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  1. If I did my math right, there's currently only about a 4-5% difference between the two. So yeah, Robin almost definitely is never gonna see the multiplier again at the rate the scoring is going.
  2. Obviously they should go with the boss of Awakening Chapter 3 (Raimi) as that fourth female armor knight. I kid of course. Or do I? Yeah, I probably do.
  3. So my latest pull has left me with two quandaries that I could use some insight on. 1. I now have two copies of Boey, the first being +SPD, -DEF and the second being +ATK, -SPD. I'm more inclined to go with #2 at the moment but any advice would be appreciated. 2. What would be the best use of the Boey that I don't choose to go with? Would it be better to have someone inherit one of his unique skills (Gronnowl, Earth Boost) or to just merge him into the one that I do go with? While I had thought about potentially having my Soren run Gronnraven+ with TA3, I'm now a bit interested in trying out Gronnowl on him but I'm open to any ideas.
  4. Between today and yesterday, I bought two full pulls from Celica's banner to see if I could get anything interesting. And well... Yesterday's: 4* Saizo (+HP, -ATK), 4* Azama (+ATK, -HP), 3* Felicia (+DEF, -HP), 4* Oboro (+ATK, -SPD), 4* Sophia (+HP, -SPD) Today's: 4* Sakura (+HP, -ATK; new), 5* Boey (+ATK, -SPD), 4* Lucius (+SPD, -ATK; new), 3* Frederick (+SPD, -DEF), 4* Sophia (+RES, -SPD; ...) Firstly, I find myself getting a duplicate 5* / focus character for the first time since Blazing Shadows back in March where a duplicate Eldigan was literally the first unit I pulled from that banner. Boey #2 is also the 7th 5* I've pulled just in this month alone. Secondly, I'm legitimately excited that I finally got the only Hoshido sibling that I actually like. I couldn't care less that, even with the addition of Wrathful Staff, that healers aren't overly viable or that she's -Rezzy, Sakura has finally come home and can also give her eldest bro some much needed company. Acquiring my first Lucius was a nice bonus as well despite the fact that he's also -Rezzy. As for the rest, the Oboro could potentially put in work with a Brave Lance set if I cared enough about her to actually use her that is. Aside from her though, the rest are destined to end up in the metaphorical skill inheritance grinder due to having worse spreads than the preexisting copies of them that I have especially the Sophias due to them getting my hopes up that they would be Celica and for both being -SPD when her Speed is already garbage tier.
  5. Except I'm pretty sure Wrys has an even bigger meme status.
  6. I'll just leave this here.
  7. Eh, while Robin (F) could end up as the clear favorite in this hypothetical gauntlet, I don't think her team would be quite as massive as the previous juggernauts. For what it is worth, Robin (F) didn't place within the top 10 in Choose Your Legends unlike Lucina, Camilla and Tharja.
  8. Though I know the chances of it happening are next to none, I like the idea of June's gauntlet pitting the at that point eight released Grand Hero Battle characters against each other. They could be paired up according to the month where they were first released so we could have Narcian vs. Robin (F) and Ursula vs. Michalis on one side and Navarre vs. Zephiel and Xander vs. Lloyd on the other. I suppose instead of having banners, they could either re-run all eight Grand Hero Battles and/or offer quests that reward a copy of each character. Yes, I know this is very much a pipe dream but I think it would be a cool idea.
  9. Though I know it's not an end all be all, but Tharja was the highest ranked non-Lord female in Choose Your Legends only behind Lyn and Lucina and also ranked 4th overall. In terms of the Smash Bros. FE characters, Robin only placed 7th (6th if you don't want to count Ike twice) so he is far from the most popular FE Smash rep according to CYL. Compared to Tharja, Robin was only the 8th placed male and placed 16th overall. Just some food for thought.
  10. For all we know, it could be a Ditto or a Zorua / Zoroark.
  11. I completely agree with this and also found that comparison very funny. This gauntlet was no different than the first two in that the ultra popular had far too many people backing them for there to be any chance of that character losing. All this "fix" did was to create the illusion of a close final match. Robin would've already been dead and buried 24 hours ago if the multiplier mechanic was never added.
  12. I suppose my entire case here boils down to the fact that, yes, I think that the wording they chose to use creates confusion on whether or not they want the gauntlet to be about actual competition where it's anyone's game or if they want the character with the biggest following to win, and only that character.
  13. Hey, I hate Ephraim over here too.
  14. My point in bringing that up was to show that there are multiple instances where their wording implies that the gauntlet is meant to be a popularity contest. If they want the gauntlet to be an actual competition, then they should just create more balanced match-ups instead of tweaking the mechanics of the event probably remove those instances of the phrase "most popular" to not leave the implication that they intend for the gauntlet to be a popularity contest and nothing else.