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  1. Yeah, she was (Male Robin was 40%) and back before we even knew the theme of the next Tempest it was thought they'd choose one with a GHB already. As such, I kind of suspect that Berkut will be in the next Echoes one (assuming it is Echoes and also that Clive isn't a GHB). We still need more to see if there's any real pattern beyond a lord in 40% (I dont ever see them deviating from this) and an askr in 20%, but I think if the game focused on the tempest has a GHB and/or a free daily unit, there's no reason not to include it. So FE6 Tempest could probably get Zephiel & Sophia, for example.
  2. I want to use one of my spare Pallas to pass along the flier skill, rather than her Moonbow. This will probably be more for the flying quest, but if I ever take fliers into the arena or whatever, it'd be nice to have a back up for match up reasons. Also since I'm usually forced to drag along Caeda it's ncie to have the option to not bring in 2 swords. I have every flier except Hinoka, Minerva, S. Camilla and (bafflingly) Clair. Many of them in duplicates, even. I was thinking maybe Michalis sine he's generally bulky & strong enough that he wouldn't necessarily need the Goad boost as much as my other units, but is there a better go-to for this?
  3. Would one more weapon with dragon effectiveness really be that debilitating? Especially on Roy, of all people? They went ahead and added another (magical, even) dragon effective weapon of a different color. I also don't see what the big deal would be about making it simialr to Raijanto etc would be? There's enough variance in legendary swords that they could have added it to the boy and it'd be fine. At the very least it would have been nice if it was like...+4 defense? Or -4 attack? Sort of an opposite of his dad's sword or his game's main villain's sword. +2 defense & res just feels too little. Actually, while I meant for it act as threaten attack, a weapon that treated the opponent's attack as 4 lower when being attacked could be novel.
  4. In a twist of fate, Cancel Cancel Affinity is exclusive to staff users! It is still a B Skill because they still hate staff users
  5. Just beat squad assault! Felt pretty good about that, got me to actually think about the many units I had Arthur/Subaki/Catria/Kagero (a weak one, just filler b/c my actual kagero is useless in this thing) for the first map, basically a gimmie Nowi/Takumi/S. Robin/Sakura for the second map. This one was annoying because if sakura wasn't in just the right place, Camilla would go into terrible unkillable positioning. Otherwise Nowi takes care of Leo (I gave her a special and triangle adept), takumi's +speed nature and speed lowering skill ensures a kill on camilla, Sakura's heal & Defense boosts ensure S. Robin can weather Xander and then Takumi & Nowi can take care of Elise. Map 3 is by far the hardest, honestly. It's that damn archer! He's way too fast and also too strong!! Thankfully I had my 5* Camus w/ Luna. Camus/Effie/Clarine (w/ Imbue & Physic)/Narcian. Camus moves to the side to get the archer away, Clarine helps heal him between turns, Narcian damages the lance, then he moves under hte tree to safety while effie takes care of the cavs & eventually Roy. I move Camus away at one point once the cavs are gone to heal up, let the archer move to the forest, then kill it. This took...a lot of tries...to figure out the best positioning. Map 4 is horse emblem featuring Ninian as dance support, nothing special. Map 5 was a big sticking point and added even more runs to my counter. I eventually settled on Azura/Donnel/Cordelia/Elise. A lot of kiting was done for Navarre & his Ninja after taking care of the other Ninja & Wrys. Cordelia was here to eat through Wrys' HP, Donnel was the big MVP here. It took several runs to figure out how to kit them around, who survives, what's needed. DOnnel with the attack seal and kindled fire balm has enough attack to kill the other ninja (who will absolutely kill everyone) in one kill. He also has plenty of HP & defense to survive ar ound of combat with Navarre. But now I have the seal which I appreciate more now that i've realized how many units would enjoy the extra 3 hp for strats...and also the 2 orbs. I have thrown so many orbs, basically every free orb i can get my hands on, at Sonya's banner. I threw 60 at it initially (& another 60 at Delthea) and got nothing (From either banner). Since then, I have done enough full pulls to get the rate to 5% and I am livid. Despite missing a number of 4*s I also keep getting screwed on that front...we really need more 3 stars. I am sick and tired of pulling Azamas and other trash. And at this point I just want *A* five star. It doesn't even have to be one of the focus units! Ideally a 5* I don't already have. Just something to make the 160 orbs worth it. How many orbs are required for the "wow, i'm so sorry, just take one" pity 5*?
  6. That's Squad Assault, Chain Challenge gives feathers & orbs and works like the tempest Also the 6/10 map CC variants having even more stat inflation is The Worst. The Paralogues in particular have screwed me on this several times. Got to the end of the new mystery/summer paralogue marathon and everything fell apart but before that my nowi strat on the first map also fell apart instantly.
  7. Took my newly trained Titania & Xander on my runs this week, guest starring Gronnblade (not+, also 3*) Cecilia. Did prety well, upper 4600. Reinhardt still ridiculous, but having a sword with range is equally so (also: bonfire). Would probably be 4700, but I lost a unit at one point. Though I definitely got lucky, I didn't bring my dancer for the first time in ages so i did some pretty stupid positioning. I need to seriously overhaul cecillia's moveset though...probably pass along the ward skill chain.
  8. That's a shame, his strats with the free units were always neat. imagine after 6 months, though, they became second nature to him.
  9. Yeah but you could only have one of them if they go the seal route. Forests still slow them down. 0 access to range aside from EP Armads. It would absolutely change the game, but I also doubt it'd instantly break it any more than a dancer already does.
  10. Something I think would be interesting: Move+1 Have it so ranged units and cavalry units can't use it (and maybe no dancers either), of course, but the ability to have an infantry of your choice move 3 spaces would be a big deal. And armors could move normally! I honestly expect a move skill of some sort to be added eventually, but a seal would be a good water testing. Aside from that I'd just like to see what kind of weird original seals they'd make. Phantom Speed's a pretty quirky skill, having more niche things could be fun.
  11. I was the same way until I actually swapped in for Luna and started getting significantly more kills because of it. Also Rising Thunder has the unfortunate side effect of making vantage proc. since it counts as a separate attack and all
  12. It will probably remain the major focus since it's the newest game and its a slow summer for3ds. I suspect once Warriors hits, they'll let up a bit and transition back to random stuff (since the playable cast will likely be ones already in heroes in the first place...). I still think that a big 4,5,8 focuses will be saved for "season 2" or whatever next year.
  13. Keep the echoes train rolling, I want to see if we can get the full playable cast in this bad boy within the year. We already have 17 of them counting the pegasus sisters (I'm still thinking we'll get Zeke as a separate one eventually), plus Clive coming either as GHB or here.
  14. I think they might play up the interworld mix up more on the next one, just for variety's sake. e: Like they could easily pull in some archanea maps if they so chose
  15. The Kids dlc also I think does play off Revelation in addition to Birthright & Conquest. But in a version of it where everything went bad. Shigure is from that timeline/dimension. The DLC is a bit of an odd duck in general since iirc