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  1. Berkut’s Lance+ sure does exist.
  2. I can tell you [DATAMINE]:
  3. I know, right? Personally, my favorite part of it was the part where I didn't play it. ...God, it's such garbage.
  4. And all three of those alts are seasonal ones as well, so I don't see any reason why Elise and/or Leo can't have a second seasonal of their own. Just give me my damn King Leo alt already, IS.
  5. Well if that isn't enough for you, I got one with a far superior waifu's winning smile too. And thanks for making me waste time looking up what the hell "ahegao" is.
  6. Oh, so that’s just me essentially. Though no joke, I do get some sadistic pleasure in sights like this one.
  7. If it's anyone, I'd say Laevatein because she doesn't have a Duel skill. It's far more likely that it ends up being no one though. This banner feels like a special enough case like Farfetched Heroes and Fallen Heroes were.
  8. If you meant Book II quests, yes. Those are coming the day after the banner (the 22nd).
  9. *overly long yawn* I'll free pull green (assuming there's even one, of course), then act like that banner doesn't exist. And adding insult to injury, these jokers couldn't even be bothered to bring a Paralogue with them. Bleh.
  10. Favourite Heroes OC

    None of the above, as they’re all equally mediocre and uninteresting to me. The less time spent on the OCs, the better as far as I’m concerned.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    The gacha really doesn't want to give me any of the Nohrian Dusk units (not even Silas), it seems. However, I'm more than fine with off-focus 5* #4: This one also happened to get +Atk/-Spd, and I honestly don't know whether I should go with that over his previous +Def/-Res combo.
  12. I’d imagine people would be doing the same with Miriel and/or Yukimura with Nina’s glasses if either of those two were in the game.
  13. Even if you don’t care for them, the descriptions for Ophelia’s accessories are A+ at least.
  14. Meanwhile, it's already killed me on the inside again since Super Bowl LI did so first.
  15. Nah, he was just suggesting that Ethlyn is the one who wears the pants in that family.