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  1. So is there any reason why I shouldn't believe isn't a flowergirl like Y!Tiki was in Warriors? God damn it, never mind. That was.....a difficult day to cope with to say the least. If you're really interested you should PM them about it. It's very uncomfortable topic to say the least. I thought I was the only one who notice that. Anywho, I like 3 of the 4 units in this banner. Sanaki's looks very plain, but hey it's there.
  2. So what exactly would be the downside of getting more refine stones? Especially since you can't buy them.
  3. I mean all that has happen to him is being in Code Name Steam, Fates, Awakening, Warriors, & becoming a regular for Smash Bros. Yea, he sure got shafted hard compare to every other lords in the franchise. In all seriousness, it's not a matter of if Marth gets an alt, it's matter of when he'll get it.
  4. I hate how believable that actually is. With that out of the way, what you said is more or less why I'm glad I don't get the characters I want. As much I want the rest of the Lyndis Legion, Awakening, Charlotte, Reina, & Rinkah this motivates me a lot to save my orbs. Which is why is so irritating that I couldn't whale for F!Morgan & F!Kana with the lack of orbs I currently have.
  5. @silveraura25 Ah, thank you
  6. I mean, if Groom Marth is to go any by, why not? I'll take that bet either way. & What's wrong fujo pandering? It's not like IS hasn't been shameful about the fanservice to begin with. I just checked, I still don't get it. Unless we hate Grand Conquest now? Well if we can get some more fast pace music, I would find to be more enjoyable
  7. Why not both? I thought the most popular alternative marriage was between Leo & Takumi. I also recall this poll being in a Famitsu I thought Catria was the archetype for Cordelia. Either way, I do recall Palla being popular regardless. Pretty sure she'll be a Red Archer. Why are you angry again? Yes, this is a pretty common theory on Heroes Reddit
  8. Hey, that does help. Thanks a lot!
  9. Eh, I already gave Lucy Moonbow ages ago. Mind as well give Glimmer while I'm at it. Thanks for answering
  10. So should Lucina have Glimmer instead of Moonbow?
  11. Can anyone tell me the difference or which one is better between "Glimmer" or "Moonbow"?
  12. @Ice Dragon Everything you said now still makes sound like a top tier unit regardless but I'm probably forgetting how powerful Ayra really is. It still sounds like Ares will have the major melee advantage with the usual Mages & Triangle system being the things to put at a disadvantage
  13. So is the maintenance going be until midnight? Cuz need to do my daily quests. So do you normally switch to Japanese on a whim or do you deliberately put your titles in Japanese to make it sound nicer?
  14. @Lewyn How strange one of the most evil character appear so sparingly. Regarding Julius being Manakete Mage. Shouldn't he be Lopytr at that point? Mind you, I didn't touch the game so I have no idea what's what, but since Julia has Naga shouldn't he just have Loptyr to emphasize his sibling foil to Julia? What are the odds of him being good as Ayra?