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  1. That is a fantastic skill fodder pull. I've only ever had one Hinata and have never seen a Henry on my main account. Very jealous.
  2. One of the worst things to see is an Eirika/Nino pair where the Nino keeps drawing the Eirika back, causing a nearly inseparable pair.
  3. Thank you! I'm thinking Cecilia gets fortify to make Eldigan more tanky, so that does sound good.
  4. Between Eldigan and Reinhardt, I've managed to pick up a good core for a Horse Emblem team. I was thinking of building a three-unit team for arena runs, and noticed I had a +Atk, -HP 4* Cecilia. She'd make a perfect third unit, but I'm not sure of how to build her. I initially thought of going the Gronnraven +/Triangle Adept route, since I have all the necessary pieces, and it would only require 20,000 feathers to five-star her, which I would have in a week or so. However, Gronnblade + also looks very tempting. That build would require 40,000 feathers though, and I'm leery of spending that much on a single unit, especially since I'm not pulling in as many feathers as I used to. Using plain Gronnblade is not an option, as not having the highest rank weapon would irritate me. With all that said, is the extra firepower worth the investment? I suppose a third option is to go Gronnraven first, then build my way up to Gronnblade.
  5. 7 Cherches (at 3, 4, and 5 stars) and 8 Subakis are the ones that have come up the most for me.
  6. I decided to push my luck and pull one more blue on the Battling Zephiel banner. Saw the puff of smoke, saw Reinhardt's silhouette, fist pumped...4 stars. Well played, game.
  7. Thanks! Now the question is whether or not to succumb to the dark side and go full Horse Emblem, since Reinhardt was the missing piece.
  8. I wonder if this is indeed true. After not getting any arena defenses last week, I stuck a vanilla 5* Rebecca onto my defense team and got my first defense of the week. Enemy team leader was an Olivia, so I can't really tell, of course.
  9. Easiest GHB by far for me. First Lunatic attempt with my arena team of Lucina, Sharena, Julia, and Azura had no trouble at all. Sharena might as well have not even been there.
  10. Bought 23 orbs after spending all my free ones and only getting a 4* Reinhardt. First pull after that was a 5* +Atk -Hp Reinhardt! Cha-ching!
  11. One thing you may want to consider is that Sharena is more likely to be an arena bonus unit again in the future. Robin may be a bonus unit sooner or later, but Sharena's already done it twice.
  12. Had a crummy day, so I pulled 2 units to (hopefully) feel better. The result was... Raven 4* +Atk, -Def Catria 4* Neutral (New unit!) Not a bad outcome at all! I've been wanting a Catria, and her stats are fairly balanced so a neutral boon/bane fits nicely. This Raven fills in for my previous 4* Raven who got promoted and fed to Cherche.
  13. That's my plan as well. Life and Death 3 for Kagero, 4-star the other one for armor quests.
  14. The datamined stats already have his weapon's MT added on.
  15. This was probably the first banner where I actually had trouble having red orbs appear.