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  1. Because Falchion didn't have the power to truly defeat Grima in his form after a thousand years. At best, it could only hurt him. Naga herself explained that she cannot kill Grima. So when Grima came into power at that time, Falchion underwent the first Awakening rite to channel the sealing abilities of the Shield of Seals. All the power that kept the Earth Dragons in an eternal sleep now was channeled into Falchion and was utilized to put Grima to sleep. It didn't make Falchion itself stronger per se, just gave it the ability to seal Grima. Edit: Also, Robin doesn't necessarily count as Robin could only finish off Grima because he had channeled Grima's own power, and used Grima's Truth on Grima. Amiibo Robin uses Thunder magic, which wouldn't be able to kill Grima.
  2. You have a point. The simplest explanation WOULD be that like the other weapons, Falchion could have lost its power. However, given that the japanese text goes as you say, Sealed Blade Falchion, it stands to reason that unlike the other weapons, Falchion's power didn't weaken through natural means, but instead its power was in fact sealed. Grima was never sealed in the Dragon's Tower. The Dragon's Tower was where the Earth Dragons were sealed, and the Tower was renamed into the Dragon's Table. Something tells me that it's the table because Grima ate all the Earth Dragons sealed there. I'm just guessing there of course, but all the Earth Dragons HAD to have gone somewhere. Maybe eating them all is what let Grima grow into the gargantuan size. Also, that's literally what I said. The Shield of Seals' power went into Falchion. However, add in the fact that we now have the case of the Brand of the Exalt that didn't exist in the case of Anri and Marth. Naga's new appearance and hailed as a god and the case of the Exalts with the Brand, it stands to reason that Naga appeared 1000 years after Marth's time and performed a blood rite with Marth's descendent. The rite was likely so that the power of the Shield of Seals can be channeled into Falchion. It doesn't empower it or making it even stronger. It just makes it able to possibly harm and/or seal Grima.
  3. I already said earlier when making the entire mention that this is what I theorize. But that's likely the only reasonable explanation. Why else would Falchion, that remained the same for over a thousand years after the war with the Earth Dragons, would suddenly lose its power and become sealed, and for some reason using the Shield of Seals to awaken said power? Falchion and the Shield of Seals were never expressed to be performed in conjunction with one another, and yet the Awakening ritual requires the completed Shield of Seals and Falchion. It stands to reason that this might have had a hand in Falchion's power suddenly growing weaker.
  4. Yes, originally, during Marth's time, Falchion and the Shield of Seals were never needed together or anything of the sort. Falchion was made so that humans can fight dragons as Falchion holds Naga's power, able to strike like the dragon itself. However, 1000 years after Marth's time, Grima came to power, and his power was phenomenal, being the largest creature in Fire Emblem history, the size of countries. I theorize that Naga, possibly fully awakened from her incarnation Nagi, realized that Falchion alone would not be able to stop it, as Grima was beyond killing with her power. So she met the First Exalt and performed a blood pact in conjunction with the Shield of Seals and Falchion, combining the power of the seals that is held in the completed Shield of Seals, and transfer it into Falchion. Thus Falchion can be used to seal Grima away. However, the new rite that was performed with it had an odd twist. When the Shield of Seals was broken apart, the power that was transferred into Falchion now worked in a sort of reverse, sealing away Falchion's own power, hence why the Falchion Chrom carries is much weaker than the original, but when the Awakening is performed, Falchion's true might is once again unleashed, and it has the added bonus once more of being able to seal away Grima.
  5. Oh my god, I haven't even been saying that Loptyr is weak anymore. Where have I been continuing that line of argument AT ALL? Naga being physically weaker has absolutely ZERO relevance in Loptyr's power. Did you not hear me at all when I said that Naga actually going against the clan's laws of meddling in human lives in such a manner and creating the Book of Naga is actually showing more emphasis on Loptyr's strength BECAUSE Naga was physically weaker? If Naga is physically weaker, meaning she cannot create another Falchion that's as strong as the other ones she made, then the fact that she to rely on a blood pact and a tome that can influence the holder, despite how much she dislikes the idea just shows that she acknowledges and/or fears Loptyr's strength. If anything, I'm PRAISING Loptyr's power at this point. Physical weakness holds no relevance when Naga herself never participated in the battle and it was her magical power that was there. If Naga directly participated in that battle and died, then me saying that Naga being weakened would be insulting to Loptyr's strength. But its not the case in this matter at all. And I HAVE played Awakening and I've seen all the gameplay of FE4. I use reason and logic, and information that is provided to me by the canon to make theories. I don't just make random half assed explanations and reasons. If I make a theory, I have reasons behind it. If you disprove it, then that just means my theory is lacking and thus I have to move on. Furthermore, the case of Grima isn't the same as Loptyr. Grima is stated by Naga herself to not be able to be killed. Only put to sleep. In fact, she even said that Grima WOULD awaken and come back 1000 years after being put to sleep. This opens up the question about whether Grima truly NEEDS a vessel to fully revive, because Naga never expressed any kind of mention that killing the vessels and bloodline would do it. In fact, the only thing Naga expressly said is that Grima can only be killed by his own power. This makes one wonder how that would make sense. Does that mean that Grima's bloodline cannot be truly extinguished? Des Grima's spirit return and just takes over? Does he regenerate? There's not enough information sadly, but the case is, Loptyr and Grima aren't the same. Loptyr is a Dragon that is possessing a human connected to his bloodline via a pact, which may or may not have been broken after Julius was killed. Since Loptyr never appeared again at this point, its not sure if Loptyr is alive anymore. Grima is instead an abomination that may actually be connected to Naga because he was created possibly by Naga's own blood and is a creation between life and death. Not only that, but Grima was GIVEN blood by Forneus, which isn't how the blood pact has worked for Loptyr, because Loptyr GAVE blood to Galle. Okay STOP. Forget about the case of possession here. Strike that off the record. I'm not continuing that line of argument anymore, because that's no longer part of the relevance in the argument here. I have been repeatedly saying why Naga didn't create another Falchion. If Naga was physically weakened, having just gotten out of the war, creating a Falchion and the Shield of Seals, then her life force is dangerously exhausted. Then she learns of Loptyr. If Naga was not confident in fighting Loptyr directly and didn't want to risk losing the Falchion she made for the humans of Archanea, but she cannot make another Falchion that's as strong as the other ones that holds the same power as her anymore, she decides to perform a desperate act and creates the tome that uses her powers. In this case, the tome holds just as much power as her, rivaling Falchion, but is dangerous that it can influence or possess the user with her will. But it was her only hope to fight Loptyr at that point. The case you're probably upset about is how, "Naga could have used Falchion to win and not needed the book of Naga at all." But that's just it, taking Falchion there was too risky. And say if there was already some spell on Falchion that attaches to bloodlines on it, then if she brought it and some human took it, then Falchion would HAVE to stay in Jugdral, and Naga just lost her weapon for Archanea and can't make another one. Ike is not relevant in the matter with Duma. Ike is from a completely separate universe. It's the case of Falchion that Marth has and the Falchion that Lucina has. Both are supposed to be the same weapons from the same universe made by the same being Naga, but one amiibo CAN kill Duma, whereas the other CANNOT. That actually says a LOT. If Lucina cannot kill Duma with her Falchion, it stands to reason that her Falchion isn't as powerful as the Falchion that Marth wields, because her Falchion doesn't have access to its full might. That's what the gameplay was trying to hint at. I'm not ignoring everything. Stop thinking that I am. Actually LOOK at the information that is given to you. Naga herself directly states that Falchion's true might rivals her own in that same context. Forseti is speaking for Naga, but isn't actually Naga herself. There's a major difference in Forseti saying something about another being's power than the being themselves explaining their powers. To Forseti, it was their only hope and perhaps saw it as the strongest, but Falchion was not even in the same context of that conversation. And Naga says that Falchion's true might rivals her own, which would indicate that the Book of Naga should at best be as strong as Falchion. That's what the information is giving us now. The card game is not part of the actual continuity of the games. The artwork made into it is just purely for looks so that the card would show the item being more grand or unique than just some regular sphere. That case of yami doesn't mean a single thing though. There are no Earth Dragons or Shadow Dragons that have a connection with the spheres. Medeus is the only one that was a sane Earth/Shadow Dragon that existed at the place. Loptyr left, so he can't have any involvement, and the rest of the Earth Dragons went insane, and Medeus made no motion of involvement in it. Medeus only speaks of the Shield of Seals itself, and that's it. Meaning that if he holds no connection to the sphere, then the darksphere's only possible origin lies with the Divine Dragons. Simple as that. There are no implications that its origins lies with the other dragons at all. And given the dark magic that we are saying that Duma can do, it stands to reason that the orb can still be performed by Divine Dragons because they could just utilize some dark magic as well. It's not out of the realm of possibility anymore. Bantu never made any form of indication that he participated in the war. Forseti is still mostly considered to be a Divine Dragon. There are no confirmation if he belonged to any other tribe and the strongest logic is that he's from the Divine Dragon tribe. So he could have participated in the war for all we know.
  6. The more you argue... the more I'm beginning to realize... The REAL fanboy here is you. You're so much into denial that you want to worship FE4 like its the greatest game that ever existed in Fire Emblem and anything that you find to be remotely insulting is some kind of blasphemy. Stop deluding yourself. And even if there are a lot against me, there are slowly being some that are coming around to my theories, or at the very least are arguing against your logic which benefits my side of the argument. Regardless, not everyone is against me here, which is good progress I might add. I'm not worshipping Grima nor Awakening. I'm using logic and information that we have been given. Nothing more, nothing less. The fact that you're blatantly ignoring the canon information and trying to give some BS mention that the power is not the same despite all information saying that it is, you're thoroughly ignoring the canon. If anyone doesn't want to admit that he's wrong, its you. You cannot argue against the claim that Falchion is just as powerful, so you want to insist that Falchion in Mystery is not the same as Awakening, and trying to use artworks that I already explained the case for. Okay, seriously, this is getting annoying. How many times do I have to explain to you? If you actually paid any attention, in the final fight with Duma, if a Marth amiibo is scanned, Marth can actually deal the final blow to Duma and kill him. Why? Because Marth uses Falchion as well, the weapon as powerful as Valentia's Falchion storywise, and thus has the power to kill Duma. But when Lucina uses her Falchion, her attacks are sealed. Why? Because her Falchion doesn't hold the true power that it originally had, because she performed an incomplete Awakening. Furthermore, Naga literally says "With my blessing, thou may draw forth Falchion's true might." The words "true might" is literally saying that she's merely unlocking the full power of Falchion because Falchion's original might is for some reason sealed. Marth always wielded the full power of Falchion, but unlike the Exalted Falchion that can be used to seal Grima away, the Falchion Marth uses didn't have that function. This is likely the reason that some new blood pact was made and how Falchion is now in relation with the Shield of Seals, it was to put the power of sealing by the Shield of Seals into Falchion so that Grima can be put to sleep. But with the Shield broken up of its Gemstones, Falchion was also affected by it and thus lost not just the sealing function, but a lot of its original power. So regardless of the case, Falchion's full might has always existed to be rivaling Naga's power. The fact that you're trying to go around this by some issue regarding the pact but blatantly ignoring what Naga herself said in her own words, you are going against canon. AGAIN with this "only hope". What did I just say? All this "only hope" business is merely from the words of Forseti. This wasn't Naga saying it, was it? No, it was Forseti. How can we assume that what he says is purely factual? It was never stated by Kaga that Book of Naga is stronger than Falchion. No matter how many outdated information you pull out, there is no single confirmation of the case. And now by Awakening's story, Falchion's true might/full power rivals Naga herself. Which means that at best, the Book of Naga can only be as strong or weaker than Falchion. That's it. There's zero reason to even continue arguing that point. The TCG is NEVER regarded into the canon side of the game. Not ONCE. Because if everything in the TCG was canon, then that Earth Dragon Manakete shouldn't have existed because we know that Medeus is the ONLY Manakete of the Earth Dragon tribe. So by all means, the TCG is not in any way canon to the actual gameplay. Stop deluding yourself by saying that a TCG artwork is the same as official artwork given in the game. Actually, it was. It was stated by Xane in Mystery of the Emblem that Naga commanded her tribe to fight for the humans. That means ONLY Divine Dragons participated in that war. "Narga, the king of the Divine Dragons, the strongest of all dragons, commanded his tribe to begin a battle to protect the humans." Maybe Forseti did participate in that war. I dunno. He never made any kind of mention of the war, because that was a different story entirely, the same reason why Xane never mentioned Loptyr. And once again, no Fire, Mage, Flying, Ice dragon showed any kind of connection to the spheres. Medeus never showed any connection either, and the rest of his tribe went mad. So by all reason and logic, the 5 Gemstones were created by Divine Dragons. So once again, you're wrong and you cannot seem to accept that I'm right or have a good point. No matter how you look at it, through the new information that comes out,
  7. Interesting thing about Grima actually. I found this info on the wiki, so I can't say for certain yet, but it is said that Naga's final resting place was at Thabes. Forneus, the demon alchemist, used Divine Dragon blood and was experimenting in Thabes. This would mean that the Divine Dragon blood, and possibly Naga's actual dead body, was used in the creation of Grima. This would mean that Grima is in fact a demonic undead creature of Naga herself. Naga and Tiki both pointed out that Grima/Robin has power that is very similar to their own. However, I cannot say if the info on Naga's final resting place being Thabes is true. I would have to try and look up the source.
  8. I think the Deadlords weren't actually Loptyr's powers, but rather the case of the thanatophages. If the Deadlords that Grima uses or rather the Grimleal used are the same case or the same beings in different bodies, it stands to reason that the thanatophages came from the Loptyr Sect. They likely created them after many dark experiments. Afterwards, Forneus likely got his hands on these thanatophages, and after Grima was created, Grima might have absorbed the thanatophages and incorporated them into his power, and thus he is able to perform necromancy and unleash the dead as his minions.
  9. Why though? Falchion's power and might should have also done the job too, right? If the power in Falchion and the Book of Naga can at best be equals to one another, then Falchion should have still gotten the job. And it isn't like Book of Naga kills Loptyr himself, just his vessel. Falchion could have easily done the same as well.
  10. And all of a sudden, there are more and more people that are starting to slowly back me up. People aren't so completely against my logic now, are they Hardin? And I'm just gonna correct you on something. The power of the new blood pact and such was to give Falchion the power to SEAL Grima in conjunction with the power of the Shield of Seals. Grima was someone that Naga admitted that she cannot kill, despite all her powers. Sealing it was the only option. Furthermore, gameplay wise, I just pointed out how Lucina with her Falchion cannot kill Duma but Marth with his Falchion could. If Falchion's power made that big of a jump 1000 years later, then even the Falchion Lucina held should have done the job. But it didn't. That's because the overall strength of the blade of Falchion was actually mostly sealed after the Scion when the shield was broken up. Hence why I theorized that Falchion's power was sealed because its ability to seal worked in reverse when the shield was broken up. You cannot make an argument that Falchion's power made a jump because of this blood pact, because Falchion's "true might" is still the same as it was when Marth wielded it. You are denying canon because you are insisting on outdated information that aren't able to make a strong enough case anymore. Again, there are absolutely NO mention of Book of Naga being the most powerful weapon in general. Out of all the Divine Weapons in the Miracle of Darna, yes it is the strongest. But is it stronger than Falchion? No, there was no direct statement that it was. You are clinging to so many vague and outdated information that you're blatantly ignoring all of the facts that Awakening has now given us. No matter how much you try to deny it, you're ignoring canon. Once again, the spheres artwork in the game itself and the TCG hold no water. Storywise, Falchion's blade NEVER changed. It's directly mentioned. The spheres had NO mention of the attachments, nor did the in gameplay pictures show any sign that there were any attachments. And because no one also mentions that dragons look different now than before, the same case is indicating that its just the design. However, the spheres are always shown and indicated to be just that, spheres. No special or unique attachments to them. Wrong, once again. Miracle of Darna happened after the Dragon War. The Shield of Seals and the Spheres were made for the purpose of ultimately holding the seal on the Earth Dragons. The Divine Dragons were the only ones that participated in that war and thus they would see it through, and that would mean that the Spheres were forged by Divine Dragons themselves. There are no indication that Fire, Ice, Mage, nor even Medeus was involved in making the spheres. Because they are mentioned and talked about only by Divine Dragons, it stands to reason that only Divine Dragons held an involvement in making them. But the case of the Miracle of Darna is a separate incident altogether. This was Naga acting and choosing 11 other Dragons to come alongside her. This one has more reason to understand that other Dragons could get involved because it was one Earth Dragon possessing a human and the entire war was already done now, so the other Dragons could potentially get involved here.
  11. You keep insisting that I'm ignoring canon, but right now, I've been proving that it's actually YOU that's ignoring canon. You are still denying any and all information that Falchion is inferior to Book of Naga, despite how its CONFIRMED that Falchion rivals Naga's power. Who said it? Kaga? He didn't say that Book of Naga was the strongest weapon. I just pointed out that your "only hope" claim is only in the context of Forseti's point of view and thus cannot be considered to be completely true. Also, Awakening Naga is by no means inferior. Awakening Naga is incredibly powerful and can even defy the taboo and allow many humans to travel through time. Tiki, who we all agree has power rivaling if not surpassing Naga's own, took her place and unlocked Falchion's power the same way. In both these cases, Awakening Naga is just as powerful as the original Naga. So if Falchion that the original Naga created rivals the power of Naga, then it rivals Naga, and there's no counterargument to that. Actually no. Falchion was never once wielded by anyone BUT Marth. In fact, here's Malledus saying: So this still would indicate that Falchion is tied to Anri's bloodline. Oh wow, a slight mistake on a little color and you love to grasp on that as everything. You're adding words to Kaga's statements. Yes, Falchion is made in an almost similar fashion, using Dragonstones. And he did say that when making the tome of light, Naga felt it was worrying. But Kaga never ONCE mentioned that Book of Naga was the strongest of all the weapons in the interview, nor did he say that it was stronger than Falchion. And now with the information on Awakening, Falchion's might rivals Naga's own. So what does that say about Book of Naga? At best, it only rivals Naga's power as well, and thus it would rival Falchion. Unless you can make a solid argument that Book of Naga is superior to Falchion, which you CANNOT because Awakening has just confirmed Falchion's might = Naga's power, your arguments have absolutely no strength behind them anymore. And if you cannot disprove the power issues anymore, you cannot also continue the argument on Naga's stand on the case of Loptyr, because you'd need to explain why Naga didn't just make another Falchion and instead opted to make a tome. Please direct me to it. Because it was never once stated that Falchion only grew that strong after the First Exalt. No, look again. The hole only goes up to that point on the case of the hilt. The hilt was structured on that Falchion to have a teardrop shaped hope just to resemble the Brand of the Exalt. The blade is merely was placed there, and you can see that the designs are similar to one another. So no, my argument still stands on the case of the blade. No matter how you dish it, storywise, the blade never changed. It was directly mentioned. You cannot use the same theory against me because yours lacks the evidence to support it here. Miracle of Darna and the five Gemstones have no relations to one another. Do not mix them into this just to justify your claims.
  12. That has nothing to do with the issue here, though. The case of us arguing on Duma and Mila being Earth Dragons have zero basis on this. They also made an Earth Dragon Manakete card, despite Medeus being the one and only Earth Dragon Manakete. How does me insinuating that Naga being forced to make a tome of her power that it would rival Falchion be in any way insulting when the Book of Naga would still be as powerful as Falchion? Like, really? Naga being PHYSICALLY weaker does not in any way say that Loptyr is weak. In fact, it actually ENHANCES Loptyr's strength. Think about it. If Naga couldn't make another Falchion in her weakened state, or at least one that could hold as much power as the ones she did make, the fact that she thinks that nothing but the full might of a weapon that rivals Falchion that she would actually break her own clan's laws would actually show that she acknowledges/fears Loptyr's strength that much more. You're blatantly ignoring canon once again. No matter how much you try to pull these up, but this point, through the new information given by Awakening, Falchion's full power holds the full power of Naga herself. You cannot create a weapon that holds your power and make it STRONGER than yourself. That's not how it works. Naga cannot make Book of Naga be stronger than Falchion because Falchion is as strong as she is. By denying the information we now have at this point and bringing up vague, outdated information, which said information does not give a genuine explanation on the power levels between Falchion and Book of Naga because we can only take as much stuff out of context, you are actually ignoring canon. You cannot even try to disprove the idea that Book of Naga is superior to Falchion because it's at this point canon that Falchion holds power rivaling Naga herself. And Falchion ISN'T wieldable by just anyone. Anri was the first one to use Falchion after the Dragon War ended, and afterwards, it was somehow tied to his bloodline, or anything that shared his blood, even without there being a descendent. If what you say is true, then Gotoh placed a spell that made it that Anri's relatives by blood can have the chance to wield it. Fast forward 2000 years later, and Lucina confirms that Falchion is very picky with its owners. Also, your constant use of saying "only hope" works only in the context of what Forseti says. Kaga never said that the Book of Naga was their only hope. Forseti did. Forseti isn't Naga. For all he knew, in his perspective, it was their only hope. Because Falchion was not even mentioned, Forseti either didn't know of its existence or Falchion was never with Naga when they went to Jugdral. You cannot assert your claim on the "only hope" case because in the context, it's not even fully justifiable. You're missing the point again. Naga made a Falchion way before the Dragon war, yes. And after the Dragon war (or during), she made another one. But that Falchion was intended for humans to use if the need should ever arrive. I already explained that Naga is rather cautious and thus would not risk taking the weapon to another continent where something could go wrong. Because Falchion was not even mentioned, it's clearly obvious that Naga never actually brought it with her. Kaga never even mentioned it either. And while Naga can make more Falchion, the case that she didn't and was forced to create a tome with her powers is the issue here. WHY did she do it? This is what I mean by new information. If Falchion's power rivals Naga herself, then why would she be forced to make a tome of light instead? The only answer one can deduce from this is that because Naga didn't bring the one from Archanea with her by the fact that it was never mentioned, and she didn't just make another one, it stands to reason that she felt she couldn't make another one that would be as powerful. Logically speaking, a brutal war with the Earth Dragons had to have taken its toll on her. If that was the case, then she decided to use an alternate method. She didn't like this, but had to. By giving the Book of Naga, she managed to have a tome with all her powers, but now has the risk of it influencing or possessing the user. Falchion was the weapon that held her power but had no risk of her will taking the human's. Lively girl? Please direct me at that. I do not recall that being said. The game says that Naga took the form of a young maiden. Not a lively girl. And again, I just said it. Her life force being weakened has no play on her physical appearance, especially as a human. It's an inside issue that would affect her later on. If Naga wasn't weakened at all, then why didn't she create another Falchion? Again, by this point of information, it's confirmed that Falchion is as strong as Naga herself. Why would she make a tome of her powers instead of another Falchion if she was perfectly healthy? Again, storywise, the blade has never changed. It's literally said it right there in their conversation. The blade of Falchion never once changed. Meaning there you can point out that this is merely different artstyles. However, the same cannot be said about the spheres because in all game related artwork, both past and in Awakening, there were no attachments to it. Furthermore, the game never hints attachments or decorations on the spheres either. Meaning that the TCG artwork showing that attachment holds no canon things and are purely for aesthetic purposes. The Five Gemstones were never confirmed on their origins. However, the fact they belong to the Divine Dragons, goes to Naga's Shield of Seals, and were implied to have been created alongside the Shield, would indicate that all the Gemstones were created by Divine Dragons. There were no proof saying that they belonged to anyone but the Divine Dragons.
  13. Actually, thanks to Echoes and explaining somewhat of his origins, the Deadlord's origins also became more clear, and it goes with the thanatophages, the insects that binds to a dead host and becomes an obedient soldiers.
  14. My main point wasn't particularly that Duma was a Shadow Dragon, but just that it isn't impossible for him to have dark powers or magic, since my main argument is that Divine Dragons, maybe even all dragons, are not limited to a single element. So Duma and Mila can have powers of elements beyond just light. If Forseti is a Divine Dragon, we see that he's a Divine Dragon that can control wind.
  15. Heroes does show the young Tiki have her Mystery of the Emblem look dragon, and Awakening Tiki had the other dragon look. It cannot be a sign of age, given how Nah, Morgan, and even Nowi share the same look and being significantly younger, and I am quite sure that Tiki was at least 1000 years old in Mystery of the Emblem too. So I consider this just a change in the art designs. Though why they chose to go for the leafy seadragon (shockingly real) design is beyond me.