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  1. When you are finished with chapter 6 are you allowed to freeroam around the area or is the game just done.
  2. I have a little question regarding the camera controls during dungeon crawling. Will the C-stick be needed for the camera control or is it like Ocarina of Time where the C-stick is not needed for the camera.
  3. 3 New Echoes videos

  4. omg does celica die????!??!? idk cause i never played gaiden...im okay with spoilers btw
  5. 3 New Echoes videos

    Yo in the first video alm is sticking his sword into celica...lmao does alm kill celica
  6. lmao someone is already starting a play through of the game
  7. is weapon durability still a thing? or is it going to be like the original
  8. lets just hope that there are no children lmao
  9. lol can anyone get screenshots on whether or not the marriage system is present?...and also confirm that there are no children -.-
  10. Pls tell me there aren't any marriages and child units...excluding the child versions of celica, alm, and faye of course
  11. New Echoes Trailer - Two Armies

    lol can anyone explain this?...does this confirm the support system