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  1. Thoughts on Romances in Video Games?

    Mhm. There could be some extra days spent where you can spend it to hook friends up. Not only that, but when the two are paired up, they can perform a fusion attack like we see the party members do in P4.
  2. Thoughts on Romances in Video Games?

    To be honest, why wouldn't there be any kind of romance? No matter what situation there is, if there is a guy and girl somehow, there's always shippers. So people will ship them and the writers will feel like doing this as well. Why? Cause its human. Most humans seek to find companionship. A guy and a girl, someone's hormones are gonna kick in. Not to mention that most video game protags tend to be teenagers, so even more likely to seek romance. I love Cloud and Tifa from FFVII. Its like, there's mention of romantic vibes with them, but they never say it out loud. As Tifa says, "Words aren't the only way to convey feelings." Emil and Marta from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is also nice. Starts off similar, with Emil wanting to protect her, but I like how both of them learn to get out of their comfort zone. Before it was Marta just projecting on Emil, but then Emil actually got upset at that and yelled at her, and then Marta started to actually look at Emil for real, falling for the Emil that is trying his best, not the Emil that is supposed to be some perfect knight. And for Emil... well she's pretty much the girl that was part of the reason that he started to have courage in the first place, so it makes sense that he would develop feelings for her. There are games that are like dating sims, like Persona 3-5. You, the player avatar, are the wielder of the Fool Arcana. And thus, you ultimately become a ladies man somehow. You talk to girls, and through conversations and situations, you get the girl to love you. You can even date them all at once. P3 gets away with this, but there's major spoilers if I reveal what happens at the end. P4 also gets away, but the girls all suspect it, only they blame themselves and try to deny any foul play (rather hypocritical to the game's story theme), and P5... well, you'll get beat up harshly, but not murdered because someone saves you in the end by spinning a web of lies. My hope is that by Persona 6, they let you actually pair other people together. This is actually a good criteria to be met, especially the last one.
  3. That would be interesting actually. I mean, Manaketes have dragonstones and turn into dragons. But why not have a particular wyvern class where it has axe and dragonstone or something, where the dragon actually can attack instead of the human on it.
  4. Yes, some are good. It would have to be a crush at first, but I think given how much affection she still has for him by Awakening, I think it can be said that it was love for him. I mean, it would be a weird feature to have honestly. Breathing fire when the human wields an axe?
  5. I don't think you got anything about Marth wrong to be honest. It was still done well. I think its only in the later parts, when Marth feels like he's too dependent on Kris is when you should worry about.
  6. Yeah. In Kaga emblem, there were way too many issues with dragons and humans ever having interrelationships. Perhaps eventually there could have been. But you know Kaga, he loves to also make sure that love hurts a lot. Palla loves Abel, Abel loves Est. Est loves Abel, but abandons him out of guilt for what happens in FE3/12. Nyna and Camus loves each other, but Camus couldn't return it despite wanting to, then lost his memories and fell for another woman. Hell, Tiki is implied to have been in love with Marth, but that was never gonna happen. LOLXD You knew I was gonna bring that up. But that's the only time that mounted wyverns are mentioned to be able to breathe fire.
  7. FE3 had only 4 Divine Dragons remain. Now there's supposedly still more out there. I don't think Awakening ever intended to at first. Or maybe they did, but couldn't in a 3DS game. True. Well, Elibe first had it, Magvel had most dragons be recluse, and Tellius series had the Branded bar any interspecies relationships. Kind of hard for half breeds to come in that often. Are they really not? They are called wyverns in the end, and not really different from the the other. It isn't like they ever said that the wyverns that are ridden are different from the wyverns of the Flying Tribe really. The only character that's 1000 years before Marth that is ever considered to be a great man would have to be Sigurd/Seliph, who did come 1000 years before the events of Shadow Dragon. Chrom and Sigurd actually do share a bit of similarities as Tiki claims. The First Exalt is 1000 years AFTER Marth. So unless there's someone else, by process of elimination, Sigurd/Seliph are all that remains.
  8. Naga, the Divine Dragon of Asspull! XD How many dragons have that much importance other than Divine Dragons, really? They turned Mila and Duma from gods to Divine Dragons as well, after all. Like, only a handful of different tribed dragons in Archanea ever held that much important, the only two I can think are Forseti, who is a Sky or Ice Dragon, and Bantu, a Fire Dragon. But it isn't like there was ever a chance for that to happen I mean. Kaga made dragons and humans be at odds a lot after all, with humans persecuting dragons. Then dragons waged war on humanity and it kept going. They are dragons in the end, nonetheless. Even were called the Flying Tribe. B Support between Robin and Tiki:
  9. It wrote that it was the same year, but it isn't like they could actually write exactly when the Earth Dragons lost. In the game dialogue and interview, the dragon was never got a specified point of when they were actually defeated. I mean, could they defeat them in a single year? I dunno. The very fact that Nowi was born shows that somehow, there are cases where the infertility issue vanished or something. And the fact that Nowi and Tiki can mate with humans means that they can still reproduce as well. Nah is the first half-blood Mnanakete for Archanea after all. It's been several thousand years since the decline began. I mean, wyverns are also dragons as well, but they are still populating just fine in fact. Actually she isn't. Marth was 2000 years before Chrom, but Tiki was referring to 1000 years before Marth, so that's the same age that Seliph and Sigurd were in. You are correct. I have no idea on whether she means Sigurd or Seliph. She definitely cannot be referring to Anri, since he was Marth's great grand-uncle, dying 68 years I think before Marth did. But Tiki has mentioned that in her sleep, she sees a lot of things, and several times she mentions she had dreams of turning into a monster and attacking others like the other dragons. Since I mentioned that Naga has possibly clairvoyance, my headcanon is that Tiki might also have a form of that, where she was still able to see events of others. Since Seliph, Julia, Deirdre, and such had Naga's blood in them, it isn't out of the realm of possibilities to assume that Tiki can somehow see things through that as well. Completely I mean. This has got to be some of the most farfetched ideas I had... but still not my worst. It is, yes. But these 5 Jugdral Weapons I mean are all attained in a story chapter fighting the Deadlords. Owain even seeks Mystletainn as well, though he ends up with Missiletainn.
  10. To be honest, can Naga be truly defined as a purely good person/being/entity? This is the same being that wanted to kill her only daughter to protect humanity, after all. And even dissuaded from it, she condemned said daughter to an eternal sleep. Bantu is the only reason Tiki gets any form of human interaction.
  11. Wait, where does it say that the war started and ended the same year? I'm only going by what I got from the timeline and the dialogue. The dialogue I don't recall mentioning how long the dragon war took. But the timeline in Mystery of the Emblem wrote this one for Grann Year 440: I don't think this necessarily serves to say that they succeeded in defeating the entire Earth Dragon tribe in a single year. Least in my opinion. Which means that at best, it took Naga a few months to get to Jugdral, a fitting amount of time, since I assume that dragons airborne would move rather fast, but I don't think as fast as an airplane would. Well, you aren't wrong about that. I mean, before Nowi, Tiki was supposed to be the last Divine Dragon. And Nowi is even implied to be Divine Dragon, sharing the same dragon model, having a golden hue, equip the same stone, fire the same breath, and learn wyrmbane, dealing effective damage to dragons, which only Divine Dragons should be able to do. As for dragons not being native to Jugdral, that depends. I mean, Genealogy takes place 1000 years before Marth's time. So there's 3000 years gap where manaketes could have gone there. I mean, Tiki implies that Chrom resembles a man during the age she was born in, and the closest character that we can think of for Chrom is Sigurd or Seliph. Not to mention, 5 Holy Weapons end up being in Awakening's story, so some Jugdral people could also have migrated to Archanea as well. Lot of things could happen in 3000 years. Not sure if that can hold as much effect since SoV changed that to his whereabouts being completely unknown now. I mean, by Awakening's time, Valentia went from being possibly just a large island to a continent. Retcons, am I right? XD
  12. Not a bad argument you made. And I do see a lot of your points in fact. However, based on some of the translations in some specific areas, its how the characters are interpreting him as that is the issue, and how New Mystery showed a bit too much faith in Marth placing this on Kris more than anything. Elice calling Marth weak rather than the correct term being tender and affectionate, I can get by. But Marth seeming to be show so much hope and such onto Kris is what hurts his character. I think that's the part that actually needs to be worked on in this rewrite.
  13. If she's busy, she can't just go in there. Plus, I think there'd be some hostility by Duma at least if she just arrived unannounced. But meh, I cannot make too much assumption for this one in particular. I am with you guys in how I don't think Naga should have given Duma a weapon that could easily be used against her. FE3 timeline shows that Falchion and the SHield of Seals were sealed in year -500, and the dragon war started in year -740. Doesn't say exactly when the war ended, though. All I heard regarding it is that it was a brutal war. Depending on how things went, this war with the Earth dragons lasted up until Naga found out about Loptyr, so could have actually lasted for over a hundred years. I think we talked about this before, but Naga learned about Loptyr's existence between Gran year 611-632. So if she learned it at 611, it took her 21 years to arrive at Jugdral, which I HIGHLY doubt. But if she learned about it in the years 631-632, then it took her at best a few months. Galle implies to have traveled far to have found Loptyr and acquire the power of the gods. And Nowi (to my belief) is implied to be born in Jugdral, since its the only continent that we know exists there, and Nowi says that her birthplace is across the ocean on the "left", and we go through Valm and Ylisse. So I would wager a good distance is between them.
  14. I mean, I take it that Duma and Mila weren't doing bad at first, so I guess Naga didn't feel there was any need to check on them. Or maybe she was busy figuring out with the dragon elders what to do with the humans that were becoming greater in the populace. But then the dragon war arrived. Speaking of which, how long DID the dragon war last anyways? Not like they actually went into detail how long the war had actually lasted. And for that matter, how did Naga even learn of Loptyr's existence in Jugdral anyways? Not like there was a memo left by Loptyr saying, "Now to make a pact with Galle, possess him and his descendants, and send an entire continent into an abysmal despair for eons to come. Mwahaha." If Naga had some form of clairvoyance, this would make some bit of sense though. The biggest issue with Fire Emblem is that we never get the details of the events that are spoken as exposition in the story. So we learn this and that happened, but not exactly how, why, and so forth.
  15. Who knows. If she wasn't omniscient, she cannot assume too much. But if she always knew that dragons would grow insane, then Duma was a matter of time. That depends on when. I mean, by the time she could have gone to take a look, there was the dragon war business going on. And who knows what Naga had to deal with after that war ended.