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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    Wait, what?!
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    By the time news arrives for Fire Emblem for the Switch, there will be much rejoicing.
  3. From Leif, to Galzus, or whoever. Which characters do you think should be in Heroes? Other than the obvious (Leif, Finn, Nanna), I would like to see Tanya, Mareeta, Orsin and Dagdar.
  4. How long will it take for results to be revealed?
  5. Voted for Scarlet all the way. I don't care if she doesn't win, I just want to see her in the game!
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    Well, February is just around the corner, as is Heroes' Anniversary. Maybe we'll hear something within or sometime after that time frame.
  7. Virtual Console titles you would like to see on Switch

    Any of the older Fire Emblem games (Genealogy of the Holy War, Tracia 776, Binding Blade, Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, New Mystery of the Emblem, etc), because I'd like to try them without using an emulator.
  8. Favorites: Platformers, Metroidvania, and Tactical RPGS (specifically Fire Emblem, but I'm interested in experimenting) Least favorites: Racing (unless it's Mario Kart), and most Sports games
  9. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    I can think of a lot of characters I hoped to see. Like Kaze, Silas, and Scarlet from Fates; Kellam, Sumia, and Kjelle from Awakening; Myrrh from Sacred Stones; and Echidna from Binding Blade.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    It would seem to be that Nintendo knows how much we're hyped, so they decided to troll us with that Chibi-Robo image.
  11. FE16 "leaks"

    Pirates. Yeah, I don't buy it.
  12. Fire Emblem Switch Teaser Expectations

    Come time for the next Nintendo Direct, if they announce Fire Emblem's title, who will be the one to post it on this site?
  13. FE16 "leaks"

    Spring or Summer seems most likely.