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  1. That's actually cheap, relatively speaking. A few years ago it was like...80-100 Don't look up Path of Radiance's prices
  2. They probably only came up with the theme after looking at the units that won. If different units had won, they almost certainly have gone for a different theme, either one that matched the set or a more generic theme. For instance, maybe everyone would be in fancy regalia. CYL Lucina only barely has the theme for that matter. Her armor, despite what her description says, isn't really based on Chrom and her lance is entirely original. Even if they kept the few lines about Chrom not having time to teach her the lance, they could have kept this for a bunch of other themes.
  3. If it's just a banenr full of normal units it will probably just go live when the warrior maps do next week
  4. they have legendary weapons so they would almost certainly get some cool effect. After Seliph, most legendary weapons are pretty good
  5. Ok but really an amusing banner would be instead of 5* focus its like...1* focus of normally 5* units
  6. Those are pretty common, but I still see some vantage users who only attack up close or at a distance time to time.
  7. All of those characters were also probably locked in before the poll even went live.
  8. As a pure non-battle skill, I don't think Valor is why Gray got into 5*. ARguably its the wind boost (Fire Boost is also 5* only. Waterboost is technically available on a 4* but its a GHB and only gets the last one on 5*s), since the worst boost (earth) is the only one ona 4* unit. At the very least I just can't see them valuing "thing that kind of helps with grinding for one specific weapon type" that much, you know? I mean, the Experience skills were also introduced on a seasonal unit (Chrom), then was on a 5* exclusive unit (Faye) but now they seem fine with making them 4* (Mae, Athena)
  9. I bet our next flying sword (who if we're lucky will be in the FE4 banner?) will be the inverse of Caeda: slow, good attack, good defense, bad res. Or maybe red subaki.
  10. Hey does the japanese version really not have the unique "map entrance" quotes? I was curious if they had roy & ike do some japanese meme since their smash cheers were just name chants and then i saw the note on this video https://youtu.be/4VFygrcuTOE
  11. noooo brave lucina has aether this stupid skill and its stupid 500 sp cost i swear. Chrom aside it's on 5* exclusive units so getting sp for it and the rest of their kit. At least I have S. Robin for once I'm done getting her to level 40 side note i hope the upcoming banners include 4* units with the valor skills. It's a little silly that 3 of them were seasonal and the other (Gray) is 5* exclusive.
  12. Also adding to #2 being inevitable is because they are currently (& thankfully!) sticking to their BST guidlines they've had since the start. The only exceptions, I think, have been CYL Ike & Lyn and that's a 2 point (?) boon due to being the most popular characters. There's only so many ways to rearrange the stats before you land on optimization. I think the power creep conversation will be more pertinent if they start upping the BSTs on a larger scale Elincia's stat spread isn't even that different from cordelia and flying needed stronger red units anyway. May as well make the popular(ish?) one with the unique brave weapon good out of the box, fill that niche like you said
  13. Also Elincia literally came out right after everyone had immediate and free access to one of the game's best archers
  14. out of curiosity did people ever figure out how to get these stats without them being a bit off by a couple points even if not more than elicnia getting the the black knight