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  1. Looking back, yeah, it would have been overshadowed by Smash Bros. Though it would be nice to have a small sliver of information to get people talking again.
  2. How might Three houses innovate

    It would be interesting to see innovations in dungeon crawling (if that is a thing in this game), like puzzles, unique bosses, and more importantly, better RNG. Seriously, the RNG in Echoes was abysmal! Especially when searching for rare items. If not, than innovations to character interactions would be interesting. Such as alternative ways of building affinity aside from pair-ups (gift giving, talking, etc). I haven't played the Tellius games, so I'm not familiar with biorhythm. But the idea sounds really cool, though! I can imagine this playing a bigger role later on in the game.
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I agree! It's been months since they've shown the first trailer, which doesn't show much, along with tiny bits of information sprinkled on the website.
  4. As long as the story's quality isn't tarnished and the writing is decent, than we should be fine.
  5. I'm... terribly confused. Who's the kidnap victim in question? Was this in the main story, or in support conversations? It's been forever since I played Birthright, so I don't remember any of that.
  6. To answer your question, it really depends on the execution of their writing. Or the creator's intent. There are some types of characters I'm bound to like, while others not so much. But, more often than not, it all depends on a number of factors (personality, how they're written, etc). 1. I don't know much about Sigurd, other than he is a Fire Emblem lord. From the way you put it, he sounds like a boring character. Also, I may not be a fan of Corrin, but I agree with you on some of his supports actually being entertaining. 2. Scarlet is one of my favorite FE characters (obviously), but she only has a few, support conversations, and isn't given much to work with in the main plot. Yet I love her to pieces! And then there's Xander, a well written noble... in the support conversations, and in Conquest. I don't mind him, but he's not really a favorite of mine. 3. My stance on tropey characters is rather similar to yours, actually. I don't dislike Peri, though she could have been better written. As for Owain... yeah, he's very entertaining. 4. Yeah, not so big on Tharja and Rhajat myself. Faye is obsessed, but even then, at least the other three you mentioned have personality that isn't just obsession over one character. 5. Enjoyment does play a huge factor for well written characters (intentionally). As for characters that are so bad they're good... that depends. 6. Amen to that! If the story's good but the characters are not, I will not enjoy it at all. If the story isn't good but the characters are, then that's more than enough for me. Also, good example mentioning Kirby and Mario.
  7. If the protagonist is indeed customizable, than I'd be okay with that.
  8. For as inevitable as the tropes may be, are there going to be any tropes we wouldn't expect? Perhaps something that will surprise us?
  9. Scarlet as either a TT or GHB unit, it doesn't matter. As long as she's free!
  10. Yeah, Anna I'd agree with; it would be shocking if she wasn't.
  11. I'm pretty sure if I said it, no one would be surprised. Scarlet. All. The. Way!
  12. Support conversations are some of my favorite things in the series! Though, it would be nice to have a marriage system without 2nd gen units. That, and have interesting characters involved in said conversations. I just hope that Three Houses provides us interesting characters for the players to get invested in.