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  1. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    I think the official artwork will range from decent to good. It's just that with the way the dialogue is handled we'll be in contact with the models more than the artwork and that might not leave the best impression on everyone.
  2. Didn't Loptous's first host go to Archanea and that's where Loptous is from?
  3. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    IS obviously trying to make a Persona knockoff 😝
  4. Someone made a graph from data collected from reddit concerning players' thoughts on IS caring about it's F2P playerbase and I'm not shocked. Bear in mind this is from one community so it doesn't reflect the entire playerbase, but if an opinion is shared to this extent then that somewhat says something
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    0/10 No Herc upgrade giving him 12x guts
  6. How do you think the routes will work?

    I personally think that you start off controlling characters of one faction, but by the time the first third of the game finishes we'll start getting access to characters of other houses due to a major conflict requiring an alliance.
  7. Astral Chain: Platinum Games's newest IP

    Obligatory Jojo reference
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Edison's new skill looks good. Targetable skill cooldown. Oh and I guess defense buff as well
  9. They should straight up redo the whole rarity thing.
  10. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    All the better that avatars don't open their mouth to say something silly
  11. If there really is marriage then I'd be mildly okay with it if they put aside their relationship until after graduation or it'll developed in the ending reel for characters (receiving A support and becoming good friends in the game and in the ending a few years after graduation got married). I understand the Persona comparison, but in Persona's case you're a student and not in a position (mostly) that'll draw much scrutiny for whom you have a relationship with. In TH's case you're a teacher with a possible buffet of students to choose from. Funnily enough I thought this would be a issue ever since Autumn. Anyways I doubt marriage is the immediate form of Fateswakening as they're students (they're too young for this crap, at least in "high school"). I have feeling it'll be the classic build up supports and see what you get in the ending
  12. Actually there's something on the edge of that part of the menu below. Hard to make out, but it looks like the edge of another class. I also noticed there being something called flying focus in the focus section which I'll get into a bit I noticed that you can manage "focuses". Seems that they're traits of either weapons or mobility. There are class focuses and then there are custom focuses. My guess is that if you pick a focus in custom that already exists in your class then that focus gets a boost. If you pick a new one then you gain that trait or at least your mooks as I noticed Edgelord had cavalry mooks
  13. Oh. That explains a lot of things. Seems like they're the outside help IS got for 3D models
  14. Magic is called Reason and Faith. It seems that there are two different types of magic within Reason as there are two tomes in it's icon
  15. Character designs are meh for the most part