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  1. Considering how I always use Elincia as a healer (flying healers are pretty great) and Micaiah as a magic nuke, I would be pretty salty if Micaiah became a healer and Elincia a sword user. It would be pretty weird to make one of the main lords in the series a healer though.
  2. Yeah, humidity makes this all the worse. It was exactly the same for me until Friday. I'm pretty scared it'll heat up again soon...
  3. For some reason I always imagined it was further west. Weird. But yeah, hot weather sucks. The first half of this week was pure hell for me, but I somehow got through. Not looking forward to having that temprature for longer then a few days in a row...
  4. This thread is a pretty bad way to evaluate a characters popularity though. Otherwise Minerva and Ephraim would have easily won their gauntlets.
  5. If you want to optimize feathers, you don't care about which team wins. You care about which team is less popular, because that makes it easier to rank there (which means more feather each round) and you get the multiplier more often (which means a higher overall score). If the less popular team wins because of this mechanic, that only makes it better because you can also get the winner bonus.
  6. Since F!Robin has already had her rerun, it'll probably be quite a while before she comes around again. Clarisse seems likely though.
  7. The cavalry squad keeps growing! We will trample all over those Hoshidans! Ahem, send a request to both of you.
  8. I personally run Vantage with Fury,, as I feel vantage pairs pretty well with a distant counter weapon. I'm not really sure about his special (still need to decide on mine), since you make a good point about Ignis possibly being better then Bonfire on him (unless you give him quickened pulse of course).
  9. It seems quite some people here are joining Priscilla, so you could theoreticly go with that. Elise is the only right choice though!
  10. You might want to take some action then, since Arc-chan seems to be led to team Lissa...
  11. I'm not sure whether I count as an expert eye, but I can always give my opinions I guess: Reinhardt seems fine, not much to add. Both specials work well with him, where one does more damage, but the other can be used more often. Pretty much up to personal preference. The set seems pretty good. About the final partner: Camus would be the best fit to balance the team, as he can deal physical damage and is pretty decent at taking hits. Reinhardt would make your team consist of 3 magic nukes and a dancer, which isn't to balanced, but it works really well (I used literally this team to clear the tempest trials). The choice between the two depends on your playstyle. I think Camus' physical damage makes him a better choice then Nowi in this case. If you give Camus fury 3, combined with a goad and hone cavalry buff, his effective speed reaches 46, which means enemies need at least 42 speed to not get doubled. The few units who reach that usually aren't going to survive the first hit anyway, so QR becomes pretty unnececairy. If you he's going to get less boosts you could consider it. Masked Lucina's build seems good, but you may want to consider another special. If Lucina is seeing enough combat to activate Noontime, you might want to actually kill the enemy with moonow instead. I might be wrong there though, but if she's your only red unit, you probably still want her offence to be decent. Hope you find this somewhat usefull.
  12. Yeah, I was informed after that post that I missunderstood the mechanic. The refference to the cleric class in not entirely correct though, since almost half the characters are not clerics but troubadours (Elise, Prescilla and Clarine). I'll admit they are all younger sisters though (they even all have older brothers, not that it really matters). Yeah, cause Lissa is gonna lose before the finals... You may want to be a little careful about some smart asses who're going to send out -raven tome users to easily deal with healers.
  13. Ah, that explains it. Damn, that sounds pretty broken...