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  1. I don't know what "good writing" is & I'm long pass caring what it is, but those "flesh out" moments didn't flesh them out enough. Maybe actual gripe is how there isn't more base conversations. It got tiring hear the same conversation in every new location until the next act. Yes, I do agree with this to some extent. Yes the "Charlotte wants to marry a rich man" works with Xander & Leo, but for the next 10 supports, no. Maybe I would be more ok with it if there were more different reactions to it, but it just felt too repetitive. Right, but I wouldn't use myself as a good example. There's plenty of times where something was declare both good & bad & I just didn't have a reaction or feelings towards it. Different game, tone, & direction altogether but who's even worse as an antagonist, Surtr or Bruno? For me personally, that Surtr because everything that's you do he keeps nullifying iit because the plot demanded while Bruno on the other hand never comes across invincible. That & there's still something salvageable about Bruno but that's beside the point is. The point am I trying to get is that one character piss me off to no ends & the other I have feeling or reaction to whatsoever.
  2. Elma vs Rex, fight!

    Well that's answers that. Did all she do is just MOMO powers up? That makes T-elos more viable because she's an antagonist. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why she's in Xenoblade 2. Unless I'm grossly underestimating KOS-MOS & T-elos's character programming designs.
  3. If anyone going make a good estimation, it's them. Although when the game does finally come out & try them out on the lab, don't be too surprise on how different the list is compare now & then. I still remember how tourney players felt about Chun-Li back in MVC 3
  4. Can't say much about RD or SD since I barely touch them but yea, more or less. I completely disagree. Most of the base conversation didn't get me invested in the cast. The lack of support made the majority of character very one noted & didn't help characters like Atlas, Kliff, Jesse, Luthier, & Delthea. If there were more supports that could have help build more of their characters. Like Valbars talks about his family ever again. I won't call them "great additions" but they never did any harm. I would go as far to say if they did remove the memory prism & base conversations that would be more detrimental if not a regression of expanding a character. I suppose there's the wiki but that's so boring. While I do understand what you're coming from, I don't quite feel that on the same level. Generally speaking the reason why I found the cast of SOV/Gaiden to be the most boring is because how many of them I'm indifferent to them. I just don't care about them.
  5. Elma vs Rex, fight!

    Elma's chances are looking solid if we're the Ballot is no longer a factor. That being said, I haven't heard her being request for Ultimate until the whole XenoBlade craze So what's exactly makes Shion more enticing than KOS-MOS & why couldn't she just her moveset from Namco X Capcom? Or was that Project X Zone, I forgot
  6. I've only played 4 Fire Emblem games & while I do think have a smaller could be beneficial it's not the solution either. SOV/Gaiden had a pretty small cast & in my opinion the most boring out of the 4 games I've played. There's barely anything going for the majority of the cast of Echoes/Gaiden because they didn't barely did anything to flesh their characters even with the base conversation. The Deliverance manage to avoid that problem because of the DLC
  7. It's not the actual tier list. There's no way to judge when the game hasn't been release
  8. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Which is why Serene Forest is in my opinion the best forum out there. I agree this, but it's getting harder for me to know what's sounds likes someone being opinionated & someone just being vocal about their opinion. @Azuris Just want be clear, you're not being remotely annoying or anything like that.
  9. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    See, I get that. Hell, I still don't know why they don't just advertise as "New Seasonal/Alt Banner" instead. There's a lot of hopeful people out there that just get crush every time it's not their character being in the game. Wow, I didn't even think about that. All this Camilla hate made me forget a pivotal aspect of Camilla. I can empathize if not sympathize with this sentiment. It doesn't detract the complaint & it is valid one at that, but I do get tire of hearing the same complaint. I don't even know why it's took nearly 2 years to release another Tellius or Binding Blade banner, yet here we are. That being said, until tells me why a valid reason Seliph & Leif having 4 more alts is a bad thing I'm never going to hate any alts banner either. As eerie & flattering as that is, I was never optimistic guy to begin with. If there's anything you should know about me I've always been cynical & bitter about a lot of things. And when you have a community that keeps giving you crap about things you like it's hard to interact with any of them. I admire any person who can "see the glass half full" but that just not me, I never had that begin with. I never had any positive experience when it comes any community not just Fire Emblem. I want 100% clear, I'm talking about the Fire Emblem community as a whole not Serene Forest. I've met a lot of decent people here that's been helping me with the game & Serene Forest is eons better than most forums I've been to. I just don't faith in the community as a whole. Not that I ever had any to begin with.
  10. I guess we'll see in a month. God forbid just not selecting them. Don't think you can't be call out just because you're essentially saying "IMHO". And reboot would just be dumb. What's the point of replacing a gameplay system when there's not much problem to begin with. Why not just use that as another series altogether.
  11. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Can't help it, this is community that makes you feel bad about enjoying anything really. I appreciate the advice but I'm long pass that. More or less why I started with P4 & ended on P4. I don't need people telling me how over rated like they do with FF7 & Awakening. I wonder how many people even know about SMT even with that Dante meme. After the Binding Blade banner, would you happy if you got nothing but the Kaga & GBA era banner? Other than a hand full of Fates characters & few of Awakening, I don't need anymore 3DS era banners. I somewhat echo these sentiments. There was never going to be a good timing for anything related to Camilla ever. And people are going to crap Micaiah because she's always been a controversial apparently. Eirika: Y!Tiki: Hector: So feel free to tell I'm doing my math wrong, because they both have more dislikes than Hector does. There was never going an appropriate timing period. Lucina didn't get alt for nearly 10 months & now she's one of the most hated character now because of it. What are you talking about? The art is consider the part of this banner besides Mikoto. Also nice to see a fellow Peri fan. Yea, because no Fire Emblem fan ever stop crapping on the 3DS era than the necessary quota. Yes, this is why I don't consider myself a Fire Emblem fan anymore. A gacha trying to milk money. Who could've know they would do such a dastardly thing? Oh damn it, you're probably right about that. Glad someone is happy. Also welcome, hope your experience is better than mine. This community will certainly make it their personal mission. Is it weird that every time I read your post I hear it in Anthony Del Rio's voice?
  12. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    @Diovani Bressan Far as I'm concern, that's not a bad thing at all.
  13. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    @mcsilas & @NSSKG151 I'm horrible at this kind of thing, thank you for correcting me. Another reason for me to believe social interaction on the web isn't worth it. So many times I've deceived the vocal minority. You should be more worried about whether she's actually a dancer or not. I like her to be a red unit until I realize all the accessible ones are red. So much for Azura Emblem. I doubt I can explain it better, especially when I have my own definition on it, but in this context "when 1 gender gets treat more favorably or worse while the opposite gets treated vice-versa" I can't help it, this community has made me more than once feel bad about enjoying certain things in Fire Emblem. And I, in turn, have been lashing out on them, which I shouldn't necessarily do on this site, but quite frankly what really started on this negativity was Lucina's legendary trailer & Lyn's inclusion in FE Warriors. Lucina is hated because she's a waifu & she's dull. People made that vocally clear about their disdain towards her
  14. I won't be looking at the gift horse in the mouth here but why the VGA exactly? Seems a bit too optimistic if you ask me
  15. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Unless they came across opinionated. I don't think I've seen anyone ever gave beef about someone liking something. Well that's depressing to know. Thanks for the answer Most of Fate OST revolves around "Lost In Thoughts" but this sounds like it's new to FEH. I can't be certain for sure. Maybe I'm doing my math wrong but the Japanese banner videos shows the women having their 3rd alts having more dislikes than Marth & Hector. Honestly, the double standard treatment is pretty much the reason why I don't consider myself a Fire Emblem fan anymore