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  1. Got my first free 5-star! It was my second Eirika, and now I'm not sure whether I should keep my original +Hp -Def or this new one, who is +Atk -Spd.
  2. The first unit on my first pull was Leo. Back then, he seemed pretty amazing, with his high movement and cool attack, so I didn't bother rerolling. He quickly fell off. By then I didn't want to lose my time invested, so I stuck with that account. He's +Spd -Res, which would be great...on almost anyone but him.
  3. Screw you, Oscar! She showed up anyway! I was quite sad when Oscar popped up first on this pull, thinking he had killed my pity rate. Fortunately, Nephenee showed up right after. 62 orbs got me three 5-star units, which is just nuts. I think Nephenee is (+Hp -Res) and Oscar is (+Def -Hp). The third 5-star was my first ever Linde, with (+Spd -Atk). The Rezzy curse is limited due to the fact that Blarblade + cares not for an attack bane.
  4. Lilina with Axebreaker, Ninian, Brave Axe Cherche and Sanaki cleared Infernal for me. Sanaki provided nothing but Hone Attack for Lilina to kill the top axe knight and a Draw Back on Lilina to pull her out of the range of the blue mage. Ninian had to tank the blue mage once, and Cherche killed it and the lancer. Lilina did everything else.
  5. I've noticed that my best luck comes from summoning the day a banner comes out, specifically during that same morning. I'll typically pull a 5-star unit every 30 orbs or so, whereas pulls outside of this timeframe tend to be much poorer in terms of orb efficiency. Examples include: Ninian on my second blue orb during her original banner. Alm on my second red orb during his original banner. Celica and a 5-star Tharja on the same pull during Celica's original banner, having spent around 60 orbs Three 5-star units from 70 orbs during Nohrian Summer. Four 5-star units out of 160 orbs for the CYL banner.
  6. This really isn't anything other than a coincidence I happened to catch, but all the multiples of 10 were oddly, and immensely, satisfying.
  7. I had a 3.75% pity rate on the CYL Banner, so I decided to spend 20 orbs on a full pull and stop, whether or not I got a 5-star unit. The results were: 5* Lilina (+Res, -Hp) 300 feathers x2 Fortify Res2 x1 Fortress Defense3 x1 I can live with this. I didn't get too far into the pity rate hole before it was broken, and my old 5-star, +Def -Res Lilina gets a merge and an upgrade.
  8. I'm on Team Hector, if anyone just joined the team and needs a friend. Currently have Brave Axe Cherche as my lead. My friend ID is 1372953852.
  9. No, I meant Urvan would matter if Ike had to deal with a melee brave user, in reference to Urvan not working against melee. It would also work against a Desperation user, I believe.
  10. It'd matter if they were using brave weapons, right?
  11. I started with 160 orbs, and my initial plan was to pull everything. That plan went sideways immediately, but I still came out pretty well, with these as my notable pulls: 5* Mist (+Hp, -Res) No harm done, since I pulled her on my first circle, but this spooked me enough that I decided to skip colorless and settled for free Brave Lyn. 5* Fae (+Hp, -Def) Why hello, Reinhardt counter. Not the best boon/bane combo, but I'll live with a 50 Hp Reinhardt tank. 5* Hawkeye (+Spd, - Hp) My SECOND pity-killing Hawkeye, and both of them have had great boon/bane combos, wasted on SI fodder. 5* Brave Ike (Neutral) Woohoo! Having spend over 200 orbs going for regular Ike with no luck, I'm pleased that Brave Ike came so quickly. 5* Brave Lyn (Neutral) From the free pull. I can live with neutral for her. All in all, four 5-star units out of 160 orbs is quite good, considering I was able to get a focus unit I really wanted. I'm debating whether or not to go for Roy and Lucina now. I have a +1 Eldigan and Xander, so Roy is pretty superfluous. Lucina is quite tempting though, and since she's mainly a buffbot, she can absorb a bad bane more easily than any of the other CYL focuses. Hilariously, I doubled my number of colorless 5-star units today, since I've avoided colorless orbs like the plague. Also, @Rezzy, I think Spd is a bad boon for Ike because his kit seems to want for him to get doubled. I read on Gamefaqs that he can have Aether ready after getting attacked once if he gets doubled. Credit for the little breakdown below goes to Milkman5. Aether = 5 5 - 1 = 4(Urvan) 4 -1 = 3 (Enemy Attacks) 3 - 1 = 2 (Counter Attack) 2 - 1 = (Enemy Attacks) 1 - 1 = 0(Steady Breath)
  12. Ah, foolish me for assuming. If you use an Android device, then maybe look up deals in Google Play cards.
  13. If you use an Apple device to play, Staples currently has a 15% off sale on iTunes gift cards above 25$. That's a good way to stretch every penny. I've stopped paying for orbs normally now, it's all off discounted gift cards.
  14. To add on to what has already been said, spending money is still no guarantee of getting Tana, let alone one that's neutral or better. I've purchased 5 of the 23 orbs packs and 1 of the 75 orb pack this summer. All that got me was...1 5-star unit. If you're worried about getting your hopes up, then let me tell you that it's a terrible feeling to spend money and not get anything. I can easily absorb the loss, but it still stings. Make sure you can handle not just not getting Tana, but spending money on essentially feathers.
  15. Here's my Ninian. I've had this version of her (+Atk -Res) since Blazing Shadows, and recently pulled a second one to merge. Since I have a ton of feathers without nothing to promote, I decided to do something I really wanted to do way back in March when she first came out. After an Adult Tiki promotion and Lightning Breath + SI, she's a bit more versatile than before. Fury 3 is an artifact from when the skill was a huge boost to your arena score, plus it let her survive a neutral speed Lucina. I may give her TA 3 if I ever get more Roys, but for now I like the stat boost she gets from Fury, plus the recoil damage helps activate Escape Route more quickly.