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  1. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Something (not F2P):
  2. Welp, this made the completionist side of me feel kinda sick but, goodbye only remaining Hana. You died for a good cause, that is, helping your Rev file daughter ascend to greater heights. ...Wait, that only makes me even more of a monster for doing this. Shit. Now I probably get to enjoy a minimum of a full calendar year of pulling zero Hanas as retribution.
  3. A Nephenee that I do have mind, but I would never sack her for the likes of Lyn. I prefer to let my favorites live after all.
  4. I also have Mia, +Atk Ayra, +Spd Ryoma and now a +Spd Soleil. So really, that Lyn is completely superfluous to me anyways, even with her buff.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Something something, BHB banner free pull was 4* Lukas since the idea of the game giving me a single chance at Amelia was out of the question, something. Don't particularly care, as my patience was finally rewarded elsewhere. +Spd/-HP for my original Rev waifu, so I guess I'll enjoy having the blood of a third 5* Hana who was Soleil's mom on that file, which makes this all the more sadistic I suppose on my hands soon enough. With that, I guess I can save what few orbs I can for whatever we get on Monday since Soleil was all I was after on this banner.
  6. Simply put, I find her extremely overrated and it outright irks me that she gets as much praise and attention as she does. I will say that Brave!Lyn being on nearly every damn Arena team since her introduction pushed me from simply disliking her to despising her though.
  7. @Zangetsu, @Poimagic You know, I never gave any sort of confirmation that that was something I actually did. Granted, I'll admit that if I do have a need for Galeforce down the line that I'm more likely to kill that Lyn instead of just promoting one of my spare Cordelias since I despise the former while the latter is one my of favorites. It's not like I ever use that Lyn anyways since, on top of not liking her at all, I also have Ayra (+Atk too), Mia, and Ryoma (+Spd) just to name a few.
  8. Just curious, but would I get an even better reaction than that from you if I told you I killed a +Spd Lyn for Galeforce?
  9. Heh, joking aside, I really have been spending notably less time with Heroes due to the aforementioned games, and that's not even taking into account that I've barely touched Warriors up to this point. Couple that with the fact that I'm looking to add at least Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to my Switch library soon, and I don't see myself spending nearly as much time with Heroes as I once did, at least for a good while. I'll still play regularly, of course, it's just now Heroes has a good deal of competition for my time when not too long ago it didn't. Heh, you wish bud.
  10. Eh, don't need to tell me twice. Hasta la vista, Heroes. *punts phone into trash can and goes back to playing Odyssey and Ultra Sun/Moon* *isn't heard from again for at least a week*
  11. The post with that schedule specifically says that it only goes up through mid-December, not all the way to the start of January. What we see on that schedule is not everything we’re going to get this month. Besides, it’d be very strange if they don’t do a Christmas banner when they did one for Halloween, a much lesser holiday compared to Christmas.
  12. Oh hey look, it's a new personal best for me or something. I don't expect it to be enough for me to stay in Tier 20 for the first time, but I'd say it's at least somewhat impressive for a guy who adamantly refuses to spend feathers on merges (Effie there is only +1 for the record, and that was because I pulled a dup 5* of her). Also, since it's been a while since I've posted in this topic, God bless ToD!Henry. It feels so good to have someone who invalidates both Rein and B!Lyn (provided she isn't running Cancel Affinity of course) with ease. Team Info for those who care Dunno. Ayra wasn't a bonus hero during the same seasons the World of Holy War trio were, so this isn't exactly unprecedented.
  13. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    Characters Already In the Game: Azura, Bride!Cordelia, Elise, Innes, Lute, Sigurd, Soleil Characters I'd Like to See Archanea: Julian, Lena, Astram, Xane, Frey, Hardin, Roger, Phina, Gharnef, Lang Valentia: Kliff, Valbar, Jesse, Tatiana, Rudolf Jugdral: Quan, Ethlyn, Lewyn, Lex, Jamke, Erinys, Brigid, Larcei, Tine, Patty, Febail, Ares, Ced, Altena, Oifey, Hannibal, Travant, Reptor, Lombard, Manfroy, Leif, Finn Elibe: Miledy, totally not Ogma Dieck, totally not Navarre Rutger, Sin, Gonzales, Perceval, Zeiss, Wallace, Sain, Oswin, Canas, Legault, Heath, Pent, Louise Magvel: Cormag, L'Arachel, Franz, Colm, Gerik, Duessel, Caellach Tellius: Haar, Shinon, Jill, Gatrie, Volke, Boyd, Kieran, Zihark, Tauroneo, Calill, Lucia, Marcia, Tanith, Tormod, Ranulf, Reyson, Tibarn, Naesala, Caineghis, Nolan, Aran, Ashnard, Jarod Awakening: Sumia, Maribelle, Gregor, Basilio, Gangrel, Walhart, Emmeryn, Brady, Cynthia, Noire Fates: Kaze, Mozu, Flora, Orochi, Kaden, Charlotte, Keaton, Midori, Kiragi, Mitama, Caeldori, Forrest, Velouria, Ophelia, Nina, Garon
  14. I’d be so hyped if they gave us FE6 Hector as Santa in the likely Christmas banner. I know that they won’t, but I’d totally whale for him if they did.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah, at least her boon/bane didn’t fall under the “complete garbage” category like my Ike (+Res, -Atk) or my ToD!Sakura (+Def, -Atk). Those still make me internally cringe just by thinking about them...