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  1. So like Eirika has Sieglinde, I want to give Artur a unique tome of his own. I have already made the tome, but I don't know how to set it as prf, so only he can use it. Anyone have any help?
  2. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    So I tried using your nightmare modules, but for 99% of the modules it says ''An error occured while trying to load the module (insert modules here).nmn. A list of entry names was specified but could not be loaded. Use NULL to specify no file.'' I'm sorry if this was already asked but do you know what I could do to fix it?
  3. Looking for Nightmare modules for FE12

    They don't exist sadly (Atleast, last I checked.)
  4. Nightmare FE4 help

  5. Nightmare FE4 help

    So I tried nightmare out for fe4 today, and want to make Langbalt's helswrath axe droppable (and sellable), so I can give it to lex (Already gave him Major Neir). Could anyone help me with how I can do this? Thanks.
  6. It does not work...I tried changing a few days, a few hours, but it does not work.
  7. So I'm playing FE12 on my japanese cartridge (yes, I know a bit of Japanese), but I find it really annoying I have to wait so long to get new everyone's conditions items. Is there a way to cheat the clock? I've seen people do it but they won't tell me how...
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, I purchased 23 orbs, let's see what I'll get 2 reds and 3 greens :O I got... 4 star sophia 4 star corrin m 3 star nino 5 STAR HECTOR OMG <333 -hp +def not bad ANOTHER 5 STAR HECTOR WOW +atk -def Best. Summon. Ever. Now I'm confused and dunno which one to use...
  9. Official Pull Topic

    So I spend like 40 orbs trying to get Ike. And my last summon... I got Ike!
  10. Game: Fe6 Challenge: You can only use characters with names beginning with the B, D, L, S, R and G (18 units total including Roy) Reason: You only have a limited amount of units and if they get stat screwed...Prepare for chapter 21...
  11. I usually make Caesar a hunter until level 11-13, so that he can get some nice speed levelups. After that, I usually make him a fighter, until promotion, so that he can get some nice strenght and HP growths, and some weapon ranks in axes. After that, I make him a Hero again and he becomes pretty great, not sedgar great, but still great.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    So I just spend 20 orbs, and I got... Hinata, Aka: Fury Skill Corrin Female Aka: Hone atk skill (I used her already bec I needed hone atk) Hana, Aka: Life and death ALM!!!!!! Sadly -atk +def but still great. (He's leveled cause I rlly wanted to use him) It's Lukas!!! I love his character design! I used him a bit though, because I was too hyped to get him. Iv's are +atk -hp,so that's pretty great. I'd rate this summoning a 9.5/10 Bec alm has bad Iv's.
  13. Hey

    Short version: My name is Lukas. I'm among those who fight for the Deliverance. While here, I pledge myself to your cause. Long version: Hey, after lurking so much, I decided to finally make an account. The first game I played was Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (FE11) and have played 6,7,8,11,12 and am at the beginning of path of radiance. My favourite character from all games is Lloyd (FE7), and I adore Lukas' design from Shadows of Valentia. I also play heroes. That's all I suppose.