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  1. I don't even live in the US! Always happy to help people in need! As long as I actually have more important things to do that I don't want to do 9
  2. Am I a masterful detective or what? 3
  3. I would not be suprised if it got deleted to hide proof of you getting one up on a mod... That's the story I'm going with at any rate 14
  4. Why was I the person who didn't get ninja'd there? At least the mod got ninja'd, so that's something... 3
  5. I agree slowing down would be a good idea. Would love to get 666 though. (please ninja me someone) 665 Edit: doesn't work like that, huh?
  6. Corrupted wish

    Granted! Your game is bugged to the point of being unplayable though. I wish I was good at anything I did. This sounds like my dream job, thanks man :P
  7. Which Starters did you Choose?

    Red: squirtle (I think) Gold: Chikorita (First game, so first starter, which means he solo'd the game!) Saphire: Torchic (Fire is cool) Leaf Green: Charmander (for difficulty I think) Emerald: Torchic (still the best) Pearl: Chimchar (I like fire starters) Platinum: Piplup (already got a Turtwig somewhere, so I only still needed this one) Heart Gold: Chikorita (Nothing beats nostalgia) Black: Tepig (Fire types still rock) So yeah, after an uncertain start, I always picked fire types, unless I had good reasons not to. Didn't play some of the newer games though.
  8. A game of names Have you ever played awakening my friend? Hardin
  9. Corrupted wish

    Granted, but all your friends do is make fun of you and try to lead you astray in life. So you basicly met all of us in IRL. I wish I had a well paying job that doesn't rob me of my free time.