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  1. Banner: Sacred Memories

    Don't forget phantom HP, Atk, and Spd.
  2. Banner: Sacred Memories

    So the whole idea of getting bonuses at 100% and then taking a small amount of damage was a one time only (eg Ylissean Summer)?
  3. Looking at last years results, maybe I should have picked FE10 Elincia (AKA moe version) than voting for her FE9 incarnation. Her FE10 version has more than twice the votes.
  4. Ephraim has received a significant amount of visibility compared to Marth. eg being in more banners, getting a refinable weapon, getting developer commentary, and being a decent unit. Marth does have a larger established fanbase though. You also have to take into account the large number of new people that started playing FEH, who had not played any of the previous games. The Serene Forest and Reddit FEH pages are far bigger than for the other games. I would like The Reinhardt to get first but I don't know if that can happen. Top ten for sure. As for the polls, it is always good to look at a lot of them and from different regions.
  5. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    I made it to 50,000 points and a rank of 67,285. This is the highest I have ever gotten. It is less demoralizing when the rewards are more manageable.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    After getting 3.5% on the tempest trails I have no Hinoka or Ryoma. By including the FE 10 banner I got a total of of three 5* pity breakers. Pulling out of the 4-5* looks more enticing.
  7. We only have like one Berserker and he can't walk through water or peaks! We need a proper brigand to show'em how it works.
  8. You cannot change a vote, no. At least you can take a look at the other candidates.
  9. Here is a quick link for those interested.
  10. When did alpacas receive the right to be on the ballot?
  11. Time to vote for the Reinhardt! So I have two questions: 1. Do people use the wallpapers that IS gives away? 2. Any picks for last place? Glade can't do it twice right?
  12. The only weapon effective against dragons in the Falchion and the Naga tomes. More weapons with that effect would be useful with the new enemy manakis.
  13. In medieval times it was a dog eat dog world. If your kingdom appeared weak, that invited other countries into invading your territory. Instead if they are the ones that are weak, then it is a good time to invade them and take over or kick them around to make sure they don't get any ideas.
  14. I completely misread it. The game only has super effective dragon swords. Eliwood with a lance would be a good fit.
  15. Yeah that's the one. Eliwood in FE6 could use swords, axes, and spears. The mallet can have built in windsweep or just be a firesweep axe.
  16. In the Fire Emblem world people do bad things only if they are possessed or mad (or a bandit). Nobody tries to conquer the world just because they want to rule over a larger kingdom/empire.
  17. We can have old man Eliwood "The Strongest Man in Elibe!" Looking at the results Reinhardt placed 584 place. There is no way he can't reach the top 100 this time around.
  18. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Thanks for the link. It's a shame that they did not take into account Takumi new refined capabilities.
  19. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    I haven't seen the last map yet, so Ill presume that it has not been datamined. Since with Takumi new refined bow and perks, wouldn't the final map be very woody?
  20. Ok so I am trying to get this around my head; assuming neutral stats and vanilla skills, what is the priority damage between Micaiah and Sigurd? Micaiah has 20% due to triangle advantage, plus 50% due to super effective damage. Then it is the 50% damage reduction from that attack plus the 9 extra res that Sigurd has?
  21. Official Pull Topic

    After 40 orbs I got two pity breakers, an extra Res+/Def- Katarina and a first time 5* neutral Mae. I guess I saved 20,000 feathers.
  22. It can be worse. 100 orbs and not even getting a pity breaker.
  23. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    It would be way better than being able to touch our units.
  24. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    If nintendo was competent with online gaming I would love this. I would at least settle for an online mario party with a small board.
  25. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    Luck or chance is always in play. A win is a win regardless if you do it by being better or by having the other side screw up. Ask any general that got 'lucky' EPHRAIM and won the war. As long as there is a significant chance of happening, it can happen. Edit. I think that Mario Party is kind of pre determinate on the dice rolls. At least that was my experience on the emulator.