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  1. Official Pull Topic

    ammm I don't know what should I think about this Leo +def -atk ( that hurts -4 atk only 39 atk at lvl 40 :c ) Boey +res - hp ( lol The only guy that needs to have a good Hp is my new -hp RFOL ) and Also I got a Marth -spd in my yolo pull xD I'm happy with this but at same time I'm crying so much :c
  2. Official Pull Topic

    +spd -hp Idk her max stats but at least u will know that it's a good boon/bane haha
  3. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Tharja can clean the red infantry if azura sing her , after that I will use nino with her draw back in azura then the Green Tome will attack tharja bc she is in his range, the second turn Tharja clean Xander with Desperation activated and nino will have the buff of eirika and azura to clean the blue lancer and the healer . At least in my mind this is an easy win xD
  4. oh I see then ,thats explain all thanks , Then now u only need to care about your hero rating or it is another rule ?
  5. Hi again , can someone explain me how it is working this new arena? xD I am using this team Eirika(176) Azura(163) , Tharja(161) and Navarre ( 153) I made 4726 points and I was top 13k So, I try to improve my Rank using Fury 3 in my heroes now they are Eirika(188) Azura (174), Tharja(164) Navarre (153) I made Tharja +1 too lol then it is supposed to grow a little bit more my rank or not ? but I still winning almost the same points Now I made the 7 fights and I only got 4748 points only 22 points more !! And the battle average was 676-678 and before was maybe 674-678 lol It is normal? I will appreciate if someone explain me how this is working now xD thanks
  6. Hi everyone I got a Tharja +atk -res just 5 minutes ago , It is a good tharja? Or tharja don't work if She is not +Spd lol and how should I build her? Thanks :3
  7. Official Pull Topic

    I got 9 orbs more and I was like " well I can play just 1 more time , bunny lucina is waiting for me " Then I play 1 more time, and.... 3 colorless, 2 reds lol but...
  8. You should go for Sharena , since you will use merric you should not use another mage in the same team or you will lost a lot of points in arena ( 2 heroes with 162 or less of valoration) Sharena,Lyn,Michalis and Merric looks like a good team to me xD and if u do Michalis 5s too , you will enjoy 2 weeks in arena lmao
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Today I made my last pull for anyone of the banner I got 3s Oboro 3s Bartre( Now I have 7 bartre 1 more and I can do 2 squad solo bartre :D I'm kidding stupid bartre I don't want more :c ) 3s Stahl 3s Felicia ( 4 felicias too ..) and the final pull was a 5s Tharja ... but -speed :c with her buff will make double attack only if the enemy have 31- speed and with eirika I can cover to 34- speed but , man I don't feel good with this pull :c
  10. Training Tower Quest Woes

    Can someone help me to do a good composition to do Cavalier and fliers quests? I don't have 5s cav or fliers Mi cav : Ursula,Cain,Sully,Clarine,Reinhard( all 40) and 39- Gunter Cecilia Eliwood Stahl how should I do the quest? xD Fliers :Michalis,Camilla,Cordelia,Catria ( all 40) and 39- Est,Florina,Shanna,Subaki,Beruka,Palla what should I upgrade to 40?
  11. It is a good Idea to do michalis 5s? or is a bad unit? is minerva better than michalis? and if michalis worth as 5s which skill should I inherit to him ? ( or I need to go to the other topic if a want to ask this? xD
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    lool I just won lunatic in the last minute hahaha with Jeorge 4s lvl 36 Erika Azura and Julia Jeorge Hit the blue pegasus ( but he survive) after that azura took 1 hit of the b pegasus and kill him , then azura kill the red cavarly too , after that michalis attack eirika down and Julia kill him with azura sing , then the last one was killed with julia too, I don't know if was lucky or not but I won in the last minute hahaha hope that in 4 days I got another 2 michalis or my potions will not worth....
  13. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    where is the people? D: I need an strategy fast heelp xD