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  1. Geez, I can't believe Lucina was over 200% before getting Final Smashed, but these are all choreographed right? Side note: In the english demo, Lucina sounds like they're recycling her voice clips from Smash 4. I'm curious to know why they would do that with her & not Ike.
  2. Is Grima still alive?

    This sounds legit & all, but I rather have an actual confirmation instead of well thought out speculations. It's does makes sense, but maybe it would make more sense if I knew more the Archenea lore.
  3. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    1. It's not like it was ever hard to imagine Hector could use a lance. I'm pretty sure is because it was to make Eliwood stand out more. 2. FEH is already implying the heroes are from alternate timelines to begin with, so I'm fine the majority of their creative liberties. But in this case, I find it to be odd. Granted, I thought if anyone should wield Maltet it should've been Eliwood. Not that I would have a problem with Eliwood using a silver lance, but others probably will. So it wasn't just me that felt it was underwhelming. I know they didn't have a live action tv spot, but I can't put my fingers on why this CYL felt so lackluster compare to last year.
  4. That was bit too meta. So are we ever going to get Bruno playable?
  5. I don't exactly have an Elise or Maribelle in barrack either. Still, it does make it easier to decide so thanks for that.
  6. Is Grima still alive?

    Where did you get this info? I've never heard about this until today.
  7. Tier 4 Skills

    I'm willing to see where this go 1st, but I'm not liking the idea of another tiers for whales. Although nothing so far has reinforce that notion.
  8. You have sincerest condolences. :( Did you only have 170 orbs?
  9. Yea, that seems to be a thing with this game. Just when you're in need of something, the RNG goddess decides to make you miserable.
  10. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    Yea, but they're using his FE 7 design so he shouldn't be using lances to begin with. Admittedly, I did forget that but I figure they would have Old Man Hector since he's a General in FE 6 I didn't know that Old Man Hector has a history using Maltet I'm grasping straws on why Hector is using the weapon. Apparently, he has a history with it. Damn, so much for Celica inheriting King Lima's depravity. Why would Nino need sex appeal to begin with? I get it now. Thanks Ice
  11. Need help with my indecisiveness. I'm not on the Veronica hype train like everyone else, but her skills appeals to me the most & arguably has the best base kits out of the 4. I actually like Hector & his build, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to whale for him.
  12. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    Beta? Does that have to do with his promotion, because that's why I suggest it to begin with.
  13. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    That was the only connection I could make. I mean there's also Farina, but who pair them together? I mean do I don't get the Lyn joke. Yea, but Mulagir is strongly associate with Sacae. Not that I would be complaining if she got Rienfleche. Although she totally should have Rienfleche as her legendary alt. I figure when Eliwood gets his alt it should be Maltet considering his relationship Ninian regardless if they're lovers or not. With the exception of Celica, isn't it supposed to be a sibling theme?
  14. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    Fuck, no Marth after all! So this channel was pretty underwhelming overall. I was hoping for more than just over powered skills. Very disappointed with Hector, I'm not even sure why he even has Maltet other than Florina being one of his love interest. I mean why not Rex Hasta?
  15. I ate some macaroni and cheese today

    Did you put any bacon bits?