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  1. Favorite character: Alm, Celica, Gray, and Mae. Least favorite character: Faye.
  2. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way. And no, Jesse does not depart when that happens.
  3. I haven't played the game yet (hopefully I'll be able to buy it), so I want to know if the game is as good as it's predecessors, or not.
  4. RPG's are usually the type of game I suck at, especially Final Fantasy.
  5. Has there ever been a game you wished were good at, but aren't?
  6. Sonya. Definitely Sonya!
  7. Also, it would be a blessing to have some information cleared up. Like Grima for instance.
  8. From the way I see it, I like some of the quirks, but they do need to tone down the "one joke" type characters. Personally, I love the characters in Awakening more so than in Fates--which, sadly, are the only main games I have played. That said, I only know from what I've read on the Fire Emblem Wiki about the characters.
  9. I really like the idea! It will definitely change up the usual skill system we're used to, but it looks neat.
  10. Oh. Sorry about that.
  11. So, I was scouting on Fire Emblem Wiki, and I found that this character (below) is actually a new character named Fernand. In the description it says "Fernand is a former member of the Deliverance, Fernand was persuaded by Berkut to join at his side after Fernand was displeased when Clive made Alm the new leader of the Deliverance".
  12. The only thing I'm not quite sold on is the purpose of fatigue. Aside from food offerings, I certainly hope there are other methods to reduce fatigue (especially since I don't want to constantly keep visiting dungeons to reduce fatigue). Also, I hope the stat reduction penalty won't effect stats permanently.
  13. Thank you for the follow!

  14. Sonia. Definitely Sonia!