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  1. Good job slayde! You got beaten up by a bunch of little children.
  2. It was every fourth turn in the original gaiden so for a while it confused me too. Then I attacked on the 4th turn and nothing happened so I just threw a bunch of units at him cuz why not, I have the turnwheel, and figured it out from there.
  3. Tried for Katarina but instead got +def -res Luke and a +atk -def Athena so I'm not really complaining
  4. Figured as much I just didn't want to waste the moonbow
  5. I'm guessing same goes for merging up (4 star to 5 star)? I gave 4 star masked Lucina a moonbow cuz I wanted to hear her specials but I don't want to have to get another palla for the 5 star one so I wanted to make sure before I did it.
  6. And the first one was at the Japanese release of the game and the second is probably gonna be at the international release.
  7. I want orbs! I mean, why not, I'm probably not gonna win, but it's worth a shot.
  8. Yeah it's really just a number anyway, it won't affect the gameplay or story at all except that catria will have magically aged an extra year when she goes back to achanea.
  9. Not that I know of, I just was brainstorming ideas and probably should have read the supports before commenting on it but those are the one thing I'm not spoiling myself on.
  10. Maybe their support is all about them hating each other or something, though I don't know why they'd have a no rank support in the game any way. It could also be that there's no way to get that support and they cut it from the game without cutting the files.
  11. Yeah it's just normal gaiden but drafted, no competitiveness just for fun.
  12. So with echoes coming out soon I kinda wanted to play gaiden again but playing it the normal way is kind of boring, so I decided to at least try to get a draft going with at least one other person who wants to. I honestly am not expecting this to amount to anything but I might as well try. This won't really be competitive with turn counts (mostly because it's gaiden) because while I'm not bad at fire emblem, I can't compete with many people out there. The only real rules will be that silk (silque) and Jenny (Genny) will be used by any who wish to do so due to them being the only early game healers. Any other suggestions by any who wish to do it will most likely be fine by me.
  13. Oh, I thought they were the same, shows what I remember about the gaiden bosses. I honestly only remember the weirdly named ones and saizo, cuz fates.
  14. You can find it the enemy portraits imgur as Scizor
  15. It's still weird, like you haven't eaten in three years, and zombies live right outside your door, how are you still alive? Do you eat people? Granted with the few people in gaiden and the large amount of zombies comparitively, I wouldn't doubt it. In Valentia, if you aren't in the war, a mercenary, or dead, you were the very small minority. Countries can't survive like that, let alone whole continents. Should probably add pirates, those are a thing too.