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  1. Thanks for the advice, both of you. Yeah I'm in the middle of outfitting my other armors with ward armor (just one + fortify rn)
  2. the notifications stated it would go up at a specific time. For EST, I believe it's 10 PM, or in about 3 & a half hours
  3. I like Harvest Henry's panic tome, and I'd like to upgrade it. The stat boosts are marginal, but what's the best one to go for? I was thinking the +def one, but he's -hp/+res if it matters.
  4. I could see that just being made into a new heal skill. Probably Heal 7 and removing status like Panic and Move Penaltie + other status effects if they feel like doing that
  5. Wonder if they'll just reuse Joshua I wouldn't mind that too much, free Close Defense 3 for a rainy day
  6. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    third party company making the title shouldn'tmatter. Nintendo still owns the IP and all the characters within. Well, maybe not the OCs...don't really know where any of those stand. But, regardless, they could have totally made zelda amiibo to go with it, even if they weren't specifically Hyrule Warrior amiibo. Like how Chrom & Tiki got amiibo clearly meant to tie into FEW, but were just general FE amiibo.
  7. Not that unusual since all the original GHB units were in the first set of story maps. Legion & Clarrise were in the new mystery maps, too.
  8. Guessing we'll meet Gunnthra in-story, out of draem here. When she was added to the game, she had a bunch of to-the-camera face portraits like other story characters.
  9. I don't think he is, the TT aware should still be Corrin Yeah that's already live, same with Cymbeline's new effect. It's a much needed buff to ol' Jeorge.
  10. Were people able to datamine what their default skill sets are? Curious about
  11. @Ice Dragon cool thanks! also, man...
  12. Falchion's get a divine upgrade for Exalted Falchion, that adds the ability to ignore bonuses on dragon units in addition to its effective damage and renewal bonus. I don't think any weapon actually gives 3 distinct effects, though unless you count things like the winter weapons happening to have the level 1 stance skills but the falchion will always be a little special to the series so hey why not. Yato could do something like...swift sparrow when you attack, double stances when attacked.
  13. I don't think the exact science has been marked down but in general: -you seem to gain support points across everyone just for completing a map (ie: i've had marth & rowan reach c rank despite rowan hanging out in a base all day while marth was killing things on the other side of the map) -main way of gaining support points between characters is by pairing up & killing captains. -Unless someone is holding the bond charm (DLC exclusive item), there is a cap and it DOES have a visual & audio indicator but it's hard to notice. The sound that goes with the heart changes and the heart animation is a little different. -Story mode support events raise everyone and can include characters not fielded depending on the story map and the event in question. Things I'm not sure of because I keep hearing contradicting things: -there is a separate map cap but i have no idea how this works with the pair cap -literally no clue how story events count towards map or pair caps, if at all -unsure of priority in dispensing support points -different maps might have different support caps? It's best just to not worry about caps since there's so much uncertainty. Your best ways of grinding out supports are play story chapters 14 or 20 because they have easy objectives, let you field 8 units, gives extra support with units that aren't fielded (tiki, in 14's case i believe), there's plenty of captains to kill and chapter 20 lets you fight shadow clones and get materials. Doing arenas is also nice if you just want to focus on a specific pair; I've heard with the bond charm that you can reach A rank from no ranking with a pairing in the span of like 10-15 minutes? Prioritize Chrom, Ryoma and Camilla, I'd say. Chrom gives Luna, a skill that just straight up increases your damage output to everyone in the game. Ryoma makes all of your attacks faster (Lyn goes so fast that she'll crash the game if you use her awakening mode finisher). Camilla's trample effects most of the characters in the game for even more extra damage.
  14. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    I doubt Liana & Rowan will get amiibo since they'd probably have done so for these. Also probably not coincidence that the Chrom & Tiki amiibo used their awakening & SD artwork rather than warriors renders. We'll almost certainly see more amiibo in the future, just not necessarily anyone from these games. Switch will almost certainly have a few (for the lords, presumably), but they probably won't trot out someone like Ryoma or Caeda any time soon. Lyn I could see getting her standalone amiibo and even that's more because of her Heroes poll and general popularity than anything else. If smash ever gets a port I could easily see female robin getting one.