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  1. A new Tempest Trial+ is coming! (March 23rd PST)

    Dayum, Loki. Not even being subtle.
  2. Same reason Oboro gets a pass for being far worse about it than Reina. Because Nohrian scum are acceptable targets, apparently.
  3. I really agree with this list for the most part, and I also consider Elphin to be a blue tome.
  4. It depends on the example. You picked a deliberately trivial one. Here's a non-trivial one. I wish that tobacco cigarettes never existed. Some people enjoy cigarettes and use them for stress relief. But it's undeniable that they smell awful and increase cancer risks to not only the user, but their spouse, children, pets, and anyone else who spends any substantial time around locations where the user smokes. Which is more selfish? Using the cigarettes which risk exposing non-consenting parties to health risks or wishing that the thing that exposes those parties to health risks never existed? And in your trivial example, let's say that the invention of guacamole prevents the invention of something else. Let's say barbeque sauce. Because that is what happens in Heroes. When Guacamole is added to Heroes, Barbeque from the same game is not. And further, let's say that you are now forced, constantly, to deal with guacamole. It is added as part of the recipe for your favorite burrito or as a side dish included in the cost of your favorite meal. Because that happens in Heroes. I don't have the choice to never roll a blue orb and get Nowi. I don't have a choice to never face Legendary Azura in the arena. Guacamole is part of my experience whether I like it or not.
  5. Still up for debate whether dragon laguz will consitute beasts or breaths. I'm personally counting them as breaths, because dragons already count as acceptable allies for beast transformation bonuses and there is nothing stopping them from adding transformation bonuses to Laguz breath weapons.
  6. On the contrary. Life is a bunch of disparate opinions. It's worse of you to tell me that I shouldn't not want a character than it is for me to not want that character. In fact, that character can actually make the game experience tangibly worse. Brave Veronica and Legendary Azura, for example, are incredibly bad for the health of the metagame and actually make Arenas, AA, and AR worse experiences for their existence. I, and many other players, would be legitimately and justifiably happier if they never existed.
  7. Counter point. If a character you dislike gets in ahead of a character that you do like (especially from the same game), I would consider frustration to be understandable. Ie: In my mind, a universe in which Hans would join before Rinkah or Makalov would join before Bastian isn't one I want to experience.
  8. What I mean to say is that the different tome colors are very cleanly divided by type (red = fire & dark, blue = thunder & light, green = wind, ice, and ... draconic/divine, if Naga is any indication). Though it is rather difficult to assign tome colors for the GBA era given that anima magic often didn't have personal tomes or give much indication of a preferred element.
  9. Sword Zihark Lance Cormag Axe Geitz Bow Jake Dagger Volke Staff Sephiran Red Tome Pelleas Blue Tome Elphin Green Tome Bastian Breath Nasir Beast Lethe
  10. Wanted character threads are a fun combination of positivity and wishful thinking. Here, I'd like to add an extra challenge. Limit yourself to just 1 new character for each weapon type. Sword Lance Axe Bow Dagger Red Tome Blue Tome Green Tome Staff Breath Beast The reason why tomes are divided by color is that their colorations are very much non-arbitrary (each being associated with different magic types), whereas colored bows, daggers, and beasts are more arbitrarily assigned. Also, the lower volume of breath and beast candidates would make picking them less challenging if they had split colors.
  11. I really support Ballisticians as armored bows. That would be an excellent simulation of their gameplay mechanics. No need for more than 2 range in the context of Heroes.
  12. That is baffling. Dynasty Warriors 9 is already a terrible game. Making it a smart phone MMO sounds painful to think about, let alone play. Maybe it will be more fun with multiplayer. But I also have to wonder how it will run on smart phones when consoles and PCs alike struggled to run the poorly optimized main game.
  13. They would have to be more useful than that to actually be used by anyone. Maybe if they let you forge weapons mid-battle to add skills to your weapon for that battle. Or vulnerary heal mid battle.
  14. Meg Hans Iago Makalov Valtome Excellus The pointless meme votes: Jeorge Brigand Boss Alas, several of my most hated characters (Nowi, Peri, and Elise) are already in the game.
  15. Which house is the best?

    I like Black Eagles the most overall. I want to like Golden Deer, but their cast look like a bunch of losers, minus Claude and Leonie. Will probably play them first to get them out of the way.