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  1. Ideally, before rolling out Alts, we'd have more banners with 1 really popular unit and then 1-2 so-so units. Some judgement calls probably needed for a while (hell if I know what to do with most of FE1's cast) and then once you start getting into iffier popularity sure let's start bringing in alts to help bolster things. I've been a little surprised they haven't split up the more popular characters into their own headlining banners, really. Like Michaiah's banner, she probably could have just lead it on her own while Sothe or Zelgius get their owns and in their place maybe get 2 of idk Dawn Brigade people. The first fates kids banner could have had either of Shiro or Siegbert lead their banner and then sneak in 1-2 of the less popular birthright/conquest kids. A Conquest banner with Siegbert, Soleil and Ignatius, for example. Ignatius was the least loved fates kid (& I think below Candace & Nichol?!) so he's going to need bolstering regardless. Then follow with a birthright banner later on. The Kanas were never super popular, but I think Shigure could have carried it and saved the emergency Hinoka button when we run out of heavy hitters to carry the likes of Izana or Shura (i dont remember how they ranked, replace those 2 with whoever). Or have Kana-F handle things if she was more popular, and throw Shigure into his own headliner later on. I haven't checked all the polls. Hopefully the gist gets across. But maybe I'm too optimistic on # popular characters:sales ratio. I'm also someone who wants a "least popular" banner with Glade on the basis of I feel bad for them and it'd be funny.
  2. Ryoma can heart seal into Pegasus Knight and by extension become a Kinshi Knight. In fact, all of the Hoshido siblings & Azura can become Kinshi Knights. ANd obviously, with the proper friendship and lover seals (exact name escape me) he can become a vanilla Archer.
  3. Yeah pretty much my thoughts. It's going to keep happening just like 3 man banners will keep happening (exceptions to the thracia & CYL banners) so at this point i'm settling for "okay but at least have a weird niche and outfit". Like I'd prefer if the 3rd unit on this banner was, like, some other fates kid or reina or w/e but at least Hinoka looks neat and has a special niche to fill. And while i can think of several units that could easily be made red horse mages, its like, fine, if you're going to give an Eirika alt then there's worse things than red horse mage. The only other one is leo, after all. We have a billion horse swords. Chrom didn't need a horse with sword. Reinhardt &/or Olwen were frustratingly inevitable (though like red tome horse eirika, we did need another permanent green horse mage) but they could have like....gotten some outfit changes? I know they're still master knights and all, but accessorize a little, pull out some colored cloth. Or significant changes in demeanor for their poses, like possessed celica and Grobins got. I'm lowering the bar pretty far here guys, just take a little step over it. I'm generally fine with the male/female alts, at least. Like I get that easily, and its nice they don't really beat around the bush with it. Getting normal, permanent Shigure is also fine and I'll be equally fine when Charlotte & Inigo get added properly. I'll also throw out that I'm okay with all the legendary alts because its clear that's the land of alts (...for now....just know they'll throw in a new non-oc, non-alt character in there sooner or later....) and maybe the occasional OC (i'm guessing once one of the fire twins die they'll be thrown in). It's its own thing, segregated from everyone else As an aside, did a release date for those acrylic stands ever get an actual date than just "Late April"
  4. Sometimes it just seems like a whim. Kana-M being blue is probably a direct reference to his mom being blue and you can maybe jump through some logic on grima-m being green through some divine stuff but then you have things like green kana and colorless grima and its just like, well, we wanted these colors so that's what they are. Same kind of applies to mages, really. Did Sonya really need (Dark) Excalibur and thus be green? Halloween Henry's tome could have been anything. I'm not unconvinced Nino got the green slot entirely because they wanted green mages and her hair's green.
  5. This could be another Clive situation. Clive was added into the game with Celica/Alm army banners on Jul 13th, but he wasn't available until August's Tempest, which started on August 11th
  6. Blue Breath, you can see him on the map at the very end of the trailer. I feel like I usually see Goad stacking than Ward stacking, but fair enough. Steady Stance, then? They were fine giving that to Black Knight and I wouldn't mind an extra source of that for my healers and such.
  7. I'm guessing that this Kana will also have Waterstone+ and maybe...Ward Dragons? To parallel Kana-F's goad dragons? That'd be fun. Still keeps it premium since you'd only have access to 3 Kana-Ms.
  8. Sadly even if this was a 4 charater banner I bet they wouldn't do it. Fierce Stance & Goad Dragons still feel too premium for them to drop a unit like that down. And they seem to have an allergic reaction to 4* greens. Since launch, only 3 green units were added to the 4* pool and the last time they did that was Boey last May. Kana-M will probably have Waterbreath, at least? That'll be nice.
  9. Rewarding units with ID would be a fun change, though seems a bit pie in the sky How is she a horrible person? The worst thing she does is have battle lust (hardly a trait unique to her) and disobeyed her parent's wishes to get into the royal knights. But also her parent's wishes were just to be a domestic wife & didn't want to entertain the idea of her doing the thing she likes so, like, not going to put that on her. Like I side eye a lot of Fates characters' behaviors but Reina seems fine. e: Should have refreshed earlier. She's nothing like Peri. Peri has always killed anyone, friend or foe, since she was a child. She's also emotionally stunted and does whatever, in general. Reina only kills her enemies and otherwise is pretty personable. She's more similar to Oboro, if anything.
  10. being thrown on a banner is always possible, but it seems odd. Rhajat was specifically noted in the same introductory trailer to be in the upcoming Gauntlet banner which seemed like a direct response to the Ayra backlash. And they haven't done that separation since then, unless you get into the pattern with Legendary banners; but then they have the foresight to not include the legendary units anywhere in their trailers or story chapters (ie: Grima-F was no where to be seen until she was revealed) Though, I guess the banner's kind of weird in general. Kana-M is strange as GHB fodder, its a 3 man banner despite us getting 4 last banner, Kaze is here but we have no upcoming event he'd connect to and isn't acknowledged in the notices, the first new archer they add after adding support for colored bows is...colorless.
  11. I don't think they'll care since it will just be an alternate world's veronica. Well, they'll probably care in so far as having characters acknowlede it as weird (personally, i'd like it to be an AU where she didnt get cursed by a blood dragon), but beyond that nah. It'll be silly to have CYL Veronica before actual Veronica but I don't see them rushing everythig through asap just so we can have a free, normal Veronica before CYL hits. Shoot actually getting Veronica may not have ever been in the cards outside of CYL stuff. It's not like they've thrown us a Bruno for example, and he's way easier to do so at this point.
  12. That seemed to be part of the implication with her ending, why it surprised people and that she married someone "no one expected." Part of that might be literally who she married but if its not an older man it still qualifies. Oh this reminds me, is there no where in this that mentions ages of the cast? That surprised me since Echoes wound up being one of the few games that actually gave ages for almost everyone (Berkut, Fernand & Rinea being the big exceptions; Rudolf & Jedah had their ages for some reason), even if they did go unused.
  13. I thought we already knew it was an affair but double checking her dialog the only mention of her father is her final base conversation. Though I suppose it doesnt take much to read between the lines. Being nobility might also explain hedging her "story" as a princess looking for a King other than just romantiscizing the story. Man it's a shame Genny only got one support. Her base convo and her Sonya support were great, it'd have been nice to get a support with Boey or Mae. A priory DLC going on weird adventures would have been a fun counterpoint to the Deliverance dlc....
  14. Which unit(s) don't you want to have as pitybreaker?

    In general, I'd like new units rather than repeats of those I already had, but thankfully the culling helped a lot Aside from that, some specifics are Red: Eldigan, Karel, Ryoma, Sanaki because Fury, Desperation,Vantage and TA area all super common as-is. I'll merge them but I'd rather get others, you know? Soleil because I actually have 2 spares of her and that's about all I'll need so far as Firesweep Swords go. Everyone else I either don't have or offer good stuff (Swift Sparrow, Quick Riposte, Aether, Flier Formation or DB3*) Blue: Basically just Azura. I already have a spare for her and I've still not found a user for her sapphire lance. Olwen because she has nothing I'd mulch her for and same for Ninian who I pulled thrice.... Green: Julia. She offers me nothing but merges. Sonya I'd prefer not getting multiples of, but at least she has res ploy. Colorless: Jaffar. Everyone else I either don't have or they've got coveted skills. I mean Life & Death 3 is nice, I guess, but if I'm pulling on colorless I'm bound to get more Sothes so... *I don't pull on colorless that often so I'm usually scrounging around for sources of DB3
  15. I don't know how people abuse archers. I feel like it takes way too long to get there and i always get hit out of it by random stuff. And even when I finally hit one with it there's a lot of times where it knocks them back in such a way that the guage just disappers before I can make progress on it? Even with all the badges? That's not really an archer-specific issue but I notice it enough with them thats its just like "well that was a total waste of time". The gauges in this game are weird...sometimes landing on their back removes it instantly no matter what, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes the gauge very definitely disappears before a combo starts but i'll instantly break it as my combo starts???? Anyway I should note I've not thrown critical focus on all my magse & archers and wouldn't fight to the death to have it on ~optimal builds~, just that there's nice use cases depending on your play style. I just don't like grinding out skills, so I have like 2 across all of them and it's nice when it comes up but I don't worry about it even if my others deal with normal gauges more often than not. Also that's good to know, honestly feel like it's something that should have been explicitly stated but I guess acknowledinge this months-present game crashing bug would be bad press.