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  1. This is yet another banner that makes me question the the honesty of the odds... After getting totally screwed by the last herofest banner, I thought surely this one can't go wrong with no non-focus pity breakers and a starting rate of 8%. I initially had 120 orbs saved up when it started and wound up spending them all just to get spring Xander after the 6th session. And I have only done full pulls with this banner not skipping a single orb. I then reached the 11% rate again and got Hector. If every orb really has a rate of 8% initially, then the chances of reaching 11% on full sessions should be less than 1%, and reaching it twice in a row should be odds of less than 0.01%... I would be tempted to say Lady Luck hates me, but I think I've seen way too many other people reach 11% for that to be the case... After disappointments like this, in the future they'll need to include extra rewards or guarantees (like spending more than a hundred orbs on a banner gets you a free one star skill-less summon of one of the characters, or a butt load of feathers) or I'll likely convert to F2Pism...
  2. 2nd Hero Fest characters revealed!

    And now the focus rate has reached 9.06%... If I spend a few thousand more orbs until it reaches 100% then I'm guaranteed that each pull will be a five star, right? lol I still can't help but feel some rule that applies to other banners just doesn't apply to this one. In the past, 5% seemed to be the point where it was "get what you're after or get screwed by one you don't want". I remember my worst luck always being that I'd end up getting a 5* I didn't want. Back when the bridal blessing banner was around, I really wanted Cordelia, but wound up summoning Lyn 7 times before finally getting Cordelia. Now the same thing seems to be happening with Gray, I've gotten him 3 times when I only want Celica. Usually it would be the 5% range where my worst fear would be, "If I'm after a certain unit and their color orb doesn't appear, I'll be forced to choose a different color and there's a high chance it'll be a 5 star I don't want that'll reset my rate", which has happened quite a few times. Among all my dealings with past banners, never had I ever reached 6%. I remember reading something about there supposedly being being pity orbs that you'd have a high chance of getting after reaching the "dreaded 5%" range that'll kinda force a 5 star on you. From my past experience with all banners up to now, I felt like that did in fact seem to be the case. Either that's true and this banner is an exception to it (To "compensate" for the fact that it starts at 5%, possibly? If that's the case, forget this, just give me the good ol' 3% banners!), or Lady Luck has decided to forsaken me on this one banner alone. lol Edit: And after spending hundreds of orbs and reaching over a 10% focus rate, I finally got a 5 star unit... F***ing Marth, of whom I already have a merged 5 star version and seven 4 star versions (six being from this very banner!). Screw this crap! I'm never touching a hero fest banner again! I'll support normal banners as long as they continue to give their pity at 5%, but if I ever see a banner starting at 5% again I will know to take that as a huge red flag to not waste a penny on it!
  3. 2nd Hero Fest characters revealed!

    It looks like this is a trap to trick people into wasting orbs. With it starting at 5% and with a free summon it seemed like a very good deal. I don't think I've ever had a banner go very far past 5% without pulling a 5* unit until now. I just spent several dozen orbs and haven't gotten any 5* at all. And the % is going up slower than usual; normally a full summon session raises it by .25%, but not here! After several summoning sessions I'm now at 6.88%. I can't help but wonder if that is BS and I should just give up on this apparent scam banner altogether right now... Be weary.
  4. Any ways to get more of these items?

    Yeah, maybe "confirmed" wasn't technically the right word there, but at this point it's such a logical assumption that it may as well be confirmed. lol At this point, hoping for more Fates DLC is like hoping for more Awakening DLC. It makes no sense from a business perspective to keep waiting and waiting to release the last maps if they were ever going to do so in the first place since the longer they wait the less people will pay as more and more folks will have moved on. And we're only a few weeks away from the next game releasing. Promoting an older game is not something I would be expecting to happen at this point. Ironic, considering the next game apparently is supposed to work with the Corrin amiibo, yet the very game where he debuted won't... Maybe a miracle will happen and they'll do a final update to make it compatible with a feature like, "Use it once a day to get rare items including hero/exalt brands and the unreleased skill scrolls! That's right! You want a complete game? You gotta buy our short supplied, all scalped up, worthless pieces of plastic! Mwahahaha!" Though I don't even see that happening at this point. Speaking of the next game, it looks like it is being localized by 8-4. If I'm not mistaken, they did awakening. Does the blame for us getting an incomplete game ultimately fall on Treehouse? If so, we can only pray to Naga that they never localize a FE game again. I couldn't care less about how much they butchered the characters/story/dialogue, I I only care about gameplay and content which localization usually doesn't impact. But flat out denying us a chunk of the content that leaves us with a gimped game is unforgivable. I guess I just keep hoping that some sort of glitch/exploit will eventually be found with the way crazy things are always being found in old games. But as of now, it does look like cheating/hacking is the only option. Looking around, it seems somebody made a convoy editor which looks like just the solution to my problem... but I can't figure out if there's any way to get such a thing to work with the digital version of the game. It'll be a pain to have to get a physical copy just to achieve such a small goal...
  5. Have there by chance been any glitches/exploits/cheats discovered that can let you obtain more of an item you already have? The reason I'm wondering is because I really want to get more hero/exalt brands. I completed Before Awakening a while ago and didn't use them due to my hesitance on "only once" options. I was waiting endlessly for the festival maps that provide more to be released outside Japan, but it has now been confirmed that isn't going to happen. So Japan gets infinite hero/exalt brands while the rest of the world gets a big middle finger. (Couldn't they have just done something like a tiny update to Before Awakening to work endlessly at least instead of just leaving us hanging?...) Instead of just accepting that finger, I've decided I'll do whatever I need to get them, even throw away my morals up to now and join the dark side of hacking. I have the digital version of the game. So I can't use Powersaves and such. Have any data savvy guys found a way to do something like edit your SD cards .sav file to again think you haven't completed Before Awakening, or increase the number of an item? It's probably just a matter of changing one saved variable somewhere... Or is there another means of achieving this goal? Any help would be appreciated.