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  1. Weapon Triangle doesn't mean instant win, though. Use advantages to build formation, like every other game in the series. Like Lanko says, i'ts not like they didn't already add & change significant things.
  2. Even without a horse (or axes, for that matter) it can still be Conqueror as a call ...forward? call back? Classes game to game get changes all the time, after all.
  3. Reviewers have english copies, there's also a partial text translation patch
  4. I can see them all being fancy on purpose, though, just because they're not just classes they're ~over classes~ Lance Knight, War Elephant & Black Crane specifically all seem like distinct class titles along side the more flowery ones. We'll see though, I'm guessing series 3 stuff will be detailed more at the end of may or start of june.
  5. We already know the names, don't we? Altar of the Lance Knight (Cavalier Over-Class) Altar of the Shielded Giant (Baron Over-Class) Altar of the Black Crane (Pegasus Over-Class) Altar of the Shadowy Maiden (Female Mage Over-Class) Altar of the Virtuous Enchantress (Cleric Over-Class) Altar of the Fearsome Warlord (Mercenary Over-class) Altar of the War Elephant (Archer Over-class) Altar of the Scholarly Sage (Male Mage Over-Class) Altar of the Noble Queen (Celica's Over-Class) Altar of the Great Conqueror (Alm's Over-Class) Worst case they just shorten the name (ie: Scholar, Queen, Warlord, etc)
  6. Seven florinas! SEVEN. I wound up feeding 2 to one of them, gave darting blow to another character and am now sitting on 2 spares ontop of the fed one. Today I got my sixth donnel. I also had 5 arthurs, though I got rid of one a while ago so Camilla could get Lancebreaker. And I need to look through again, but I'm pretty sure I have dupes of like half the lances in the game. 3 catrias...2 corrin Fs...a couple of ests (three AND four star), 3 sullies, etc I pulled a lot of blues trying to get one of the mages. Frustratingly, I only got one odin despite DOZENS of blue pulls. If I didn't know better I'd argue that within 3 stars some are more likely than others.
  7. Sure but she still is playable. And hey while we're in the neighborhood so are: Narcian, Zephial, Murdock, Galle, Brunnya, elder Hector & elder Eliwood.
  8. She's a bonus character you unlock in the trial maps for beating the game nine times. She's a Light sage with staves. e: Well she also gets Anima, but her affinity is Light and her S rank is with Light so
  9. All the music has been datamined, so its either already in there or there isn't any. I kind of suspect that the only dlc stuff on-cart are the dlc icons and their titles. It doesn't seem like the overclasses are programmed at all, for instance; we have their dlc map icons, but i don't think they're included in any spriterip and they aren't in any of the class data. I believe, anyway, someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I mean just compare those two to Tobin & Gray that follow right after. Flowery language+distinct enunciation was definitely on purpose.
  11. I guess the Alm & Celica maps could be designated hard dlc but the focus seems to be specifically on the overclass. And I doubt the cipher dlc will be especially hard and that might not even leave japan.
  12. It's always possible there could be more after the current run is done. Awakening & Fates both had additional DLC after the first run was over. A Final set of "hard" dlc to justify the overclasses, perhaps
  13. It does make me wish there was a variant of life or death that took away speed, however.
  14. Level 1 4* Zephial has 2 speed. I knew he was slow but seeing two speed is just delightful.
  15. The class DLC is super cool but seems kind of, ah, odd? Like that seems like something built for min-maxing but there doesn't seem to be any "Road to Grandmaster" type challenge DLC? And there's no pvp type stuff at all...probably wont be much help for Lunatic considering they'll probably be a decent difficulty anyway. I guess the class dlc itself could be a challenge but I kind of doubt they'll be in escalating difficulty. Also I wouldn't be surprised if the Villager Fork was an item you could get out of the Overclass maps. Either an additional prize or a compensation prize for completing the map without actually having anyone to upgrade, you know? e: Also, in general, having two sets of grinding dlc for money/treasure/exp is BIZZARE.