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  1. Well, I already got screwed over in terms of team compositions. All you need to know is that I was pitted against a TA Robin (M) while I had two Xanders (one of them was mine) and a Bowdelia. -_- Yeah, I think I'm just gonna use my TA Soren from now on because Lord knows that won't be the last TA Robin / TA -raven tome user I'll be running into.
  2. They're obviously saving the speedo treatment for Oliver, that's why. He is beauty incarnate after all, right?
  3. This gauntlet will be the fourth time I'm backing a team whose character I don't have as I've backed Leo twice, Lucina and now Elise without actually having them. I did manage to pull Leo out of the blue since the mage gauntlet though. I guess burning the majority of my mage gauntlet flags in his losing effort to Robin pleased him enough to actually want to join my team. Maybe Elise will also come home to me if I burn enough flags in her honor, too. A guy can dream, can't he?
  4. Maybe because Oboro is an O-BORE-o, eh? Yeah, I'll go show myself the door for that one.
  5. Lucina got three variations first though and will have a fourth one when the CYL banner drops. Though yeah, they seriously need to give Magvel more reps sometime soon considering we're now at a point where there are two characters with three variations of themselves while Sacred Stones only has its two lords in the game.
  6. Yeah, I'm aware that their choice of weapon type for Frederick may be entirely coincidental and that they didn't make the connection that I did.
  7. I know that feeling as someone who got Lyn from the bride banner when I wanted Cordelia but never got her. The cherry on top of that is that I also despise Lyn. Hopefully, the same thing won't happen to you with this banner.
  8. I just came to a realization. Frederick, who essentially acts as a butler to Chrom, is using the weapon type that the Butler class in Fates uses (dagger). Clever, IS.
  9. I have to say that I'm pretty annoyed and disappointed that they're doing another seasonal banner so freaking soon after the last one though I may still be a bit bitter that I got Lyn instead of Cordelia from the bride banner so that may be affecting my mood. Like, could they have at least have done another non-seasonal banner next and save this one for late July? Oh well, Tiki at least interests me because it's Tiki and I could use more good 5* axes (only have Camilla, Hawkeye and Anna). On the other hand, I only have 2 5* colorless units at this point (the aforementioned Bride!Lyn as well as Klein) so getting one or both of Gaius and Frederick wouldn't be too bad either.
  10. There is. FE3/12 Maria is 589th with just 134 votes.
  11. Yeah, that is true. I personally view Fates as one entity as opposed to three different games because I don't see them as being fundamentally different enough to be considered different games, not unlike any given duo / trio of Pokemon games. Heroes itself isn't clear on whether it considers them different games since on the one hand Heroes has a World of Conquest and a World of Birthright but on the other hand it has Fire Emblem Fates listed as the "appears in" game for each Fates character instead of specifying a version. Regardless, it's entirely subjective whether the Fates versions are the same game or not anyways.
  12. It is worth keeping in mind that Lissa is the only Awakening character in this gauntlet unlike all the previous ones which had at least 2 Awakening characters each. What I'm saying is that Lissa has no one competing against her for the Awakening fan base vote and, well, we all know how popular Awakening is. Of course, my logic here is running on the assumption that the majority of the Awakening fans who participate in this gauntlet will back Lissa which remains to be seen, until the gauntlet starts anyways. As for Elise, she (or Sakura if she wins) will be the only Fates rep left in the gauntlet and while Fates doesn't share the same level of popularity as Awakening, it certainly still has its share of fans. That is also on top of the fact that Elise / Sakura are also quite popular on their own merits or at least more so than any of the other six characters involved in this gauntlet. That's just my take on this though.
  13. Either way, Tailtiu / Tine weren't the first ones the use it. That was the main point I was trying to make. Also, it was Gotoh who had Thoron, not Boah considering Boah starts with nothing in his inventory.
  14. Those two weren't even the first ones to be associated with Thoron though, Arlen from FE3/12 was. He starts out with it when he's first recruited and everything. So technically, he should be the one who has first dibs on Thoron+.
  15. Yeah, the bonus heroes should switch after the next season ends. Suppose I'll post my current arena status while I'm here. Tier: 19 Offense: 4,810 Defense: 578, 3 wins Rank: 2,397 (out of 3,453, 19 -> 20) Team (Offense) Nino (+ATK, -RES): Gronnblade+, Draw Back, Draconic Aura, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Hone Atk 3, Speed +1 Eirika (+ATK, -RES): Sieglinde, Rally Defense, Moonbow, Speed +3, Drag Back, Hone Spd 3, Fortify Res 1 Camus: Gradivus, Swap, Luna, Fury 3, Lancebreaker 2, Goad Cavalry, Quickened Pulse Klein, +1 (+ATK, -RES): Brave Bow+, Draw Back, Luna, Death Blow 3, Quick Riposte 3, Threaten Def 3, Attack +1 My defense team also uses Camus and Klein (Wings of Mercy 2 replaces Quick Riposte) in addition to my Vantage Ryoma and Ninian.