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  1. I have Leo and Reinhard 5*, i think i will upgrade camus if they are similar, as red units are often worse on arena, maybe next month i upgradre xander if leo is really bad in arena
  2. Have a question, I have 20k feathers, I was convinced to promote Camus, but then I saw some tier lists, the thing is Camus is S without inheritance, but then in the inheritance tier list Camus is A+ while Xander is S So my question: wich I should promote Xander or Camus? The other option, is promote Cordelia, that I have like five 4* and I am sure some will have the perfect IVs, but Idk, I wanted to try to make a calvary team instead of flyer team.
  3. Than you, but I can merge her right now or 1st I should lvl the new nowi to lvl 40?
  4. So is my 1st repeated 5* unit, then I should lvl her to lvl40 and then merge with my other 40lvl now who is -atk? It will inherit her abilities? Cos my lvl 40 nowi has vantage and fury. And then if use her in arena once merged, arena won't be insane with crazy shit? Cos all my other units are +0
  5. I tried this banner cos I really want azura, but instead I got nowi :/ Problem is already had nowi, so I have a -atk/+def and -def/+res nowi I should merge her? And which one?
  6. SF Orbs Giveaway Lottery [for Android users]

    I want orbs! Still on time?
  7. Yeah I think I can compose good teams, and just today I pulled Reinhard, so I covered the blue mage spot, but the doubt still remains wich unit I should promote of 4*, I thought Erika or kagero would be a good addition but promoting a -SPD+DEF erika or a +RES-DEF kagero I don't know if its a waste of feathers...
  8. Oh dam I didn't know that... well my main team now is Sharena+Nino+Ninian+Sanaki but I swap Sanaki for Takumi or Kagero when I need, even if Kagero is 4*
  9. A question, I have 20000 feathers again and I pulled a Erika 4*, the problem is she is -SPD + DEF, would you upgrade her? I was thinking convert her in my main buffer given her dance and cos it has + def would be a bit more bulky to defend while she gives buffs to my Nino, it is bad idea or should i wait till I pull one erika with +SPD? Maybe is better upgrade an olivia? I also have a kagero 4* -DEF+RES and I like a lot Kagero but I was waiting to pull one with +ATK Wich unit you would upgrade? Keep in mind I am F2P and I don't think I will pull a lot of more reds or greys as I alredy have good units like Lucina, Ryoma, Marth, Lyn, Sanaki, Klein and 2 takumis. I really need blue and green units, maybe I wait for a 4* Robin?
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Pegasus Knights vs. Wyvern Riders

    I know but competition is fierce in the top ranks, 10 points matter, if i get the quest i will put rank 10, not that it matter for feathers is just for fun, see to where i can arrive :P
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Pegasus Knights vs. Wyvern Riders

    I also need grey units to finish the quest, if someone wanna add me is 8402634246 I will put my takumi as leader seeeing the need of everyone
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Pegasus Knights vs. Wyvern Riders

    I am Rank 32 with 352000 points. Rank 1 has 366190 points and her leader is Camila.... -_-
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Pegasus Knights vs. Wyvern Riders

    I see your Nino below my Ninian :P Just corious anybody can tell how many points u need in team Camila to rank 1-1000?
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Pegasus Knights vs. Wyvern Riders

    I would have won about 7000 feathers in team Minerva, I wonder how many I would have won with Camla, 3000 maybe. I don't care if she loses, now I can promote another 4* unit thanks to Minerva :P
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Pegasus Knights vs. Wyvern Riders

    Hello, I am new here but I wanted to say, I think people is not very clever if they are jumping to the bandwagon Camila for just 500 feathers. While it's true they will get 500 feathers free it's also a lot more dificult to rank. I for example joined Minerva, still I haven't burnt any flag and I am ranked 6000+, thats 1700 feathers, 700 more than if i would joined Camila. In the other hand I think that seeing my ranking without spendind any flag I have the oppinion that team Minerva is not burning flags while I am sure team Camilia is burning flags like hell just to be able to rank. Now I am just debating if I should spend some flags to make a better rank now that it's easy or wait to the final battle against Camila just for fun.