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  1. Awakening DLC Ephraim, Seliph, and Roy. I really wish Awakening Roy were a costume in Smash. Strongly agree.
  2. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    He falls into two categories that I usually inherently dislike. 1) Intentionally annoying characters and 2) immersion breakers.
  3. This one might be unfair, but reboot Tomb Raider > original Tomb Raider. Also, older Noctis from the lategame of FFXV > regular Noctis. If that even counts as a redesign.
  4. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    That may be true, but I do not care. I really hate Tingle and I cannot stand the thought of seeing him on the victory screen.
  5. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Please not Tingle. That would be horrifying.
  6. Dragalia Lost!

    From 3 tenfold summon sessions, I received Hildegard (duplicate), Cystalline Envoy wyrmprint, and Maribelle. Probably won't be using Maribelle, despite her usefulness, because I really dislike her as a character. On the plus side, Lowen should make my wind team finally usable.
  7. What canceled games disappointed you most?

    Well the joke is on them. They still can't meet the standards of SWBF2 from 2005.
  8. - Nasir - Nasir - Nasir - Nasir - Nasir - Nasir - Nasir
  9. What canceled games disappointed you most?

    Dawngate by Waystone Games, published by EA. It was an ambitious free to play MOBA with a custom 2-lane map, capture points that feed your team passive gold, unique role-based gold earning "roles" that were later ripped off wholesale by League of Legends (in the form of several season 3 items), and a flexible but intuitive item system in which all stats were useful to all characters. Dawngate was the best MOBA ever made, and EA shut it down before or very shortly after launch. It deserved better.
  10. What canceled games disappointed you most?

    Guild Wars Utopia. Guild Wars 2 is great and all, but it has so little in common with Guild Wars 1 and pales in comparison. I would have much preferred more content for the original game in perpetuity if the sequel wasn't going to share the same design philosophies.
  11. What canceled games disappointed you most?

    Screw EA for shutting down Pandemic in general. The original SW BF1 and SW BF2 were incredible.
  12. What canceled games disappointed you most?

    I suspect that we'll see a lot of Square Enix in this thread, as they love announcing games more than they like finishing them.
  13. We all have stories of games that we looked forward to, but were not meant to be. Sometimes it's from a favorite franchise, and sometimes it's something entirely new and exciting. Share yours here. I'll start with an odd one. Chroma was a first person shooter / rhythm game developed by Harmonix. A unique combination never before or since seen in gaming. It combined an incredibly catchy trance/dubstep soundtrack with a Tron-like aesthetic. The player would have to synchronize their actions to the beat of the ingame soundtrack, the metronome, or class-based rhythm mechanics for maximum effect. One class wielded twin pistols that sounded like drum beats and were fired by a GH style rhythym board, for example. It was this fascinating oddity that I enjoyed my time playing in alpha, but this loud game was doomed to die a silent death.
  14. I agree. It needed more polish. Though I would say that is the case for Capcom's character models in general these past few years, lest we forget the eldritch horrors that were Capcom characters in MvC Infinite.
  15. Okay, unpopular opinion time. Ken from SF5/MvC Infinite is better than traditional Ken. His new outfit helps separate him from Ryu better and the ponytail is a nice touch of personality.