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  1. Promotions in FE7

    Yeah, it's something I suffered from as well. If you want a staff user, Lucius gets a C-rank in staves upon promotion while Canas only gets E, so I'd recommend promoting Lucius first if you need to pick one. You can probably just promote both though...
  2. Promotions in FE7

    I think lvl 14-17 is a good range to promote your units, yeah. Promoted units are unlikely to reach lvl 20 anyway, and the benefit of those extra stats and other perks (more movement, additional weapon types, staff utility) now is probably going to benefit you more then those few extra levels would benefit you in the endgame.
  3. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #165

    Why did I not realise before this was an obvious tell of you being dutch?! Anyhow, let's actually get to interviewing: 1. What's your favorite FE character? 2. Favorite FE lord? 3. Favorite class? 4. Which FE games have you played? 5. If you were a FE character, what would be your class and what would your stats/growths look like? 6. Do you watch anime? 7. Thoughts on me? 8. Favorite subject at school? 9. Any tips for me to not get lynched in mafia? 10. What was your first pokemon game? 11. Do you understand why foreigners are so obsessed with stroopwafels? 12. What does your ideal pancake look like? 13. Do you like cooking? 14. Favorite hutspot? 15. Favorite brand of liquorice?
  4. I think you missed how Sophia is part of Arcs harem together with Rose. It used to be bigger, but both Natlie and Sully have drifted away from him.
  5. Don't Count the Mods Out

    63. <Insert generic meme here>
  6. Don't Count the Mods Out

    ....Damn it Rex. 24
  7. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    Obviously I picked vengeful because it was the only role that would benefit me after becoming the D1 lynch. Why did people not figure out my identity from that? Tbf, Lapis was my stronger scumread at the time, so I would only have voted Beast because it would give him more votes D3. Also, I'm not sure our interactions were that obvious scum/town, since I was fine with him after he started posting more reads and he wasn't really in danger when I voted him. Honestly, I've been flaking hard this game, so apologies for that.The worst part is that I feel like I'd have avoided a lynch by just not flaking so much... @SullyMcGully Just letting you know, but when you started referencing my defence for not posting much from last game, your identity became pretty obvious to me. Only other people I figured out were Via and Shinori. Also, since we won by pure luck, does that make Refa mvp?
  8. Don't Count the Mods Out

    Not when I'm still around! 104