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  1. They aren't, given that he only has a total of 232 votes across all three CYL events. Speaking of, for reference: Total CYL Votes to Date Kellam: 4,164 *Old Man Hector: 3,234 Gilliam: 2,908 Benny: 2,677 Kjelle: 2,031 **Forsyth: 1,713 Meg: 1,703 Valbar: 1,693 Oswin: 1,676 Cervantes: 1,547 Gatrie: 1,433 Lorenz: 1,308 Wallace: 1,101 Brom: 1,085 Tauroneo: 687 Murdock, Ignatius: 491 each Horace: 481 Bors: 439 Fado: 409 Douglas: 363 Lang: 274 Hannibal: 272 Lombard: 267 Dolph: 247 Reptor: 235 Roger: 232 Barthe: 228 Macellan: 215 Raydrik: 171 Desaix: 170 Xavier: 169 Chagall: 113 Dalsin: 99 Massena: 93 Bloom: 92 Danann: 48 *: wasn't on the ballot in CYL3 **: could be implemented as an armor, but probably won't given original Lukas Not in CYL at all: Roartz, Lundgren, Darin, Bryce, Ludveck, Raimi, anyone else not listed above
  2. Lucina is my favorite of these three, so naturally I got Chrom-Chrom-Robin instead. Thanks, GC.
  3. Thanks, but I already knew that. I just found that idea a bit amusing. I wasn't trying to shit talk Ippei or his work in any way with my previous comments if that's the idea you got.
  4. Good lord yes, I wish there was a way to freaking delete the asshole completely and permanently. I just wrapped up getting to Tier 25 in GC, and somehow left with an even greater hatred for Surtr. I didn’t even think that was possible.
  5. Yeah and besides, it'd be much funnier if they get Soeda Ippei to draw her.
  6. Kenji Inafune: It’s better than nothing or something. Your guess is as good as mine, especially given that Fates had three knights.
  7. They tried something like that with the Echoes of Mystery characters aside from Katarina (though even she is only modestly popular). Luke and Athena still have yet to get another banner while Roderick only just got his second about a month ago. Personally, I find both that and the fact that Archanea coincidentally has yet to get a second dedicated banner rather telling. Yeah, I guess I was only honing in on the antagonistic knights so oops. Massena was another that slipped my mind as well as if we really want to start reaching that Regna Ferox Knight (Raimi) who had a cameo like about nine chapters after she was fought.
  8. And that still isn’t all of the NPC armor knights either. There’s also Desaix, Chagall, Danann, Bloom, Lundgren, Arcard, Roartz, Darin, Ludveck, that one Begnion general who’ll piss his pants at the sight of laguz, Cervantes, and possibly others that slipped my mind.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    @Rezzy Very nice! I'm still trying to get at least one of the other Gallians I don't have (Caineghis is the one I do have) before I start seriously investing in this banner. I did at least get my first Thea (and by proxy, 40 more flier Dragonflowers to put towards Haar) as my free pull on the picnic banner. That, and I'm biding my time for Wednesday and Leo Takumi and Boey are now living on borrowed time, heh heh heh.
  10. It should go noted that Leanne wasn’t playable in PoR though. If she was, her affinity would’ve probably stayed consistent given RD’s transfer data from PoR feature.
  11. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    Clair can be prickly / snippy at times in Echoes, so it kinda works for her. I have no clue why it was given to Cordelia though and I sure as hell don’t run it on mine. Putting it on Severa, however, would make sense.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull was my first Thea (4*, neutral)...but that's the only good thing I can say about this particular circle:
  13. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    And here's how the final map looks [DATAMINE]:
  14. Tempest Trials+: Taste of Spring! (SPOILERS!)

    Bonus Heroes + Seals [DATAMINE]:
  15. Stats + Leo's kit [DATAMINE]: