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  1. Funny Thing

    That's hilarious, but that last one is no doubt about Roy about not promoting until super late in the game.
  2. Incorrect. The Falchions are fashioned to function the same way as Holy Weapons from Genealogy as stated by Kaga himself. Not to mention, the Falchion that is performed with the Awakening is actually restoring Falchion's full power, as well as the ability to seal Grima, since it's performed using the Shield of Seals in conjunction. In other words: Falchion ≥ Book of Naga.
  3. Doubtful. Remember that Grima even at this early stage was able to be struck and defeated, presumably from Falchion as the popular belief is, and Falchion is called an incarnation of Naga herself, meaning at its full power, Falchion has power equal to Naga, and Alm wields Falchion's full power, hence why he can defeat Duma with it. But even with it, Grima didn't die upon defeat, nor was he even sealed. He just vanished, likely escaping. It's like when in the Drama CDs, Lucina with her Falchion only got a partial Awakening done, and thus was only able to hurt Grima, but not defeat him.
  4. ^ Says right there that Grima seemingly disappears upon defeat. We have Grima's defeat at the First Exalt where he was sealed, and when he was sealed again by Chrom, or Grima being killed by Robin. In all these scenarios, Grima leaves behind his skeletal remains. But here, Grima merely vanishes. Not only that but upon defeat, it was stated both in-game and in this character profile that Grima's presence and the sense of doom and dread that Grima gives off remained. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief (I myself being one of them before), the sealing of Grima is, in fact, an indefinite amount of time. There is no time limit on how long Grima will be sealed, only that the completed Fire Emblem or a pure fellblood vessel can break the seal on Grima.
  5. No, they didn't. Grima wasn't sealed by Alm and the others. Grima, in fact, escaped the battle and was freed from his prison, but the injuries he sustained made him not actually launch an attack. Remember, whenever Grima is defeated or sealed, Grima leaves behind skeletal remains. Did that with the First Exalt, did that in the final battle of Awakening. Here, Grima didn't leave any skeleton, but actually just disappeared. That's why his presence never actually vanished after his defeat. Even his character profile mentioned that he merely vanished.
  6. Durability. Yes or no?

    I dislike the durability. It makes so many of the better weapons fall under the troupe of being "too awesome to use" and I usually never use them in the end. I have to constantly buy and stock up on weapons and never sure if I'll ever use them. Fates got rid of the durability, but instead, it made things even worse with their negative effects on it. Seriously, silver weapon debuffs are the worst. Hell, even the S-ranked weapons were pitiful. Echoes was very well done in my opinion.
  7. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    I see... Didn't even know those threads were closed. At least. Though this does make me wish they had interacted more.
  8. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    That's my headcanon for Robin and Lucina. Lucina's original timeline where Lucina grew up and was cared for by Robin as well, and she had a crush on him, wanting to marry him. It was that sweet childhood crush, and then after she went back in time, her crush for Robin just resurfaced and grew stronger into full-blown love. Except Tormod and Sanaki never really interact that much with one another, despite being similar in age. Political marriages are always the case here. Your feelings should not be the priority. It would be ideal, but as Empress and Apostle, your duty is towards your people, first and foremost. The only silver lining for there is the hope that you can love that husband when the time comes.
  9. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    I actually like some of the quotes bride Sanaki has. It shows her being a bit cute in how she is sort of fantasizing about marrying. She has responsibilities, but she's still a girl, and there are always those cases where girls do dream of having a wedding and marrying someone. Their own prince charming. How many girls grew up back then watching those old Disney movies like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, etc.? So Sanaki having this side of her is nice. I don't think anyone made any kind of comments like the one you're warning us about. Did you really have to say it so aggressively?
  10. How good are the tellius games?

    The Tellius series is one of the best series in the Fire Emblem franchise. Path of Radiance has by far some of the best worldbuilding, some well-placed character development, and a rather strong plot going for it. It's definitely up there. Radiant Dawn though is still good and has a good story still, but it's super rushed. It's split into four parts and tries to be really ambitious, but rushes things too much and didn't handle the new characters well enough, and the worst part is that it has some of the worst case of plot convenience, particularly in the last two parts, and the final part just having the overall worst offender. The lack of support conversations in Radiant Dawn makes it even worse. It's still good and has some awesome gameplay effects. But overall, I would argue that Path of Radiance is much better.
  11. Eh, fair enough. I don't get it either, especially since she of all people never had any romantic interest in anyone, nor did she ever have any involvement with marriages. Marth is an ax cav and Caeda is a blue tome. So we oughta get those two in a team sooner or later.
  12. Ah. Right. I actually forgot about her. XD That's the practical reason, but the case is that calling them pedophiles like that is a bit rude.
  13. Clone Tharja? There are only 3 Tharajs in total with this one. And all are red magic users.
  14. There are various theories and reasoning towards why Nowi dresses like she does, the main reasoning being that her life made her get used to dressing up as such from her life since she has been kidnapped several times and likely sold into slavery. If she grew up in an environment where those kinds of clothes are what she's used to, she won't exactly feel comfortable in any other kinds of outfits. But in regards to Nowi, at least she's over a thousand years old, whereas Sanaki is actually underage, so that was is a big issue.