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  1. More Female Enemies

    Hilda looks aged, but not really old. And I wouldn't even say evil looking either. Though this may be due to tech limitations. Also, though you raise some good points, note how they end up being treated. Archanea ends up with Nyna, despite being a princess and royal heir, needing a husband. And Minerva, despite trying to rule, ends up not being in Michalis's league and gets overthrown. The Silesia enemies were female, but ultimately it was the male enemies that backed them up that was the true threat. I mean, the one that likely kills Erinys's sister is Andorey and his bow knights. Having a moment of sympathy for them is well and good, but we have no qualms in killing them. Petrine was more sympathetic, but its hard to feel too much sympathy for Branded when I have never seen them suffer.
  2. More Female Enemies

    Interesting. Then again, is it that surprising? Kaga is not the only one that designed the characters. Others had too. Meaning that others could very well have shared similar designs that had remained at IS. So I wouldn't say that Sonia is a Kaga original just cause there are things that note that it exists there. It's basically the chicken or the egg.
  3. More Female Enemies

    In the end, even Kaga is not able to avoid this. And though he made Hilda, we have others that are like her post Kaga as well, such as Sonia. And before others mention how FE7 and TRS connection, Karla was given sympathetic story. Sonia had none. She was evil to her core.
  4. More Female Enemies

    I don't think even back then, they made female characters have ugly mugs. Even Hilda doesn't look ugly. This could be more due to how it's highly unlikely for a woman to be able to hold onto power without some man backing them up in those time periods. A woman leading a group of bandits? That's only if the woman is so scary or so ruthless or so strong that the other men cannot hope to oppose her, which doesn't seem very likely. But the men would ultimately hate being pushed around by a woman and would likely try to overthrow them. And even if they do make a female character like that, they would try to make them special or something, really drive home that they are girls, hence why they make female villains always seem presentable, and even potentially sexy.
  5. Okay, this much I knew. The rest, not so much.
  6. Are Elsa and Anna's parents alive and they are trying to locate them?
  7. True. But yeah, not everyone and everything in FFN is bad. There are some that are trolls out there, though.
  8. True. Well, more like less than a year and a half. It was on November 2017, and this is February 2019.
  9. I have the same name. XD
  10. I was joking, but I hope that you are joking about not knowing that I reviewed your stuff. I reviewed your Ike/Elincia fic. XD
  11. Oh, I see. So I guess my reviews and fics aren't good enough for you. XP
  12. So About Byleths Father, Jeralt...

    In regards to Lords, though. Eliwood is the ONLY father of a Lord that didn't die. And this was before Eliwood was a lord himself.
  13. So About Byleths Father, Jeralt...

    If he does die, then just as he looks similar to Greil according to others, he dies after we get to know him. Thing about FE parents, barring Hector, Eliwood, and Sigurd, depending on the timing of their death, you really don't feel that much for them. A prime example of a wasted death that tries to be nice, but hardly impacts the player is Mikoto's death. You meet her, and then she dies. Wow. I knew her for 5 minutes, and she dies. Like I'm supposed to care about that? Even on her second death in Revelations, it's hardly impactful. Now, Emmeryn is handled a little better, but her death, in itself, is not as impactful. That's because what hits us isn't Emmeryn's death, but the reaction of Chrom and Lissa experiencing her death. That along with the next chapter that has Awakening's more sympathetic character, along with the song "Don't Speak Her Name" ends up making Emmeryn be a lot more feelsy, but had we gotten to know Emmeryn a little more, cared about her a bit more, at least for another few chapters, we could have REALLY been struck by her death. Greil's death does hold significance because we know Greil from the very beginning, where he is the leader of the Greil Mercenaries, Ike's father, etc. We see how great of a man he is, where he is also someone that is rather noble-hearted. And the decision of helping Elincia was ultimately decided by him, even though he stated that the choice was removed from their hands because of what they were doing. And we see how strong he was when he took on Petrine, one of Daein's Four Riders, and then the Black Knight shows up, and then Greil goes off to confront him alone when everyone else was asleep. Though the cutscene where he is defeated by the Black Knight has disappointing voice acting, it still did hit us. And made even worse when Greil speaks his last words to Ike. His death also hits us harder when we also see how other characters are like in response to his death, such as Mist, Titania, and Shinon. Mist hits us the fastest because it's immediately after. Titania's follows soon when Ike sees her grieving by herself. And Shinon's actually hit me too because of how the guy got drunk and ranted at Ike at how he's not in Greil's league, which threw me off guard because this is the same racist asshole that we've known for some time, and now we're seeing how vulnerable he was at that moment, and really shows that even Shinon held immense respect for Greil.