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  1. I know this feels kind of random, but after listening to Season 3 OST on repeat, I just felt I had to come back to this thread and say this: Looking back ever since Season 5 the show has noticeably dropped in quality of writing with Season 7 having been the worst so far (at least for me). I'm not sure what is store for us in Season 8, but I sincerely hope the writers of the show get their act together, and take elements from Season 1-4, and start making the show as good as it was back then. Also I'm curious how do other ASOIAF and Game of Thrones fans rate the season in terms of quality? For me it was 4/3 > 1 > 2 > 6 > 5 > 7.
  2. The 4th one is of the Sonya, Sonia Ursula archetype guaranteed.
  3. Sort of looks like Gunter, but really just looks like Hetzel.
  4. Horse Emblem With Dancer (But really it's all due to Sigurd) I did it first thing in the morning. First time I've done all three difficulties without having to switch around units. Team: Sigurd - +Def - Res, Fury 3, and Distant Defense 3 Seal (he probably doesn't even need this though) Brave Lyn - Neutral, Free Summon version, with QP Seal, and Standard Kit + Fortify Cavalry for Sigurd Camus - +1 with Spd+3 Seal, really it's the Hone Cavalry that he runs to help boost Brave Lyn PA Azura - Wings of Mercy, Fortify Res 2, and Fortify Def 1 not sure if really helped at all though Overall one of the easier Bound Hero Battles, actually all of them have been pretty average so far.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I got a +Res -HP Dorcas from free orbs, and I thought oh this just sucks, until I looked at gamepress and saw the +4 increase in Res, and the 28 Res stat that awaits me. I'm so damn happy now that I got a +Res Dorcas, still wish he was -Spd like Phoenix's perfect Dorcas, but I'm not that lucky.
  6. 4★ +10 Units.

    I have so many Ceciias, but I don't know if I want to merge her to +7. I just feel like like 5 Stars is the only way to go with such a good unit, Gunter could definitely be run +10 though, he's not someone wasting feathers on, but usually I just end up saving him for Hone Cavalry whenever I may need it.
  7. Marth - "Fate has brought us here." Showcases his belief in destiny, whether it be a small-minded view, nonetheless it's still true. Caeda - "I'll do my part!" Showcases that she's willing to do things she wouldn't normally do to help Marth's forces prevail. Tiki - "Oh no you DON'T!" This seems like the least silly quote out of the rest of her quotes.
  8. Most Successful Defense Teams

    Whatever ranged unit you leave on a horse will get you 582+.
  9. Alfonse - "I'll open the way!" Sharena - "Ladies first." Anna - "More than you bargained for?" "This one's on the house!"
  10. I personally want them to remove the 3 Skill limit from Skill inheritance, as it is just such garbage, to have to give up Skills and units like that for only one or two skillsets at most. There could be a league or guild type of system, where players can chat with other players and compete against leagues in a similar fashion to voting gauntlets, where random units from the league's members are given to you to compete in battles and win. Of course there would be a language problem here, but I think players can take care of that by joining their leagues/guild that speak there respective language, maybe even a language tag/s with each one. I feel like a daily earnable 2 Orbs from doing various types of daily missions would be nice, in addition to the Monthly log-in bonuses. It's not like 14 orbs per week is that much compared to the gains from missions and monthly events. It can still take a lot of orbs and time for anyone to be able to summon anything good, so people, especially new players can at least get 4 star units to start working towards the level all the old players are in now. It will only help the old players slightly considering most of us have very powerful teams by now.
  11. Let's make a nonsensical Fire Emblem story together!

    was not pleased at all the attention Caeda was giving to Fernand, and decided to ram its foot into his face. Until...
  12. Insult the user above you.

    Your mother is so fat that when she jumped for joy, she got stuck. Thus why you take insulin injections everyday. .-.
  13. This voting gauntlet was rigged by Nohrian scums, who have infiltrated it to kill all the Hoshidians.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    It's been so bad that I just removed the Credit Card number so I can't spend without having to go grab it. At least now I have a +4 Ryoma, though +Spd/-Def, but still pretty good.