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  1. Is dragon skin lock to specific units for inheritance, because the video did not specify? Otherwise it will be a strong skill for EP flying units. I find it weird/funny that in FE world, levitation is good enough to be considered a flying unit.
  2. Rival Domains Discussion

    This mode just needs a few tweaks: 1. Units should not be able to teleport and attack on the same turn, 2. The player should be able to spawn units they lose during the enemy phase on the next turn, 3. I guess make it less zerg rushy
  3. I found it interesting that they used carnaval music when it already passed. I would have preferred a legit carnaval costume. Same fanservice different tune.
  4. Rival Domains Discussion

    Maybe IS got cold feet after getting the results for the survey and they are just testing out the mode as is for now. If players like it then they may actually make it PvP.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    With enough time isn't everyone going to be a legendary hero?
  6. Official Pull Topic

    With my meager 17 orbs I was able to pull an def+/atk- PA Olivia. With her moves stats don't matter as much. I am sorry for your bad streak. Now that we have four legendary heroes, it would be nice for SI to have them in a separate banner. I wonder if it would be feasible to be able to buy heroes with orbs. The deal being that you can pay a higher amount up front for %100 (50 orbs?) or take your chances and try to get lucky.
  7. I am all for larger maps, although is that what the new mode means? I figured it would be more like arena assault against regular AI units, with the ability of using your buds units.
  8. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    So when are we getting a dragon on a horse?
  9. Thanks for the information. I am going to have to think it over, though I am leaning more towards the enemy phase Myrrh.
  10. I have two Myrrhs', one is Def+/Atk- and the other one is Atk+/hp- and I wonder which one is better. Def+ helps with her gimmick, on the other hand atk+ is always good and her hp is decent. Since I have an extra Hector Valentine, would it make sense to give Myrrh distant counter? That would allow her to take care of fast mages and with Iote shield fast brave bow Lyns'.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    After failing to get Ninian time after time, I finally managed to pull her! And on the free pull no less. She is def+/atk-. This is the third 5* in a row with atk-
  12. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Edit: So Cid is 32 years old. @Hawk King No wonder he can't stay up late and is cranky all the time. When the target audience is teens and young adults, 30 is old. In FF7 Cid is treated as an old man.
  13. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Hold it! This is the chance for Broom to make his appearance!
  14. That sucks. I am finding the lack of medals to be a limiting factor in the refinery. At 40 it is tolerable, 20 makes it a chore.
  15. Does the amount of arena medals earned is dependent upon winning results or is it random?
  16. Just a grumbling female player...

    I think we are mixing up our dragons. I'll leave the monster hunters to take care of the huge dragons. Wyverns look to be about the same size as pegasuses, maybe a far more heavier. If the rider wants to hit the enemy they have to be able to reach them. Otherwise might as well let the wyvern do the fighting and just have a mahout. Some people revealed to much information about themselves.
  17. Just a grumbling female player...

    Can't disagree with physics. If the existing armor is too heavy, then make stronger lighter armor. On the other hand, in FE you can bring your dragon inside castles and have them fly around at ground level. The whole argument will change if we are using the internal logic of FE or the real world. At least we are no longer talking about lolicons and the like
  18. Just a grumbling female player...

    Longer spears? You have to run a cost and benefits of armor on a mount an rider. You can compare dragons to horses; expensive, powerful, mobile. Like horses, dragons are expensive to train (no animal goes willingly into pointy sticks), maintain feed, and to reproduce. If the dragon can support a rider and has strength to spare for some armor and the money is available, then it it makes sense to protect both of them. If your dragon dies, well time to find an expensive replacement. If your rider dies, time to train and arm an expensive replacements. Knights were never cheap. The shield helps with that. Pants are great, they protect us from small accidental cuts, bugs bites, and keep us warm. On the flying part. We have dragons that can fly over mountains and oceans but not walls and boxes. I don't know how high they fly. Unless the dracoknight is peppering the enemy with range weapons and has not intention of ever engaging in melee until they are very weak, they are going to have to come down and fight. Having less mobility is not a problem if you have the weapons and armor for prolong melee.
  19. "Shakes fist" SA (Squad Assault) Attack or Attack A/Attack AA would have been fine. I remember you mentioning wanting to buy barracks space in bulk. I guess that is still not a priority at the moment.
  20. While I am always happy for new seals. I find the whole naming thing unnecessarily confusing. For example we now have attack seal, initiate attack seal, Squad ace E (Attack). IS said that they would not permit the player to have duplicate seals, I presume so that some players would not get an increased advantage by having more seals. Maybe if the game is hardcoded not to permit a seal with the same name. IS could have given the seals a more simple name. While they are at it, the can include the option to organize the seals by effect.
  21. Since SI does not know how to run a poll, it is not too far fetch for them to be surprised.
  22. For non whales, it seems that you can have some while never having the others. I am missing Ryoma, Hinoka, Leo, Ninian, Eldigan, Linde, Minerva, Alm, Celica, Faye, Sigurd, Hector, Ephraim, Ike. On the flip side I have all of those units mentioned.
  23. Official Pull Topic

    With 30 orbs I got me a Hp+/Res- L'arachel and a complementary atk-/something+ 4* Seth. After the luck I had with legendary banners, I will skip that one and save more orbs for this one.
  24. It is easy to kite B Ike with a mage and a unit with reposition. With his low Res, the reduction for the second hit is not a problem. DC solves this problem.
  25. Banner: Sacred Memories

    I think I did but couldn't think of a skill that uses it on the spot. It is one of the ploy skills. Speaking of that, would a phantom Def/Res affect the refined breaths? By having them target the inflated one. Edit. Duh! (writing all the wrong things).