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  1. Hacking PAL Roms with FEditor?

    Heya, everyone! So, I've finally got another problem. Whoohoo! A streamer on twitch and dear friend of mine and myself are trying to do a Pick My Edits on Fire Emblem 7 for his community. And since he's a German Streamer with a German community we wanted to do the whole thing with the PAL Rom. I already thought that it wouldn't be that simple and ... well, it isn't. Is there any way to hack the PAL Rom with FEditor? Or do we have to do everything with the USA Rom? Wouldn't be that bad, I guess since he only wants the gameplay and I can translate everything else. But, well, it'd more work than it needed to be. Thanks for any answers and have a beautiful day! Greetings, Cattléya.
  2. Fire Emblem 6 will not save?

    Hello, Community! In a prior posting I already said that I am trying to translate Fire Emblem 6 into German. So after I found a patch for characters like ä or ß I've got another problem. The game won't save anymore after I edited the text. And the chapter names won't show up either in the save game menu, I think that has to do with the first problem. Can anyone tell me how to fix that? Thank you so much for any replies. Cattléya
  3. [Solved] Characters like ä oder é in FEditor?

    Thank you for the idea with the patch! I searched trough google and found a patch for FE6 that converts some symbols into the characters I need. (:
  4. Hello, everyone! First question: I just got into hacking and may have a lot of questions while exploring FEditor and Nightmare and all that stuff. Is it okay for me to open a topic each time a problem I cannot solve myself shows up? Or should I start a topic where I collect my questions? Anyways. I'm trying to do a German translation patch for FE6 for a friend of mine. And FEditor seems to screw the game up a little when I try to type characters like ä, ö or ü, é and so on. And it doesn't show the character of course. Most likely because they aren't american / english / japanese characters. Is there any way to fix that? Thank you so much for any replies! (:
  5. Simple event editing using Event Assembler

    Thanks a lot for your answers, Primefusion and Orange Juice! That was the problem! Thank you! I knew it was that simple, haha.
  6. Simple event editing using Event Assembler

    Hello, everyone! I dunno if there are still people looking around here, but ... I've got some small problem with the Event Assembler. I think it's pretty simple ... but I just don't know what to do about it. My .txt-file just won't show up in Event Assembler. And I don't have any clue how to fix that. Or why I even have that problem. Thank you for any help! I hope, I'm not being too stupid, haha.
  7. Thank you for your quick answers! @Silent_Boii: The maximum amount of colours a sprite can have are 16 with background. If I understood it right, it doesn't matter if there are less than 16 colours. @CR075: Ohh, that was the problem! Thanks a lot! There actually were a few pixels of other colours that I wasn't able to see before using Usenti. I didn't even notice there was that pallette viewer thing, haha.
  8. Hello, everyone! I just got "theory based" into hacking some weeks ago and I finally wanted to get into the practical parts. And ... I've got some problems with custom sprite insertion on FEditor. So, I've got this mug and it won't show up in FEditor. I counted the colours multiple times - and always counted 14 - and I also checked the size of the image, the order of the frames ... and I just cannot find my mistake. I bet it's something totally simple, urgh. Maybe some of the more advanced hackers out there can help me? It'd be wonderful to know what I am doing wrong. Hope you all have a nice week and thanks already for any replies.
  9. Getting lost in the forest.

    Thanks a lot, Ycine! (:
  10. Getting lost in the forest.

    Good evening, everyone! (: I really don't know how to start that whole introduction thing, because I'm really, really bad at those. Well, uhm, I'll start with my name and all that general stuff, I guess. I'm Cattléya, Catty or Cat for short if you want, and even though I really enjoy English and understand it kind of fluenty, I don't write it perfectly. Especially tenses make me go crazy sometimes, haha, since I'm actually from Germany. I hope you all don't mind and we'll get along well anyway. I really enjoy reading and creative writing, I'm currently working on my own Fire Emblem inspired novel (even though its setting is more science fiction than classic fantasy) and plenty of short stories and short projects as well, which can have any genre from romance to drama and fantasy or simply everything mixed together. Those are mostly in German, even though I'm trying to write in English from time to time. Some of my favourite books are "A Song of Ice and Fire" (and of course I love "Game of Thrones", too) and my absolute favourite would be "The Last Elf" by Silvana De Mari. Apart from that I read any genre I'm writing in - especially science fiction and fantasy. Oh, and I'm interested in botaniy, I love plants and flowers and find them to be absolutely fascinating. I enjoy Anime and Manga as well, even though I don't have that much time for them. I totally love Animes like "Sword Art Online" and "Hai To Genshou no Grimgar" but I enjoy classic Shoujo Romance as well. I'm reading and watching kind of everything, except from Ecchi. And Shounen usually isn't my genre either, at least if there's a lot of "You're way superior to me but I'll beat you with the power of friendship anyway!" stuff in it. At the moment the manga I love the most would be "A Silent Voice". Besides that I really spend a lot of time with video games. Some games I totally love (excepting Fire Emblem) would be The Legend of Zelda (it breaks my heart that I wasn't able to play Breath of the Wild yet), Pokémon, Fatal Frame (which would be my favourite game series of all time after Fire Emblem), Monster Hunter and Xenoblade (especially Xenoblade Chronicles X). I also enjoy Splatoon very, very much but I haven't played it in a while but I'm totally going to change that tomorrow. And of course there's Fire Emblem. My first Fire Emblem game ever was Sacred Stones which will always have a special place in my heart, but my favourite titles would be the Tellius Saga and The Blazing Blade. There's so much that connects me to those three games and they simply take my breath away each time I start them again. I also played any game from Fire Emblem 6 up to Fire Emblem 14 and Fire Emblem 4, too. But I haven't fully played through 4 and 12 yet. If I had to name some favourite characters they'd be Nephenee, Tiki and Azura. But of course there are a lot more, those would just be the three I love the most. And finally, why I came here. The main reason would be the huge Fire Emblem Cipher / TCG area, there's nothing comparable to that in German forums. And I just need some people to exchange my love for those cards with, maybe even trade with. But of course I'll look around in the other areas as well and maybe you'll find a post from me time to time, even though I'm more the passive type of a forum user, haha. (: Thank you so much for reading this huge wall of text. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I hope you all have a beautiful evening! Sincere Regards.