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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Vess is bad? This is news to me.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Be lucky. Unless it's a quest exclusive Blade, which means you gotta go do that quest. As for your Blade set-up, it's pretty good and is definitely one of the more optimal setups. KOS-MOS works well with Nia as well, since KOS-MOS is an Ether Cannon Blade and Nia has high Ether.
  3. I mean, gameplay-wise yeah. Same for Takumi. But lore-wise, they are both under the possession of dragons.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    That actually might be what happened. If you put the Switch into sleep mode as the game is running, it'll keep counting the hours. But if you go into the home menu (without necessarily closing the game) and then go into sleep mode, the game stops counting the hours. If you want to find out how many hours you've actually put in, your Switch profile should provide more accurate numbers. But yeah, you probably still have have a good chunk of quests left regardless. Most of them are Blade quests, probably. I finished the main story at about 90-ish hours and i spent the next 30 or so doing quests and hunting Uniques and all that fun stuff. Now i'm at 292 hours and i still have some quests i need to finish up (i haven't because they require Field Skill checks and i don't feel like bothering with those) and i'm still missing Electra and KOS-MOS.
  5. Thoughts on Romances in Video Games?

    It's definitely one of the more flawed romances in the series but i have to disagree with it not working as a relationship. While that seven year timeskip is definitely the biggest issue, i still got the feeling that they genuinely cared for each other. You say that the fact that they argued in their reunion suggests a very argument filled relationship in the future but i disagree. The thing about that argument was that it was a matter of the situation. Had Alm and Celica reunited under more peaceful circumstances, would they have still argued then? Celica didn't want Alm to die, that's why she argued with him to prevent him from going to war of course, this is Fire Emblem, so Celica would be written as if she were in the wrong because that's what this series does to female Lords but that's a discussion for another day. While flawed, Alm x Celica still does things that can make people see why the two love each other. I know there'll be plenty of people that disagree with me but that's how i see it. It's way more than i can say for Sigurd x Deirdre. Even if i liked Sigurd, the game doesn't give any reasons as why the two should be together. The two literally fall in love with each other at first sight. But why? The game says they are in love but never shows us why. There's basically zero development and i can't see that relationship working out. Alm x Celica is underdeveloped too but, as mentioned before, i can see why both sides love each other and i can see it working out.
  6. I stopped using "subjective" but ok. But when you said You make it sound like Ike's character traits and talents are exclusive to him and absolutely no one else. That's why i don't agree with you when you say that Roy is bad for doing things anyone else could've done. The fuck? That's basic literature terminology. How is it a buzz word? I have been defending Roy this entire time but clearly nothing's getting through you and if you're gonna insult me, then i'm just not gonna take you seriously anymore.
  7. Alright, i get where you're coming from but i still feel that the Fire Dragon was unnecessary. The entire point of the endgame was to kill Nergal before he summons the dragons but nah, he does it anyway. I think a better way of handling it would be that Nergal is the final boss and the Fire Dragons are reinforcements, similar to the battle with Idoun in FE6. Of course, that would require nerfing the Fire Dragons but it would be much better than not having to worry about the out-of-reach Morphs Bolting you and whatnot. That's another thing i didn't like. Why are the Morphs still there? Nergal is dead.
  8. Thoughts on Romances in Video Games?

    For me, two criteria must be met (and this applies to all romances in entertainment, not just video games): I like the characters and the relationship must feel like it would work. Fei x Elly in Xenogears is the best couple in the Xeno series and maybe even one of the best couples in all of gaming. Another Xeno couple, Rex x Pyra/Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, felt a bit underdeveloped at times but because it met the two criteria i listed above, i still find myself supporting it quite a bit. A similar thing happens with Alm x Celica in SoV, Roy x Lilina in Binding that i think about it, a lot of canon FE romances feel underdeveloped at times. But most canon FE romances still fit my two criteria so it gets my seal of approval. Gunvolt x Joule in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series is another couple i find myself supporting. It's not as pushed as the other two couples i've mentioned above but you get a sense of why Gunvolt loves Joule and Joule loves Gunvolt. Though Gunvolt x Joule kinda falls into a weird place. Because while it definitely meets my two criteria... But then you've got couples that meet one criteria but not the other. In 7th Dragon III: Code VFD, there is implied romance between the player character and Mio. I like Mio but the thing about that is that, 7th Dragon III kinda plays like early Final Fantasy in how you create the party. Which means that everyone in the party is the player character. It really breaks my immersion when Mio talks to the player character as if all 9 party members are one person. So effectively, there's implied romance between 9 people and Mio and i just couldn't see it working out. The other variant of that is when i don't like the characters but i can see the romance working out, but i've got no examples for this. And then there are couples that don't meet both criteria. Sigurd X Deirdre in FE4 comes to mind. Sigurd is my least favorite Lord and i'm indifferent towards Deirdre. Not only that, but their relationship feels really forced and there was basically no development. Had the game not mentioned the timeskips, i would've assumed Sigurd and Deirdre got married overnight. My criteria can also apply to dating sims/dating sim-esque games, even if it can fall into a weird place because of the nature of the games. An example would be the player character x Clorica in Rune Factory 4. Clorica is best girl and i can see the relationship working out because i have actual input so i can make sure that both sides are happy. On the flip side, you've got Peri x literally anyone in Fates because i do not trust Peri to not kill her lover. Tharja x literally anyone in Awakening also seems like it just wouldn't work (but it has a better chance of success than anyone stuck with Peri).
  9. Should Reclassing Return / Unit Identity

    It was funny seeing broken units but honestly, i think reclassing should go. It's much more fun figuring out your own strategy with what you have rather than just making everyone Superman. I think reclassing should only stay if it makes sense for the character. Like, Character A is an archer but mentions that he's also good with a sword. Therefore, he's got access to Mercenary/Myrmidon class lines as well.
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    So here's a little fun thing i did
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Mythra and Seiren are getting figurines alongside Pyra.
  12. Silque wasn't wrong when she said that Faye's diary was filled with thoughts of Alm.
  13. Gameplay-wise, the Fire Dragon is one of the more threatening final bosses in the series but it still doesn't excuse it from being completely unnecessary. The Fire Dragon is just this faceless being with no real motives. It can't even be classified as a villain (at least i wouldn't), that's how little the Fire Dragon has. Compared to Idoun, who actually is the worst final boss but only from a gameplay standpoint. Lore-wise, she's pretty interesting in my opinion and it actually makes sense why she's so easy to beat. I'll give the Fire Dragon this: it didn't invalidate the entire point of a game like Anankos did in Fates.