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  1. Would have liked Groom Oscar. Oscar x Tanith is one of my ships.
  2. Your favorite FE Artstyle/Graphics?

    Art style (Portraits) - Shadow Dragon/New Mystery Character models - Radiant Dawn
  3. I'm curious as to how I will have to list the Three Houses characters. Technically, they should all fall under trainee. But perhaps each has a canon class to list them as? Or maybe I should open it up such that all trainees can be listed under any class that they have the potential to become?
  4. My opinion has not changed. It's still one of the best Warriors games, but also still a massive disappointment as an FE spinoff. It doesn't feel like a celebration of its franchise in the same way Hyrule Warriors does. It doesn't use any iconic Fire Emblem maps and leaves most of the franchise's history and greatest characters out in the cold.
  5. Favorite Marvel Character?

    Based off the MCU and Netflix Cinematic Universe: 1) Star Lord 2) Daredevil 3) Dr. Strange 4) Iron Man 5) Thor (post Ragnorok) 6) Loki 7) Ant Man
  6. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    I'm all for themed banners. Helps keep things fresh and keeps fans of multiple games at once happy. Tough Love Othin (Green) Tania (Colorless) Bastian (Green) Lucia (Red) GHB - Ena (Red)
  7. FE has (blank) now!

    Heroes: FE has my money now!
  8. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    I do not mean to imply that communication doesn't happen. They do have to avoid duplicate characters and keep a consistent story direction. But it's also arguable whether or not they even think about things like "Fates saturation" or "representation" the way the community does. That really might depend on how the banner characters are being selected. Whether that's by a game director, marketing experts, or the development teams themselves. And well, I certainly don't know which would be the case here. If a game director or marketer is deciding all the banners, then we're likely getting banners based on what they think will sell. If we're getting them based on developer picks, the result really isn't that much different; since the most popular games/characters are also likely to be popular with the developers in question. It could literally be as simple as "no one on the development team loves Thracia."
  9. It makes sense to me. The most controversial Fire Emblems (ie: Fates, Radiant Dawn, Geneology) tend to be the ones with the most ambitious scope. And Three Houses is both the most ambitious game yet and one with a lot of experimental mechanics. This could be the greatest game yet, or it could be a victim of extreme scope creep. I would expect emotions ranging from apprehension to cautious optimism to be the natural ones here. I know I have mixed feelings. I'm very excited for it (more than I've ever been for a Fire Emblem). I have vacation set aside for it. But I'd be lying if I said I'm not nervous.
  10. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    I'm in a pretty bad position as a Magvel fan (it's my second favorite cast of characters behind Tellius). In regards to personal favorites, I'm still missing Forde, Cormag, Saleh, Gilliam, Gerik, and Rennac.
  11. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    In fairness to both of you, I think "deserving" was the wrong word choice and comes across harshly. No game is undeserving of a banner (except maybe Warriors, because its OCs are shit). A better word choice would be that Echoes is one of the games "least in need" of one. That much is empyrically true. That doesn't make it undeserving (and I say that despite personally REALLY disliking Echoes).
  12. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    No, not really. Everyone wants something. I wouldn't tell someone who wants a Fates banner that they are asking for too much. People want what they want, and as long as it isn't something morally objectionable, that's great.
  13. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    Which is how I feel about Sacred Stones, which has gone even longer and is missing way more of its important characters. Give me Cormag, goddamnit.
  14. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    This is why I don't get all of the clamoring for SoV banners. It's really well represented. Not to say that I wouldn't mind more (hello, I'm a hypocrite because I still REALLY want Zeke, Luthier, Python, and Conrad), but it has better representation than say... Sacred Stones, Geneology, or Thracia.
  15. Do we know if there will be any more Famitsu previews?