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  1. Don't quote me on this, but I think he might have it out for Fates in general which might be part of the reason he isn't inclined to use Spring!Camilla. At the very least, I remember him mentioning something about a "no Fates policy" back in one of the voting gauntlet topics (I want to say it was the healer one).
  2. Fortunately, the next set of anniversary orbs is set to go up tomorrow and we're also getting the Turn Limit Special Maps on Wednesday which should at least give us 10 orbs. So don't worry, more orbs are on the way very soon.
  3. I already said this in the pull topic, but today was a great day (not F2P): Legendary Heroes / Deep Devotion: Catria (+RES, -DEF), Roy (+SPD, -HP) Family Bonds: Ephraim (+SPD, -DEF) Sibling Bonds: Eldigan (+HP, -DEF), Klein (+ATK, -RES), Klein (merged into the first) Blazing Shadows: Eldigan (merged into the first), Ninian (merged into the second), Chrom (+SPD, -HP), Seliph (+ATK, -DEF) Spring Festival: Ryoma (+SPD, -DEF) World of Shadows: Alm (+HP, -RES), Lukas (+HP, -RES) Hero Fest: Hawkeye (+ATK, -HP), Tharja (+HP, -RES) World of Radiance: Effie (merged into the second), Soren (+RES, -HP) Female Mages: Sanaki (+SPD, -HP) Rite of Shadows: Boey (used as skill fodder), Boey (+ATK, -SPD), Chrom (merged into the first) Bridal Blessings: Effie (+DEF, -SPD), Leo (+DEF, -RES), Bride!Lyn (+ATK, -DEF) Echoes of Mystery: Katarina (+RES, -SPD), Karel (+ATK, -HP) War of the Clerics, Block A: Seliph (merged into the first), Lachesis (+HP, -SPD) Ylissean Summer: Faye (+DEF, -HP), Rebecca (+RES, -ATK), Jeorge (+DEF, -SPD), Minerva (merged into the second), Young!Tiki (+ATK, -SPD), Summer!Frederick (+ATK, -SPD), Minerva (+HP, -DEF), Summer!Tiki (donated Melon Crusher+ to Camilla), Summer!Tiki (+ATK, -RES) Alm's Army: Gray (+HP, -ATK), Delthea (+RES, -ATK), Abel (+SPD, -DEF) Celica's Army: Saber (+HP, -SPD), Sonya (+DEF, -RES) Nohrian Summer: Summer!Corrin (+SPD, -ATK), Summer!Xander (+ATK, -RES), Summer!Leo (+DEF, -SPD), Marth (+DEF, -SPD), Raven (passed his Brave Axe+ to my now 5* Cherche), Summer!Leo (merged into the first), Summer!Elise (+ATK, -SPD) Hero Fest 2 The Quickening: Ninian (+SPD, -RES) The Sacred World: Tana (+ATK, -RES) Promoted: Nino (+ATK, -RES), Camilla (+ATK, -HP), Zephiel, Xander, Eirika (+ATK, -RES), Camus, Anna, Kagero (+SPD, -HP), Sharena, Alfonse, Cordelia (+ATK, -SPD), Cecilia (+SPD, -DEF), Odin (Corrin took his Blarblade+ while her wyvern ate him), F!Robin, Cherche (+ATK, -RES), another Nino (surrendered her Gronnblade+ to Elise) Tempest Trial Dudes: Marth (Masked), Tobin, Clive Total Pulled: 51 Total Promoted: 16 Current Total: 57
  4. Valter once said this particular line when Ephraim was right next to him in my castle: "Eirika... Ephraim... These two, they are my prey. And only the finest prey will sate my bloodlust." Sadly, my Eirika wasn't present as well.
  5. Thanks! I was really starting to get a bit worried that I wouldn't get Elise in time and would fail to get all four of the Nohrian Summer units. Feels really good to have those concerns squashed for good and all. Me and my +Res/-Atk Delthea can certainly sympathize with your Summer!Elise's unfortunate boon/bane. Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what Tana can do. Now if I could only get Hinoka and Hone Fliers, I would really be able to build a killer Flier Emblem team between the likes of Tana, Cordelia, Cherche, Minerva and Summer!Corrin.
  6. Another Monday, another go at trying to get Summer!Elise with 93 orbs at ready. But first, I went for a full pull on Sacred World (rate at 3.75%). The results? +Atk/-Res Tana would be the result of that pull. Hell yeah. So it was on to Nohrian Summer to continue looking for Summer!Elise. Along the way, I did get some new faces. +Spd/-Res for Merric, +Atk/-HP for Titania. I can see myself promoting this Titania at some point down the line. Anyways, I kept going despite constantly getting 0-1 green stones until... ...Today is a great day. No, I'm not even surprised or angry that she ended up with a Speed bane. With her Atk boon, she'll still do ridiculous amounts of damage once she has Gronnblade+. And with that, I can finally rest easy and put Nohrian Summer and it's lower rate for 4*s behind me for good. For those curious, I opened the rest of the stones in the set that got me Summer!Elise and it looked like this.
  7. In what should come as a shock to pretty much no one, Valter gives Darting Blow 3 as a 4* while Panic Ploy 3 is the one locked behind 5*s.
  8. I only needed one try to beat both Hard and Lunatic while Infernal took a grand total of......two. Yeah, this gave me far less grief compared to Legion's. My recently promoted Cherche was certainly a valuable asset for this one along with my typical key player Klein. Summer!Corrin also got a chance to shine despite Panic Ploy being all over the damn place, so that was also nice. Infernal Team
  9. Have an in-game one as well, courtesy of a person who I share my Arena Assault score with.
  10. Eh, fair point. That was mostly just me indulging in some deadpan snarking, which I enjoy doing from time to time.
  11. ...I'm starting to think that I'm actually not the one around here who has the most amount of free time to piss away. Which kinda amazes me to be honest. Personally, this would be my favorite Echoes ship.
  12. Validar/Leon anyone? He's voiced by Kyle Hebert too after all. ......Where did I put my brain bleach again?
  13. Yeah, it seems like any 5* mage I pull these days are practically doomed to be either -Atk (Delthea, Summer!Corrin, a second Summer!Leo I got when pulling for Summer!Elise) or -Spd (Summer!Leo #1, Boey #2, Katarina). My Sonya didn't get either of those as her bane but nonetheless ended up with a pretty terrible combination anyways (+Def/-Res). Can't wait to get my -Atk Summer!Elise, if I'll be allowed to even have that. Regardless, I'm still just content with having Summer!Leo at all despite the downsides.
  14. Hey, congrats! It's great to see that Summer!Leo found his way to a fellow Leo fan. I know I was hyped when I landed mine! I can also sympathize with that boon/bane since mine is just as bad if not worse (+Def/-Spd).
  15. Personally, I'd rather see the lords who still aren't in the game (Sigurd, Leif, Micaiah) get added into the game before characters who didn't originate from a main Fire Emblem title. At the very least, it would be much more difficult for me to get excited for characters I know nothing about (these two new Cipher peeps) over ones that I'm actually familiar with (the aforementioned lords).