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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Used brave Lyn, brave Roy, ninian and Olivia. I had to sacrifice a 4 Star Klein for brave bow so lyn could one shot everyone (thanks to dancers) apart from the axe cavalier and arvis, which I used brave Roy to kill first the axe cavalier, proc galeforce then killed arvis, which needed a speed+1 seal to double. Was really fun despite how easy it was.
  2. Anna Trailer

    Nice! I love little references like these
  3. Anna Trailer

    Just in case you didn't know, Lyn mentions in a support with Anna that there was someone who looked identical to her and she had a boyfriend. I don't know if there are anymore supports that mention about Jake though.
  4. Does anyone have Navarre's intro?
  5. I'm surprised my credit card worked.
  6. It's now midnight in Japan and FE Warriors has been released in the Japanese Eshop. I am currently downloading the game and made this topic for people who want to buy the Japanese game right now.
  7. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    I want to know too
  8. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    Wait, doesn't this kinda confirm there are more characters in the game? Apart from Anna of course.
  9. This is also good, I don't know how we can have something like Heroes and then this releases. It's pretty annoying.
  10. First of all, no, this is not a warriors hate thread, so I don't want anyone to complain here. This thread is giving an idea on how they should've chosen the characters instead of focusing on games. The idea here is simple, put a class or a type of unit and take the most popular one Of course some exceptions like Marth and Chrom are not affected by this but this is how it goes: Fast sword user: Eirika Slow sword user: Ike Infantry Lance user: Ephraim Infantry Axe user: Hector Sword Pegasus: Caeda Lance Pegasus: Hinoka or Cordelia Sword Cavalier: Eliwood or Xander Lance Cavalier: Jagen Axe Cavalier: Frederick Mage Knight: Leo Axe Wyvern: Minerva Mage Wyvern: Camilla and I guess you get the idea, it's very easy and will satisfy older and newer fans while also making every character unique.
  11. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    They have, just in their Twitter