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  1. Here's an idea: how about a lord that is of a thief-type class? Like an Assassin? Or has that already been done before?
  2. If they can come up with new ideas for races, then sure, I don't see why not!
  3. I saw these two names on the Crossroads booster pack character list on Fire Emblem wiki. I don't know whether they're fake or legitimate. Here's a link to the page: Link
  4. I think hand-to-hand combat would be an interesting mechanic if done properly. Perhaps certain classes can have a command where they can grapple another unit, whether to combat or capture them? And if that's the case, you could potentially gain extra g if you capture a few for ransom (there should be a limit to how many units you can capture on one map; 2 or 3 max). Or you can just recruit them like in Fates. A cestus or gauntlet would be an excellent idea for a new weapon! It could work like the fists weapon that the Faceless have, but with a bit more oomph.
  5. Ooo! Flail weapons would actually be cool to see! It'd be difficult to animate, but man it would be interesting to see what flails could do.
  6. Huh, three characters from the poll I made are actually in this new banner. Awesome!
  7. Since this will be a new game, should the developers make a new weapon type?
  8. As a playable class, it would be nice to see witches come back.
  9. 1. Myrrh. We need more dragons! And more characters from Sacred Stones. 2. Nephanee. She has been voted for during the Choose Your Legends event, so I don't see why not. 3. Leif. Being the main character of Thracia 776, it's a surprise he isn't in the game yet. 4. Lute. Same reasons as the 1st. 5. Scarlet. I put her here because of personal bias.
  10. As long as the character is interesting, it doesn't matter.
  11. Here's an unpopular opinion: Scarlet is a cool unit and character.
  12. Are there any classes from previous entries in the series that you'd like to see return in the next game? For me, I'd love to see the Mage Fighter come back.
  13. Perhaps oasis themed maps should suffice? I know what you mean, desert maps are not the best. But I can see potential in classes that can counter desert terrain. Yes, I meant Scandinavian mythology. It would be really cool to see a Viking class in it.
  14. Like: Arabian, Chinese, Nordic, etc. Whatever you think could work for a Fire Emblem game.