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  1. I'm still buying it. While some decisions are questionable, the game still looks fun, and in the end, that's what matters.
  2. Ehhhhhhhhh. Warriors is getting full voice acting and there's no doubt that FE16 will also have it. Heck, Tokyo Mirage Sessions had full voice acting and that came out before SoV.
  3. That's not something that makes a game unique though.
  4. I can see the Special Blades (Pyra included) being able to change outfits but i'm not too sure on that. Wouldn't be surprised if only the Drivers can change outfits. The real question is, will there be an achievement for running around a town in nothing but underwear? Oooh, that'd be pretty nice. I'd like to see that too. While we haven't seen them yet, i do think they have a good chance of appearing. There's no doubt that the Nopon are the unofficial mascots of the Xenoblade series. Wouldn't be surprised if Telethia are also the unofficial mascots of the series. Now, whether Telethia will be relevant to the story or not is a different story.
  5. Ok but just how often does this happen? It certainly doesn't happen in Fire Emblem, otherwise, it'd be a more relevant complaint. Xenoblade Chronicles literally has an in-depth tutorial for almost everything that you can access at any time through the menu. And the tutorial section expands as you progress through the game. You can even filter it out to find the stuff that you need. I'm sorry but if it took you half a month to understand the game, then it's your fault. It just means you weren't paying attention enough.
  6. People like Fatigue? That's the first time i've ever heard of that? Last i checked, Fatigue was Thracia's most infamous mechanic. You forgot personalized spell lists, HP Magic Cost, and the biggest emphasis on Terrain. Also dungeons. FE4 is a unique game but not a good one.
  7. I thought of this as well. Mor Ardain and Torna do look to be the main antagonists. Though, from we've gathered from the trailer, it seems that most of the nations want the Aegis, who is likely Pyra, for one reason or another. So maybe most of the nations are antagonists. I can see the Argentum Trade Guild trying to capture Pyra, and sell her to any of the other nations in exchange for a lot of money. If what the original Xenoblade has taught me, it's to not assume who the true villains are. As for the rest of that theory, it does sound like the original, but i'm pretty sure we'll be getting some parallels to the original. Heck, Pyra's Blade looks like the Monado II, and i wouldn't be surprised if Rex's personality is similar to Shulk's. Heck, Rex and Shulk have similar jobs. Shulk scavenges for parts to use in his weapons research, while Rex is a scavenger, sailing around the cloud sea on the King of Red Lions Azurda and getting sunken treasure and the like. Of course, we don't know for sure. To be fair, we have no context for that line. What power is Pyra referring to? Who is she talking to? Once we actually get context behind the scene, i'm sure the voices will make more sense. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm still trying to grasp just how big this game is gonna be. We saw places of two of the Titans, Gromott and Uraya in the E3 and Gamescom gameplay streams, and those are just the tip of the iceberg for each Titan. We don't know exactly how big each Titan is but we know there's gonna be at least eight of them (because of the eight flags). And that's not counting the World Tree, which is it's own region probably. I get the feeling that this game is gonna be bigger than Xenoblade Chronicles X. Speaking of the Titans, i think i found a central theme surrounding them: the seven deadly sins. The names of the Titans, specifically the Japanese names, are the Latin names of the seven deadly sins. I'll be putting them in the spoiler tag, because i know not everyone likes game analysis. GameXplain should hire me for these analysis i've done.
  8. Ok, anwser me this: what's more fun in a game? Looking up a guide, or figuring it out yourself. I'm sure most people would rather figure things out on their own, only resorting to a guide if they get really stuck. Awakening also came out a decade later, c'mon. I mean, the E-Manual exists now, at least for Nintendo systems. I don't know how Sony and Microsoft do theirs.
  9. I'll give points to these. Inheritance was pretty cool and so were the classes (even if i find Wind, Fire, and Thunder Mages to be redundant). It doesn't do a good job. Obviously, since he's the creator. But that last good FE he made was Mystery of the Emblem. I'll give points to Thracia for that but Thracia was heavily flawed. Fortunately, FE6 and onwards fixed it's problems. What? How is Thracia the most unique game in the series? Gaiden/SoV and FE4 are more unique than Thracia. Kaga worked on Vestriria Saga recently, and i think he's doing a Part 2 of it.
  10. I mean, my actual opinion is "The Jugdral games are the worst games in the series" but yeah, that works too.
  11. So most of Jugdral then. Because Thracia has it's own bullshit mechanics as well. Except in the cases where you do need to access the Pawn Shop mid-chapter. Sure, it doesn't happen all the time, but it's frustrating when it does. Pair-Up in Awakening. The game clearly wants you to use it but it's so broken and unbalanced. Yes, yes it was. If Kaga was still on the team, i don't think i'd be playing Fire Emblem today. Actually, i think the series would've died if he was still on the team. He did a good job with Mystery of the Emblem but that's it. I can't comment on the TearRing Saga (and the other two Saga games) since i've never played. I've heard good things about them but i've also heard good things about the Jugdral games and we all know what my opinion on Jugdral is.
  12. As mentioned by the person above, you can get the original off of the Wii U eShop for 20 dollars and a restock is coming soon (though it's the first time i've heard of that). The New 3DS version is inferior to the original (less resolution) however, it's portable. On of the biggest reasons why i'm looking forward to XC2 is because it's on the Switch, so it's portable, meaning i can play it on the go. The New 3DS version of the original game also benefits from being portable. It's a long game after all, so having more chances to play it is always a good thing.
  13. I clearly was, and given that chapters can last for an hour or more, i think it's a valid complaint. Except it is. All the game balance is doing is working with those mechanics to make them flow, but said mechanics are still bullshit. The Pawn Shop is tedious compared to regular Trading. It's a bad emphasis. FE4 tried but failed here. They could've made a good emphasis on item management, but Kaga was just too ambitious with this game.
  14. Yeah, get hyped for XC2. Do something that isn't complaining about the same stuff people have complained about for the past months.
  15. How about let's not and find something better to do.