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  1. Caeda: Talys's Heart

    How worthwhile would a +Spd -Hp Caeda be? I assume it’d work quite well with her special refinement, but it’d leave her Attack quite low. Would Aether be enough to make up for it?
  2. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Yeah...the Blarowl actually makes it look worse in this case!
  3. Camilla: Holiday Traveler

    I don’t have a NY Camilla, as Elincia broke my pity rate. However, looking at your optimal build makes me think Desperation would work well. She has the defenses to tank a few hits, but Fury would drop her into range pretty quickly, and she’d have the speed to take advantage of it.
  4. I’m attempting to salvage a -Atk +Def Valentine’s Lyn. One obvious choice is to give her a Blade tome, since she’d have 47 speed after Hone Armor and Atk/Spd Bond kick in. I’d have rebuild an armor team around her though, since everyone currently has Ward Armor. I’m wondering though, if focusing on her decent mixed bulk with an Owl tome would be better. A triple stack of Ward would be +12 to her defenses, combined with +6 due to the Owl tome in optimal situations. Throw in an ally support, and she’s have 50 Def and 54 Res, though it may be a rare occurrence. I’ve never used an Owl tome seriously before, so I’d appreciate slant advice.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I spent 160ish orbs today, half in the morning and half in the afternoon. The intent was to just spend 80, but my morning results really pissed me off. One Lyn, but +Def -Atk. Great bulk, but super Attack bane makes her hit like...sword Lyn, basically. This annoyed me enough that I spent most of my remaining orbs for anyone else, and was rewarded with a +Atk - Hp Hector! Way better, and he’s the one I wanted the most anyway. Now between him, normal Hector and my +1 Sheena, I’m overloaded with green armors. Still, I loves me some Hector.
  6. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    A pile of feathers/fodder can be dangerous to have. I’ve been wanting to make a Pain+/Savage Blow healer for a while, but I couldn’t settle on a character. I also didn’t want to bother with the slow drip of SP grinding a healer. Then I remembered I had a Sakura from the early days. She had nearly 4K SP, and I had a +Def -Hp Sakura in my barracks. That led to this: A promoted Azama and a spare -Atk Spring Chrom went into her. The Attack/Def 2 is purely because it made her stats nice and even; without a weapon she has 30 in everything but Hp. I’ll admit that was a big factor in doing this in the first place. If only there was a way to chop off three more Hp!
  7. Myrrh: Great Dragon

    I have a +Atk -Hp Myrrh, and was wondering if Atk/Def 2 might be useful as a stopgap until I can get her either DC or Attack/Res Bond. Her native Fury seems like it’d do more damage knocking her out of QR range than anything else. I’m also considering Fortress Defense as an option since she ends up breaking even on Attack with her boon.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    After looking at all the Myrrh’s on the AA list near my ranking, I decided to make one more pull, and grab all the greens on that circle. 3 greens, and one was a +Atk -Hp Myrrh! Magically, it took me just 39 orbs to complete this banner, the first one I’ve ever gotten all the focus units from. Super stoked to build her.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I decided to try my luck on the legendary banner again, and spent 60ish orbs for no 5-stars. I’m at 10%, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so satisfied with coming up empty. My haul included 3 Hinatas, 2 Barsts, a Selena and a Cain. So much fodder!
  10. Official Pull Topic

    I went into the legendary banner gunning for red and green orbs. As long as I didn’t get Summer Xander, I’d be good. So of course, I pull him in my first circle. +Hp -Spd, so I’ll level him and then leave him on the bench as Infantry Pulse fodder I’ll never use. One hundred orbs later, I got the unit I wanted most, Legendary Ike!...who is +Def -Atk. Of course he is. My only solace is that he’ll make an amazing tank and QR Ather counters should make up for the -Atk. I hope. Edit: I forgot the one bright spot to this session: a 4-Star +Atk -Res Soleil. I’m contemplating either Firesweep or Slaying Edge for her, but that’ll have to wait until after the TT.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    I haven’t pulled a focus unit off a banner with new units since Halloween. Fortunately, when it rains, it pours as I managed to get L'Arachel and Eirika with just 30 orbs! Natures were either meh (+Hp -Def for L'Arachel) or god fucking dammit (+Res -Spd for Eirika). All my 5-Star red cavalry have been either -Atk(Luke) or -Spd(Eirika/Sigurd)...except Leo, and I really wish I could trade off his +Spd. Fortunately, cavalry units are better equipped to deal with a bad bane with their lovely buffs.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I decided to make a new account, since the 20 orb bonus is still available. It turns out I didn’t need it, as my free summons across the available banners got me Priscilla(focus), NY Azura (focus), and Julia, (focus). If only my main account had luck like this!
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Again I’m pity broken by a Deathblow-wielding offensive powerhouse. For the winter banner it was Delthea; this time it’s a +Hp -Def Elincia. Overall she’s a better unit than Camilla, but man, that’s still annoying.
  14. Neither did I. I’m still bitter over my pity-breaking +Spd -Res Seliph that would have been a perfect Soleil or Siegbert. .
  15. Soleil/Siegbert/Shiro/Rhajat?