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  1. Backer's Sprites

    It's done, still can't hair though.
  2. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 yunjaelove I appreciate the trade. Thank you!
  3. Backer's Sprites

    Drafting something up, but I feel like something's off with the body and the head. I can't really pinpoint it and I'm hoping some extra pair of eyes would help. Any tips on how to proceed? Please excuse the horrid shading. I'm still practicing. D:
  4. Backer's Sprites

    Remade one of my older sprites. Still having a horrible time trying to shade hair in, but I had fun working on this nonetheless. : old : new
  5. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    Splendid tea for splendid men
  6. Propose Marriage to The Poster Above

    I'll make our marriage great. Believe me and my big hands. Fantastic hands. Gigantic hands to grab you with.
  7. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Hi there, Below is my buy/sell list: B01: B02: B03: B04: B05: B06: B07: B08: B09: B10: Promotions: Starters: Other: I will update this later to include name when I have the time. All cards will be mailed sleeved. I also have a bunch of N/HN/ST cards that are free with any purchase. I'm also willing to send these out for free (US only), with no purchases, but please keep in mind that I'm limited on some cards and cards I have one day might be claimed the next day. Please let me know if you want any and I'll PM you a list of these cards Even though I have something you need, but you do not have the card I want, feel free to message me and we can negotiate. I would expect similar rarity trades though. Shipping is also free for US addresses. Please feel free to email me any questions. Thank you!
  8. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Cues such a guttural growl or crunching footsteps announcing its arrival or distortion of the music would be my suggestion. Audio cues work just as well as visual cues when creating an unsettling environment. I look forward to seeing how you would display this. :)
  9. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Would it animated at that speed ingame? I feel it would be a lot more menacing if it animates at a slower pace. Like slow writhing worms. I really like the concept you have as well.
  10. Backer's Sprites

    Tried for a berserker feel for this sprite. I'm still practicing how to shade in hair without making it look fluffy, but I'm not having much success.
  11. Backer's Sprites

    Added a shade darker line on the back of the head, but didn't edit much there. More work was done on the collar to make them stick out more. How's it look now?