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  1. Is it worth it to play Mystery of the Emblem?

    Is it strange to consider that the opinion that the original SNES game is better than the DS remake? For starters, the 2d graphics and animations are charming when compared to the ugly Shadow Dragon 3d. Not to mention Kris' very existence turns me off from playing the remake, I don't want to be forced to play a self-insert bluntly forced into the original plot. I also don't miss the missing characters like Davos that were added for some reason in the DS remake.
  2. General Opinion of Knights

    The only thing that would improve Knights is give them only a -1 point of difference to their movement when compared to the other foot units like the mercenary. This also applies to "Armor" cavalry as well.
  3. Few Fire Emblem games has explored the moral dilemma of the humanizing the many soldiers the protagonist army spends killing. So what about giving every generic enemy unit a human face? 1. Unique Portraits. -This one is a much tougher task but it done well, it gives a whole new level of uniqueness to a story. 2. A full biography. Every enemy unit has a biography that humanizes them. Much easier since it's just text. Tactics Ogre gives their enemies randomly generated names and some generic enemies are given unique backstories in the in-game encyclopedia. Ex: 1. Chelsea. Gender: Female Class: Diviner Allegiance: Hoshido A staff officer in the magic unit. Good at fortune telling, and sometimes foretells tactics. Frank and gives good advice, but is indecisive when it comes to her life. 2. Chad Gender:Male Class: Lancer Fighter Allegiance: Hoshido “Always fights at the forefront, supposedly to forget familial troubles. Sometimes screams his wife's name while hacking at his enemies.” 3. Fully voiced unit quotes. Similar to how RTS games function. Why not give them a voice and it changes depending on certain situations? For example: Female Nohrian Soldier under Camillia Movement Quotes: Soldiers of Nohr! GO!! Attack Quotes: How dare you break Princess Camillia's heart!! Damage Quote: Damn you, traitor!! Death Quote: I-i-i'm...sorry.. Princess...
  4. Is this supposed to be some-kind of shocking truth? Fire Emblem has always had these uncomfortable types of relationships even as early as Genealogy and I'm quite surprised to see some people shocked about this.
  5. I'm quite worried about the art of Three Houses. After the likes of Kozaki and Hidari, It's basically looks utterly generic and devoid of style and looks like they are trying for the Persona 5 audience. Look at that. Some people may take a riff at Kozaki's "anime" style but it at least he knows how to make a character distinctive (Ryoma's Lobster Armor and even Camillia's design).
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Regarding the fact of Gaiden, I consider the story of Echoes to be somehow inferior when it comes to the original. Especially in regards to how the Final Chapter was changed. Celica's acceptance of Judah's offer in Gaiden made sense due to how Alm and his party was in danger of being killed by dracozombies. Also, Echoes omited a great part in Gaiden in which while Alm and his party hurry to the final battle in Duma's tower, you can see how Celica and her party are fighting for their lives against Duma and his minions by showing messages like "Celica's party is fighting, Celica lost 2 HP!" It's a great gameplay-story integration. At least Celica didn't just ditch her party like what she did in Echoes.
  7. Langrisser M General

    I really like the fact they kept the 90s anime aesthetic of the Langrisser series for the mobile game. The big hair, the elaborate and huge shoulder pads, the skimpy leotards. It's refreshing.
  8. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    Sorry about my outburst but I've seen people bitching and moaning about how these original designs are bad but present these redesigns as being a sign they are better than the actual artist. Not to mention the fact they and those who loves these redesigns care far more about how the character is "covered" and not whether their or not or not fits their character, whether it actually constitutes practical arms and armament, stylization, and appropriate context. And to go on-topic. I've seen how very zealous certain fans are regarding their stance on being anti-fanservice. Instead of just seeing it as apples and oranges, they see it as plague that must be eliminated as it "devalues" and "offends" women in real life.
  9. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    Missed the mark. My first guess was a vain and arrogant beauty but the expressionless face threw me off. The differences between Faye and Tharja is that Tharja isn't limited to being "Robin's stalker" as a character trait. Faye on the other, her obsession with Alm is her sole trait to the point the story portrays it in a sad note.
  10. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    As I said before, not only the colors of the redesign looks bland and washed-out, purple and white doesn't fit with Tharja's character or her job as a dark mage. Not only that, the added clothing not only makes her completely unattractive, the additional clothing (especially in the chest) makes her look more like a caring mother figure or a refined lady. Again, not fitting Tharja's character at all. Also, the character you've posted, by juding by her design alone. She is a cool and confident woman who is aware of her beauty. Right? Then again, I'm comparing a redesign from amateur vs an artist with years of experience. Still, I respect your opinion and I'm glad the debate regarding this is civil.
  11. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    What I'm getting at is the redesign I've posted not only bland and visually unappealing but the colors and design elements is bad. It also doesn't fit Tharja well. Compare that with the original, the gold and black create a great visual contrast that makes her visually appealing that along with her body makes her recognizable. It also manages to characterize Tharja well as a suspicious and somehow creepy mage.
  12. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    Oh boy, and some of the recent comments here really drive my previous point very well. It doesn't matter if her character design no longer fits with her character, station or is just generic, just seeing her skin no longer exposed is a good thing and it's "realistic". You guys probably think this Tharja redesign is an improvement when compared with the original.
  13. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    Camilia no queen my friend and neither does her redesign makes her look like a princess. Here's official art of Minerva from FE warriors. You can see from the this image and the earlier ones with Xander, Leo and Elise that they have a degree of fancy and beautiful elements that makes them look like royalty. The redesign even removes some of the elements of the original that makes Camillia look like royalty.
  14. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    As much as Camillia's design is ridiculous, this and many of the redesigns I've found on the net are somehow even terrible when compared with the original. It's like their only objective is clothing Camilia and not making an effective design that has her armor and looking good at the same time. That redesign is terrible on two fronts. The redesign manages to make her even more generic and uninteresting to look at. She supposed a royal princess fighting in the battlefield yet that redesign makes her look like a common soldier when looking at it by itself. Looking at Belka and Selena, you'd think she'd have a better access to have much beautiful stuff. It gets worse when you commpare that redesign to the designs of Xander, Leon and Elise. They have elements that make them stand out and mark them as royalty. And the redesign also clashes with them as well. Here's Minerva's design for comparison. A person who don't know her character or story would easily identify her as a royal ready for battle
  15. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Even the characters you've have mentioned some depth to them. 1. Ricken isn't just shota bait. The kid wants to join the war in order to help his fallen noble house but at the same time shows how reluctant he is at killing. His supports with Lissa and Henry shows it best, especially in the later with how even the throw-away Plegia bosses are given a bit of depth and humanity. 2. I'm not a fan of Severa but I can understand that her tsundere tendencies aren't textbook at all and are caused by some very complicated motives. Her mother's obssession with Chrom for example. Sure some character are indeed lacking (Stahl, Nowi) but I can argue that they have even better characterization than even the previous games. (I say this as a Kaga fan).