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  1. Oh, okay. Well, I generally love debates, so that could be a reason. XD But though I tend to be optimistic, I won't try to defend blindly and try to see ways that are positive. However, I admit that this game really is a huge missed opportunity. The DLC could easily have kept the SD characters, since we are direly lacking in them, and maybe have had Tellius and Elibe. Especially in regards to how Ike and Roy have amiibos. They should have at the very least kept that in mind and made use of it for this game.
  2. You make it sound like I live for arguments, bro. Anyways, I'm one of those "optimistic" fans, and I try to look at the bright side of things. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not upset about what's happening, nor am I gonna continuously defend points that are now against it. I figured that there were still slots open and we'd see more characters, but the roster seems to be done right about now, and we didn't get Ike or enough SD characters, or even Azura. I honestly feel that Elise and Sakura should have been left out and maybe act as NPCs, and we'd have Azura in at least. And this DLC pack kind of screwed itself over because it was a perfectly good opportunity to use other games, but instead, we get even MORE Fates, Awakening, and SD characters. I don't think that was a good call on their part.
  3. I want to argue against this, but there's too many facts to deny...
  4. Okay.
  5. I already decided that I would get the DLC after the game. But wait, they;re gonna have a bride Lucina? I mean, I don't mind too much since I love Lucina, but... why? Why not have other characters instead of another version of an existing one? It makes no sense.
  6. Oh what the hell man! No Azura? Seriously, this is utter bullshit. Wow, I'm really peeved. Sigh... well, though I am upset about this, I'll work through this. Positive.
  7. No, its the characters. People are complaining more on Lyn being in and not Ike right now, or some other character. It isn't the fact that she's a sword user. That's more of an excuse than anything to cover up the disdain fans have. Lyn being in proves that other title characters can be in. However, which characters are gonna be in in the dwindling slots is the thing that's pissing others off. If Navarre was in and Lyn never showed up, it would be more of a "finally an SD character" or something. But Lyn is a Blazing Sword character. So the way that they brought her in is the issue, as now fans want their fav characters.
  8. Not what I meant. Lyn's inclusion itself wasn't the mistake. Lyn's inclusion in the fact that she's not part of the 3 main titles in the Warriors game. That was what I feel might have been the mistake. The moment that another title character got in, look what it brought in for others: demands or complaints that Ike, Hector, etc wasn't in.
  9. Mhm. Azura should be in because of how important she is in Fates. How she would work out in the Dancer Class for a Warriors game, no idea. However, if we can ask for just one character outside of the three main ones in, then it should be Ike. Ephraim's popularity aside despite my hatred for him, or Hector's, we should agree that out of those three, Ike has to be in, since this Warriors game should by all means be considered fanservice as well. Warriors crossover with Fire Emblem? Of course its fanservice.
  10. Sometimes it feels like Lyn's inclusion might have been a mistake. When it was revealed that only SD, Awakening, and Fates characters were in, people judged it, but people began to gradually warm up to it. But with Lyn, it added something that feels now fans demanding their favorites to be in, from Ike, Ephraim, and so on. I think we should all calm down and relax ourselves. Take it as it comes, rather than let the tension, anger, and anxiety get to us. It leads to toxicity otherwise.
  11. Way too much negativity here.
  12. I don't think that Ike is gonna be skipped over. Given that this is supposed to be picking characters from games that are popular due to how they were sold, and how Lyn got in because she's the most popular female character, Ike being in should be a definite as he's the most popular male and overall character. It's the other way around. Navarre is being shown after at best. So Navarre is the clone of Lyn.
  13. Who would Lyn be the clone of? Her style of swordplay involves speed clones. Ike has a heavy hitter style of play. I imagine that he wouldn't make speedy slashes like Lucina and Chrom would.
  14. Bring in reinforcements of normal soldiers?
  15. I imagine singing waterbending lancer.