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  1. 22 minutes ago, Sentinel07 said:

    The banner runs for 3 weeks. I'm sure anyone on the fence will have plenty of time.

    I though a month was enough time to obtain Summer Young Tiki. I was deeply disappointed. 

    32 minutes ago, SilvertheShadow said:

    What if a colorless tome is added for the first time and it’s given to Veronica or Celica? I think that would be a decent possibility.

    Fem Grima is a colorless Melee dragon and she kicks a lot of ass. Having a skill like nullify (eg special damage, spurs,) would make it interesting.  

  2. 7 minutes ago, Humanoid said:

    Blarowl is the more conventional choice due to armoured units being far more likely to stick together than other movement types, plus it's a lot less premium since you can get it from Mae. The bonus won't always add up to +6, but +4 is easy enough and you get it to atk and spd as well, instead of just def and res. On top of that it works on player phase too, and against all weapon types. It does have one less might though.

    My LA Lynn does have close counter. Blarowl would be indeed a better choice. This time around I think I will refine it to be Def+, in order to help her out with dragons. As she is atk-/res+.


    Since all of my best daughters have bad attitudes natures I might merge them or at least keep a spare one.

  3. 1 hour ago, XRay said:

    I am not sure how that is relevant.


    1 hour ago, XRay said:

    Then how are ranged melee units different from colored archers?

    The biggest difference is that colored bows retain effective damage damage against flying units. Now they get color advantage on top of that. They will be able to check flyers and have an easier time against armors. At the moment bows with the exception of firesweep bow and maybe princess warrior bow (ill check when I get her) have difficulty against armors with distant attack.  Colored bows will have an easier time with color advantage and the ability to use triangle adept.. 

    Mages sweep the floor with bladetomes and desperation. They are able to one shot or with desperation take down a unit in one turn of combat. There is no melee weapon usable by the player with that effect. Now we have more units that are effective against horses and armors. Their last function is to check grey units with raven tomes. At the moment there is no melee unit that is effective against colorless (F!Grima is a different exception). 

    1 hour ago, YotsuMaboroshi said:

    You would need new weapon types for "ranged melee", otherwise you could just inherit the range 2 weapons onto better stated units. 

    SI is able to lock weapons and prevent them from being used in inheritance. Fire Emblem as a series already has a list of notable ranged melee weapons, like the javelin, magic swords, hand axe, tomahawk (currently in use by Dorcas), among others. At the moment the weapons have range information. SI should have little through in finding a new icon for range melee weapons.  

    In a few days we will see how legendary Lynn plays out. 

  4. 9 hours ago, XRay said:

    That would make ranged units obsolete, since melee units have much higher stat totals.

    Bows are the counterparts to dragonstones. Both Weapons can be inherited by any color, but dragon stones are magical melee weapons while bows are physical ranged weapons. Colored bows are there to fill out the physical ranged type of Weapons. We are currently lacking a physical melee Weapon that is colorless.

    Physical Melee

    Magical Melee
    Red Breath
    Blue Breath
    Green Breath
    Coloreless Breath

    Physical Ranged
    Red Bow
    Blue Bow
    Green Bow
    Colorless Bow
    Colorless Dagger

    Magical Ranged
    Red Tome
    Blue Tome
    Green Tome

    I am going to disagree with you here. 

    While archers for the most part don't get debuffs, buffs, or healing, they do get extra damage against flyers. This helps them negate the terrain advantage flyers get. Flying units can use iote shield but it is in short supply and the PVE maps tends to use it sparingly. Range melee reds, blues, and greens could cover a space that mages can't at the moment, but they would be vulnerable to flying units of the opposing color. 

    Range melee does not has to have the same stats as regular melee. It can be in the same range as what bows and mages get. 


    1 hour ago, Kaden said:

    Yeah, I don't know why they introduced colored bows, but someone pointed out how Daggerbreaker has the same distinction of colorless dagger foes like (C) Bowbreaker says it only works on colorless bow foes after LotW Lyn was introduced and figured they might introduce them in the future.

    I feel like they will be introduced, but I hope like with colored archers, they're only limited to legendary heroes and seasonal units. Maybe CYL and GHB units, but not as regular summonable units.

    With healers, we don't even have a Staffbreaker and even then, that wouldn't really matter if the intent of the healer is to wreak havoc with Pain+ and Savage Blow.

    It would have been easier if they had added range weapons to the colored melee units, eg spear/javelin for blue, hand axe for green, magical sword for red. That way the existing breakers would still work since the weapon and color had not changed. If SI turns it on to 11 then we could see color daggers and color staff.

    A refined healer should be using the candlelight option. One hit is all they need for the debuffs. 

    If we can add more breakers then I would be happy to see dragonstone breakers. It would make it easier for Julia/Deirde to fight dragons. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, Ice Dragon said:

    You can see Chrom's damage number glowing green in the trailer.


    Dragonskin is almost guaranteed to be uninheritable.

    Previous skills for brave/legendary heroes stated if they were uninhabitable. They may also limit it to dragon units and show it once the unit is in the game.

    Edit. It seems that it does not apply to L'Ephraim. Maybe the translators are not consistent.