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  1. Paragons

    Nice one. Now allow me to offer some counterarguments. One thing is that Tiki never performs the Awakening in the main story, but in Future Past 3, when we see her in spiritual form, she immediately takes the role of Naga and performs the Awakening with the completed Fire Emblem. This already proves that Tiki's powers rivals Naga's own in Future Past 3, which in turn also means that the main Tiki in Awakening is potentially as powerful. And the dialogue in her paralogue once again implies that she didn't unlock all her powers, just some of it. I don't deny Awakening has an average story at best, but the main point of Awakening was never to be a huge story with deep meaning. It was believed to be the last game of the franchise, so they crammed as many references as they could into the game as possible. That's what Awakening's point was. To have every player experience all the stuff to remind them of the past Fire Emblem games as an homage to show the writer's love and appreciation. If they REALLY wanted to make the game be a huge story role with deep meaning, they could have done that, but that wasn't the send off they wanted Fire Emblem to be, hence why it was mostly a happy ending for everyone. Otherwise there'd have been a lot more deaths that stayed dead. Not quite. For one thing, though the Binding Blade is said to be stronger than the Legendary Weapons, I wanna point out that the climate change only happened because all the legendary weapons clashed against the immense magical power of dragons, which the two immeasurable clash of power caused an immense chain reaction that caused the Eternal Winter, but the legendary weapons themselves were not the cause of the climate change. Furthermore, the seal I referred to is different. The power of Falchion was sealed because the power of the Shield of Seals was channeled into Falchion to stop Grima, but when the shield was taken apart, it also affected Falchion at that point then. Falchion on its own is already considered the ultimate godslayer by Mila. So at best, we can assume that Falchion's full power rivals that of the Binding Blade. The Binding Blade was just made more broken in the game mechanic. I actually have a theory that storywise, anyone with the completed Shield of Seals essentially has the power of a demi-god. Reason being is that if you add each Gemstone, we know they each contain great power. Turn the gameplay mechanic slightly into the story-wise mechanic, and one gemstone heals wounds (Lifesphere/Gules), another draws one's inner strength (Starsphere/Azure), one seems to possess terraformation (Geosphere/Vert), one negates all forms of attacks and seals souls (Darksphere/Sable), and others nullify terrain effects and dark abilities (Lightsphere/Argent). In that regard, combine them all together into the Fire Emblem, you get all those powers, including the ability to seal so many Earth Dragons and later on a giant dragon called the Fell Dragon Grima away. Is it any wonder why there was a Schism that demanded the Fire Emblem be broken apart of the Gemstones? A nation holding that much power would obviously have the power to utterly wipe out other nations with it. Gameplaywise its too broken, so of course there wouldn't be that much of a change, but storywise, the human using it would become godly powerful. One thing on that regard is that the ONLY reason Grima was still revived was because Future Grima was there to revive Grima. Otherwise, the ritual did need the Fire Emblem to unlock the seal. However, there are other issues with Naga saying that Grima would awaken 1000 years later after being sealed, meaning that there are some lore that is obviously missing, alongside the need for a vessel. If Echoes can give any kind of implication, its that Grima's spirit is not fully bound to the bloodline, as in even if all his bloodline is killed, he can restart it another way. This is because even though Grima's body was destroyed, it was said his spirit lived on. That might be why Naga says that Grima has to be sealed, as killing him can only be done by Grima himself, and the only reason that ever worked is because Future Grima's own hubris was his undoing, as he didn't realize his past self would try to kill him.
  2. So About Micaiah

    Oh, I certainly just hate Ephraim. And he is horrible. Also: And technically speaking, Naesala did literally what Micaiah did in a sense. Daein wasn't being invaded in Radiant Dawn. Daein joined the war because it was forced to, so they weren't fight off any invaders from their home. And Naesala gets plenty of hate because he did cause a lot of problems.
  3. So About Micaiah

    You mean like Ephraim?
  4. So About Micaiah

    There shouldn't be ANYTHING locked behind multiple playthroughs. That only worked somewhat on Fates, and that's only cause each path leads to a much more dramatic change in the story. But everyone agrees that you feel really burned out after playing through the routes. True, but you have to remember that Palleas caused suffering for Daein because of his carelessness as leader. This in turn might have been his signal that he never should have been leader in the first place. In fact, Palleas even tried to think that dying would solve everything. Courageous sure, but some could even see this as a cowardly move to run away. Micaiah was willing to endure scorn from others and be seen as a monster for the sake of protecting the nation she loved. To Palleas, who sees himself as a weak man that failed his nation, he found MIcaiah to be the powerful and courageous leader that Daein needed and deserved.
  5. Paragons

    I think the very reason why she cannot Awaken Falchion by herself is because in her physical form, it would cause her mind to degenerate into madness. But when she takes a spiritual form, her mind is no longer in danger of degeneration, and thus she can use her full powers and thus take the role of Naga. My belief on why Falchion's power was sealed by the time of Awakening is because the Shield of Seal's powers to seal things was channeled into the Falchion. But after the shield was disassembled once more, the power of the seal on Falchion worked in reverse, thus making Falchion's own power reduce. The reason they needed to channel the sealing abilities is because Grima cannot be killed by Naga, so sealing him is the only thing that can be done.
  6. Paragons

    Actually, based on what Tiki says, it seems more like the paralogue indicates that she has her power more or less sealed if it sounds like that. So it seems almost like this could be the reason for Tiki not being as powerful. Likely the reason being is possibly to AVOID degeneration, hence why she even says that she took in only SOME of the power, rather than all. In other words, Tiki never drew her full latent power, but only some of it.
  7. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Though I imagine Blazing Sword being first would also bring about some issues. Though if they do, I want Mark to be a legit character. Might as well have Mark make even MORE connections with Robin.
  8. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    I said better, not practical. We'd all love to have both combined as one, but obviously if they have to rework everything about and put it all into a single game, its a shit ton of work.
  9. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Yeah, but his word might still carry some weight, so there's a higher chance for that than Genealogy. Also, I agree that it would make more sense to go with Blazing Sword and then Binding Blade since it would make more sense. Would even be better if they can somehow combine both games into one.
  10. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    I am pretty sure someone from IS said that if they remake another game, it would be Binding Blade.
  11. Paragons

    Tiki inherited the title, but being Naga's blood and power, it cannot be denied that only Tiki's own power can be worthy of inheriting the title for that very reason.
  12. Paragons

    The Future Past Tiki essentially proves that she has power rivaling that of Naga given that she takes Naga's role after she "dies" at Grima's hand after Naga was also killed. However, I assume the only reason that Tiki never shows how strong she is outside of the story is due to how her physical form has the case of how she spends most of the time sleeping, so I assume her body isn't caught up to its full power, but when she assumed a spiritual form, she had access to her full powers. However, at the very least we understand that Tiki no longer requires the Fire Emblem to be completed to avoid degeneration, and seems almost like she has no destructive urges. Although she does tend to no longer hold back on threatening people to eat them if they bother her or just being Anna.
  13. Paragons

    That's pretty much the main reason. I don't think anyone has any other reason to dislike Tiki other than the fact that now she would look great in a bikini. And she does, if Heroes Summer Tiki has anything to say about it. Assuming you mean Fernand. You really should playthrough SoV and some of the DLC too. They really do a good job with a lot of these characters. True, but at the same time, this makes Ike do some of the most stupid things, one of which not only would have resulted in execution, but also causing everything they were fighting for to break down just like that. The paragon would have worked if Micaiah had much more development, but the fact that she was competing against a character that was a hero last game, yeah...
  14. So About Micaiah

    I really wish that we ever even NEEDED to run three playthroughs here. Radiant Dawn is hard enough already, but demanding three playthroughs is just asking for it.
  15. Paragons

    Olivia is great. I'm just saying it feels too weird for her to be with Chrom personally. Though Inigo is unique in being the ONLY child unit apart from Lucina to mention the Brand, which is on the opposite eye of Lucina's. Tiki being disliked is because of how she grew up to be a busty chick, going from cute adorable child to fanservice. But yeah, I like Tiki too. 2nd favorite ship with Robin after Lucina. Can't deny that Tiki being able to move on from Marth and finding her own love after so many years is touching. Plus it's the biggest middle finger to Grima, as the vessel of Grima ends up with the daughter of Grima's nemesis Naga. Odin and Elise are perfect because Elise is the first girl that enjoys Odin's colorful speech and even tries to talk like Odin. Just like how I love Laslow/Azura, because Azura is the only girl that actually goes with INigo's true passion: dancing. Mhm. Another paragon would be Alm. Alm is a guy that didn't know of his noble birthright, but thought himself to be just the grandson of a famous knight. He dreams of adventure and learning the unknown. Then he goes to a war because the army needed his grandfather who refused, and thus he went there in his grandfather's stead. There, he has to continue on his path to liberate Zofia, and then has to conquer Rigel because Rigel will continue to invade. Then at the end, he learns that his father is the emperor of Rigel.