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  1. The Selective FE8 PME!

    Good thing there's no skills. It's like every single FE8 hack has to have skills, and I'm sick of it. As for the PME itself, the ballistician in chapter 5 makes it impossible to finish. Either remove it or make its stats lower since it keeps killing everybody. It's funny how even with the new boss edits, the most powerful enemy ends up being a generic ballista.
  2. The Selective FE8 PME!

    I have a lot of suggestions. This should be it for me, since I don't have anything else. Most of them are boss edits, since I thought that Wolt made the bosses easy to kill. Make Bone into a berserker with a hand axe. Make Bazba into a sage with a divine tome. The generic monster boss of chapter 4 should be a cyclops with a steel axe. Make Saar into a warrior with a brave bow and hand axe. Zonta should be a druid with nosferatu. Novala should be a sniper with a silver bow. Murray can be a ballistician with axe launcher. Boulder is now a fighter with a halberd. Colm is now Wrys, with his bases and growths from FE11 as a priest. He comes with Physic. Give him a chest key for the chests. Natasha is now a level 9 merc with 32 HP and +5 to her bases. Give her a female merc/hero animation. Triple her HP growth. Rations now heal 15 HP. Sell iron swords, steel swords, iron lances, steel lances, and iron axes at the chapter 2 shop. Zombies now have +2 to all their stats (except HP). Give the hatchet 25 uses and B rank, and give it 13 might and 10 critical.
  3. The Selective FE8 PME!

    Is it alright if I do more changes? After trying the rom out, I noticed some potential ideas for what to suggest.
  4. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.1

    There should be more options like the regular randomizers have. I think monster classes are boring and skills are annoying, and I would like to have an option to remove them like I could in the regular randomizer. Playing this would be a lot more fun for me if there were more set to to tune the game to be optimal. I'm surprised nobody else suggested adding more settings. It would make the game more exciting and not irritating or boring for the people who want a different style. I know it's supposed to be a randomizer, but there should be more settings for the people who want to choose what to randomize. I think that this has a lot of potential and I would like to play it, but I can't stand the lack of choices.
  5. The Selective FE8 PME!

    Replace myrmidons with mercenaries and swordmasters with heroes. Give all unpromoted foot units 6 movement(7 on promotion) and mounted units 8 promoting to 9. Bows should have 2-3 range except for the longbow with 2-5 range. Replace all specific promotion items with master seals. Make O'Neill a hero with a devil axe and 1 strength. Rename Breguet to Bob and make him a general with a javelin and 0 skill. Give him the unused bandit portrait. I don't really have anything else.
  6. A noob's fe6 PME - Accepting Edits!

    Turn Lance into Alec from fe4 with same bases and growths, except with 10 less HP. Also rename him Alec. He starts at level 2. Have him start with an iron sword. Turn Alan into Naoise from fe4 with same bases and growths, except with 10 less HP and rename him Naoise. He starts at level 3. Have him start with a steel sword. Bors can be Dimaggio from fe4. He has the same stats as in fe4 except with 20 less HP and 4 luck. Rename him Dimaggio. He starts at level 3. Have him start with a steel axe.
  7. Help with battle animations

    When I inserted a custom animation everything worked fine, but when the character would attack the animation would act like it's at 2-range like they're throwing a javelin or hand axe even though the weapon they were using was close range. I looked around the questions section and didn't see anyone ask about this, so can anyone help me.
  8. Gheb is the best fire emblem character. You get him in chapter 255xx which you have to access by using the warp portal on 255x after killing the boss, batta. In order to get to 255x you have to kill off dimaggio who joins you in chapter 255. He's really good as a unit, even better than seth. At the endgame he can oneshot most of the enemies. But if you're playing lunatic+++++ he can only oneround them. You should definitely get the s support with gheb and arden. It gives gheb +5 stat boosts in all stats and actually makes arden good and gives him 99 movement. But the one thing that makes gheb the best character in fire emblem is that he can use valflame. The final boss, bob the builder, wields falchion and durandal and those give him +99 in every stat so he oneshots all of your units, even gheb. In order to kill him you need to get to the super secret gaiden chapter, chapter 777xxxx. You need to unlock chapter 777x by reviving dimaggio with valkyrie staff and killing him off again. To unlock chapter 777xx you need to level up damas to level 999 and have him equip helswath. In order to unlock chapter 777xxx you need to silence all the mages in 777xx and make the boss kill all of them with his bolting tome by berserking him. Then to get to 777xxxx you need to level up eliwood, arvis, and shrek to level 999 and give arden the fire emblem, allowing him to use dark magic and then give him the loptyr tome. The boss of 777xxxx, leif, is actually really weak. But in the new update released by nintendo, leif has major fala blood and equips valflame. You can just silence him though and make him equip his iron sword. When you kill leif, you get valflame. Gheb with his major fala blood can equip it. But you still have to promote him to omega master paladin using the omega seal you get in chapter 776x that you access by beating thracia 776 for 776 times and then loading your thracia cartridge into the snes. Then you can kill the master ninja in the chapter who drops the omega seal so gheb can promote to omega master paladin and can actually use valflame. Valflame is super op in fire emblem, it gives +255 to every stat. With these bonuses gheb can actually oneshot bob the builder. He's the only one who can kill bob the builder, no other holy weapon gives the bonuses valflame does. And that is why gheb is the best fire emblem character. Man, I am so bored.