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  1. Official Pull Topic

    My one attempt at Lancina got me two Cordelias, one Oscar, and one Sully. Back to saving.
  2. I’m finding this summon simulator to be more fun to play with, since you can vary the orbs you pull as you like:
  3. I’ve gone two months without spending, but this is making me want to relapse. Ike is my white whale, so I’m going for him while hoping for an upgrade to my +Spd -Atk Ayra. That boon/bane combo is actually working out fairly well, but that -Atk bothers me more than it should. I’ve been too good at avoiding colorless for the lifetime of the game, so I’m happy to have an excuse to pull from it. I have Hector and Spring Camilla, and Julia is enough to help me avoid greens. I also have a Bride Caeda and Spring Xander does nothing. If it had been Charlotte I would have tried for something better than my +3 +Hp -Res one.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I decided to spend 50 orbs on the new banner even if I didn’t really need or want anything from it. I got a 5* +Spd -Atk Soren for my troubles. If I was going to bladetome him I’d be ok, but this does make 5 out of my last 10 5-Star units as -Atk. Maybe a -raven build? The three Bartres and one Cain were far more exciting to refill my fodder stores.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull on the Short Haired Ladies banner got me my second free 5-Star, a long-haired Titania with +Spd -Def. That’s a pretty awesome boon for her, but I just sigh as I think of how nice that would have been on Amelia.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    At 20 orbs again, so I tried to make use of my 3.5% pity rate. One green, two red, one blue, one colorless. The green got me a 4-Star Arthur, but the colorless got me a second Halloween Jacob! With +Hp -Def, I think he’s a bit better than my original +Def -Atk, especially after merging, so I’m done with this banner.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    95 orbs got me a neutral Halloween Nowi and a (sigh) -Atk + Def Halloween Jacob. He can still work with the attack seal, but fucking hell, game. At least he wasn’t +Spd.
  8. This is really doubling down on getting an arena defense win. Brave Ike sat there and tanked everything, but I wonder how many cavalry teams ended up on this guy’s defense list
  9. IAP confessions

    That may just be the RNG coming into play. I found this summer that I was getting most of my 5-star units with my f2p orbs, while the purchased ones got me little to nothing. Case in point: Nohrian Summer got me 3 5-star units in 70 f2p orbs, then 80$ spent going for Summer Corrin got me just a Summer Leo. For CYL, my 75 f2p orbs got me 3 5-star units, and the $40 got me a single Brave Ike. Of course, my first few purchases did get me an above average number of 5-star units. Maybe that’s how they get you.
  10. IAP confessions

    I barely broke turtle status with the CYL banner. The orbs I bought got me a neutral Brave Ike and that seemed like a good capper to my spending career. I’ve been f2p since then. I don’t regret spending money, because I’ve had a lot of fun with this game, and it’s been good at giving me things to do. That said, I looked back at my summer spending and saw that the roughly 200$ of orbs I purchased got me exactly two 5-Star units, which were the Brave Ike and a Delthea. That string of bad luck pushed me to stop spending. I spent money as a way of rewarding myself. I teach, and from February on I did a lot of extra hours doing test prep with my students. All of my purchases came from that overtime pay. I think I ended up spending about 1/3 of what I earned, so I didn’t really damage my finances. I usually purchased the 23 orb pack to do a full pull, but I did buy the 75 orb pack a few times if there was someone I really wanted.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    YOLO got me Ayra!...who is +Spd -Atk. I think she is one of the few heroes who can handle the attack loss though, especially with the extra speed. Regardless, I think I’ve used up all my luck this month.
  12. I could have been much clearer with how I phrased my response, so it was my fault as well. That said, we were both wrong in the worst possible way!
  13. Right. I was comparing Ayra to Xander and Camus as to why we’d be less likely to see her in a repeat. If they have skipped those two on GHB repeats, I can totally see Ayra being skipped because “reasons.”
  14. The one TT unit we’ve had repeat thus far has nothing to inherit, and is the central character in the TT storyline. I’m not saying that TT units will never come back; it’s just more likely to see a repeat GHB than TT. Besides, given how we already have had Narcian repeat twice versus none for Xander and Camus, I can totally see that also being the case for Ayra.
  15. It’s for this reason that I think she’s more likely to be a TT reward than a GHB reward. One less copy of Swift Sparrow for people, and considerably less likely to be repeated. Even if the skill is locked to 5-Star, that’s hardly a large barrier anymore.