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  1. Did I say I want multiple playable factions? No, I only want more factions besides the Big Bad and the Protagonist competing for whatever reasons or goals they have. Heck, you don't even need route splits for that. You just need cutscenes showing and fleshing out each of the factions goals, desires and morality. And again, you don't need that many characters to flesh out a faction. That faction may just have: The Faction Leader His/Her trusted right-hand man. His elite generals. And all of the lesser generals.
  2. If there's one predictable thing about the FE series' plot, it's the fact most of the conflict is one sided. A protagonist faction and the main antagonist faction. Sure you usually fight minor factions but they are usually siding with thr antagonist faction anyway. And no, monsters and bandits don't count. FE4 and FE10 are great examples of what I'm talking about. Many players in the same game making moves against each other in an ongoing conflict that lasts the whole game. Even then though, it ends with the protagonist faction fighting the main antagonist faction in their endgames. Still, I'm not saying that there should be no Big Bad faction, it just that the Big Bad is just one of the many major factions the protagonist has to face and only after the protagonist has managed to resolve or defeat all of the other players before fighting the Big Bad. From other games, Tactics Ogre, Vandal Hearts 2, Brigandine and Langrisser also have the same setup as the two FE games I've highlighted. All of them portray the complexity of world and how messy war is.
  3. Seeing how Kaga, Enterbrain and Tirnanog suffered a fatal torpedo in the form Nintendo lawsuit that may have eventually led to Kaga not being able to develop new games until Vesteria Saga. I'm amazed both TearRing Saga and Berwick Saga are such good games. TearRing Saga especially. The game 2d-sprites are beautiful, surpassing the graphics of most turn-based rpgs at the time. Even when turning off the animations, the map animations are also beautiful. Overall, I'd say they on par with GBA games although TRS's battle animations are inferior to GBA ones. Aside from the great soundtrack, the sound design is excellent. How satistfying to hear the sounds of spells and weapons going off is tough to describe on text, it's pretty good when compared to even modern FE games. However, when reading through the story and playing through all the stages. It feels strangely "incomplete". The stages are schizophrenic, wavering from fun, boringly or frustrating and easy or hard. Some important characters are introducted way too late for their characters to develop and I get the feeling there should be more to the story than what was already presented. Reading the troubled history of the game, no wonder TearRing Saga's best potential couldn't be made.
  4. I don't know if you mistook me for wanting FE to have over-the-top violence so I'll repeat again. IMO, FE doesn't need over-the-top shock scenes. All it needs is to show a bit of grit and not rely on discertion shots. Take for instance with the Ike and co. discovering the remains of the tortured laguz. All the CG portrait shows is some dusty cell filled with chains, a few scratches and a bit of blood on the floor. It doesn't exactly shock player into imagining since the image shown is very tame. If they had shown just the many corpses of the tortured Laguz and detailed how wrecked the place is. It would be much more shocking. Seriously, a bit of violence can add even more to a scene than just forcing the player to use their imagination. The scene at the end of Birthright and what Alm had to do to Celica is close to what I'm saying. The Scarlet example is much more effective though. Camillia's choice of words and the fact she of all people is so shocked at her fate is enough to shock the player as well.
  5. More like 1 game for price of 2 but you get the idea. Just like with Three Houses. there was little information regarding Fates besides it's trailer. It was only later they reveiled it was going to be having 2 games.
  6. I meant over-the-top violence like those from Mortal Kombat or those gory survival horror games. There is a heavy difference between a guy who realistically stabbed with a sword and slowly bleeding to death vs a guy exploding into a shower of blood, limbs and gibs. The violence in that video I've posted is "tame" when compared with the above. Also, regarding Micaiah. Did the blood pact force her to use boiling oil to burn Sanaki and the rest of her army alive? No, it only forced her to assist Begnion.
  7. Despite the mixed reception regarding the fact Fates is cut into Conquest, Birthright and Fates. It even more of a moneymaker for Nintendo. I think Nintendo and IS are willing to do it again with Three Houses and this time with all the experience they have gotten it. Just like with Corrin, Byleth has to choose between Edelgard, Dimitri or Claude and just like Birthright and Conquest, the two remaining kingdoms would be your enemy before turning to the Church of Seiros and the true antagonist. If the above events happen, I really hope IS would actually make a complete story with good writing this time.
  8. Fire Emblem Expo

    The only reason Fire Emblem is alive and well to the point it has multiple spinoffs is because it is a Nintendo Franchise. Would a franchise like Metroid even continue without Nintendo's aid? Other similar turn-based games or franchises like Langrisser, Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics exist only in remakes or rereleases or are dead. I envy FE fans for having it easy.
  9. You don't need gratuitous showings of violence, and sex to show off the horrors of war. This intro of Vandal Hearts 2 shows that. The intro is dark for turn-based strategy game released in 1999. You see elite soldiers slaughtering an innocent village(even women and children) for the crime of finding a single fugitive. Heck, you even see soldiers raping and murdering an innocent female civilian in cold blood. A brillant intro to set a tone of the game. Yet the game uses only 2d-sprites and the violence shown is "tame" when compared to over-top-violence shown in M-rated games. This in my opinion what even the mature Fire Emblem games is missing. Scenes like Hans executing prisoners in-front of Sakura in Conquest, Ike and Com discovering the horrifying remains of Laguz being experimented or even the Battle of Belhalla would be more effective emotional punch if we actually see those events.
  10. Easy. Micaiah. Unlike Naesala, Micaiah doesn't need to be bound to a blood pact or listen to an obviously evil advisor to be ruthless against Ike and his allies or order morally questionable actions such as trying boil the Laguz army alive or trying to kill Sanaki.
  11. And just as I said before, respectful and greatly written but not exactly groundbreaking or mature when compared to other works. And since you've chosen to respectfully ignore my points, let me repeat it again. The Racism is shown in Black and White angle, with the Laguz as innocents or well-intentionted but misguided and the Beorc as Evil or Flawed. For the Laguz side, there no morally grey or black people in their ranks. The likes of Dheginsea or Sephran are shown to be well-intentioned extremists. Even the likes of Naesala is shown to forced in a Blood Pact. On the Beorc Side, aside from everyone on Heroes side(except Shinon but he's dick to everyone except a few others anyway) everyone is shown to be evil or a bunch of fools. No cartoonish villains? You forget the likes of Oliver, Valtome and Izuka and even likes of Oliver even manages to join the Heroes side anyway. There are no Beorc outside the Heroes circle that's not an evil asshole like Ashnard or Lekhain. Even amongst the civilians, there are no "good" or "grey" amongst them. Go read a history book, you'll find that very few people aren't as evil as the ones above. With the above in mind. I find the Tellus' series praise of writing amongst the fans to be overhyped.
  12. Ah, IMO the praise regarding Tellius' core focus regarding Racism to be a bit overrated. While respectful and maturely written for a Nintendo game, It doesn't explore the complicated causes and reasons of racism and slavery in history beyond "that's evil and wrong". It doesn't help that the Laguz are of the innocent Noble Savage who did nothing wrong and that the Humans are always evil or flawed beings who need to be corrected.
  13. Is it because of the fact without Ike, Laguz-Beorc relations would remain distant and hated while the likes of Ashnard would succeed with his plans? Ike is basically a medieval superman.
  14. The problem with Awakening and Fates is caused by inconsistent writing and tone. Even Shonen anime, which I see in these posts saying it's the reason why the above games' writing isn't mature, knows when and when to handle the appriopriate tone to the appropriate character/s in a appropriate scene. This is evident with Tharja and Peri. Especially Tharja, which is sad because her supports with Libra, Lon'qu, Nowi andKellam shows her good side while still being a creepy dark mage. The problem is that she is forced by the game writing to be obssessed with the avatar and her still abusing Noire despite her supports with Noire not to follow her future self's actions hurts her character. And Peri's writing problems have been dicussed to death. If the Awakening and Fate had excellent writing and consistent, then all the complaints regarding it's character design or character being less serious would be excused or would just be a minor factor.
  15. So basically what the fanbase want is for Fire Emblem to have a consistent tone and good writing in it's story? That is basically what Awakening and Fates lack, the ability to properly balance comedy and seriousness very well. On the topic at hand, people want Fire Emblem to have "mature" storytelling but what is "mature"? Fans praise the Jugdral and the Tellus series for it's dark storytelling and wish the other Fire Emblem would follow suit. Does that mean that the Elibe series or Sacred Stones are inferior in-terms of storytelling because they aren't as "mature" as the above? What of the Archanea series? Their stories aren't exactly complicated as the above so basically theh shouldn't be taken seriously? Does the Fire Emblem series need a "mature" tone and story to make it great?