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  1. Why are we arguing about how Ike will look in the game again? It's not really that important tbh
  2. Some recent trailers say "Audio on available in English" or something along those lines. I remember seeing it in the trailer for gamescom
  3. We all thought there was gonna be dual audio but in the end, it was confirmed there will be none
  4. I've noticed no one really posted this here so I decided to post it. Found from someone I follow from Twitter: I don't know the exact source from this Twitter but will add it if someone finds it! my own thoughts: This surprisingly looks good and I guess brings hope to the people who were worried that it might've been cancelled or was gonna be bad.
  5. I think you guys should stop arguing, it's useless, nothing will come out of this except hate. None of you are to blame for this except for Int Sys, they handled this game poorly and honestly, I say they should've waited another year to release this game cause between remaking gaiden and heroes, I'm pretty sure the newer fans are a lot more familiar with old characters than ever before. So stop, it's not healthy for this fandom and community.
  6. Earlier in this thread, some were talking about Donnel's popularity and how it was 17th out of 26 characters. The most recent poll (FE heroes), he was the 20th (not sure) most popular male character among all male characters so he's pretty popular for those who were talking about it before.
  7. Waits patiently for full translation :)
  8. Frederick without a doubt! I really want him to use Luna in one of his moves! Next up is Lissa cause she sounds really fun and can use magic while attacking which is awesome! And I got some interest in using Lucina a bit.
  9. Arthur, female Morgan, peg. Sisters, Azura, Minerva, Elisa and Sakura, Cynthia!
  10. Yes! Frederick is in! Literally my favorite character in awakening! I'm kinda satisfied now but I want to see archers, peg. Knights and wyverns tho
  11. Source: it seems that we finally have the sale numbers for Echoes and it doesn't seem good... US: 0.07m copies EU: 0.05m copies JP: 0.18m copies The rest: 0.01 copies For a grand total of: 0.31m copies sold
  12. Can I play Thracia 776 before playing genealogy of the holy war or do I have to play that first? Cause I would like to play Thracia 776 and not feel like playing FE 4 but I wanted to ask just in case.
  13. Is it worth upgrading brave sword to a rapier?