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  1. She could also be a "horse" like the kitsune for all we know at this point.
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    His JP name is Flannel. The FE wiki alleges that keaton is a type of fabric design (while flannel is soft, woven fabric), so that's the connection to his original name I guess.
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    If you're defining non-premium as "this skill isn't on any unit who isn't 5-star exclusive", then that isn't correct since Joshua has it.
  4. Like Sunwoo said, they made Kana a GHB. Compared to that, Panne makes sense. Also, she is unfortunately blue. I only say unfortunately because Naesala was also blue.
  5. Me too but for, you know, completely different reasons...... Though if Azura the 6th is truly nigh, I can actually focus entirely on getting her due to Greil's Devoted being absurdly kind to me. Too bad my luck, knowing how it works, is going to ram straight into a dead end sooner rather than later.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Thanks, and I actually got her already so I'm now done with this banner! So, now I guess I'll just wait for the next banner reveal and, depending who is on it, might just stand by and wait for the Find & Vote banner to snipe for Duma after I get my Lyn free pull.
  7. Find & Vote sheet and analysis

    For anyone curious, I grouped characters according to their introduction banner to compare how they did against the rest of their banner (* = initial screen character) Book I Banners Book II Banners Book III Banners + Legendaries, Mythics
  8. Find & Vote sheet and analysis

    While that is true, they still all got over a 1,000 (over 1,500 for Bartre and Donnel) votes each when they (especially Virion and Donnel) all should’ve performed as poorly as characters like Hawkeye or Gwendolyn. Also (sorry to nitpick), Bartre is 168. There is no 163 due to Hardin and Eldigan tying for 162.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Honestly, I'm running out of things to say. I keep expecting the worst getting up to like a 5.5% on the laguz banner will do that, yet I keep getting what I want rather painlessly. I am most certainly not complaining though, especially not when this absolute unit of a man got his Atk super-asset! That Def flaw is unfortunate, but I'll take at the cost of having 45 Atk before weapons and skills are even considered. So, only his daughter remains now. That shouldn't be a problem so long as I can ride this hot streak for just a little bit longer.
  10. Not even. It's just four yellowish orbs and you hoping in vain that you get who you want.
  11. Lyn winning green utterly baffles and displeases me greatly. I'd be one thing if she was still the only holder of Spd Tactic, but she not only isn't but the other character who has it is even in the regular summoning pool (snow loli). At least legendary Azura has one skill all to her own, compared to Lyn who doesn't even have that on top of being rather ho-hum for a legendary. So yeah, I can't wait for her to be my freebie when mine already has a merge (and thus no flaw) and is +Spd. Meanwhile, Azura and Myrrh both have Atk flaws they'd love to shed and I don't have Duma at all.
  12. I know, I did say it made sense. It was just Chrom’s little blurb that got me, since it basically meant that Naga just left him to die horribly and easily instead of helping him. Clearly Chrom should’ve bargained with Grima instead to become a Risen King.
  13. As far as I know, nope it hasn't. Oh and yes, my patience with this has past its end as well. I'm becoming convinced they're treating this like a new banner and, as such, we aren't going to know the four who made the cut until like two or three days before the banner is to go up.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah, life or maybe just this game....probably just this game really can be weird like that. Also, not that it means anything, but my off-focus Zelgius is also +Res (but sadly got -Spd instead).