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  1. Official Pull Topic

    @Tybrosion: Ouch. Well if it makes you feel any better, I completely understand how it feels. I had my 3.75% ruined by a forced summon into colorless hell, from which a wild +HP/-Spd NY!Takumi showed up. Another time from a +Res/-Atk Brave Lucina on 3.5%. And Dorcas now yeah. My only hope left is the rest of the TT banner orbs. You just know you need a Flying Dancer no matter what, but this game tries tempt you with so many other good choices to go off course. It's frustrating.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Still trying for dancing Azura, and not even 3.25% AR and I got ninja'd by a +Spd/-Res Drifto! Dorcas.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I don't know whether to keep going for Flyzura or not at this point. My efforts were thwarted again, and this time by a -Atk/+Res Brave Lucina (no green stones were present, but there was one blue so I chose to it to try and get out of there). The first time it was ruined by a -Spd/+HP Takumi ... sigh. The new TT can not get here any sooner.
  4. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    That's after promoting him to 5 star rarity, that's still huge investment, more so than just getting Deflect Magic 3. Actually I was saying 2-3 because that's generally the most amount you need for AA. Ideally you do want to have 7, but Oliver isn't even in the top 7 for easy investments I'd say.
  5. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    I never said the devs have any such obligations, it would just be nice if he came with better skills for SI to get some value out of him, especially considering that it takes some work to make him useful, as you've shown (you had to use Deflect Magic 3 despite his high Res anyways). Also players have 2-3 Reinhardt counters at this point, who can take on the Rein without as much work needed so what's the point. Other Blue mages could also make work of him easily, and the most common mages Nino and Cecilia just eat him for breakfast, making it dangerous for him to appear on the arena, unless he can slay Red sword units by withstanding more than two hits or being able to one shot them at the very least (this I would like to know about).
  6. Canas has a single lens though to be fair, but yeah that's about it.
  7. True, chubby characters in FE are about as rare as Solar Eclipses.
  8. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    Def Ploy 3 is like 10 times more useful than that lol. Mirror Strike is not particularly good or very useful most of the time. They should've made Oliver's Atk Ploy 3 available at 4 Star rarity, but instead IS kinda gave us a useless blue mage. I say he's useless because A) he's blue and that doesn't counter Reinhardt (you would have to put some investment into him) B) he's a blue mage competing for a spot against so many other blue mages.
  9. Kinky huh? To me he just feels more like he's going to belly slam me. He's also really just a traditional idea of a corrupt politician. He's apart of the Begnion Senate (usually the corrupt form in groups), he's fat (symbolizing gluttony, greed, and/or sloth, the deadly sins or whatever). Although to be fair from his looks alone you can't tell, if he's a villain or not.
  10. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    For character design - Corrin (because no shoes, and unnecessary complicated design) For personality and supports - Corrin wins this one again. In terms of stats - I'd have to say Roy? Yeah, Roy. In terms of how they are fitted into the story - Alm, Celica or Corrin. (Alm creates so many plot holes, and his story line is just awful. Celica adds nothing to her game, and does nothing in it. (Except maybe for epic character design) Corrin makes the plot his waifu.)
  11. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Stefan from PoR and RD has the coolest character design for the swordsmaster arch-type in the entire series.
  12. Rate the Profile Picture of the User Above You

    7/10 Needs more color.
  13. Rate the Movie or TV Show Music Above You

    Edited: It's not TV Show Songs anymore, it's TV Show or Movie Music in general now. Also bump again. lol
  14. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    I just realized I can use my Brave Ike with Escape Route here. Also is Oliver like one of the worst GHB units or what? He has nothing good for skill inheritance at 4 star, They should've given him like Death Blow 3 or something at least.
  15. IVs and Alternative Builds

    IMO Sigurd has the most options for Nature that make him good at certain things. +Def turns him into a 0-damage type of tank, pretty much like Xander. +Atk turns him into a heavy hitter with decent speed. +Spd on a horse emblem team turns him into a very speedy unit in certain scenarios also lets him avoid a lot of doubles in general. +Res helps him tank mages a little better, and can work with DC builds. -HP well -HP is the worst, but more protection against the Weapon Triangle I guess.