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  1. But, the best part is when there's like 3 enemies with physic and you watch them all miss an enemy that you are about to kill.
  2. I know I may be a little rude by requesting this without parts to use as reference but I'm requesting this for a friend of mine and I don't really have time to look through the parts. Im requesting Altena from fe4, but if no one can get to it or find the right parts im fine with being passed over. If @Apples could work on it that'd be great cuz he did an amazing job with micaiah even though I didnt list potential parts but anyone would be fine.
  3. While it didn't sell well in terms of copies, it sold about as well as they expected.
  4. It's mentioned by Yune in radiant dawn that they share the same ancestor.
  5. I honestly haven't checked the dlc characters but that makes sense. I just remember looking at growths when the game was being datamined and Conrad had an absurd res growth compared to the others.
  6. This game also has fairly low growth rates compared to Awakening or Fates and most characters have below 5% RES growth, with the highest being Conrad at (I think) 8%
  7. Cool, thanks!
  8. No idea who was my first pull but I know for sure that my first 5* was a Sakura who still sits there to be used with Lucius to train other units.
  9. @Apples That looks great! Thanks, I wasn't expecting anyone to make one after a finished one was posted, but you did a great job.
  10. Now for a real request, this one should be simple,. Zephiel, as normal, but with both the exaccus and the binding blade like in this picture from the hasha no tsurugi manga, it doesn't have to be in this pose but if you can without it looking too weird that'd be great.
  11. Sweet, perfect, thanks. This works just fine, actually better than I imagined!
  12. I began looking and honestly, I don't even know where to start with Micaiah, I'm generally horrible with this kind of stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I don't know if all the requests have been put in the OP, but if not, is there one of Micaiah anywhere. If not, I'll figure out the parts unless anyone else wants to, I just don't have the patience to look through 26 pages and really want a Micaiah. EDIT: nevermind, I found that one got started but a list of parts was never given, I'll have to look through the parts to figure it out later but I don't really feel like it right now. If someone else wants to figure it out though, be my guest.
  14. 28,614
  15. Good job slayde! You got beaten up by a bunch of little children.