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  1. Best Fire Emblem Jokes you can think of

    Flora is the hotter twin.
  2. Your avatar is now your mom/dad.

    oh no
  3. Ike's sister is pretty cute.
  4. The final map theme will be circus music and the game will be considered the worst FE game ever.
  5. Make your own Death Quote

    "But...I still have a package from Amazon waiting for me...Blergh" Game edition: "what"
  6. Backer's Sprites

    New face: Hair shading and shape are still very early WIP, but the face is mostly overall completed.
  7. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Really like the health interface. Much more appealing to the eye. :)
  8. Backer's Sprites

    So I think I've backed myself into a corner on the hair. I've spend some time trying to shading the front of the hair to make it consistent, but I'm not really making any progress. Despite this, I really like how this one turned out.
  9. Backer's Sprites

    Left is new, right is old: 1. I extended the right side of the face by a pixel, should I extend it by one more? I don't want to overpush it. 2. Made the chin a pixel wider. 3. More shading under the neck. 4. Nice call on this one, I increased the white cloth on the shoulder and waist by one pixel. 5-6. Still WIP, but I'll get there. On a different note, I always assumed that the light source is coming straight from either the left or right rather than the top left. I'll definitely keep this tidbit in mind for the next sprite, but I'm afraid that this one has the light source straight from the left and I'm too far ahead to change. 7. Add some extra lines along the edge of hair to make it more disheveled. 8. That's a very good method, I'll try this method on the next sprite. Currently, I'm working on the hair bit by bit each day rather than tackling the whole thing at once. This keeps it a little more interesting as I'm looking at it anew everyday and adding some lines here and there. Previously, I would always try to rush the hair in the end as I would work on it last. Overall, thank you for time and critique. This is helping me a lot. :)
  10. Backer's Sprites

    Thank you for your critique! It was very helpful, especially regarding the shading on the face. I never really paid attention to that and I admit it really does make the face look a lot better afterwards. The last sprite was supposed to be child size, but it does look small now after a second glance. As for the disappearing sprites, I usually delete them afterwards after the request is fulfilled. I save the ones I like and the ones plan to rework later on though. Currently working on another request: Shading below the neck area is still WIP, but the overall shape is pretty much done. I'm slowly working on the hair bit by bit as well. Trying to go for the disheveled hair look. Any comments would be appreciate.
  11. She could babysit me. My kids can fend for themselves.
  12. Backer's Sprites

    You don't have to practice horribly shading hair if you cover it with a horribly shaded hat.
  13. Be reminded that I still need make it to the second island in the new Ultra Pokemon game.