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  1. Oh, I see you are one of the people that do know how he good he really is and how to use him most effectively. Regular Leo is underrated with CC+Owl so I'm glad most players have a way of getting something similar in another version of him.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Oof. I hope I didn't affect your luck right now. I heard Demiya is good haha smileyface I hope I didn't fuck it up it for you
  3. Yeah. People that make a huge fuss just end up promoting the damn thing. If there's something you don't want people to play or get any attention at all then just silently report it or something. You're potentially creating an audience for something you might see as unsavory or offensive The idea that it affect sales somewhat was a bit half-baked idea that I should've let my brain "cook" more. But if the game will have a 100$ DLC like DOA at launch that the average joe can relate to then I could see there being an issue. Echoes had DLC at launch that costed more than the base game. I hope IS for their own sake don't do something on the level of Koei/TeamNinja
  4. We have new info on FE16!

    I mean yeah, but they had reasons for it. If they're just gonna say there's a preference, but not explain the reason I feel as though the worldbuilding will be lacking. Tho that might just be one small nitpick at the end of the day when it comes to the worldbuilding critique
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    GL then. I hope you get them with ease. To be honest, getting Liz isn't so bad. She's got that female charisma and a targetable defense down. There's a whole bunch of single target slaughter fests you could do with a prana enhanced voice dragon girl.
  6. I don't think it'll have that much of an impact, but it'll make the rounds in articles and such. And even then, Fates was split into two games so it's success is kinda unique. But FE hasn't had good DLC, that's for sure. I think the more PC complaints don't have that much of an impact compared to just regular criticism of games that the average joe has.
  7. We have new info on FE16!

    Fucking finally. I like the idea of choosing traits for characters, but chance based promotions or whatever it is screams some of the bad stuff Kaga made as design decisions. I hope multiple weapons for tier 1 classes aren't a thing. I just hate unbalance in games Regarding the whole weapon associated with country thing, if they don't explain the preferences in the game then it'll just sound stupid. Tho the more I think about it there is some sense to be made. Edelgard's country is probably advanced in sciences as magic is a science in this game if I'm not mistakes (doesn't explain axes tho). Knights for Dimitri's country tho it feels cheesy. Claude's country might have a lot of wildlife so people hunt a lot or hunting is some kind of pass time for fun What is the point of an easier difficulty with time reversal if you have casual mode? I feel as though they should work on the time reversal mechanic as to how much it can do depending on the difficulty and scrap casual. More uses in easier modes or something I'm hoping the game isn't too easy as I feel like they might dumb down the difficulty for newer players and that'll affect hard mode. I hope the maps aren't that dumbed down that they're just generic open fields. My favorite take from this whole thing. "We're trying to make a fantasy setting with magic more realistic, but we're JOKINGLY gonna jokingly JOKINGLY include time manipulation shenaniganz". I understand that they want to reuse a mechanic that actually is pretty innovative and has overall positive reception, but it just feels off if you're gonna try to make something more realistic and include something absurd as time manipulation. Yes, it is a fantasy setting with goddesses and dragons, but I'm feeling a clash between what they want to make and what they want to present. The whole science thing feels as though it's just for the sake of the school setting and offers nothing else. My god, if they're gonna make "magic is only used as a weapon" that a lot of fantasy fiction writers make as an mistake while trying to make it out to be a science I'll just face palm myself. I'm applying that concern to black magic or whatever you want to call it. Then I guess she's from a southern continent or some other place in southern parts of the map if they want to be that meta. Maybe Morpheus. That sounds like a very haunting place if you ask me. Does it say silent somewhere? I can't find it. I recall Byleth having voice in the game from a short ad tho that might be in the same vein as Persona's take in the silent protag Anyways, buying a Switch is incredibly expensive for me. Even if I am a fan of FE, I'll wait for actually credible people to review the game to see whether or not it's worth buying. I'm just not getting as good as a vibe as I got from Echoes. I mean yeah, if you're having fun then all the power to you, but if the maps and story are boring for me then my reason for buying an expensive console for 1 game isn't worth it. There are other games as well on the console, but I don't have that much money and school costs are an issue. If it it'll receive negative reception from credible sources then I'll wait for the next FE game (which will most likely be a remake of FE4 or 6; not too fond of 6, but if they can work some of that Echoes magic then I'm sold) to come out and maybe try out TH.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    I didn't use too much SQ (only like 90) and have around 160+ left. My summoning plans should be on this page somewhere, but tl;dr I'm aiming for summer Martha this Summer
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    Pretty much me except less SQ spent sadface
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    I mean, yeah we are supposed to mock his edgy characteristics, but like... I don't have a problem with Japanese names, it's just that Edgemiya sounds like some kind of Japanese name a western person would come up with and not an actual used one. It is a nickname, but it sounds like it came from somewhere else. Demiya sounds more like a nickname than Edgemiya is what I'm trying to say here Maybe I'll get over it. It's just that Demiya just sounds better and it's shorter
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    I just have a problem with Edgemiya sounding kinda silly. And it's longer
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    They changed Detroit Emiya to Edgy Emiya. New shortened name is Edgemiya. It sounds awful. Dark Emiya would have been better and it'd still keep Demiya, which rolls of the tongue better and would have changed negative undertones of something into something less negative. I guess I'll also throw in my plans for what I'd like to summon: Summer Martha (I want a ruler and she's Martha. When will I be spooked by regular Martha?) Bedivere (NP5 with summoning tickets. He should be getting a rate-up for the stage play summoning banner this Summer) Tomoe Gozen (She's cute. She's pretty good as well) Circe (She's female. What do you expect of me? She's kinda like Medea with stun and without the buff removal so there's that unique aspect about her that I like. Oh, and Hidari goodness) Queen of Sheba (Really really good from what I heard. AND SHE IS SO CUTE I LOVE HER) Asagami Fujino (From the moment I saw her I wanted to protect her as I remembered the KnK movies. Also, she's considered by some to be the best SR archer so there's bonus points for that) Antonio Salieri (NP5 with tickets. Easy to get Avenger. There aren't any welfare Avengers as of this moment give us Avenger Nobukatsu DW so he's the closest thing you've got. Pretty good from what I heard as well. Also, awesome design and voice acting) Okada Izó (NP5 with tickets. He's pretty hyped up in terms of gameplay and the talent behind in bringing him to life do an incredibly good job of making me like him) Skadi (MAYBE. I'm a F2P peasant. I shouldn't get my hopes up. I need like 600 SQ and that's an incredibly tall order for me). Prince of Lanling (There's no fucking debating. He's just so fucking good. His art is also amazing) Qin Liangyu (Cute and VA does such an amazing job. Pretty decent gameplay wise. Nothing too amazing, put impressive nonetheless. I like her Guts skill as most of the time I find the amount health you gain from Guts level ups to mean jackshit as you die in one hit unless you're using defensive buffs.) Might try to Danzo, but I dunno. She has her uses, but is incredibly underwhelming and has yet to receive a strengthening in JP as of this moment. Her NP would be a start, but I'd still upgrade something in her skillset. End of the year will be pretty stressful with time between stuff that I want to be rather short. I hope I don't break the bank. For my free SR picks I'll get Casgil this year and Parvati next year. If I happen to get spooked by them then I'll pick Ibaraki Douji this year and Sarmuid the next one. Oh yeah. Pornstar water guy is a thing in JP. Should consider that option as a free pick as well I'll be saving my tickets for R characters that are hard to get. Oh yeah. Funny thing about Lanling. While Hinako wanted to summon a rider, but got him instead, the dude fights with his horse. Not really a rider, but maybe his horse is why the ToH spat him out instead of a Rider.
  13. Heron chibi with infantry tag
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    Both Shikis getting strengthening. And here I was just using @Magus of Memery's Shiki 20 minutes ago.
  15. All I can do really is just make guesses. I wasn't really around for when Fates was being marketed so I might lack experience or understanding of events leading up to Fates' release. It'll do as well as Awakening, but I'm not sure about Fates level (reminder that the game was split into 2 physical copies so it'll be more bloated). The gap between Fates and TH is longer than Awakening and Fates, as those are the big titles and not Echoes, so that might have some role to play. We kinda saw what happened to SnK with it's gap between two seasons. I feel as though the marketing has been weak, but we're getting stuff now at least leading up to the release. There are a few things I imagine that could make the game not appealing. If it doesn't borrow elements from Awakening/Fates then it could turn off some people. There's also the box art (for people new to the franchise), but that might just be me. I think a lot of people have grown over the years and aren't dependant on games journalist sites like IGN ("Fates is a emotional and engaging story" or whatever the meme is, it's not just that as there's an entire pile of mishaps/funnies since then) as they've started to see the flaws of their reviewing process. I think FE Youtubers will have some part to play in how many copies are sold through reviewing though it'll be a small portion of potential buyers. If the game is somehow worse than Revelations (I doubt that'll happen) then yeah, I actually see much more influence due to how despised it is among some of the more influential FE YouTubers. This part that I'm about to mention could actually happen. There's a potential aspect (NOT CONFIRMED YET) that might actually stir up controversy. I've seen reactions to the thought of the avatar marrying students and it's ranged from indifference to denial ("there's no way they're gonna go that far lol" is what I've seen some say). I will criticise the devs for the decision of allowing the avatar to marry students (IF IT HAPPENS), but I won't get as mad as some people would. There's also the matter of DLC. We've reached the point of no return when it comes to criticism of microtransactions in a full priced game as well as how DLC is being handled (cut-out from game yet available at launch, cheat DLC, etc.). Echoes managed to make it's way to YongYea with it's DLC pricing and timing (but it's not the first time a FE game has been criticized for it's DLC) so if a game that's supposedly much bigger than Echoes makes it's round then I can see him swaying people not to buy the game. He won't say don't buy the thing, but the game will have a stigma from the criticism. And it's not just only him, there'll be others spreading information about it. There are some that are skeptical bcs Fates so they might just wait a bit to see people's reviews on YouTube or something though those within the FE fanbase will gravitate towards experienced FE YouTubers