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  1. Skill Request Thread!

    Got what I needed for Asugi, thanks for the help.
  2. Skill Request Thread!

    I simply need Miracle and Nohrian Trust for Caeldori, and Asugi. If anyone has it and wouldn't mind putting out their Caeldori and/or Asugi for me, then that would be great.
  3. Oh I was just thinking cautiously because I've heard there are laws in place for GACHAs not being able to change up stats of characters and stuff. I thought that applied to names too. If there's no legal problems then I would just straight up make the localization team fix the names. Also on a different topic that I remember made me kind of irritated. Kaze only has 36 neutral Spd when he's one of the fastest Spd growing characters in Fates. That's kind of disappointing. I'd hoped for at least 39 neutral Spd considering Lon'qu has 39 neutral Spd. I mean his 34 Res wasn't even needed because Kaze's Res was only at 50% Growth so 31-32 Res would've been more accurate to his Fates counterpart.
  4. I don't like being forced to fight little children, but for free units, skills and feathers I'll do anything. Plus those stats are interesting.
  5. May be they could give an option one day where a player can choose to update Skill Names and Icons on a character that's listed as outdated. That way you don't force a name change on something people brought with money, but leave it an option that isn't too weird and specific because it updates every single thing it can at once in a character's skill list.
  6. That's exactly why I think Agile would've been a valid replacement. lol Death Blow - Fierce Stance : Death Stance how can an unoffensive thing be so deadly? Armored Blow - Steady Stance : Armored Stance would've been pointless because everything is armored when you have armor, and it doesn't add anything to the stance. Darting Blow - Agile Stance - How can a stance be Darting when your just standing there, may be your in a darting position, but agile stance actually is a common thing to say about a stance.
  7. Reinhardt, Thunder's Sword

    Yeah, that works. I'll add it.
  8. That's pretty much the same as being agile or light on your feet, and it would've made way more sense because a stance is generally without motion in a lot of Martial Arts too, especially a lot of HEMAs.
  9. Hold up she gets Waterbreath+, but her she's a green Dragonstone too!? This banner makes no sense to me.
  10. How can a Stance be Darting? Why didn't they name it Agile Stance, wtf! Also really disappointed Shigure isn't a flying Singer. I wonder why they chose Hinoka of all Kinshi Knights.
  11. Well it wouldn't surprise me if that were the case as Aversa has all of the credentials needed to become a banner unit. - Camilla's personality - A special weapon (one with her name, and one that only she comes with) - A female flyer - A flying tome user - Originates from a "Waifu-Emblem" game
  12. Reinhardt, Thunder's Sword

    No I haven't, but I was actually hoping for suggestions like these. The power of quad attacking is amazing, I'll add the Miracle build, and also because the usage of Guard there is also amazing. As for Defiant on bladetomes, yes, I agree it's still not worth it because the HP activation is too low, and lowers performance above 50% HP. That's primarily why I wouldn't consider it on Reinhardt either.
  13. I actually want Aversa as a GHB though so Ishtar doesn't have to take that role.
  14. I have a slight fear that they'll give Ishtar the Sonya treatment in Heroes, and make her a banner baiter. Not that she doesn't already have the power to be a banner baiter just with her sheer power, but I don't want them to make her into a big racked, only-about-the-hot-stuff kind of mage.
  15. Reinhardt, Thunder's Sword

    Defiant Atk acts as a buff so you'd have to wait for the start of the turn and be at 50% or less HP for it to work. At 50% HP Reinhardt is incredibly easy to kill especially considering a lot of tankier red and especially blue units will be able to take the 56x2, and just straight up murk Reinhardt in one hit. Not to mention Defiant Atk is easily susceptible to Panic Ploys, and your basically getting the same kind of boost from Hone Cavalry buffs. It's a lot more hassle to use than Blow or Stance skills or even Fury 3, and you're already giving up immediate power in the Quick Riposte 3 range and at 100% HP battles, so that's also wasted potential right there. You can use it if you want, but I don't think I could really recommend it for Reinman. Your giving up too much power at the start for easily reproducible buffs at such a low HP threshold. Brazen's are expensive of course, but they're definitely still worth mentioning, and they are just straight-up superior to Defiants for the most part. You never know when they might become more readily available for Skill Inheritance too, so there's no point in recommending weaker substitutes that have less viability than other alternative options.