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  1. 252 I think this Treecko, since we're apperently still doing the pokemon thing.
  2. The Forum of Death

    My name is Bart(ozio) My quest is to obtain Ayra, now that she apperently isn't a free unit... My favorite color is black, wait that's no color, uhm..., blue.
  3. Never doubt my knowledge of anime! It totally didn't help that I binch watched the series last month 237
  4. Yeah, then I think I got the right one. He was the ace of the final team they face in the anime. 235
  5. Also a good series, but indeed wrong. now I'm wondering who you had him confused with... 232 Edit: Was it Ushijima?
  6. Kiyoshi Teppei "The iron heart" from Kuroko no Basket. I figured someone who is on the good side might be a better image then someone who was introduced on the bad side for mafia :P 229
  7. From my very limited experience with the game (one playthrough, it was on hard/classic though): The villagers in Alm's route are pretty good for filling niches you'd otherwise lack. For instance, it takes quite a while before you get a mage on his route, so promoting a villager into a mage will be a huge help early on. Faye is really helpfull as a cleric. You only have one other cleric for most of Alm's route, and Faye gets some really great spells that the other cleric lacks. Apart from that, archers are on steroids in this game. I personally promoted Atlas into one, and he turned into one of the best units in Celica's party for me. Also, make sure to level Alm reasonably well and maybe save some stat boosters for him in case he gets RNG screwed. It uhm, might turn out useful in a later part of the game...
  8. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Alright, first off, full sets (everyone is lvl 40 5* with no merges): Turn by turn: Pretty sure this is not how I did it the first time around, but it worked. I hope it's not to chaotic, I should probably try to figure out how to record and upload this stuff sometime...
  9. I also got my role.
  10. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Yeah, I used Cherche, Klein, Linde and Ninian (altough I think Ninian can easily be replaced by Olivia). I'll have to replay it to give you a turn by turn, so I'll be back with it in a bit.
  11. And it seems like I just orginized a day 1 and 2 lynch. Now I only need to come up with the order. You guys have any preferences? 164
  12. Lets just say you won't be attending any meetings any more. 161