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  1. Fair point. Using Camus as an example and how he was as Zeke does indicate that lack of memories would make you weaker than you normally would be. Though Robin would be in a similar regard. Should remember that when Ninian regained her full powers as a dragon, she killed two Fire Dragons and weakened the third, and that dragon was tough to beat even though Hector, Eliwood, and Athos had Legendary Weapons and Lyn had a weapon on par with the Legendary Weapons.
  2. Except the Morgan we get IS the one from Future Past.
  3. You know this song really fits Severa

    That's true, it would feel like it's trying to push her towards just ending it all. But the context of this vid shows the opposite, of Lucina helping Severa cope.
  4. You know this song really fits Severa

    I like how at the end, it showed Lucina grabbing Severa and holding her close, almost as if being the pillar of strength that Severa needed to keep on living. Which is very sweet and Severa does see Lucina almost as the best leader ever and cares deeply for her, even if at times Severa thinks that Lucina makes her feel even more inferior because of how Lucina seems so flawless like Cordelia as well. And based on what I saw, the father is Lon'qu, which I'm okay with, but for a second, I thought it might have been Robin, cause I thought that she was having Grima in her for a while.
  5. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    OOOOHHHH!!! She looks so precious!
  6. Michalis isn't as strong as Camus in my opinion, but Michalis is no doubt one of the strongest warriors in Archanea, and definitely someone that can match Camus in combat pretty well. Honestly, in Archanea, Michalis might very well be the 2nd strongest guy. I would definitely rank him at 9-9.5.
  7. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    I'm just gonna pull a free unit and then that's it.
  8. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Does anyone realize that Camilla now has all the colored tomes? Bunny!Camilla has Green Tome Summer!Camilla has Blue Tome And Azura!Camilla has Red Tome You can literally create a Camilla team with Bladetome users of each color.
  9. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    This is just... stupid. I never thought I'd be the one to say it, but this is just ridiculous.
  10. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    DId they SERIOUSLY make THREE alts and only ONE new unit?
  11. Should note that Lyn failed to beat Hector because Hector noted that she has the physical strength of a woman, and he wears heavy armor and such. Hence why in their A Support, Lyn is practicing techniques specifically to combat armored foes. In Warriors, she fights Chrom in their support and they tied. Would that make Chrom weaker? Not necessarily, as Chrom doesn't wear much armor at all, and Chrom is very strong, so he oughta be able to beat Hector since Chrom has the physical strength that Lyn lacks. I dunno if it speaks much, but Cordelia's team was wiped out by a force led by Gangrel. Based on how Cordelia says it, Gangrel being there personally to fight basically the reason why the Pegasus knights that guarded the border fell. So Gangrel might actually be rather strong.
  12. It will. Just trying to figure out who oughta be next.
  13. Not quite. Promotions don't actually regard the actual power boost unless it is in conjunction with the story. Yune blessing them into a promotion is in regards to how story-wise, Yune can bless people to become stronger. She did the same to both Sothe and Micaiah. Sothe claimed that he could beat Skrimir at arm wrestling with that power, and Yune claimed with that power boost to Micaiah, Micaiah can handle most of the fighting when going into the tower. Clearly the promotions are something that story-wise boosts the power. I am saying that it sort of undermines the case of how Ike's entire struggle to reach his father's legacy was something that he didn't achieve with his own training. He got stronger sure, but it took a goddess to imbue him with power to finally reach that level. Kind of a cop out. Skill is relative. Because once again, Ike has a story-explained form of power up. Because Zelgius clearly states that Ike is not yet at his or Greil's level when Ike beats the Black Knight during Part 3 encounter. So basically the power boost that Yune grants would basically augment Ike's abilities and enhance them. Reflexes, senses, stamina, etc.
  14. Remember that Ike promotes to Vanguard because of Yune: Also, on the lowest difficulty, Yune's blessing gives a +5 boost to all stats. Either this is purely gameplay and not actually part of the story, we don't know. Someone I know on reddit certainly loves to bring up the +5 stat boost every time when talking about the goddess and Ike. Zelgius has two advantages that gave him his strength: Years of training under Greil and then training by himself. Being Branded, which is said to give some unique abilities, as well as longevity that allows him to maintain the peak of his strength for years to come. So Zelgius and Greil earned their strength through their hard work, and Zelgius through genetics, whereas the only reason Ike ever closed the gap to his father was through the power of a goddess.
  15. As I mentioned, if he started to swing his dick around like that, it would raise red flags. Like, if he started to fight armies of enemies by himself and beat them, with a Grustian spearsmanship as people noted, then Camus would easily be outed to be alive. And "Sirius" says to his conversation with Belf that if Camus was revealed to be alive, Grust would rally around him as the symbol and try to perform a rebellion that would spill more blood. It makes perfect sense why Camus would hold back most of his powers. And even despite that, Sirius is one of the strongest units in that game. Which is debatable. He fights, but because of how the tower could have literally anyone, Ike might never have even fought against Dheginsea. It could have been Kurthnaga, whom Dheginsea would not fight back. And Micaiah could have been the one to have fought Sephiran, who would not fight against her. Even in regards to Ashera, he only gets the final blow canonically, but this only works because Yune transfers all her power to Ike to unleash onto Ashera, but that honestly would not make him suddenly god tier or at the same level. Honestly, the fact that Greil got his strength on his own, but Ike needed god's help just to reach the same level kind of undermine's Ike's abilities a bit to me. In that case, it's really not different from Holy Blood by that point.