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  1. i see that makes sense, thanks for the explanation :D
  2. I am bit confused regarding the Alfonse SR card ruling. For starters can you deploy units with its effect even though you dont have any card in the bond area with the same color? If that is the case then i can imagine someone just putting a bunch of 4-6 deployment cost units from as many colors as posible (Caineghis deployed turn 1 anyone?). Also what would happen if the unit in your orb area you revealed has already a version of that card in the field, will the deployment fail?, if so when exactly?, do you still lose the bond you flipped?, can you still use the effect to recieve a bond from the top of the deck?.
  3. Have they mentioned how these cards will be summoned? Do you need nohr and hoshido bonds for it to work or just one of both. What about when these cards are in the bond area.
  4. So im guessing 87 and 88 are Alfonse cards, 90 and 91 are Sharena cards and 93 is Anna. thats leaves 95-100 for other colorless cards, im guessing Bruno and Veronica get 2 cards each, thats leaves 2 cards one which is probably a cipher exclusive unit, Loki or Feh the owl. Also is Anna deck finally a thing?
  5. +1 oh.glory the cards arrived safely :D
  6. Does the destroyed orb by your own card go to your hand or to the retreat area (example with the B02-062SR Elise). Also can you only heal during your action phase if the card doesnt specify anything?. Also when a card says it affect all allies or tap 1 ally, does that include the card itself (for example the Fem Corrin B02-051SR or Alm B09-002N)
  7. Updating the cards im currently looking for :D Want List: R: B09-015R(+) Faye x1 B09-015R Faye x1 HN and N: B02-009N Hinoka x2 B02-042N Kana(F) x1 B02-059N Camilla x2 B02-092N Kana(M) x2 B03-049HN Emma x1 B03-064N/B07-071N Shigure/Subaki x4 B06-050N Emma x1 B06-059N Elise x1 B06-094HN Arete x1 B07-095HN Mikoto x1 ST: S04-001ST Corrin(F) x1 My country: Peru * Bought and just waiting to recieve
  8. +1 Marcuz The cards arrived all in perfect condition :D i have so many matching art cards now thanks to it
  9. ITS BEEN FIXED. Cipher set 9 was "sold out" for like a few hours but it was because they were changing it from "Pre-Release" to "Released" Cipher set 1-8 dissapeared because they needed to add the new "Clear file" item bonus.
  10. Just got this reply from them: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello. Thank you for mailing us. Unfortunately, a change was made by our sales team regarding this item and was removed from our webstore. We are not aware of the situation behind this item but please keep an eye on it in case it comes back on our webstore. We are sorry that we could not give more information concerning this item. Please let us know if you have any other questions. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for shopping at AmiAmi. Warm Regards, AmiAmi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. I was just planning to buy an older set along with the new cipher set 9 but the links seem to be broken for me.
  12. 70 attack and 2 for summon.....what is the catch?, probably the skills.
  13. do we now have all the official cards that are gonna appear in Set 9?
  14. 100 flat....wut
  15. +1 ChibiToastExplosion Cards arrived in great condition and now i have so many different sleeves :D