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  1. Julius was corrupted, not possessed, by Loptous. His personality did change as did his sense of morals, but I'd still consider him to have a sense of self, albeit corrupted by a magical force. Only at the ending when Ishtar dies, Julius loses his sense of self and Loptous takes over.
  2. Hey, everyone!

    I personally like fatigue as it's a countermeasure to overusing busted units and it forces you to use a majority of your roster, not like 8-12 out of your entire army. Characters, you're right about many of them being forgettable or lacking in interactions. But the character thing can be fixed with a remake. Still, can't force a person to like something they can't.
  3. Fire Emblem Fates Orchestral Suite

    So far only listened to the first one and my only complaint is that in the first 60ish seconds the horn or whatever instrument is so loud that it makes it hard to listen to the other parts of the track. Other than that, pretty good. Keep up the good work. Will listen to the other ones later
  4. Is Conquest Lunatic Fun?

    I quit around the defense chapter on classic (a lot of resets thošŸ¤¢, because early game units cannot be replaced), but Conquest is one of those games that rewards smart thinking. If you're doing well in lunatic you'll feel like someone is patting you on the head and saying "Fantastic! Keep it up". If only I could
  5. Hey, everyone!

    You like Thracia. You're good in my books. Just don't be KoompaMarth I see what you did there Ah. The tutorial. Not only are you boring, you make me search for a save from gamefaqs AND SCREW MY RANDOMIZED RUN. Turns out the game crashes or you end up being stuck if you can't do a command that the tutorial tells you to do. HHM is my only means of playing a randomized run of a FE game I'm not the biggest fan of so... I'm not gonna put any effort into it all The thing with all of the FE games is that once you compare their stories to other games out there, Genealogy, which is most likely the FE game that series fan completionists will say has the best story, will at best have a above average story dragged down by huge slogs of gameplay in-between dialogue boxes or exposition dumps. If staves missing is your bane for FE5 then empty space is mine for FE4 (tho I did play the first two chapters, however I'll never play FE4, or at least the SNES version, ever again). Did I mention I gave up playing FE6 randomized (my first playthrough cause vanilla sucks, amirite), because huge slogs? Fun, right? Staves missing can go away so more people can enjoy Thracia and find a reason to play it in modern times. While staves missing doesn't deter me, it shouldn't be in a potential remake
  6. Innes is basically Bridelia that can ploy. Tana is as good as Cordelia and Shigure because stats
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Yep. Halloween Mia's description confirms that it's her Radiant Dawn self.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I had to switch laptops because some my other one's keys aren't working. I'll use the old one for gaming, but right now I'm using the laptop, that my grandfather used up until last year for work, for uni and other things. Feels good to use brackets again (oh yes)
  9. Orochi I guess. For the banner: Orochi, Rinkah and Scarlet TT: Hayato GHB: Slime Garon cause why not
  10. I guess Cynthia and Severa with better art. That's all
  11. Looks like he reloaded the page to upload it faster and submitted the topic again with the submit button. This one has fewer replies. @eclipseLock this baby up
  12. Who should our next batch of Archanean Heroes be?

    Vax, how is it that you're reading my mind?
  13. Echidna. Gimme. Oh, and I guess Percival
  14. Just give me Lifis. Mareeta seems to be their sword waifu candidate. IS has a habit of making them top tier
  15. PoR Banner: Rhys, Gatrie, Boyd TT: Rolf GHB: Shinon RD Banner: Laura, Nolan, Leonardo TT: Edward GHB: Aran