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  1. help

    What differences do the two versions have? EDIT: never mind i misread that, ill download it
  2. help

    My problem is that I'm making my first village and I'm loading text with the TEX1 code and it works with any random text in the game but when I use my custom text the game crashes. Here is what I put in FEditor: [OpenRight][LoadFace][0x16][0x01] [OpenLeft][LoadFace][0x3E][0x01] [OpenRight] Who are you?[.][A] [OpenLeft] Yer mum pussi.[.][A] [OpenRight] wow, bud. Real mature.[.][A] [OpenLeft] LeL.[.][A][X] Ignore the meminess and vulgarity its just test script.
  3. help

    The answer to your question is 10.1.1 FULL, now ill post my results after I try out your advice. The only knowledge I have of this code is what Arch has in his first 3 youtube videos and his really long event tutorial which are sorta old so I might be using outdated commands or something idk EDIT: Wow the FADI FADU thing fixed the black screen thanks so much. So now I have 2 questions for future reference, Is dissembling and editing a chapter not a good way to make chapters? and Should every scene have a fade in and fade out, then?
  4. help

    HUZZAH I'm in! Thanks both of you for all the help I will never forget it ...That being said, I'm 300% positive you'll see more questions from me on here in the future. I am hyped for the moment so thanks again.
  5. Didn't work this worked So at this point I have no errors but a black screen on chapter load. I might just redo my entire script
  6. help

    I'm going to remake the map and take what you said into consideration and see what happens, thanks for that
  7. help

    So I decided to make my own question topic on this instead of keeping it within the event assembly problems thread Heres my code: Everything in EndingScene is straight from the base prologue events, so it shouldn't be a problem. No idea what causes this I could really use some help. Upon loading the chapter I get a black screen endlessly, thanks
  8. Btw for clarity, the reason I'm having an event issue and a map issue at the same time is because i'm working on 2 separate practice hacks. And I haven't figured out map transitions yet so those 2 doors in the code mean nothing atm
  9. oh thanks, getting rid of the _ox0000 got rid of the error, not sure what that even was. also the second ORG is there becuase I get this if its not: So ill leave the ORG... Alas, I still need help though. The assembly goes through but I get an endless black screen when i load the chapter My code is the same just without the _0x0000 at line 31
  10. help

    Just tried starting from a clean ROM and nothing has changed. It might be worth noting that not only is the map messed up but it also crashes the game. If that means anything
  11. help

    I have no events in yet, just the base prologue events right now. The map looks like it has random tiles in places they should not be like this: EDIT: I even made the exact same map in mappy and inserted it and it it looked similarly messed up. I've successfully inserted a map once before so this is really frustrating now I was even able to insert this other map fine, its just the map I actually want that is troubling me wtf
  12. help

    Ok, that worked Another problem has occurred though... I used the tileset 1000ea12 and chose the right bits in nightmare's chapter data editor, but it still looks all messed up and weird in the game this screenshot shows that they should match, and i'm confused again, thanks for all the help
  13. help

    here it is thanks for the fast replies man I appreciate it map0.tmx
  14. help

    Other than the screenshots I posted in the imgur link, what would help you figure this out?
  15. Here it is; if you couldn't tell its a disassembly of the prologue events and im just trying to tamper with it and see what I can do. I probably deleted something important but that endingscene piece is untouched so its probably not in there I'd appreciate any knowledge you can spare me O great Prime Lord of Fusion and happy birthday as well lmao