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  1. Today I made my last pull for anyone of the banner I got 3s Oboro 3s Bartre( Now I have 7 bartre 1 more and I can do 2 squad solo bartre :D I'm kidding stupid bartre I don't want more :c ) 3s Stahl 3s Felicia ( 4 felicias too ..) and the final pull was a 5s Tharja ... but -speed :c with her buff will make double attack only if the enemy have 31- speed and with eirika I can cover to 34- speed but , man I don't feel good with this pull :c
  2. Can someone help me to do a good composition to do Cavalier and fliers quests? I don't have 5s cav or fliers Mi cav : Ursula,Cain,Sully,Clarine,Reinhard( all 40) and 39- Gunter Cecilia Eliwood Stahl how should I do the quest? xD Fliers :Michalis,Camilla,Cordelia,Catria ( all 40) and 39- Est,Florina,Shanna,Subaki,Beruka,Palla what should I upgrade to 40?
  3. It is a good Idea to do michalis 5s? or is a bad unit? is minerva better than michalis? and if michalis worth as 5s which skill should I inherit to him ? ( or I need to go to the other topic if a want to ask this? xD
  4. lool I just won lunatic in the last minute hahaha with Jeorge 4s lvl 36 Erika Azura and Julia Jeorge Hit the blue pegasus ( but he survive) after that azura took 1 hit of the b pegasus and kill him , then azura kill the red cavarly too , after that michalis attack eirika down and Julia kill him with azura sing , then the last one was killed with julia too, I don't know if was lucky or not but I won in the last minute hahaha hope that in 4 days I got another 2 michalis or my potions will not worth....
  5. where is the people? D: I need an strategy fast heelp xD