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  1. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Looks great, thanks for linking it, now I have another to add to my collection of two other micaiah sprites I got back when I requested her
  2. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I completely understand, there's no reason to feel bad. She looks great though, good job once again!
  3. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Here's a tip, don't base your requests off of how I requested mine, poor @Apples has been working on Altena for a long time now cuz I didn't include which parts to use... Seriously, Apples, sorry for doing that, my next request will be as detailed as I can make it. I'm already working on which parts to use for it.
  4. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    And you're only allowed one request at a time generally. Also, next time, instead of making new comments, it'd be better to just edit the original one to add extra things to it.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    Vampire to me is more blood(dark) magic, especially nosferatu
  6. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I was just wondering cuz it was requested a long time ago and I feel kinda bad for anyone waiting for it to be done.
  7. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    When is that RWBY group shot discussion gonna happen by the way, it's been haunting the no. 1 spot of the request list for a long time now...
  8. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I mean, even in his other appearances it's questionable.
  9. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Marth's also a guy...
  10. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I could do Michalis, but that's about it.
  11. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    It's totally fine, take your time. I understand it must be difficult and I'm sorry I didn't give more detail, I'm gonna be sure to do that for the next one. Doing these sprites may be difficult, but you always do amazing work, keep doing great work! On another note, she's looking great so far, keep it up!
  12. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I kinda feel bad for asking, but would that other project happen to be Altena, or is it something else you were working on before doing her. That Mia is great though, keep up the great work, there's a reason I chose you to do Altena.
  13. Need Help with Names and Roster

    You could always put in Al, Gant, and Tina from hasha no tsurugi since they are barely mentioned by history so it wouldn't take much to disguise them. And don't forget Ike disappears at the end of radiant dawn, but he'd be harder to disguise
  14. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Great stuff, I especially like the roy, the blush just makes it perfect. On an unrelated note, woo, post no. 1234 of this thread
  15. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Now I really wish I had enough skill to animate the movements and rpg maker cuz I would totally attempt to make this