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  1. I'm indifferent to it but it is pretty weird that they made these unique modeled costumes but dont let you just...wear them. Contrast with the actual costumes, which are just recolors. And I assume all the other, normal costumes you unlock in the DLC will be recolors as well. The 2 we have are honestly pretty nice, even. They're basically causal or work out clothes. I was expecting something a bit skeevier, so to speak.
  2. Free Update / Nov 16

    what controller are you using? I'm using the joycons but did some crest stuff earlier and didnt have it stick or anything.
  3. Free Update / Nov 16

    Ah I just got that one, but I thought it was Warrior+. I'm guessing that the theme for all the weapon rewards (aside from armorbreak) is to give access to a bunch of useful skills on expendable weapons
  4. Free Update / Nov 16

    Yeah I was abotu to ask if "Warrior Gift" was a skill we had already since I hadn't seen it. Full Warrior Gauge after every 300 Kill. Seems like a handy filler skill. Does anyone who has the final temple know if there's more potions added in the update? I'm at the second to last level and have Armor Strike Blessing I & II. I assume there's a third.
  5. Free Update / Nov 16

    i appreciate that the gold material rewards are for the current non-playables. Can't say no to a free chaos dragon gem
  6. Free Update / Nov 16

    the NoA twitter tweeted a few hours ago that the update would be coming today, but didn't acknowledge that it's been late to switch, so it's even more odd
  7. I could see them putting some of these in different classes if they really wanted to. Like Bow Knight Severa, or Axe Soleil(see also, Raven).
  8. Good news, the tempest was datamined too
  9. Seems the theme, judging by the paralogue title is
  10. It's possible 3 of them will be in a banner (and all be 5*s....) and one will be a tempest reward.
  11. I like these units but I'll probably stick to halloween banner. The green unit can just...go on the pile...with all the other greens i have yet to pull.
  12. Judging by the datamine (weapons, characters)...
  13. please don't spoil Christmas Felicia's gimmick thanks