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  1. He's a slow starter, so I'm willing to give him time to get going. This is why I said if he continues, instead of me outright suspecting him now. There's a limit to how much time I'm willing to give him though, and that limit is less then a full day phase. Fair. It doesn't strike me as completely different, but tone is generally not something I'm great at remembering. I'll see if I have time to reread some of his ED1 posts that game. If you (or other people) read my post as me saying you actually said Athena was being dumb (etc.), then I apologize, that was not my intent. I did actually interpred it as you reacting only to his factual questions, and not his intent (getting an rvs wagon going, or just any kind of thing to move the game out of rvs). Maybe I'm being dumb and it really wasn't that obvious and maybe we really have completely different ways of approuching rvs. I still find it an odd interaction from your part, especially since you seemed (from my PoV) fine with it ending without you having gained anything from it, not even a good read on Athena. Yes, you had some suspision on him halfway through, and yes you pushed that. And yes, I read his response of "Joking". But... isn't that a pretty easy answer? Why did that stop all your suspision? And if it did, doesn't that mean you ended with no read on him? Why didn't you try to analyze whether jokingly approuching you was more likely to come from town or scum Athena? He townread you for showing emotion at all, and didn't delve too much into why you would have those emotions in the first place. His point was valid in the sense that I can see him reaching that conclusion, even if I don't agree with it. I'm actually saying I think your scum, for what that's worth. I explained one. for two: reacting seriously to jokes like this is a pretty good way to stop them from continuing. A rvs wagon on me isn't going to start when you already explained why all of his reasons are reaching. If you actually didn't get he was joking, you didn't break of the interaction, sure. Considering you said that after (in my interpretation, annoyed) explaining why all of his topics were super reaching, I don't think it's such a weirt interpretation. I do not consider my logic flawed, so even if it is flawed in your opinion, it doesn't make my comments a leap? Since I'm the one making them? I feel like I explained this above, but let me know if you think I didn't. He walked away with a read on you though. I think I already said this before, but you could have easily sheeped his logic and voted me for SB not shitposting. Or ask why he isn't voting me at putting his money where his mouth is. Or just vote him for only coming up with reaching reasons to vote someone. Or talk about people entering the thread without voting, like he and Mack did later on. Any of these would have moved the thread along more then what you did. ...Apart from the fact that I need a lot of "leaps in logic"....which clearly aren't fallacies... Actually believing said misrepresentation? Boring story, I know.
  2. I don't think this is entirely fair, because you came in halfway through the game, so you had a bigger picture then just his early game. If Fable is the type of player who needs a while to get going (which he clearly was in that game), that kind of thing really matters. Sorry, but I'm not sheeping you on just a gutread. I'm willing to consolidate onto Fable if he keeps this unproductiveness up though.
  3. He could have tried deriving Athena's alligance from it? He could have tried starting an rvs wagon on me for the whole SB not shitposting thing? There were several things he could have done to move the game forward with it, yet he didn't. I mean, Xnad was reacting seriously to obvious joke questions. The only other thing Athena could have done imo was continuing the joke, but I don't think that would have done anything either. I feel like at the end of their conversation, Athena walked away with a failed attempt to start anything, but at least a read on Xnad. Xnad got... nothing. No attempt to start anything, no read on Athena, nothing. In this situation, I'd expect Xnad to want more out of the conversation, while Athena got basicly all he was likely gonna get. I guess that's something. Although it became nothing at the end of the conversation, so... Uhm, no? All you did in that conversation was react with: this question is dumb. This question is dumber. Why are you being dumb? (in rvs) That doesn't count as keeping an interaction going to me. Heck, if you were suspicious of Athena when you asked that "What are you trying to pull?", why didn't you vote him? Even if he was joking, why not continue with asking him why he was asking you all those question, since it doesn't seem like you were townreading him for the effort? I'm having trouble seeing this lack of intrest come from someone trying to solve the game. Think this is a good point to correct my vote: ##Vote: @XnadrojX Showing emotion == having said emotion? We analyzed the same thing, but we had different reasons for our conclusions. Was this about me or Athena? Does this count as trowing shade yet? Indeed, it wasn't a normal flow of thinking. It was the amazing thinking of a proffesional internet detective with a degree in mathematics! Yes, yes, thank you, you are all lucky to have me! In all seriousness though, I don't think my flow of thinking was that weird. Also, what do you think scum!me would be trying to pull here then? One more point for not putting in effort to solve the game I guess. .
  4. I can see it happen, yeah. It feels like a clumsy way to please you. Tbf though, the reason I said I wasn't sure was because I felt your interpretation also made sense. Thinking about it more though, him being town makes more sense. Basicly, P(Mack is town, felt your question of entrances was dumb, but looked into it more anyway and actually found something) > P(Mack is scum, ignored your question at first, but felt like he had to answer the second time so came up with a decent reason to ignore it, then read up and came up with a read based on it anyway) > significantly likely. If that is actually readable.
  5. Town him would also want to get the ball rolling, and it's not like there was anything better to read up on.
  6. Not really I'm affraid. He's generally distant as a player and struggling with reads and he's been town every single game... His read on Junk feels somewhat towny, because he could have just struck to his reasoning of an entrance being NAI, so it's needless association as scum. Huh, remind me to ask things of people more often.
  7. Disagree, I feel like being annoyed at someone trying to start an interaction with you is more likely to come from scum tbh. It felt to me like he was only reacting to you out of neccesity and broke it off as soon as possible, which is weird when you're at a point in the game where every bit of interaction you can get out of people is welcome information. Vote: XnadrojX You suddenly dropping a townread on him also felt weird to me, but your reasoning is good enough that I don't suspect you for it anymore (sheep me though).
  8. @athena_57 Wait, why is it only weird SB hasn't shitposted yet? Why are you not expecting me to shitpost? What the hell man? Also, what made you think XsonajX's reaction to you was towny?
  9. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 16 Berkut 25 Boey 31 Catria 19 Celica 30 Clair 34 Delthea 19 Faye 43 Fernand 20 Forsyth 19 Genny 25 Gray 22 Lukas 27 Luthier 19 Mae 26 Mathilda 24 Mila 4 Mycen 18 Palla 26 Python 22 Rinea 18 Saber 21 Silque 21 Tobin 37 Valbar 5 Zeke 37
  10. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Hurt Mila, heal Delthea Atlas 19 Berkut 25 Boey 31 Catria 20 Celica 30 Clair 33 Delthea 19 Faye 42 Fernand 20 Forsyth 19 Genny 25 Gray 21 Lukas 27 Luthier 19 Mae 26 Mathilda 24 Mila 10 Mycen 18 Palla 26 Python 22 Rinea 18 Saber 21 Silque 21 Tobin 37 Valbar 4 Zeke 37
  11. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Nice, the mvp of this run has finally evolved! I'm sure he'll be useful in many gym battles to come Funny thing is, without that leer, Nidorino could have tanked two crits from karate chop (assuming he didn't get a third crit in place of this leer of course). Woot! Someone other then Rocky got to be mvp for once! Slowpoke rules! I feel like your team has enough of an advantage against Jasmine type wise that you can still win as is, but it might be best to play it safe in an iron man, yeah.... rip...
  12. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal zeke, hurt Kamui. Atlas 19 Berkut 25 Boey 31 Catria 20 Celica 30 Clair 32 Delthea 18 Faye 43 Fernand 20 Forsyth 19 Genny 24 Gray 20 Kamui 3 Lukas 27 Luthier 19 Mae 26 Mathilda 24 Mila 14 Mycen 18 Palla 26 Python 22 Rinea 18 Saber 21 Silque 21 Tobin 36 Valbar 6 Zeke 37
  13. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal Zeke, hurt Mila Atlas 19 Berkut 24 Boey 31 Catria 20 Celica 30 Clair 31 Conrad 4 Delthea 18 Faye 41 Fernand 20 Forsyth 19 Genny 23 Gray 21 Kamui 6 Kliff 4 Lukas 27 Luthier 19 Mae 26 Mathilda 24 Mila 14 Mycen 20 Palla 26 Python 22 Rinea 18 Saber 21 Silque 21 Tobin 36 Valbar 8 Zeke 36
  14. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal Zeke, hurt Mila Atlas 18 Berkut 26 Boey 31 Catria 20 Celica 30 Clair 31 Conrad 8 Delthea 18 Faye 39 Fernand 20 Forsyth 19 Genny 23 Gray 19 Kamui 8 Kliff 4 Leon 0 Lukas 27 Luthier 19 Mae 26 Mathilda 24 Mila 16 Mycen 20 Palla 26 Python 22 Rinea 18 Saber 21 Silque 21 Tobin 35 Valbar 12 Zeke 35