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  1. A Season for Picnics

    Leo is the free unit. He's a green tome Calvary unit.
  2. I wonder if those mii outfits means the next 4 fighters are going to be base on 3rd parties Then again, none of the Virtua Fighters mii outfits return so I guess that chucks that theory out.
  3. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    Camping, huh? Whatever makes it more diverse I guess
  4. Rate the Video Game Character Above

    IDK Lucas from Earthbound/Mother 3?
  5. Rate the Video Game Character Above

    I'm a dick & I'm beneath your rules Byakuren Hijiri : A very nice design in a franchise that already has some of the most extravaganza out there. 8/10 Palla: Pretty likeable character overall. Not sure what's her unrequited love Abel is supposed to bring. 8/10 Stocke: He looks nice? 6/10 Edea Lee: She looks nice? 6/10 Shawn Froste/Fubuki Shirou : Becoming a coach sounds like interesting character development. 6/10 King Dedede : Perfection incarnated, there is no mortal scale that can rate him properly. Dedede/10 Cloud Strife: My favorite JRPG protagonist of all times. I really enjoy how much of a loser he started as. 9.5/10 Hero Of Time: The most iconic & interesting of the Links. The amount of interpretation Link has never stops being fun. Almost the perfect avatar. 10/10
  6. Favorite Era?

    Started with Blazing Sword, finally got into by Awakening. I guess I prefer the 3DS era, but I only like 2 Fire Emblem out of the 5 Fire Emblem games I've played. I don't like what that implies.
  7. If it does it better live up to magnum opus this community keeps making it out to be. It's the most influential out of all of them.
  8. Whatever gets Rath here faster Otherwise, I don't give a crap
  9. Best feature updates

    Merging removing the flaws Skill Inheritance Temple Trials Enemy phase music removal Stamina Cap being 99 Swap Spaces Weapon Refines They still need stop making every pref weapon use "divine dew"
  10. Who on earth is going to pull for Philia? I mean I would soley out of spite & because it's Awakening. There's Greil & I guess Rinea. I'm not really sure Berkut counts because he was always a dick. Technically speaking Fernand should also count. I would hope not, since you're requesting her.
  11. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I just don't give a crap about timing what so ever. The only time I even care about timing is about the amount of orbs I have
  12. Still a miss opportunity to not use the Gen 1 Genealogy units Because no one is going to whine about more Fates royal alts
  13. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    So in other words put in more Tellius so they can catch up. Being the Magnum Opus & all
  14. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I must've been looking through a crap-stain glass for too long then. I completely forgotten about a banner that expire only a few days ago
  15. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I can't remember the last time anyone has been happy with the game unless it has to with Tellius being in the game