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  1. While I'll be joining you in the 5* Arvis club, I suppose it could be said that my priorities were...elsewhere this morning. ' .....What? I like my cute, dragon girls I said as I was hauled off to jail.
  2. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    All cleared out over here and well, that sure was a pitiful display Arvis. Almost as pitiful as me forgetting to check whether Roy's Atk was higher than the axe cav's Atk. Spoilers: it wasn't. Not without the Attack Plus seal anyways. Team aside from Xander: Xander kills red mage. Cecilia kills blue mage. Titania kills lance cav. Roy kills axe cav, then Arvis. The end. Though seriously, why didn't they add a sixth enemy for Infernal like they usually do? Any schmuck i.e. me with a BH!Roy can easily one-turn this map thanks to that.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Oh I can think of much worse than free Threaten Atk 3. Just to name a few: Beruka regardless of rarity Est regardless of rarity Oboro regardless of rarity Virion regardless of rarity Gaius regardless of rarity 3* [insert staff hero here]
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Given that the other two have exclusive weapons and that they never demote Heroes with exclusive weapons if they can avoid it, I’d say Tailtiu becoming a 4*-5* is more than a safe bet. It’s also probably a safe bet that I’ll get her before Mae since Mae apparently hates me even though I’ve pulled her boyfriend at least five times now.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    It took a bit, but I got another of the PA heroes from today’s session. Twice, in fact. I was more hoping to get his mom, but Shigure is perfectly fine as well. The first was -Spd while the second, and the one I kept, is +Res/-HP. Just a little bit before the double Shigure special, I finally got the last 4*-5* who has been in the game since day one, only to immediately get a dup of her in the very next pull because of course. I also went for a full pull (rate was just 3.25%) on World of Holy War and got a bit of a surprise. Funnily enough, the first Brave!Lucina I actually pulled has the same boon/bane (+Def/-HP) as the first regular Lucina I pulled. It was a good way to end the session, at least.
  6. Eh, you've still put more effort into yours compared to mine.
  7. I feel that as far as Sigurd is concerned, they probably overcompensated with making him good simply as an apology for how underwhelming and mediocre his son is. Given this possibility and Sigurd's reputation as one of the best lords in terms of gameplay, I'm OK with him having a BST bonus. Ayra having one, however, does admittedly concern me a bit.
  8. Eh, I personally operate under a "better safe than sorry" mentality when it comes to spoilers just to avoid getting unnecessarily yelled at. That and at least in the case of the spoiler in my last post, I revealed a bit of datamined dialogue from a yet to be released character which I'm pretty sure does legitimately justify a spoiler.
  9. Just going to put this out there, but
  10. Jugdral Top 5 1. Sigurd: 5,282 (55th) 2. Ayra: 4,489 (65th) 3. Finn: 1,550 (172nd, FE4) + 1,053 (228th, FE4 again) + 1,003 (239th, FE5) = 3,606 4. Arden: 3,094 (93rd) 5. Seliph: 2,695 (102nd) Arvis was only on there once and got 1,150 (214th).
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Nothing special came out of my first pull from World of Holy War, not that I was expecting any other result. The free pull was at least a 4* (Sully) but that was pretty much the highlight as the rest of the pull consisted off: 4* Hana, 3* Beruka, 4* Lissa, 3* Azama. @Rezzy That series of pulls. Damn. Just, damn. Are you sure you aren't actually cursed? Because a string of "luck" like that is just beyond ridiculous.
  12. That or they could omit adding new seals for this TT to free up room for two copies of Arden and Ayra each. After all, we did just get access to six new seals with the implementation of the forge. It could look something like this perhaps: 6,000: 4* Arden 12,000: repeat (or possibly new) seal 20,000: 4* Ayra 30,000: 5* Arden 40,000: 5* Ayra
  13. Unrelated to the new characters:
  14. Melee only and you can't be cavalry or flying.