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  1. Good news for users of Wallpaper Engine. I hope you will enjoy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1410789748
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes (JavaScript Database) BETA Library of the game data of the Fire Emblem Heroes. Install <script src="feh.js"></script> Used var Anna = new Hero('Anna'); alert(Anna.Type); // Commander alert(Anna.MoveType); // Infantry var Azura = new Hero('Azura'); alert(Azura.FiveStars.MinAtk[1]); // 5 (4-5-6) All Commands Hero.Name - return name. Hero.Gender - return gender. Hero.Type - return type. Hero.MoveType - return move type. Hero.WeaponType - return weapon type. Hero.ImageURL - return url images. {Portrait, Attack, Special, Injured} var Anna = new Hero('Anna'); alert(Anna.ImageURL.Attack); // https://github.com/ranford98/fehjs/blob/master/src/Anna/Full_Attack_Anna.png Hero.TwoStars, ThreeStars, FourStars, FiveStars - return stats and skills. {MinHP, MinAtk, MinSpd, MinDef, MinRes, MaxHP, MaxAtk, MaxSpd, MaxDef, MaxRes, Skills{Weapons, Assists, Specials, Passives}} var Anna = new Hero('Anna'); alert(Anna.ThreeStars.MinAtk); // 6 alert(Anna.ThreeStars.Skills.Passives); // Array('Spur Res 1', 'Spur Res 2', 'Vantage 1') Examples var Anna = new Hero("Anna"); var Sharena = new Hero("Sharena"); if (Anna.ThreeStars.MinAtk < Sharena.ThreeStars.MinAtk) { alert("Anna: " + Anna.ThreeStars.MinAtk + " | Sharena: " + Sharena.ThreeStars.MinAtk + "\nSharena Win!"); // Anna: 6 | Sharena: 7 // Sharena Win! } GitHub: https://github.com/Ranford98/fehjs
  3. FE: Awakening Hacking Topic

    Hi. I'am decoded the file status_u.ctpk.lz via FEAT. As a result, I got a folder with PNG and XML files. I changed them and encrypted them back with ctpktool. After that, I used DSDecmp4 to encrypt the file and got status_u.ctpk.lz Collected ROM and launched in Citra. As a result, I received a green screen instead of a texture. What to do?