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  1. I'd say general. Many factors go into determining where a unit is placed on the tier list. The problem with that is the fact that tier list differ, and some of them are non-objective. I don't worship them, but I do have an idea of who I should be using. Rarely will I use a unit out of pure favoritism.
  2. Interesting sentiment. Do you care to explain why you feel this way? They all are indeed long range weapons in real life. Though tomahawks(the way FE depicts them) look pretty heavy, so I can understand that.
  3. They took over nearly the entire continent afterwards. Arvis and Julius are some of the strongest bosses in FE history, and Ishtar's no joke either. They had 4 other holy weapons in their possession, two belonging to Thracia. Jugdral weapons are far more powerful than Elibe's, but the latter were allegedly stronger long ago.
  4. You should play Jugdral dude. Or at least read about it.
  5. I'd like to hear opinions on how weapons in FE should be handled. I for one think Fates' weapon system is incredibly balanced, but the nerfs took some time to adjust to. Especially the Javelin and Hand Axe. Does Fates' system make things more complicated or balanced? Should this be standard? Also a question for expert players, could any of you tell me if Steel weapons are any good in FE14? I always neglect them.
  6. I don't think I understand. I agree that it's ultimately the player's decision, but can you really not understand why some people would rather use characters that are objectively the best choice? This is less of a problem in the games that have reclassing. (Which I'm not a fan of.)
  7. I'd welcome it. I don't see why anyone would have a problem with that.
  8. I know I do. FE is the only series that doesn't have a single bad track across its entire lifespan.
  9. No, I can't relate. All of these like minds are starting to make me question myself. I play Fire Emblem almost everyday, am I healthy? A year? Really? Just for the main stories?
  10. Both for me. There is something special about physically owning a copy of a game you like, but Steam sales are too good to pass up.
  11. introduction

    Welcome! That sprite in your avatar looks great. Did you make it yourself?
  12. Not so much with reading but with writing. Sometimes I obsessively peruse my writing/typing. wondering if it makes sense. Like maybe I screwed the context or something, I don't know.
  13. Understood. He's still not broken though. Also, it's weird how the Orbs are more powerful separate than together. I wish you can could keep them after killing Hardin. I'll try him on my next playthrough. I was complaining specifically about the desert/fire/ice dragon chapters though. You get her at the end of Ice chapters, and I think there's two more after that?
  14. I know. My point was that dragons are really broken in this game. You need lucky dodges to deal with those chapters. Can you explain how Marth is broken? And I thought Warp shenanigans were more of FE1/11 thing. Bantu is garbage and Tiki isn't available until the last of those chapters. I heard he's good for dealing with dragons before Tiki joins but I've never used him. It wouldn't help with the Barbarians anyway. The salt in the wound is that I frequently miss them at 70-90 range and they consistently hit at sub 50. And as aforementioned, they NEVER get hurt by the Devil Axe. Maybe it's just me but it happens every time, every playthrough.
  15. Demigods? The stat caps are 20, can you explain yourself? Maybe it's just me, but the dragon chapters in Book 2 give me nightmares. The Barbarians rarely miss, and NEVER get hurt by their Devil Axes. Wyverns have 14 range, and I think Dragonbreath negates the defense stat? It hits really hard, that I remember. Also dragons in the arena? WTF