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  1. My first time scoring over 4800. I had to be a bit selective with my last match, skipping 4 battles, before I got this one. Horse Emblem is easy wins in the arena, but it tends to lower scores. Everyone on this team is fully inherited with rank 3 skills except Reinhardt, who has Deathblow 2. Now for a defense win.
  2. If it helps, the last two times I leveled a 4*+5* together to SI merge, I also hit 500 Hero Merit by the end. Have the 4* inherit as much as possible so the 5* can have some extra SP leftover for new skills, if needed.
  3. Since I'm on an iPhone, I take a screen shot, then email myself the picture. The iOS mail app will ask if you want to resize the picture, which I do to medium size. That's typically 300-500kb. Then I save the resulting picture and post it here. It's a bit of a hassle, but it beats deleting old pictures frequently.
  4. Here's my waifu. I just need to pull another Peri(don't want to sacrifice my only one) to finish off Threaten Defense and I'll be good. She was fed a 5* Effie for Deathblow 3, and Raven for Brave Axe +. Raven is still the only 5* I've promoted for Skill Inheritance and I'm still not super happy with the decision. She's +1 because two weeks after I promoted her from 4*, I pulled a 5* from the Wyvern banner.
  5. I spent my last free arena swords of this week testing out a new arena team. Team "Alm is Window Dressing" is doing very well, and it's kind of nice having to think again in the arena rather than autopiloting Horse Emblem to easy wins. It took until Saturday to get my first arena defense this week. Oddly, Alfonse as bait for Azura/Reinhardt/Eldigan didn't work as well as Celica leading.
  6. If it helps, I spent well over 150 orbs gunning for Ike, and got a Caeda and nifty 4.75% pity rate. I also went for Ryoma on the Herofest banner and got a second Alm instead.
  7. If I knew for sure that you needed a defense, I would have! As it was, I wanted to test my new team of Alm, Celica, Julia, and Azura. Interestingly enough, we almost had the same team.
  8. Is your current arena team Ike, Celica, Julia, and Ninian? I just ran across it in the arena! Gave me quite a scare, but it was the twin bridges map, so I was luckily able to separate Ike from the rest of the team. My own Celica did a lot of the heavy lifting.
  9. Of my 32 5* units, I have 11 with +Atk, 10 with -Res, and 6(included in the earlier numbers) with both.
  10. Yeah, knowing I'm going to end up with ~1500 SP at level 40 is kind of making me not want to level her right now. My last few big projects either had double SP or I leveled a 4* of the unit at the same time as the 5* to take care of half of the inheriting.
  11. Very nice! Once I get more feathers I'll promote someone for LnD 3 to get my Celica up to your level. I'm really curious to see how she works with this build, though I was thinking Renewal for mine.
  12. How is Fury doing for you on Celica? I'm still deciding between that and LaD2 for mine. Also, are you using Fury 2 so Renewal completely brings her back to full health, or lack of Fury 3? Thanks!
  13. My Celica is +Atk, -Res, which makes Life and Death a bit more appealing than Fury, I assume?
  14. Mystletainn Swap (Reposition is bad for Horse Emblem, since forests prevent it from working) Bonfire (+18 damage on a 2 turn cooldown is awesome) Fury 3 Vantage (I had a lot of Vantage 3 fodder for arena points, plus Eldigan just needs to take 5 damage from the enemy to enter activation range) Hone Cavalry (to boost Cecilia and Reinhardt. Cecilia has Fortify Cavalry to make Eldigan even tankier) I've heard people say Quick Riposte is also good for him, though in that case I'd run Ignis so as not to "waste" a Bonfire activation on a counter attack.
  15. That's my Eldigan, and he's an awesome tank with that boon/bane. A lot of people stop doubling him with 31 speed, making him very durable.