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  1. I'm glad that at least Robin (F) is coming back since I only ever cleared her map on Hard without realizing I could've gotten a second copy of her, albeit a 2*, for clearing Normal. Now I just need Narcian to come back as I am now more than capable of beating his map on Hard unlike when it first ran. It will be interesting to see if they add a Lunatic difficulty for Robin (F) and a Normal difficulty for Navarre as well.
  2. I think it's worth pointing out that the Shadows of Valentia JP Release Bonus and Quests expires on 5/8 and if the next banner runs for 12 days like World of Shadows, it would also expire on 5/8. This makes me think that they're just going to get the Echoes hype out of the way now by having Celica be next and have her banner run until the JP release bonus and quests expire. That's just my two cents though.
  3. After completing a deathless streak with a team of Lukas, Eldigan (+1), 5* Nino, and my newly promoted 5* Zephiel I have an offensive score of 4,780 (Rank 3,548) and a defensive score of 287 (2 wins). I'll just be happy if I still rank within the top 5k at the end of the season.
  4. Personally, I can't see them making Elincia and/or Micaiah staff units on the basis that one of them is a lord and the other is essentially a lord in all but name. What I'm saying is I don't think they would saddle plot important characters like them with staves compared to characters like Lachesis and Lucius who don't affect the overall narrative of their respective games much if at all. I will say that if Elincia does end up with a staff, I would only be okay with it if Renning gets Amiti instead.
  5. Let's see, I currently have five 4* Gaiuses plus a 3* one, four 3* Ninos plus my 5* one, four 3* Virions plus a 4* one. I had a stretch of 5 pulls in which all but one of them got me a Hinata (three 3* and a 4*). I have also pulled a total of four 4* Camillas (only have one of them now, which I promoted to a 5*) and 3 Chroms (two 4* and a 5*). Palla and Gwendolyn won't leave me alone on my side F2P account (six 3* of each, though one of the Pallas was from the quest, and a 4* of each).
  6. Like Navarre's, I beat this one on my first go easily. Team Lv. 40 5* Ninian (neutral), Inherited Skills / Seals : New Moon (Fortify Def 2 equipped instead of Fortify Dragons) Lv. 40 5* Nino (+ATK, -RES), Inherited Skills / Seals: Draconic Aura, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Speed +1 Lv. 40 5* Klein, +1 (+ATK, -RES), Inherited Skills / Seals: Draw Back, Luna, Hone Atk 2, Attack +1 Lv. 40 5* Roy (+SPD, -HP), Inherited Skills / Seals: Moonbow, Spur Spd 2 Klein took out the mages, Roy handled the axe knight, Nino pelted the lance knight and Zephiel until they died and Ninian provided dance support. I did have Roy defeat Zephiel when I did the Hard version of the map but was unable to give him the finishing blow on Lunatic thanks to Reprisal allowing Zephiel to wreck Roy in one hit (Yes, I did bring Roy entirely for thematic reasons given that Nino and Klein were more than enough to handle this map). In short, strong mage with dance support (and Draw Back) stomps this map flat, but I'm sure that has already been firmly established.
  7. I like how my current arena rank is sitting at exactly 19,000 (offense score of 4,720). With this current group of bonus characters, I was stuck having to haul around 4 star Michalis though I also tried using 4 star Alfonse with a Brave Sword for a little bit because I clearly have the best ideas. On top of the usual gaffes I make, having Michalis take up a spot on my team really hurt my ability to get through 7 matches deathless. Before we got this group of bonus characters, I could pretty consistently rank at least within the top 10,000. Oh well, at least I have Alm ready to go for next season.
  8. After the flier quests and a 3 orb purchase, I had enough orbs to make my 3rd World of Shadows pull. Having gotten a 5 star in each of my last three pulls, did this one continue my unexpected streak of luck? 4 Chrom: +Def, -Res (3rd Chrom but I already have a 5 star of him so eh) 3 Raigh: +Res, -Def 3 Hana: +Def, -Atk (Yup, this is totally the best combination for her -_-) 3 Virion: +Atk, -Res 4 Jeorge: +Def, -HP (3rd Jeorge, 3rd one that is -HP) Nope, it most certainly did not and it also ended my streak of getting at least 1 new unit per pull end at 5 pulls. Aside from Virion, this one at least gave me units I hadn't pulled in a while most notably Raigh as I didn't have a spare of him lying around going into this pull. I suppose I'll try again once I hit 20 orbs again.
  9. So here was how the first two pulls from this banner treated me. Pull 1 Pull 2
  10. As of my first two summoning sessions of this current banner, my number of 5 stars sits at 13. For the record, I am not F2P as I tend to make orb purchases every now and then though I have never purchased any of the ones higher than the 23 orb pack. In order of acquisition: Catria (+RES, -DEF; Legendary Heroes maybe?); She was pulled in my first ever summoning session (and I was not re-rolling). Roy (+SPD, -HP; Deep Devotion maybe?) Nino (+ATK, -RES; promoted from a 3 star) Ephraim (+SPD, -DEF; Family Bonds) Camilla (+ATK, -HP; promoted from a 4 star) Eldigan (+HP, -DEF; Sibling Bonds) Klein x2 (+ATK, -RES, don't remember boon/bane for the other one; Sibling Bonds); I literally got these Kleins back to back and merged the one whose boon/bane I don't remember (he might have been -ATK) into the +ATK, -RES one. Eldigan again (don't remember boon/bane; Blazing Shadows); He was the first unit I pulled from Blazing Shadows and I merged him into my first one. Ninian (neutral; Blazing Shadows) Chrom (+SPD, -HP; Blazing Shadows) Seliph (+ATK, -DEF; Blazing Shadows) Ryoma (+SPD, -DEF; Spring Festival) Alm (+HP, -RES; World of Shadows) Lukas (+HP, -RES; World of Shadows)
  11. Hello everyone, I finally decided to make an account here after years of on and off lurking. I cannot remember which of Path of Radiance (9) or Radiant Dawn (10) was the first Fire Emblem I played but either way, I started off with the Tellius games back around 2011. It may have been a YouTube Let's Play of Radiant Dawn by SlimKirby that got me interested enough to try the series out myself. Regardless, I have been a big fan of the series ever since. I have beaten most of the games except for 1, 2, 3 and 5. As far as 1 and 5 go, I played through the first couple chapters of those two but then just never continued past that while I have never played a second of either 2 or 3. Aside from Fire Emblem, I'm pretty much a big Nintendo guy in general with Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Kirby, and Metroid all being favorites of mine. For non-Nintendo franchises, I enjoy Mega Man (mostly Classic and X though I have dabbled in Zero) and Sonic the Hedgehog and also have fond memories of the PS1 games of Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot thanks to the fact that Playstation was the first console that I played back in the day. I am also big on watching football (both college / NCAA and NFL) and baseball (MLB) when it is the season for them. Anyways I suppose that's enough about myself for now. I hope that I will be a meaningful contributor here on these forums. -Tybrosion