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  1. Who has the "best art"?

    My number one pick would have to be LEphraim's art followed by Leif's art for the best artwork. Tomoyo's work on regular Ephraim's armor was already by far the best thing ever, but Lephraim's armor takes it up to a new level. The amount of detail and choice of design and texture is too perfect. The only slight problem is that it makes Lephraim's face look too out of place, but that's kinda necessary to remind us that this godly armor is actually for this cartoonish lord. Leif's art is a strong second place because the texture is by far one of the cleanest and nicest looking things I have ever seen. It's again mainly because of the armor and the design here is phenomenal, but not as extraordinary as Asatani Tomoyo's Lephraim. My only complaint about Leif's art is his facial expression, it should be a little more determined and angry looking like Leif is in Thracia. Other notable artworks would be: - Summer Corrin / Bridal Tharja - The glossy texture on their art makes them look unique and really cool in general. - Celica / Fallen Celica - She always had such clean art with a bunch of cool textures. Her hair especially is really cool. - Genny - Falls in the same boat as Celica. Her special art is especially amazing. She looks different than most of Amagaitaro's other works. - Ares / Valter - They both have pitch perfect body proportions and their armor is casual but embraces the casualness with perfect lighting, shading and coloring. - Innes - I know there's Arvis and Saias here too, but I think Innes design is the most spot on and little bit of everything such as a nice clothing texture and silky hair texture. Innes' clothing design in general is amazingly well done. - Kita Senri - She always makes wholesome PoR/RD style artwork. My favoritr is Brave Ike, Karel and Karla.
  2. Linde with Celica's tome and Arvis' Recovery Ring is also pretty note worthy. Hardin with Flame Siegmund is also pretty potent though probably not as much as Winter Chrom with Berserk Armads or KE! Chrom / Fallen Robin M with Dire Thunder.
  3. Perhaps Arden with Divine Tyrfing or Meisterschwert? Although he can't be merged as highly. Linde with Ishtar's tome would also be slighly more powerful than Ishtar. Zelgius with Radiant Aether might also be pretty broken.
  4. Characters you wish you could recruit?

    I can't believe I haven't said this before, but Reinhardt, Ishtar, Byron and Arvis. Just a little bit of fun abusing their power for an entire map would be nice. EditL Oh... and also Phila from Awakening.
  5. Rate the Unit, Day 83: Olwen (Green) & Nanna

    New Rating System Reinhardt: Combat: this is needless to say, but double Brave Magic damage that's blue colored and his slighlty more might than ordinary Brave Weapons is god damn amazing. What makes it even more amazing is that Reinhardt uses it while riding on a horse, and having decently high Atk with an Atk boon. This guy is the peak of Blue Mages. I give him a 10/10 for combat Skills: Vantage 3 fodder, if you don't want to build him up. Even has Goad Cavalry at 5* rarity. 9/10 for skill Inheritance. That gives him a total rating of... ahhh... 10/10. Olwen: Her weapon is amazing, but not the best thing for her. She has Spd that can be used for something, but that's in trade of lower Atk than Reinhardt, and less mixed defenses. If heavily merged she can start to be very decent though. The good thing is Horse Emblem buffs can carry her a long way so I'll give her a 6/10 for combat. Only available at 5 stars so not the best. Has Reposition if you find her completely useless, as well as Ward Cavalry. Warding Blow kinda sucks. 4/10 for Skills. Total Rating: 5.9/10 ~> 6/10
  6. Blade Tomes with Awakening level rallies sound like they could be useful, especially considering rallies in Fates didn't help as much as temporary Stat Booster items, or taking another action like Heal or Attack. Though Bladetomes would have to be relatively mediocre at base so as to not be over powered. You could one shot people with certain specials so I think a slightly low accuracy or Hit rate would be balanced like 65-70%. I'd like it if 100% HP Desperation were a skill because I think that's very useful for characters who just focus on their Spd more than any other stat. Brash Assault seems kinda overkill, and Quick Riposte isn't bad if it only works while at 100% HP, I think it could also make bosses who can counter at 1-2 range more difficult, especially with Vantage. Fury would also be nice as a skill for Laguz-like units, especially if they're Lion or Tiger related classes, though I would make it +4/5 to each stat if it deducted 6 HP after each battle, I'd also change the HP loss by 5 HP instead of 6. Or maybe make the buffs greater and the HP loss greater so that their amazing stats and utility could be used a limited amount of times, and have to be positioned well.
  7. Best FE dad?

  8. Official Pull Topic

    After summoning on a 4.5% pity rate, I finally got a +Spd/-HP Karla on my alt acc.. It's great, but I've practically wasted so many free orbs for just one Karla lol. Hopefully I'll be able to get a surprise Hector for DC.
  9. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    Yeah, Nino always does her best, she needed an Atk+3 even after all those buffs though to kill that Sword unit. Linus just has pathetic Res, Nino showed no mercy. As for my Ephraim, well this is one of those time's where his Res boon came in handy, though you could easily replace the A slot with TA 3, and he could still kill that dagger. Overall I'd say anyone with the right units could do it, especially if you replace Nino with a Blue Bladetome, the buff from PA!Azura should be enough to kill Linus, and the blue mage, and the lance flier of course. My easiest GHB run yet.
  10. Wanted Bound Hero Battle Pairs

    - Chrom and Robin: A really interesting duo, and they both contrast each other stat-wise, weapon-wise and color-wise. Robin is like Chrom's best friend, also if you put Green Robin she covers Chrom's threats to some degree, and also it could mean husband and wife for some people who married Robin to Chrom. - Ares and Lene - Because Ares' followed his true destiny thanks to her. - Caeda and Marth - First ever royal couple.
  11. What the story is about...

    Maybe they should've made more than Three Houses, and maybe there are, but the most powerful three are the most important in the realm. Which is a bit disappointing because it seems like the world design is very simplistic with just three houses or factions. I think as the MU, you decide which house or lord to work with, and that essentially takes the rest of the plot on it's own course, but regardless of which house you choose you end up dealing with some mystical force related to that goddess lady. People are saying it's about fighting against organized religion that seems like something IS would do, yep. My hope is that character designs will at least make up for a cliche plot. Like maybe we don't have to have a completely ruthless conqueror type character that is just pure evil for the sake of being evil, or possessed by some dark god. Maybe each character has their good attributes and actions, but also their bad, and we don't get perfect lords who can only understand good deeds.
  12. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Omae wa mou shindieru. In a more serious note the MU seems like an appeal to Robin since he's a teacher who has a lot of tactical and combat knowledge to help other with. That could mean he is also connected to the plot in some big way, or he's not and is a more freer MU. So he/she may not be that bad...
  13. Rate the Unit, Day 83: Olwen (Green) & Nanna

    How do people give Ryoma less than a 7? Anyways Hana - Amazing offensive spread of 34/36, and some decent Res, and HP after a obtaining a refined weapon. She can be built as a speedy, but squishy sword unit who also hits hard, which is always valuable. She's going to get outclassed by a lot of the newer swords that are coming out, but that doesn't mean she is of no value. I give her a 7/10 for combat. In terms of skills and skill inheritance, she has armorslayer which can be useful for her, and if you build her up to +10 and give her DC she's going to have a lot of Spd and Res, but not a lot of Defense against armors, so armorslayer helps take care of that to some degree. Life and Death 3 can be found on her, but it's locked at 5 stars. The only other person who spawns in 4 star rarity is Sothe, who can give it to you in 4* rarity unlike Hana, however, Sothe is super rare. I give Hana a 7/10 for Skill Inheritance. 7/10 Laslow - He has a rather interesting and mixed statline. He can be built somewhat speedy (in the sense that he can mitigate follow-ups from mediocre fast units) and tanky, or just tanky and hard hitting. He has a decent 35 Atk, and some good HP so it's not like he doesn't have combat potential, it's just that he needs to built with a lot of expensive things to start being useful. He's like a Donnel stat-wise, but with less BST. 6/10 for combat. Skill inheritance: he has Axebreaker 3 at 4* rarity. That's it. Not very helpful. 4/10 5.8/10 ~> 6/10
  14. Create-A-Hero Thread

    What if Naga was a FEH unit? I think she would have to be this good at least. Naga
  15. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    I'm still waiting for that +Atk/-Res 4* Ares to show up so I can build immediately build a +2 Ares with DC and Vantage and QR Seal. I have a 5* +5 Karel who's currently -HP/+Atk with Life and Death 3, Vengeance, NB (Eff+). I want a +Spd/-Def one someday so I can let him take more damage to fire back with Vengeance, and he needs the Spd for more follow-ups. He currently has 45 Spd base only, and 49 HP, but also a decent 56 Atk so not that bad as of now.