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  1. The Static Sprites of a Fool

    Hey, I think that looks pretty good, with him "charging" his attack and all. The actual impact feels like it's missing a little something, but overall it's a huge improvement.
  2. Need help recreating an Ike sprite

    Haha, didn't know you could name change on these forums. The oracle_of_fire I found on the other forums had been inactive for several years... I didn't know he existed over here. I've asked his permission, waiting for a response.
  3. Soul of Cinder Punches In!

    Hello! I'm new here(Derp). But don't worry, I won't burn down the forums. Not yet anyways. And yes, I did make a SSB4 reference in the title. Did I mention my master editing skills? K thx bye
  4. Need help recreating an Ike sprite

    I was going to use it for a personal hack where I add in Ike (or replace someone with him) in FE7. I'm not going to share it or claim it as my own or whatever.
  5. Need help recreating an Ike sprite

    Hello! I'm new to the forums here, so if I mess up anything or do something wrong, please let me know. Anyways, I need help recreating this sprite: (This was the best quality I could get btw) It was made by Oracle_of_Fire on another forum, but the original has been deleted unfortunately. The video I found it in can be found here. I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could recreate the talking and blinking sprites also. Thanks in advance.