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  1. I mentioned that before. Even if you argue about the limitations of the SNES tech, if Kaga really wanted to show that the Lopto Sect had suffered, then all it would take is for a Lopto Sect member, not even Manfroy, to show in their very dialogue the sign that they had suffered. There are methods of writing where they can make the tone be understandable on how much they suffered. Particularly the use of the ellipses points. The very way someone writes the dialogue can actually be in its own way a show. They don't have to explain the suffering, just mention that they suffered. In other words, show that the person has a softer side or tone to them that allows them to show that they suffered. Manfroy could be the pure ball of evil and hatred, but does literally every Lopto Sect have to be as bad as him? That's what the game seems to show anyways.
  2. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    I am aware. Wrote a thread about it:
  3. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Real talk though, the only one that ever is known to have fought barehanded is Camus, having beaten Midia when he was unarmed.
  4. The game and manga aren't the same things sadly, hence why my criticism is stuck with the game itself mostly, and why I enjoy what the manga did convey the game sadly didn't. We didn't need to have a flashback. But rather, the thing that is lacking is a show that there is a depth beyond just evil and hatred. Manfroy or any Lopto Sect, they are never talking about anything that depicts a "softer" tone from them. In dialogue, there are ways of conveying emotions through methods. Manfroy exhibited nothing but vile hatred. He doesn't show this softer tone that would have actually expressed that he suffered from the persecution. The dialogue itself for the Lopto Sect can be used as a way of showing, but when the heroes do it, it isn't as effective. You seem to be missing something that I'm trying to explain. It doesn't matter if sympathy wasn't intended, it's the narrative problem. Seliph is being told that the Lopto Sect were once normal people, no different from Seliph or others. But the persecution they faced ultimately made them be in the position they are right now. That humanity itself caused this situation they are in now. Seliph in the story is seeing that the Lopto Sect has had it rough. But the player DOESN'T see it. We are told about it. We're supposed to UNDERSTAND what Seliph is doing, understand the journey he's going through. Yes, the Lopto Sect has to be stopped, but Seliph has to go beyond the enemy in front of him and understand that he needs to strike the enemy that is truly the root: persecution itself. But the problem is that narratively, the player wouldn't understand what Seliph is seeing or understanding, because the player didn't. Even if you argue that the SNES couldn't have held any scenes or flashbacks, or even NPC units that are forced to be killed by enemies, would it be impossible to actually depict the "softer" tone for the characters? Have Manfroy say things that use ellipses points to show that he's remembering his past, talking about how he's suffered. In a way, it's a way of showing the shard of humanity that he once had in him that was cut off that he now wants nothing but revenge. The manga is able to show this softer tone because they can show expressions where Manfroy cried as he fought, showed how he recalls how painful his past was, and the flashbacks are drawn only further evidenced by it. But if you focus on the game itself, it doesn't convey a show about the cruelties the Lopto Sect suffered, neither from the members or the scenes.
  5. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    You fool. Marth would beat anyone that is foolish enough to challenge him.
  6. The problem with that is the fact that the Lopto Sect itself is pure evil. We don't get to actually see the fact that Lewyn/Forseti is explaining that the Lopto Sect were once normal people too, that they weren't always evil. But that's what I've been saying is the entire problem. It is easy to make some form of sympathy be done, and even for the SNES, I have doubts that Kaga was actually incapable of showing us something. The Lopto Sect itself has done nothing to actually express any shred of humanity. They want revenge for the persecution? Oh, so we have no issues showing us how cases of children running for their lives and about to be killed to show how bad the child hunts are, but you can't have placed some Lopto Sect guys or even innocent people that are accused of Lopto Sect being done the same in Gen 1 to show that the persecution of the Lopto Sect is that bad? The game doesn't hold back in showing us how vile and evil the Lopto Sect are. The two lines to cast sympathy towards them to give the narrative sense that Seliph has to understand that he has to break this cycle of hatred doesn't work when the player really doesn't see how bad the persecution was at all. We don't truly see the motivations behind them, and instead, see that the Lopto Sect was the root of all evil. We don't see that the Lopto Sect truly suffered. Only told that they had.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately, being told this is once again, show vs tell. I'm being told this is the worst place to live, I'm told that the ruins are horrible, and I'm told that there is a child's handwriting on the wall praying for Loptous. That's the entire problem. The game does nothing to SHOW us. All the Lopto Sect members are cruel and conniving, which is shown extensively, wanting to make everyone suffer and manipulate everyone to get what they want, and not once did the game actually try to make us understand that they are actually people. The game does nothing to make it understood that they have emotions other than vengeance and hatred in them.
  8. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me From the looks of this, it seems Heroes is doing VERY well financially.
  9. Well, that's what happens when you violate with taboo. Naga messed around with time travel so much, no matter how careful she was, that distortions in the space-time continuum happened. Why else do you think Duma and Mila's existence and history was altered? They were gods, but then Naga made them become Divine Dragons that served her.
  10. In Priam's paralogue, he refers to Ike as a warrior from another world. Owain actually says, "by the red hair of Eliwood" and "by the mullet of Ike" in his support, the former in the C support with Noire, and the latter in his S support with F!Robin. Chrom isn't in absolute shock, but he is surprised that someone is referring to kingdoms that he's heard in stories, but even then that doesn't prove anything. Even using the case of Atlantis that is once believed to be the same world, it actually wouldn't work given how nothing from Fates actually works with anything from the context of both Awakening and the Archanea series. Not even the degeneration works the same.
  11. Chrom refers to them as mythical kingdoms, but that by no means proves they are the same world. Chrom's also heard about the Tellius, Magvel, and Elibe worlds too, despite how those are separate worlds too. So Before Awakening doesn't prove anything.
  12. Awesome! Also, is Kamui possibly from Jugdral? It says he's from a distant land, so the obvious one would have to be either Archanea or Jugdral.
  13. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Precisely. In fact, in RD, they ended up doing "different levels" of blessing, and how Sephiran and Dheginsea have the highest blessing that makes them part of the divine, thus making it so that you cannot harm them unless Yune blesses you. Meaning the armor that Ashnard and Black Knight had is just a weaker blessing that Yune had given in the end because the Laguz Kings and the dragon laguz Nasir and Ena could break through said blessings without needing any blessing itself. It's just cheap and unnecessary. Zelgius may be somewhat honorable, but his allegiance belongs to Sephiran. If he had to do anything to get the medallion, he would do it. And Sephiran wanted Zelgius to get the medallion from Greil. But the other side of Zelgius though is his desire to best Gawain, thus he wanted Greil and then Ike to fight him. It mattered not if it endangered the mission, this was the only thing that took priority over Sephiran's plan. Yeah, they give us a taste of their power. In FE5 that definitely came up in the form of Saias and Reinhardt. Saias having 10 leadership stars made him a terrifying opponent to deal with. People complain about losing all those stars when he joins us, but if we think about it, it makes sense. Leadership stars mean that you have the utmost confidence and trust in the person. Saias was once an enemy, so obviously he won't be that much trustworthy to them. The Archanea series is lacking in a lot of things, things that could have been fixed. Hell, Marth's Prologue in FE11 was a splendid addition. But they didn't give enough attention to developing other characters. If they make another remake, I hope they make it even better and make it a serious expansion. They cannot really consider giving a huge story in a mobile app game. So making a villain be one note is the right call. Of course, the real villain is obviously Loki, who knows more than let on, and even Surtur was nothing more than a puppet for her to kill some time with. Huh, that makes Surtur like Ashnard as well, since even Ashnard was just a puppet to Sephiran in the end.
  14. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    And maybe give him more feats to perform so that we really know that Gharnef is a threat even without Imhullu. That's the one thing I am thankful for Heroes. They did not try to make Surtur have a backstory where he was once a good person. Both his daughters know that Surtur is evil and that they are nothing more than tools for him. They could have easily pulled another Garon, but instead, he's evil, plain and simple. Once again, you're missing the point. The threat that Zelgius presented honestly isn't that he's invincible. It's that he's supposed to be absurdly strong. The armor only cheapens his use in the plot. I used the Ranulf scripted fight because that fight was used not to show off the Black Knight being strong. No, it was to show that he has blessed armor and thus nothing can hurt him apart from a blessed weapon. It cheapened the Black Knight's usage. Hell, RD goes to PROVE how powerful the Black Knight is by having him basically destroy any enemy that fights him in Part 1 when he no longer has the blessing. They could have stuck with that, and everything would have been great. Hence why I pointed out Walhart. He is said to be incredibly strong, is shown to best Basilio easily, and had Awakening not been rushed, could have shown more of his feats. That's how the Black Knight should have been. No need for hax invincibility. The Black Knight could have forgone the need for it and it would have been fine. I am pretty sure that Zelgius only gave Ashnard the armor. The weapon was Ashnard's long before since we see Ashnard having used that weapon to kill his father. I guess if he didn't have the invincible state, archers could kill him.
  15. Surtr is my favorite Heroes OC, fight me

    Hardin is supposed to be strong, even without the Darksphere giving him invincibility, but the invincibility was there probably there because of Imhullu. Gharnef's Imhullu was created from the Darksphere, which makes sense given that the Light and Starsphere was used to defeat Imhullu. So if Imhullu gives the invincibility power, so should the Darksphere. And yeah, Gharnef really isn't a threatening opponent once you can hurt him. He's just a warmonger, then. Shows up, yes, but once you can get past the invincibility, he's not truly a foe you'd need to be worried about so much. His only threat is the invincibility the spell provides. Without it, Gharnef honestly isn't that strong. Which is sad, because he really should be strong. Not really. The Black Knight has more than enough skill and prowess that he really doesn't need any armor. Anyone that tries to mess with him, they would be beaten down. Instead of Ranulf's attacks doing nothing, it would have been more epic if Ranulf's attack didn't actually hit. In that, the Black Knight read Ranulf like a book, predicted his attack and just dodged easily that Ranulf was not enough a warm up to the Black Knight. Sadly, they won't take out that feature. Because remember that it was said even beforehand that Ashnard got blessed armor from the Black Knight. But he honestly didn't need it. He's supposed to be really strong as a boss that you need the major powerhouses to actually fight him. Probably what Ashnard's thought process was that only the strong would have blessed weapons and thus had to be the strong that would fight Ashnard. Still feels silly that he needed a hax armor. - For the record, if anyone thinks I'm deviating from the topic, I'm not. This still ties into Surtur since he's just using an invincibility function to be threatening most of the time.