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  1. Henry, Odin, and Florina, especially since I have the ideal natures I want for all 3 since forever ago. Florina is especially bad, since I still have 13 of her AFTER making a 4* +10. I actually like Florina a lot too, I just don't need soooo many copies of her.
  2. Got very frustrated trying to pull at least one Nephenee or Elincia, so I spent more than i care to admit to anyone. I failed to pull either of them (and must concede defeat for now), but along the way I pulled: 5* Effie (RES/atk) 5* Linde (RES/atk) 5* Eldigan (ATK/spd) 5* Nowi (ATK/spd) 5* Takumi (HP/res) 5* Ephraim (ATK/hp) 5* Luke (ATK/hp) 5* Ninian (HP/def) Eldigan, Takumi, Ephraim, and Ninian are all first-time pulls as well. I feel so drained. I've never struggled to pull focus units this hard on a banner before, and to have this happen on one of the PoR banners.... I know a lot of the units I pulled are amazing IV's too, even among the non 5 stars. Cant help but feel somewhat disappointed though. Edit: Gave it one last attempt, and was able to pull Elincia on the final red orb. Literally breathed a sigh of relief. 5* Elincia (ATK/hp)!!
  3. Playing with a full team of bonus heroes really simplifies this TT compared to the first one. Went into the 7 Battle Lunatic blind with Lyn, Eliwood, Anna, and Maria just to try it out, and they actually cleared all 7 alone. No blade mage support or anything!
  4. I'd love to have this added. Although I document everyone I have now its still a hassle to pull up my spreadsheet every time I want to do skill inheritance.
  5. I remember when I bought both the GameCube and Wii solely so I could play both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn as they came out respectively. To date they have left the strongest impression on me for what constitutes a well made Fire Emblem game. Edit: Unrelated, but I didn't have any flags for Camillas 2 hours of multipliers, and dropped from rank 500 to 7000. Ah well....
  6. I didn't mean to sound as though I think Path of Radiance (or even Radiant Dawn) are bad games, or that I even dislike them. They are my two personal favorite Fire Emblem games, and most of the cast in these games are really interesting and likable characters for me. Only that in this instance, there is a character I like more from a game that I didn't like as much (though I still enjoyed), and for me these voting gauntlets are character battles and not battles of the game they come from.
  7. 2,500 feathers and ended rank 22 for team Lyn. I stayed up and caught every single multiplier she had for the first two rounds. I debated which team to join for quite some time while at work and had time to cool off my disappointment. i remembered that while I REALLY hoped Lyn would win this voting gauntlet, to not only represent Lyn as a character but also the GBA titles, this is still ultimately a competition of characters and not their respective games. I like both Ike and Camilla, for different reasons. Ultimately I went with Camilla, as she is one of my favorites from Fates and also a character I find very interesting in general. Ike is a good and likable character for me in his own right, but doesn't come off as being as interesting and deep as Camilla. Plus no flying dragon. It'd be wrong for me to not pick Camilla for the last round out of spite for her beating Lyn, when what truly beat Lyn was the system and rules set in place.
  8. Man that's depressing. It was very intense granted, but boy did this kill my drive. Time to burn every last flag I have in vain for Lyn. 2 hours to close a gap of 1.2 billion.
  9. It's very likely the way the number are going right now and have been the last few hours. I'm hoping for some high numbers from Team Lyn in about 3-4 hours to bring Team Camilla's last multiplier sooner rather than later.
  10. Looking at the prediction numbers and by how much Lyn is currently estimated to lose by (only 200 million, which Lyn gains on Camilla every 2 hours), I feel that a couple things could be done to change this outcome: 1. Triggering Camilla's final multiplier by 2+ hours earlier than expected, which will give Lyn more room to recover from it. 2. AVOID a Lyn multiplier as much as possible. To me, this means spending more flags to make up for the difference and most importantly this means hitting extra hard during Camilla's multiplier to keep Lyn out of range of getting her own. However, I do also believe that votes will also increase in about 8 hours (as they did in the fight with Lucina) where Lyn was increasing her lead by roughly 150 million every hour, vs the current roughly 100 million every hour. That should force the multiplier earlier and give Lyn enough time to recover in the final hours (especially if we all save for it). Once Lyn has the lead again she can maintain it safely without fear of a multiplier again for roughly 5-6 hours. Also finally, things can (and most likely will) change. Everything listed above is just speculation on my part after looking at the numbers and voting projections.
  11. I find that the multiplier isnt completely a bad thing, upsets make it somewhat interesting in a battle with lesser known characters. I don't really like how it's been implemented though, as most multipliers happen when I should be sleeping. It also ruins the whole concept of a "Voting Gauntlet", which leads me to think it should be renamed first and foremost if they intend to keep things the way they are. However, this Gauntlet is when I finally feel bothered by it. To me, this is a battle of the ultra heavy-hitting popular characters, and I for one am really into the Lucina vs Lyn battle right now (and will be even more invested in the hopefully happening Ike vs Lyn battle). To have any of these matches between such crazy popular characters ruined by a last second mechanic would be very disheartening to see. These are the battles I've been waiting for. Because relatively speaking, these characters are all at the top. I think ultimately IS should think more about the characters they pick for these Gauntlets, or perhaps even better would be to implement a lighter pre-gauntlet voting system to help determine who the most popular 8 heroes meeting the criteria of the next voting gauntlet would be.
  12. Oh boy, Lyn versus Lucina first round. This is the match I've truly been waiting for with these Voting Gauntlets. 100% backing Lyn, even if I didn't have her. I hope it's nail-biting close.
  13. I noticed that as well on one run, I believe it's a typo and should read 1.05 (1.2 for A, 1.15 for B, 1.1 for C, 1.05 for D).
  14. Jill (x3 votes), still yet to be added, hoping for a Tellius banner after the Sacred Stones one(s). Machyua, one I'd love to have as an axe wielder. Not added, and seems unlikely anytime soon.... Nephenee, same as Jill. I hope for her Radiant Dawn appearance. Lyn, (Bridal and Normal), amazingly got lucky pulling on the Sacred Stones banner and pulled normal Lyn today. Fiora, sadly not added, and probably in the same boat as Machyua.... Cath, someone I'd love to see added. I can't help but wonder if she'd get Trainee bonus stats for being so young. Sonya (Gaiden), so surprised and happy they added her. Olwen, managed to pull her during the Mage Voting Gauntlet. Sophia, still need to get around to getting her to 5 stars. Sanaki, also pulled during the Mage Voting Gauntlet. Overall doing pretty well. There's some characters I voted for that seem to have low chances of being added anytime soon sadly. Jill is by far the character I most eagerly await to see in heroes.
  15. I'm really glad they finally introduced more Sacred Stones characters into Heroes. The GBA titles are what got me into Fire Emblem in the first place, and seeing these characters added in is quite a nostalgia trip. I especially love Amelia's design, a mix of retaining her Trainee appearance while also adding in elements of her General promotion. These sorts of touches and details in the artwork really standout to me, and I sincerely hope for more ideas like these in the future. I can't wait to build a team around her. Now take my money, IS.