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  1. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Little less then 3 hours
  2. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    That's the big question my friend (opening post confirmed 4 player scum team, just in case) I still need to reread Shinori and Refa here tbh. Sheeping Athena on Jiggly. Not a big fan of Alette's content, but she's probably not scum with Jiggly, lol. Omega asking for a sub explains the lack of motivation from him, so urgh. Kill is just giving me a headache at this point. Basicly, I'll get back to you on this, I need to rearange my thoughts a bit (and just read up).
  3. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    We can try talking about other people a bit for now, since there's 3 more scum on the loose anyway. Normally you'd look into interactions here or something, but....
  4. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Ah. I know Alette has trouble starting, so I don't see her appearing on the sidelines early game as much of a scumtell as I would for some other people. Corrobin's vote pinged me because it seemed super weird and I wanted that sorted out asap. Because of these two things, I decided to vote Corrobin. I was fine with letting Alette swim free a bit more to see how her reads would develop over time, while I wanted immeadiate pressure and response from Corrobin.
  5. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Also @Refa I swear I looked for your question, but you didn't ping me for it and I can't really find anything in your last few posts. Please help?
  6. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Wait, how many votes are on Tuvy right now? We should need like 12 to hammer, so we're probably safe, but might be good to keep an eye on that.
  7. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Okay, read up on Jiggly, and damn I really thought he posted more on other people. There was something about a chainsaw somewhere and an analyses on me in regards to the Kill thing, but both are pretty damn minor (analyses on me is just agreeing with others, and chainsaw thing is somewhat weird and not really followed up on). Would vote here but Tuvy thing is horrible though, lol. ##Unvote ##Vote: Tuvy
  8. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    ....Stop proving my reads wrong man, seriously.... Ahem, I have to read his later posts for a bit to verify if he really didn't talk about other people, but I like the case. I liked his case at the start, even though I think some points weren't really tells. I'll get back to you on this in a bit. What question again?
  9. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Sup guys, sorry for flaking yesterday, lack of sleep and busy... I've only skimmed the later half of this thread now, but I'll read up properly now. For now though: I'm still not a big fan of KTS' posts, but with how everything seems to be agreeing with his read on me, it apparently wasn't as weird as I thought it was. Also, can't really dissagree with his vote on Omega, because the guy's been playing way more passively then I'm used to from him. @Killthestory Question though, what do you think of Refa, since he subbed into a slot you were scumreading before? I don't really care about "padding" tbh, because I feel that's something people often just do unconsiously, but Athena's reads feel very safe, whereas I'd expect town him to have gotten his hand dirty at this point in time if that makes sense. I really think the Tuvy's and Currobin should start talking or get a sub at this point, which is really annoying. Welp, reading time then. I should be around from pretty much now to EoD, so tag me if you want to talk about stuff/think I should prioritize certain things so we can talk about that now.
  10. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Okay this is just dumb. I'm aware this isn't your real reason for scumreading Boron and you're joking/making fun of me here, but there's zero reason for town you to provoke me instead of just explaining yourself already and acutally starting to push me or Boron! This is just trying to keep an unproductive shouting match going, instead of trying actually push a lynch. Other option is that he really believes he doesn't need to explain anything and expects us to sheep him just like that but.... do I actually need to go into why that is wolfy? Right, let's vote someone else without giving any reasons. There's not even a "I didn't like this post" anymore! Do you suddenly think Omega is more scummy then me and Boron? Did your scumread on us go down, or did the scumread on Omega just go up? Why where you even scumreading us in the first place? Please be a little more sparing while blinding us with your great wisdom, and explain it to these poor lost lambs! (Please tell me I don't need to explain my sarcasm) It's also noted that he basicly backs off of me the moment I start backing off of him, without any consideration for why I'm backing off (it wouldn't be unreasonable at this point to think I'm backing off for getting backlash, but apperently the moment I back off, there's suddenly bigger fish to fry). I really struggle seeing this from a town perspective, am I honestly the only person scumreading this? Vote stays here, obviously. To be fair, I was very right in Training mafia.
  11. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    @Flee Fleet! Remember that speaking your mind makes it easier for us to get a read on you as well. The game isn't about not making any mistakes (I mean, looking at the numbers, we only need to lynch right 50% of the time, lol), it's about judging whether people are actually trying through their actions and mistakes. Basicly, you don't need to come up with a killer case on scum you're 100% sure of right now, just saying whose reasonings (or what statements) you tend to agree with, which people (or actions) you find to appear odd and so on is already a lot better then not having any opinion at all.
  12. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    I guess I can see your reasoning make sense as well for him, might have been a bit too sceptical after last game... getting lynched over a universal scumread does things with you man. It still sucks we have to guess for the reasons of his play though. @Killthestory Can you maybe explain your scumread on Boron now? Regardless of my allignment, it shouldn't be a bad thing to explain your read to town, right?
  13. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    You're saying that after last game you really don't see KTS hard BS'ing his way through stuff? If his post was bait, how does the response make sense to you? How does someone asking him for reasons equate to a scumread? Please explain, because I'm really not following you here... Null on Rad. I liked Marth's opening and his overal play is what I expect from town him. Townlean here. I don't really know weiner much, but although he doesn't take center stage too much, he seems to be forming opinions at a good rate. Another town lean. Your opinions on them then?
  14. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    I was being sarcastic about him saying he had already found 3 wolves.
  15. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Like, so far KTS's posts were: him: Hey guys Boron is scum! I also have other wolves figured out! me: Why and who? him: Hey guys, Bart is scum!