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  1. By the time Levin was possessed, the dragonkind was mostly extinct, so not exactly sure how that's even a comparison. No, we get how the will got transferred, though I do not recall how the Valkyrie staff was involved here. However, the fact that Forseti came out of nowhere in the end despite how he wasn't even related to the plot before suddenly became someone that was guiding the next gen to fight Loptyr. So its not that you were annoyed by Naga doing it, but rather you don't like that the WRITERS made Naga do it. That much I'll agree with. I don't get how giving Duma the Falchion was gonna work, as that could have easily backfired. Dragon tablet? The dragonstone and manakete form were the Dragon elders' idea, not Naga's. Naga just agreed to it. It was the only chance for the dragons to even survive, as there were no other solutions involved. Naga might have loved humans, but she believed that surrendering the dragon rule to mankind was their only option. No dragon wanted their race to face extinction, but it was pretty much likely to happen, but all they could do was prolong their life and wait to see how the world changes. Of course, she and the others would never have foreseen that some dragons were too prideful to ever refuse to such an extent that they'd rather die or become a mindless beast than become human. The thing where the Dragon's Table had all races in it was FE12, and originally in FE3 had only Earth Dragons. Also, given that the Shield of Seals banished only Earth Dragons, its unlikely that the other dragon tribes were sealed there, and they were merely gathered there. Gharnef likely did that for all we know. Cause it was only mentioned that the Earth Dragons were sleeping there, no other dragons. And the Fire Emblem WAS sealed in the Fane of Raman, but then Adrah broke in as a thief and stole it, then became king of Archanea. Falchion was also sealed away, and Gotoh only bestowed it to a human in the time of need, that being Anri. So really, Naga did create and go with stuff to help humans out without directly involving herself. Unfortunately, events took place that were beyond her control.
  2. Not gonna lie. I tend to go overboard at times. XP In that part, the only other race in Archanea are taguel, and they were never introduced until Awakening, despite being said to have existed for a while, and the taguel only became a thing because the Tellius series Laguz were so popular. If we focused on only dragons, the game would be vastly different. So we have to rely on humans. Very few franchises have humans be less relevant to plot. Dragon Ball Z is surprisingly one of those that makes humans mostly irrelevant for the plot, since the main hero Goku, isn't even a human. That's just it. We don't know the true Forseti, nor do we know the true Mila, and nor do we know the true Naga. Naga only appeared in Awakening, and that's debatable on whether its the real her. Mila never showed in Gaiden, not did she even speak really. She was just there as the plot device. Forseti didn't make a true appearance and even when possessing Lewyn, it wasn't a full possession like Loptyr, it was more of a mixture of personalities. Forseti seems to act aloof as Lewyn with Lewyn's family, but I think its more that Forseti cannot handle the emotions in regards to the family because he wasn't truly Lewyn. All we have to go for is Kaga's word on how Forseti is, and its pretty much him saying that his 'youth' as a dragon made him far more passionate for humans than the other dragons. To be honest, the Forseti tome doing the same thing on Lewyn despite Lewyn dying is also in a way of a deus ex machina. And he didn't exactly get the job done perfectly, since he made many leaps of faith and had Seliph try to become strong mostly on his own. Forseti for the most part only acted as a guide, but never steered Seliph. Look what happened when Mila and Duma got involved with humanity. The entire issue where one country becomes tyrannical, and the other becomes lazy. Forseti taking over Lewyn made him so cold and indifferent even towards Lewyn's own family and unable to bond with them. Forseti knew he just ruined an innocent man's ties to his family. While sure he helped bring a terrible war to an end, what he did was still cruel. Naga's viewpoint likely was this: because humans and dragons have lived so far apart in views and powers, where dragons can use magic beyond human's wildest imaginations, trying to involve themselves with humanity is rushing humans before they can truly learn and develop. She was likely believing that dragons and humans couldn't truly live together in peace yet, and she was right, the very fact that humans grew prejudiced towards Manaketes. However, she still did hold love towards humanity, given that she considered killing her own daughter Tiki out of fear that a degenerated Tiki would result in the extinction of humanity. Naga loved humans, but she was realistic in a sense that dragons and humans coexisting before humanity was ready was a bad idea, and she was right. I'm STILL trying to understand why Duma was banished. It was Duma that was banished and Mila merely followed suit. Also, you're describing her as downright cruel and evil here. She sealed the Earth Dragons cause there was no choice. They were degenerated and they had to be stopped. It was likely impossible to kill them all, so sealing them was the next best choice. And again, I personally prefer how Mila and Duma are portrayed. Now they aren't so out of place and it really ties in with other stories and doesn't seem out of place that much, and we get a better understanding of them, rather than see them as one dimensional. Least we see now that both Duma and Mila had complication, but they had the best interests in mind, but were just too extreme in their views. Which makes me understand that Naga wasn't wrong in her views on humans and dragons.
  3. Cause that's how debates are. And why I like them. Its really fun. As long as it doesn't get so bad that we start insulting one another. I dunno. I kind of like that Mila got a real personality now. We never actually saw the extent of how her side of things were bad, exactly how lazy the Zofia was becoming, and how misguided she was herself. Thing was, it was mentioned that Naga didn't like to meddle in the affairs of humans. Now that we see Mila and Duma being Divine Dragons and wanting to help them directly through their extreme views, we're seeing that Naga had a point in wanting to avoid meddling in the lives of humans. Mila was kind to a fault. In fact, we see her flaws that she couldn't acknowledge humans as being able to overcome struggles and such, and should instead forever live in luxury, but this made humans unable to work hard, and forever dependent on her. And Mila wasn't the first one to love humanity a great deal. FE4's Forseti was stated to love humans a great deal that had he the choice, he'd have remained in Jugdral as their protector. If he remained there, who knows how things would have gotten for Jugdral.
  4. I never said that Duma and Mila being said to be dragons instead of gods wasn't a retcon, cause it was. I'm saying that I prefer this retcon more cause it just sort of fits better with how the lore in the world of Archanea functions, where gods are just powerful dragons. Also... I also forgot the point of the discussion. It was about something regarding why Duma and Mila are Divine Dragons now, and then something else happened and yada yada. Eh, either way, that was one helluva fun ride. XD
  5. Given how Awakening takes place 2000 years after Marth's time, its not completely unlikely. Awakening is the one and only game we actually SEE Naga, and there's still questions on whether that's actually her.
  6. I believe what caused that was sealing Tiki away. It was the last thing that's said she did.
  7. Again, the word transfer is just how it was translated, but that doesn't mean that that was the intended word to be used. Furthermore, AGAIN, just as you have been REPEATEDLY saying, KAGA NEVER MENTIONED IT. He never once mentioned that this 'transfer' is any way harmful to the dragons that could cripple and/or kill them. In fact, its even going by how it DOESN'T harm them, as Forseti and Naga are fine and Forseti, despite doing this 'transfer of power ad will', it was stated that he wanted to remain in Jugdral physically to protect them, but was convinced by Naga otherwise. To things. First, no, he doesn't look like Medeus. We literally see that Loptyr has a serpentine body. Medeus has a western dragon body with wings and arms and legs. And once again, rather than be referred to as a Shadow/Dark Dragon like Medeus is, Loptyr is always called an EARTH Dragon. Kaga himself calls Loptyr that. Second, you leave my fanfics out of this. XP Look below. THANK YOU!
  8. Transfer does not mean that it would cripple them, nor was there ever mention as you love to say, Kaga never said that it would damage the dragon themselves. Nor did Kaga ever say that doing this ever harmed Naga either. That's nothing more than a fan-based theory. There was never any guaranteed proof that Loptyr was in fact a Shadow Dragon. People only claim he was because he had a darker appearance, but all interview questions says that he's an Earth Dragon. Not an Earth Dragon that evolved. Because Xane's referral to the ENTIRE Divine Dragon race already acts as my evidence. "It's a dragon graveyard in the mountains of Macedon. There, the earth dragons sleep. A long time ago... Thousands of years ago in fact... The mighty earth dragons lost their minds and attacked the humans. 'Course, the humans barely stood a chance. Most were annihilated, and the rest pushed into the desolate corners of the continent. And then... the divine dragon Naga, strongest of them all, waged a war for humanity. It was a fierce battle, but Naga emerged victorious in the end, and sealed the earth dragons below Dolhr, in a deep sleep. And so that the power of the seal would not wither, she created the "shield of the five orbs" and placed it in the Fane of Raman. " "Naga took pity on you humans, with no way of protecting yourselves, so she created it from one of her fangs. Then, together with the shield, she sealed it in the fane, and had the remainin' dragon houses watch over humanity. She put the newly born Tiki to sleep and thus ended her 5,000-year life. 'Cause of all this, Gotoh's tryin' his best to carry out Naga's order." There you go. These lines are already acts as my evidence that refers to a battle that Naga struggled through. If Naga was not injured in the slightest, then there's no point in calling this a "fierce" war. Also, look at how its said that she sealed them away, and that to make sure the seal doesn't wither, she had the Shield of Seals forged with the Five Orbs. Think clearly here. Why would she consider the seal to not hold? Because if she made the seal, then her power is necessary to hold the seal, and it can't if her power dies out, and that's only if she dies. Meaning that she WAS suffering from that. Furthermore, the very Shield of Seals is said to utilize Naga's powers, hence why the seal on the dragons hold. That means that forging this artifact of great power would mean that Naga had to have transferred a lot of her power to last through an eternity for the dragons. Xane's FE12 explanation pretty much supports my theories far more than your theory that it was only the Lpotyr fight that got her life.
  9. There we go. Loptyr's CLAN. Meaning NOT Loptyr himself. This is referring to the entire Earth Dragons, rather than just Loptyr himself. This statement means that there is still no direct mention that Loptyr is actually unique to the Earth Dragons. He's powerful, yes, but Forseti mentioned nothing regarding Loptyr himself over that he's stronger than the power of the other dragons that lent power to humans. Now look who's making shit up. There was absolutely NO mention of creating a tome that possessed your power or will to actually cause damage the person creating it. The idea that it does something to the dragons themselves is what I said in my theory. So if you're gonna take my theory into context, you gotta take them all. And that's just it. Not mentioning Loptyr by Xane means that he held no real role in the Earth Dragons or Naga's part just shows how irrelevant he was to Naga's history if even the remake made no mention. So your attempt to justify that it was the fight with Loptyr that crippled Naga is actually less likely than my theory that it was the war that did it. Also, how is it that Xane referring to the entire Divine Dragon tribe as a race not somehow including Naga, who is still a Divine Dragon? The very fact that Xane refers to the tribe as a whole already justifies my theory that Naga had suffered. Furthermore, going by how the Earth Dragons are being referred to as a tribe so strong that it can rival the Divine Dragons and the fact that they ultimately outlive the Divine Dragons is more a testament that the Earth Dragons CAN have wounded Naga's physical body to a great degree, especially since there were a lot. So its actually the reverse here. There's no reason to believe that Loptyr caused Naga to ultimately die or had the major factor over the entire dragon war.
  10. What evidence to the contrary? Your mention of saying there's evidence saying that Naga wasn't injured is that Kaga simply never mentioned it. That isn't even evidence to anything. Also, stop misunderstanding something. It's not my intention to downgrade Naga or Loptyr here by saying they weren't equals. My intention is to make sense on Naga's death overall. Furthermore, Forseti merely never said that Loptyr was the most powerful Earth Dragon or even far stronger than any other Earth Dragon. Of course, when Forseti mentioned that Loptyr possessed the diabolical power of the tribe, its most likely he's referring to the possibility that Loptyr became a Dark Dragon. And even if Naga was the strongest Divine Dragon does not mean in any way that the war would not have held the slightest bit of an effect against her. Strongest does not equal invincible. Furthermore, when Xane was describing the war with the Earth Dragons, Loptyr was never mentioned. However, what he mentions is that after the war, the Divine Dragons died out, and then Naga's life came to an end after sealing the sword. If anything, that's pretty much Xane implying that Naga DID suffer from the war and that the wounds caused from that ultimately damaged her life span and caused her to die later on. Even in FE12, the very remake of FE3, Loptyr still goes unmentioned, meaning that Xane is STILL implying that it was really the war that ultimately killed her.
  11. Actually, hold on. We're actually now mixing up a lot of information here. First off, Falchion was always made and designed for the sole purpose of giving HUMANS the ability to fight and defeat Dragons. Just because we hear right now that the Valentian Falchion was made before the Earth Dragon war does not even hint the idea that there was another Falchion for Archanea. Naga herself never needed the weapon to defeat other dragons. Furthermore, while degeneration was a danger to the dragons, we are actually understanding that even despite using their dragon powers, it doesn't mean they will always succumb to degeneration. In fact, Loptyr is actually a perfectly good example that not all Earth Dragons did succumb to degeneration. Loptyr had to have been able to think clearly to understand that the war with the Divine Dragon was futile, and even formulated a plan to spread his chaos further on the humans. So in a sense, that would support the idea that Naga herself can avoid degenerating even when using her dragon powers in the war. The power of Falchion only works to defeat dragons because the Falchion is from Naga's fang, who is a Divine Dragon, and thus has the power to fight with the ferocity of a Divine Dragon. Naga forged one Falchion and gave it to Duma and Mila, which from what someone mentioned, was meant so that the humans in Valentia would be able to use it against them if the need arose. When the war with the Earth Dragons happened, for Naga to assume manakete form to fight with another Falchion is unlikely, because again, Manaketes are known to have sealed so much power off with the dragonstone that the physical bodies they now have are very weak and fragile, and are even vulnerable to die by conventional means. So Naga would have to use her dragon powers to fight the Earth Dragons along with the others. If Naga was said to have fought with Falchion, then Xane would have mentioned it when recapping about the war, but all that was said about the Falchion is that it was simply made to give humans a fighting chance. So if never there was mention of Naga forging it during the war or just before the war with the Earth Dragons that she used it, then its unlikely that it happened, and its actually MORE likely that it was made after. However, the war was said time and time again to have been brutal and that the Divine Dragons died or used so much power that they lost the ability to take dragon form. Naga might not, but she HAD to have suffered from the war. Okay, maybe its possible that she could have recovered enough for the 200 years after the war, and was jsut learning about Loptyr, but if she was still mostly considered recently recovered, then even if she can use all her power, the act would just harm her life force more. Meaning if she channeled her power into her tome to give to Heim, placing some of her will and her power into it to combat Loptyr, the strain of putting her power despite recovering just recently affects her physical body all the more. So in terms of power, Loptyr and Naga are equals. Especially if we go with the theory that Loptyr's malevolence had allowed him to evolve to a Dark Dragon as well. However, I'm still holding true that Naga's physical condition was still dire and that the act just further weakened her condition, and then it took all she had to seal Tiki off.
  12. Thank you. Because of this, you have basically confirmed that there were absolutely NO confirmation that Naga had or even used the Falchion during the Earth Dragon war with the Earth Dragons, and that its shown in this very timeline you're showing me, that the sword and the shield of seals are referred to being sealed in the same year after the Earth Dragons were defeated. As for connecting the timeline, we could use this:,_Valentia_and_Jugdral Well, there are a few possible reasons why. Given how its said most of the Divine Dragons went extinct or exhausted there power, its unlikely they could even forge weapons for the Jugdral as they would have no power to. There were no confirmation about Forseti's tribe, but we heard that Naga was the "god of light" and Salamand was the "god of fire" so it can be inferred that Naga was Divine (which is true) and Salamand was Fire. In which case, its arguable that they weren't all comprised of Divine Dragons, maybe a few at best, but not 12 Divine Dragons.
  13. Well, I do ship Kris x Katarina. XD But aside from that, Kris is pretty much canon, but doesn't exist in the history purely because he didn't want it. Of course, this pisses others off cause of how that hurt Marth's character and in a sense made Kris seem to be this amazing person that's just as great as Marth. I won't argue so much into what you said regarding no one caring about establishing new stuff into old games, because in a sense, you're absolutely right. They did establish a lot of stuff in those games that there doesn't need to be so much need to tie loose ends. If we're talking about Awakening or Fates, then there's MUCH that needs establishing, since both have issues with missing specific details, especially Fates, since Awakening at least stands well enough on its own. But remakes will always have retcons and if Echoes does well, which I'm almost certain it will, they will consider remaking other games too. Sure, I won't have that much faith in that belief that the old and new fans will all get along, because lets face it, it will never happen. Bunch of old fans will continue to hate the new, and new fans will retaliate and hate the old.
  14. Actually, there are still a few things I want explained in FE4. Like for one thing what happened to Loptyr's body. Then about why Heim never thought about taking the Loptyr tome from Galle XVII after killing him, since he should know that the tome still housed Loptyr's will, so it should have been confined. Then explaining the fates of all the characters in Bellhalla rather than leaving it very vague. Then maybe explain exactly who Forseti is in story rather than rely on an interview. And for that matter, if Forseti possessed Lewyn by the 2nd half, what happened to the actual Forseti, like his actual body. Also, did Lewyn actually mention the war between the Divine and Earth Dragons to Seliph? No, probably not. Just the Miracle of Darna. And if we ever get a second remake of Shadow Dragon, maybe make it like the original Mystery of the Emblem, as Book 1 is Shadow Dragon and Book 2 is Mystery. And maybe adjust the role of Kris so he doesn't basically feel the center of the characters, cause he really hurt Marth's development as a character there, though I did enjoy the thing with Katarina and Kris. XP And if they do remake it, at least explain more about the dragon war and maybe actually talk about Loptyr there. Original I can understand, but why never involve the Genealogy or Loptyr for the remake? Seemed like a good idea to mention it there, since we just explained the war with the earth dragons, then say Naga died, even though at least 200 years passed and Naga fought Loptyr, and then died after enshrining the Shield of Seals and Falchion. Of course, this makes me wonder if FE4 will possibly try to do something crazy like say that Robin's ancestor is actually Arvis through his illegitimate son Saias, and Grima is actually Loptyr. That'd be weird.
  15. So... we only have second hand dialogue and no complete confirmation about what happened? Goddammit. But you know what, I think its really pointless at this point to assert theories after so much has been done. For now, might as well take each recent event in the verse as the canon and wait how new stuff comes in and retcons and changes things up. Cause that's definitely what's gonna happen. We're likely gonna have a full reinstallment of the Archanea or Jugdral series and there'll be new retcons and explanations just to tie everything together.