I really hate how the feather/coin rewards are just a complete crapshoot for how well your random team randomly does. You could come out of this event rolling big with 21k feathers and 30 coins or just get fucked and barely get 4k/3 coins. And there's really nothing you can do about it if you just end up on a less active team compared to the others in your outrealm. (or even just asleep during the last hours due to time zones) That just seems like bad design.
  25. It looks like I'm actually safe to stay in tier 20 this week, for the first time since like August. I'm 4,900/5,918 with a score of 5,096. Also looks safe for top 5k in AA at rank 4004 with a score of 5,077. It's pretty much all thanks to water week + Fjorm bonus unit buffing my whole team's score. It's a really good week to keep in tier 20 too, since no way I'll have a chance to stay next season with my bad bonus unit options and no blessing help.