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  1. We know they have supports and base conversations and voice clips. I was specifically saying they may not have voiced [support] conversations. But since it seems like a bug in this topic's case, I guess they will. A win all around! Also @SatsumaFSoysoy I believe you can instead download UPDATES to the dlc, but I can't remember how you do it. I just know I've had games that let you redo the specific dlc download. maybe somewhere in the eshop?
  2. If Japan didnt' voice them I doubt 8-4 will. It's a shame but that's just how it goes, I guess. The real shame is this probably means the cipher characters won't get voiced conversations either.
  3. I use an assortment of Reinhardt, Azura, Raven, Kagero, Eldigan, Nino (the only 4 star) & Sanaki. Pretty safe team all around, really. The only one I had trouble with was the 5th on hard. Sanaki with the Reinhardt boost and Triangle Adept 3 AND the attack sealjust could not kill hector. She came up with 3 or 4 short, it was absurd.I decided to say screw it and used a light blessing. I still have extras so ~whatever~
  4. Luthier with any of the mages on Celica's side. Silque/Celica and Silque/Genny, as mentioned before. Faye/Celica would have....been quite interesting. Palla/Clive. Older siblings stick together and such. Though honestly any of the pegasus sisters should have had someone else to talk to. Atlas/Lukas would have been good too. Lukas is a prim & proper backwater noble while Atlas is a ...backwater lumberjack. It's a classic!
  5. Only thing I don't care about wrt Leon is that he's going for "literally just lost his entire family like a week ago" Valbar. He could have been attracted to another character without the very recent tragic backstory if nothing else. It's nice that the rest of the cast doesn't make fun of him for it (though it's not like the fates casts made fun of Niles, Rhajat & Solei for their being bi and the only character to get on Forrest's case was his father and that was shown as The Worst Thing so thats nothing new). It's also nice that he's not really obsessive over Valbar...like ok, yes, he is but he's more in the Cordelia-type range and he confronts those feelings. What I'm saying is its nice that he isn't like Faye and Valbar still hangs out with him on friendly terms and isn't off-put by it. Unlike Alm (& Silque, for that matter), who kind of go "uhhhhhhhhhhhh"
  6. Leon could only do so much on my end. The snipers could double him and kill him pretty easily if the illusions weren't near by. My other dudes near hte entrance were als opretty frail. The distractions were much appreciated.
  7. Ok look you made a bunch of points I'd probably touch on but this is... These maps aren't fast. By design, they aren't. Even knowing what I'm doing (positioning, supports, terrain, skill usage, mages), maps take a while because of either movement stuff (the first desert map is absolute garbage, full stop) or more often, because units can't eat through all the hp in a timely manner. Maybe strength is middling? Maybe the enemy HP & defense is high. Maybe you can't double. Maybe the hit rates just won't land in your favor. The stat layouts and growth rates of the game make it difficult to reliably handle enemies in a timely manner. Then there's the wide open maps with a heal spot on the other side of it that weakened enemies (which there will always be!) retreat to. So now you have to spend additional turns chasing them down, hopefully getting them before they hit the heal spot. Alm is in Paladin hell right now and I'm specifically retreating to earlier maps so I don't have to deal with that awful huge zophia field map (the giant one with the river running through it). But even him aside, those heal tiles are in every dang map. Dean's mercs hang out near the temple so Catria & Palla missing their marks causes them to retreat and well guess I'll deal with those later. The desert map before it took even longer because the enemies i finally managed to contact with kept retreating back inside. Celica's third boat map took so many more turns because the Cantor sits on a heal tile, won't move offo it, nearly doubles everyone, has high resistence, the works. Even once you figure out his trick (he'll never attack on his own, mages can't attack if they dont have the hp for it), it still took a while to get the situation to have everyone hit their needed hits, avoid death, etc. Annoying. Slow. Tedious.
  8. Daily Orbs only run for brief periods at a time. The last round ended when celica's banner went live.
  9. Oh, bummer. Yeah there's a 4th area in here I can't access. Shame, I wanted that bow for Leon.
  10. I see a lot of similarities in the map design, but I'm forgiving Awakening because it has stuff in place to help alleviate wide open maps. Enemies are more spread out, there's genereally more little things scattered about (walls, forests, more than a single bridge on a map, rivers, etc). If a map has restrictive movement, there's generally some mobile enemy units to meet you sooner so there's less dead air. Higher stats allow you to more easily handle problems or maintain an even level swarm of enemies. Has more reasonable terrain penalties. More reasonable terrain, in general. I wouldn't make a topic celebrating it as good map design, but, I found myself enjoying it on the whole (except Priam's & Laurent's which are probably the most gaiden maps in the game barring the map that is actually from gaiden)
  11. I just Deen's map, the one you outlined above. That is not a good map. At all. The desert forces everyone to stay on the grassy area so 90% of the map ceases to mattter until you slowly, ever so slowly, send people to help your pegasus sisters take on the myrms randomly near the sole healing tile that does nothing but annoy you. Meanwhile, at the grassy choke point, it's nothing but slowly trying to hit the myrmidons one to three at a time while hoping they dont break through but slightly and slowly going around unless you use invoke in which case everyone just gets clogged. Choke point maps can be fun! If it gives you options and other things to do. Not, well, here's a giant desert with a single grassy lane. Enjoy hoping your units are dodgy enough to keep damage to a minimum since you only really have one healer until Celica spends 4 turns getting to wher everyone else is while you also hope they actually hit. Gaiden doesn't have "damn good" map design. It has annoying map design that's a chore to go through even if you do them "correctly". Annoyance has been the single pervading thought I've had in nearly every map. Like Alm's map near Zofia castle. Why is it so big if there's nothing in it? Why is the heal spot so far away forcing you to chase down cavaliers for 2 turns when the retreat AI kicks in. why the single bridge choke point. Celica has this map early in Act 3 where half the map just does not matter because there's a giant clump of enemies at the start and like one on the other end. Also let us not pretend that Genny's Invoke, or one specific character happening to have the one specific thing for a map suddenly makes these map designs good. It's a bandaid to help cope. Magic, for instance, does not make all those maps with every enemy on 20 avoid castle tiles good maps, it means you rely on shaky rates and magic (with static shaking rates).
  12. what pots Celica's dungeon is 5 circular platforms with nothing on them but an enemy battle
  13. The amiibo page on serenes' main site says that you get gifts from the amiibo dungeons, separate from the item drops. Do you get these upon completing the dungeon? The mila bow would be pretty handy as an early bow but if you need to be in like later act 3 to get it thats kind of lame.
  14. I usually summon a couple illusions at the start of the battle and just let them go have fun. I've seen the AI go for illusoins like 90% of the time unless there's a bunch near Genny as you noticed. The illusoins were the onl thing that made the first desert map palpable since it took the heat off enough to get people into the dang fortress. speaking of There is absolutely 0 reason for them to not have altered the movement penalties to be more modern if nothing else. There's no tactics or strategy involved. There's no difficulty. It's just slowly ever so slowly having your units move to any action whatsoever as you hope that maybe the enemies will come out to you instead of milling about. Mages just get 2 extra squares compared to everyone else's ONE. Celica couldn't do anything on that first map solely because she was in a static position and could only move one square.
  15. There's no limit. Some supports are locked behind story (or act, specifically) progress, but otherwise there's no caveats