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  1. Just traning him up to lvl 40 as a 4* shouldn't be that bad right? I mean, you can just stick a Gunter next to him, ad he's a god even with a Silver Lance (I mean, which cavelier isn't, but still). Glad to hear he's working out for you though!
  2. He could never be terrible! Ahem, as Vax said, Fury+Vantage works really well on him, and it's also what I've been using. If you don't plan to use him in horse emblem, you could run QR instead of Vantage to let him double swordies on enemy phase.
  3. Probably, although I don't have a fire sweep lance to spare. Hmm, guess I'll give it a bit more thought then. To be continued...
  4. I remember how good that one was! I do have a -Spd+Atk Catria who would be great for that, but I could also use my +Atk-Def one for a LaD build. I could also use my newer +Def-Hp one for the QR build. Why does she have to be so versatile! Any cool ideas? Wanna trade? I have a life supply of Subaki's and Hana's that I'm never going to use... (I mean I'll use a few, but still)
  5. I only have one though, and I have several Catria's :O
  6. But then who do I use as Luna fodder?
  7. They always grow up so fast :) I might get my own 5* Catria soon, although I still need to look into which one I want to promote...
  8. Gronblade is better for horse emblem, although it might be questionable wether it's worth the investment. Xander, Eldigan and Camus might not be a great fit for clearing chain maps, since their damage tends to build up somewhat fast (it could work if you bring a healer). It depends a bit on how much your first team can generally clear I guess. I personaly run a neutral Cecilia with a -Raven tome, and she's doing quite well for me (I lack horse buffs, unfortunatly...).
  9. Legion is better if they're both neutral, Raven is better if he's +Atk-(not Spd) or possibly +Spd (not sure, would have to check). If Legion wasn't forced into being neutral, he'd just be straight up better (36/35 vs 34/35).
  10. Since XRay answered the other two, I'll restrict myself to this one. 1. Anna is a decent unit, but she's not amazing. Her being a bonus unit is a good reason to promote her though, and she can counter Reinhardt decently (She can tank a hit from him pretty well, and KO on the next turn) so she's a solid choice. 2. Legion is a beast. He has one of the best offensive spreads for greens in the enitre game, making him a great user of a Brave Axe, and still a heavy hitter without any SI. With Fury he can tank one round from most Reinhardts, but it will leave him dangerously low on health. 3. Freddy isn't bad, but Legion beats him in offence outside of horse emblem, and Cecilia is generally better inside horse emblem. More merges could be cool to improve your arena score though. 4. I don't really like Boey as a unit to be honest. He has good physical bulk, which screams for a -Raven tome build, but those have been nerfed lately and it would require another 20K investment. His offense is pretty lackluster, he's not great at tanking magical hits either. 5. Cecilia is a pretty great counter against Reinhardt and she does well enough against other blue mages. Outside of horse emblem she's more a unit that counters some annoying stuff then a powerhouse, but countering the most annoying unit in the game is still pretty good right? 6. F!Robin is similar to Boey, but less specialized. If you want to counter magic units, Cecilia is better, and if you want to counter archers, Boey is better. In short, if you just want another Reinhardt counter for Arena Assault, Cecilia is your best choice, as she's very reliable at doing her job. If you want a more all round good green unit, go either Anna or Legion. Legion is generally better in battle, but Anna being a bonus unit and being required for several quests might make her the prefered choice.
  11. Same here, I also still need Lyn... I trew all of my orbs on her first banner, but still didn't get her. Next time though, next time! Good luck with the rest of your pulls for this month btw.
  12. Doesn't that just mean the game doesn't tell/show much about his personality? That doesn't mean he has a bad personality...
  13. Why would she suffer if she marries me Kris? What's so bad about him again? (Like his actual character, not how he takes lines away from Marth and stuff or other people praise him to much.) I might have opened the wrong sluice gate here...
  14. I kind of ship Catria with Kris, can we just go with that? The rest sounds good!
  15. I could see that working. If you can't have someone, go with his best friend or something I guess. Or both of them are upset about the two leaving and find comfort with each other, etc, etc (I'd be so good at telling love stories :P). And is it ever specificly said Abel and Est don't meet up again? I though her leaving and Abel chasing after her was all that was told about it (guess I have something to look into now). Screw it, works as well!