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  1. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    i'm guessing that they'll try to do a event to make up for the decision that was tempest focus ayra
  2. The reason why i'm asking this is because of the dick move made by the developers or whoever is responsible for the ayra tempest banner. We've gotten 125 free orbs this month and the amount at the end of the month doesn't seem like it will come close to any of the previous three months. Of course there's the argument as to what should be offered as prizes because people would get salty if you got the rewards from a previous TT at a lower amount of point score like BK or sacred seals. To be honest, I would't mind if clive and tobin (they're not that good anyway) were to be rewards for mini-TTs because people would be more focused on receiving orbs. Oh and I think that there should be sacred coins instead of sacred seals for these kinds of TT. Share your thoughts
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    just checked the datamine on gamepress. there'll be a tempest trials (i saw that TT was mentioned in quests). ursula might come before arvin, of that i'm not sure
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    you can see arvis's design for heroes on the heroes twitter
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    So we also got Arden. Is there gonna be 2 separate TT hero rewards.
  6. Holy war banner

    ayra has nihil, so the tellius-exclusive statement is invalid
  7. Does the Devil axe boost the axe rank faster?

    from what i remember, it only did that in the GBA titles
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    i guess so. wonder what the next banner will be?
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    as much as i hate to say it, sorry guys, there will be no armored alvis. this is due to the fact that the newest batch of characters are from the first generation of genealogy. armored alvis only appeared as an armored unit in gen 2, he was a sage in gen1. so basically, plain old infantry mage
  10. Holy war banner

    the saddest part about the ending of gen 1 is that you can summarize the epilogue without spoilers (that makes it sound like the good guys won). something like "after years of bloodshed judgral finally prospered into a land of peace" for 10 years that is
  11. Holy war banner

    he's talking about arvis being a joke against sigurd, whose basically anti mage. i can already see the memes "so you think you can f*** my wife and get away with it"
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    i expected quan and ethlyn to be in this banner, but i guess not. i guess the tharcia776 banner has to come up first with leif, nanna, quan an maybe asvel. after that another genealogy banner with quan, ethlyn, not sure about the last one. plus travant GHB
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I'm calling it. Ayra's 5* weapon is brave sword+. She got a brave sword as a gift from her lover in genealogy. If Navarre is the archetype of myrmidons then Ayra is the mother of the class itself. That brave sword might or might not hinder her speed for doubling
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Yep. More orbs. Yay Looks like there was a person posing as favaro.