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  1. +Atk, Deathblow 2 Reinhardt leaves Lunatic Lloyd at 3 Hp, perfect for Sharena or your own Lloyd to snag the kill. So far, Reinhardt of all people has been great for chipping these GHB reruns down for quest purposes.
  2. That was me this past week. Do the bare minimum to get my 4k, as there was no way I'd be staying in Tier 20. This upcoming week I have to try to get back into Tier 20.
  3. I have three fully SI'd bonus units this week. I kind of wish they'd spread the love out.
  4. If your units have level 3 skills in all their slots, an assist, and a special, you have more leeway with losing units. My first run this week was a bit careless and I had 3 deaths total. I was still able to squeak in with a 4091.
  5. I have one +Atk 5* Reinhardt, and the other day I pulled a +Atk 4* one. Your setup makes me ponder the possibilities of running two of them with Hone Cavalry Xander. Since this is the projects thread, here's my last completed one. At 40,000 feathers, Firesweep Cordelia is my most expensive built yet. She did exceptionally well in TT, and I'm eager to try her out in the arena.
  6. I had that setup, with a green orb replacing the gray one, 3 out of the first 4 sessions when I went hunting for Delthea. Got her in the end, though!
  7. I scored a point higher than you last week and got into tier 20 handily. Low rank-3000s.
  8. @Dayni, I can speak for how amazing a +Atk Cherche is, but keep in mind she needs a lot of investment: Brave Axe + and Death Blow 3 are absolutely necessary.
  9. @Dayni, I can speak for how amazing a +Atk Cherche is, but keep in mind she needs a lot of investment: Brave Axe + and Death Blow 3 are absolutely necessary.
  10. Healers and dancers alternate on my leveling teams and earned their HM that way. Nearly everyone else got most, if not all of their HM from the Tempest Trials.
  11. Chapter 12 got me back to 20 orbs, so I went pulling for Sonya. Got Bartre, Sheena, and 2 Barsts. Not bad actually, since I've been in dire need of Reposition fodder.
  12. Going for Delthea. First summoning session: 4 red, 1 green. Ouch. I pull a 3* Laslow, and when I go to back out, I accidentally press the keep going button. Second, accidental red gets me...RYOMA! I spent so many orbs gunning for him on Herofest, and I'm soooooo happy to have him. +Def, -Hp, which I will definitely take! In fact, 3 of my first 4 sessions ended up as 4 red, 1 green. Anyway, burn through my 48 orbs, go to buy 23 more. Lots of junk, but last orb is Delthea! Apparently +Hp, -Def, so complete opposite of Ryoma. Her Def is nonexistent anyway, so this is a rare occasion where I'm happy to see +Hp.
  13. I would have agreed with you just over a week ago. Then, I was sitting on 80,000-ish feathers with nothing to use them on. Double SP weekends convinced me to finally start working on a Flier Emblem team and it knocked me down to around 20,000 feathers.
  14. A full pull on the Summer banner at 4.5% had to get me something, right?! 3* Saizo 4*Saizo 3*Sophia x2 3*Draug At 4.75%. I'm done for this month.
  15. With the 10 free orbs I had 20 orbs total and then I purchased 23 more. From the Summer banner I pulled: 3* Gwendolyn - All my fliers, even the ones I don't ever use, have Drag Back now. She just keeps coming! 3* Subaki 4* Cordelia 3* Oboro - Thanks to @Arcanite, I always check the boon/bane of my Oboros. This one is +Def, -Spd. Is that good? 3* Est - Sent home immediately. 4* Sully 4* Roderick 4* Clair Normally I'd be upset with the lack of 5* units, especially since my pity rate on the Summer banner is now 4.50%. However...that Roderick pull made this all worthwhile, as he was the only thing besides Summer Robin I wanted from the blue orbs. This means my 5* +Spd Cordelia is going full Firesweep mode. Between her, Brave Axe Cherche and Gronnblade Bunmilla, my Flier Emblem core is basically set. Now I just need to decide who gets Fortify, and who gets Hone Fliers.