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  1. FE4 is the darkest FE, and if Kaga thought Selpih x Julia was too much..... Let's just say that things in the hypothetical remake will likely be toned down even further than they were in the original. And that was during a time when such restrictions weren't as necessary. If Japan goes through with it, it will most certainly be censored in the US. Fates lets the Avatar marry Azura, so we'll see.... All jokes aside, this is a real concern. Holy blood has no hard and fast rules, so Seliph and Julia not having minor Loptyr on their chart doesn't mean that it isn't swimming around as a recessive gene. This means that Seliph x Julia could possibly produce or lead to down the line, an heir to the Loptyr tome.
  2. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    Very interesting read. I think it's clear that the heron and dragon clans are special and in the minority among the laguz though. Given the herons are more magically inclined and lack the ability to fight, that would make them more intelligent and exempt from the method of leadership that governs the majority of laguz clans. That writing is shown only in this clan. The dragons have much lower numbers and greatly extended lifespans, this would give them an advantage intellectually and resource wise.The majority of the racism seems to directly towards the felines anyway.
  3. It's probably best for me to just drop the nobility thing at this point. I seem to be the only one who thinks so. Is Alm not a prince because he was raised as a commoner in a different kingdom? What I was basically saying was that there is some logic behind what goes on in FE, it doesn't have to be 100% realistic. And I gave three other possible reasons the Pegasus Trio might have different hair colors.
  4. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    Oh wow, that sounds crazy. I'll have to look more into it. I'll check out the other game you recommended as well. Okay, I understand you a little better now. So how do you feel about the other characters I mentioned? But he completely dismisses Ike in a conversation with Ashnard, only renewing his interest later. I'll have to look up the exact chapter. It seems he did initially let it go.
  5. Have you played any of the games involving child siring? Ike and Mist look exactly like a mix of the parents, both directly inheriting their parents abilities. How can you say genetics aren't a thing? You question how the pegasus sisters have different hair colors, but not why it's green, blue, and pink? The former actually exists in real life. Like blue-eyed parents giving birth to brown eyed children? Have you considered they might not have the same mother or father? Perhaps they're not actually related at all. You said it yourself, magic exists in this universe. That doesn't mean that it and logic are mutually exclusive. The creators didn't bother to go into detail about Apostles for whatever reason, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to blend reality and fiction. Were you just commenting, or trying to disprove what I said about Ike's genetics?
  6. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    Is it really not? Keep in mind that I only play Fire Emblem. Surely if not 100% realistic, it's at least more than FE? I skimmed through some playthroughs on YouTube and it definitely seemed so. If not Civilization in particular, I'm sure there are realistic turn based war strategy games out there that would be better references instead. Care to name a few? Why does it have to be the lord to make it "shonen"? There's Linde,Valbo, Seliph, Leif, Letzenheimer, Krisheena, and Faye from pre FE13 that all want revenge on a specific person, the first and last explicitly stating they want to do it themselves. I see Ike's focus on him being the one to slay Zelgius being a result of his personality and upbringing, not "shonen". He's been fighting since he could walk. One of the things people like about the Black Knight is his overwhelming presence, a reminder that you're not the strongest thing walking. I wouldn't call Ike and the BK rivals with that power disparity. Every encounter save the last proves to be quite the humbling experience for Ike in FE9, as you run from him in the majority. I see nothing wrong with an recurring antagonist, it's far more satisfying when you finally kill them, vs getting rid of them in a single chapter. Tellius isn't even the first to do it in this exact manner, the BK is a rip off of Chaos. In most FEs, only the lord can defeat the final boss and wield the most powerful legendary weapons, if that's not a focus on individual strength I don't know what is. Tellius is not unique. Maybe my definition of "shonen" is different from yours, but as I said before, I despise anime. Nothing in Tellius set off any alarms for me. Except some of the laguz designs. I would say the obsession is more on Ike's side, than Zelgius'. And rightfully so.
  7. Tellius, A Shonen Series?

    Trust me, it's a good thing. FE4 is all about how much better units with super-special-holy-dragon-god blood (and mounts) are than normal people, no complaints there. I mean ffs, this is the series where you play as 9-14 people (usually under the age of 20) who slaughter entire armies on their own with magic, legendary weapons, and OP skills (recent games). We're not controlling a bunch a faceless and nameless mooks like in Civilization or other realistic games. Of course there's going to be a focus on individual strength. I don't understand how Tellius stands out in this regard. Believe me when I say I despise anime. I really do. I'm not talking about all Japanese animation but you know, anime. If Tellius were "shonen", I'd be the first one ragging on it. If your passion is fighting then, yeah. Not surprising. When did Zelgius ever endanger the victory of his army? Zelgius could possibly be depressed or have an inferiority complex. It's gotta be pretty tough to deal with racism from both groups, he can't go to either for support or be who he truly is. Maybe fighting soothes him, or maybe that's his way of assuring himself he's not worthless. True, you've got the technicality of it. You may find it a stretch but the strength doesn't necessarily have to come from a living creature. Whatever killed the dinosaurs was stronger than all of them. The platypus was somewhere on the strength scale above the event and below the dinosaurs. Like the weapons triangle. But in the context of the discussion, we're talking about physical strength. It's a shame that we never actually get to see what laguz society is like, but it could be much more simple than the beorc society. I mean Nailah straight up says that the laguz were too stupid to learn the ancient language. It's this basic, primitive lifestyle that's the cause of the racism directed towards them. And being able to literally transform into savage beats certainly doesn't help. There's no need for intelligent leaders, just physically strong ones. I can agree that this too may be the case. All of the laguz leaders we've seen so far seem as intelligent as they are powerful. They just don't run things exactly how beorc do.
  8. But we do know he has the potential to pass it down. It's in his genetic structure. That's what I'm saying.
  9. Something off the top. It could work like the mastery skills do in FE10 by dealing 3x damage. Or cast Bolganone or a unique fire spell in addition to the unit's attack when proc'd. Maybe even give wyvern riders a fiery ranged attack.
  10. He made Marth x Sheeda, Alm x Celica, and Leif x Nanna work though. Tearring Saga has some nice romances too. I though Tiki's affection was more of a crush than love. Too bad they never incorporated that into an in game ability. Another chance missed.....
  11. I was talking about Kaga Emblem. Magvel only depicts two living dragons, and dragon laguz are not the same as dragons. In Archanea it's a bit weird but generally, no. This explains why they're so much weaker than the other dragons, tamable, and have no issues reproducing. Wyvern mounts can't even breathe fire. Do not bring up Awakening.
  12. Much now, considering the majority of dragons left now are not Divine. If you're going to try to make connections you need to explain them, which Awakening did not do. Forseti could be a Mage Dragon too. Even in the games where they aren't it never happens. That's was introduced in Elibe, where their reasons for going manakete are completely different from Archanea, implying a different dimension. All wyverns are not the same. The Flying Tribe is not the same as the wyverns Macedonia ride. Could be someone yet to be introduced. The First Exalt doesn't even have a name, so this wouldn't be the first time. Is she not talking about him? Forgive me, I generally ignore Awakening so I'm not the most familiar with its "lore".
  13. Ike slew Ashnard personally though, anything he put into place would be null. Ike is nobility before, during, and after Ashnard due to blood, strength and blood. You seem to have missed the part where I agreed that Ike earned his status. Doesn't change the fact that he was nobility to begin with, with special master swordsman and chaos-resisting blood to boot. We have yet to have a true peasant lord in the series. Edit: Site is glitching out for me. I can't even erase the above. Got an error, refreshed the page and there were two.
  14. Ike slew Ashnard personally though, anything he put into place would be null. Ike is nobility before, during, and after Ashnard due to blood, strength and blood. You seem to have missed the part where I agreed that Ike earned his status. Doesn't change the fact that he was nobility to begin with, with special master swordsman and chaos-resisting blood to boot. We have yet to have a true peasant lord in the series.
  15. This is Naga we're talking about it. I wouldn't be surprised. Where are the other dragons? Dragons are never said to able to mate with humans in any of Kaga's game. That was introduced in Binding Blade, a potentially different dimension. Wyverns are to dragons what chimpanzees are to humans. Could you link me to specific that quote please?