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  1. I do hope that they manage to fix up Robin's robe issues. Seriously, it looks so weird.
  2. Thanks, and you are correct. Robin isn't someone that would enjoy something like that.
  3. Now consider Robin and Lucina being married. XP
  4. Yeah, gonna need to be more specific than that, since I'm not interested in seeing Corrin's gameplay that much.
  5. Where did he say that?
  6. More Skill means more chances to use skills like Ignis, Vengeance, Luna, etc.
  7. I always liked Frederick. He was fun to use and he really didn't become that much of an experience sponge and I always found use for him in Awakening. The very first time, I paired him with Cherche.
  8. I enjoyed some of the banter, and the anime was great itself, but I preferred the Japanese version better. Plus, "kattobingu" was so much better there than "I am feeling the flow." Either +SPD or +SKL. Until you get to Lunatic+ and then you'll want to consider going for +DEF. We're bound to see Frederick sooner or later. Honestly, this is all on the Switch, but I'm wondering how it'll look on the New 3DS since that's what I own right now. Subtitles for one thing, and it's just that you sometimes feel more emotion and effort put behind the Japanese voice, while the English one is sketchy. They do.
  9. I said up till 5Ds. Like after 5Ds, Zexal and onwards were just bad at the voice acting. But before Zexal, the voice acting was done marvelously and the witty quips they gave was just awesome. Yusei's personality in the English dub is far better because he's able to make more funny lines, whereas the original version couldn't make a single joke apart from the one time he said that he's not a dancer. And yes, Yugioh English dub is mostly disliked before because of how they were 4Kids'd like crazy. But now the terrible VA makes it even worse. When you think about it, Robin being slow does make sense. He's carrying tomes and can't exactly drop them. Plus, since he's only average skilled with a sword or perhaps above average, he doesn't utilize physical stamina that often and more often tries to use a greater versatility to gain the advantage. You aren't wrong. Lissa was never really meant to be a fighter. Her outfit clearly shows that it's not specifically designed for combat. But yet she does. Wonder how she manages to do that? Must be tough.
  10. That is my biggest disappointment too. Apart from the bow usage, I really don't see Lucina doing anything that really sets her apart from her dad. I get that she learned from her father, but, I dunno, it just feels weird that they don't try harder to give Lucina a unique style of her own.
  11. Oh you have no idea. Reminds me of how bad the English dub of Yugioh is compared to the Japanese. In all honesty, up till 5Ds, the English voice acting was just fine. Hell, at some points they were even better. And there are anime like Code Geass that I found the dub better than Japanese completely. But a lot of anime nowadays tend to butcher the voice acting. Like they're trying to force it a lot more. Which is a damn shame. I absolutely LOVED Robin's gameplay. Yeah, still a shame that he's so slow from what I've seen, but Robin's ability to make his attacks seem far more unique than with others makes it all worth it. That's the beauty of magic, it shows actual beauty in combination of magical attack, whereas the swords just go with the usual hack and slash maneuvers. I almost feel like you might be a tad salty over the fact that Lissa turned Frederick into her hammer axe like she did. XD But likely not.
  12. Oh god that was beautiful. Seeing how Robin combine his spells like that, and even levitate was just awesome. Shame that we couldn't see more of how Robin is plenty skilled with a sword, but Robin is just accepted better as the magic user rather than the sword fighter. But Lissa was just DISGUSTING! She turned Frederick into her personal hammer. She wasn't swinging an axe there, she was swinging Frederick! I bet all the enemies were like, "RUN AWAY! KEEP THAT DEVILISH GIRL AWAY FROM US!"
  13. Thing is though is how full voice acting works in regards to Avatars in the actual game. Like, I know that the Warriors game will refer to Robin and Corrin by their default name, but I mean, what about if we had full voice acting in Awakening or Fates. How would one refer to Robin and Corrin, if they were named Bob or Mary by the player?
  14. Since Echoes totally killed it with their awesome voice acting in Echoes, no doubt comes to my mind that all the Fire Emblem games will feature voice acting.
  15. I don't think so. Maybe in a sequel, they'll allow both genders of Robin and Corrin in. Actually, it would be awesome if Kris would also be added. Kris is the original playable Avatar of Fire Emblem after all.