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  1. Yeah I think I can compose good teams, and just today I pulled Reinhard, so I covered the blue mage spot, but the doubt still remains wich unit I should promote of 4*, I thought Erika or kagero would be a good addition but promoting a -SPD+DEF erika or a +RES-DEF kagero I don't know if its a waste of feathers...
  2. Oh dam I didn't know that... well my main team now is Sharena+Nino+Ninian+Sanaki but I swap Sanaki for Takumi or Kagero when I need, even if Kagero is 4*
  3. A question, I have 20000 feathers again and I pulled a Erika 4*, the problem is she is -SPD + DEF, would you upgrade her? I was thinking convert her in my main buffer given her dance and cos it has + def would be a bit more bulky to defend while she gives buffs to my Nino, it is bad idea or should i wait till I pull one erika with +SPD? Maybe is better upgrade an olivia? I also have a kagero 4* -DEF+RES and I like a lot Kagero but I was waiting to pull one with +ATK Wich unit you would upgrade? Keep in mind I am F2P and I don't think I will pull a lot of more reds or greys as I alredy have good units like Lucina, Ryoma, Marth, Lyn, Sanaki, Klein and 2 takumis. I really need blue and green units, maybe I wait for a 4* Robin?
  4. I know but competition is fierce in the top ranks, 10 points matter, if i get the quest i will put rank 10, not that it matter for feathers is just for fun, see to where i can arrive :P
  5. I also need grey units to finish the quest, if someone wanna add me is 8402634246 I will put my takumi as leader seeeing the need of everyone
  6. I am Rank 32 with 352000 points. Rank 1 has 366190 points and her leader is Camila.... -_-
  7. I see your Nino below my Ninian :P Just corious anybody can tell how many points u need in team Camila to rank 1-1000?
  8. I would have won about 7000 feathers in team Minerva, I wonder how many I would have won with Camla, 3000 maybe. I don't care if she loses, now I can promote another 4* unit thanks to Minerva :P
  9. Hello, I am new here but I wanted to say, I think people is not very clever if they are jumping to the bandwagon Camila for just 500 feathers. While it's true they will get 500 feathers free it's also a lot more dificult to rank. I for example joined Minerva, still I haven't burnt any flag and I am ranked 6000+, thats 1700 feathers, 700 more than if i would joined Camila. In the other hand I think that seeing my ranking without spendind any flag I have the oppinion that team Minerva is not burning flags while I am sure team Camilia is burning flags like hell just to be able to rank. Now I am just debating if I should spend some flags to make a better rank now that it's easy or wait to the final battle against Camila just for fun.