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  1. So i'm not the only one then. I got these like, a few days after the game's launch but I hadn't seen them since........until now. Why did it come back, I have no idea. Edit: why did this post twice?
  2. What do these Titans look like? I can't find them on the Wiki.
  3. Ok so, the thing I noticed about Judah (or Jedah as he's called now) is that he looks like a Scooby-Doo villain. You can't tell me that Jedah isn't wearing a costume. So I went to work in my magnificent office known as Photoshop. Here are the results.
  4. The issue is that Gaiden/Echoes' maps and classes weren't really designed the Weapon Triangle in mind. The game is more about formation than advantage vs disadvantage. In other games, if you've got a group of sword units coming at you, all you really had to do was put a lance unit in their way. But that won't work in Gaiden/Echoes.
  5. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. I did clarify my opinion on the matter in the post above.
  6. Regarding Silque being a Sage, my only guess is that NoA is making all Classes unisex, like in Fates. But if they aren't changing the models, then it'd be weird seeing a male Pegasus Knight with the female battle model. As for Mae using Excalibur and the "Alm's Army" mistake, I don't know. What's weird is that this is the first time we're seeing any errors. Previous trailers didn't have them, the Dutch event+the 1-hour event that GameXplain and others went to recently didn't have them, so......where did it come from. I have to believe it was done for the sake of the trailer, in which case, that's false advertising. It's even more mindboggling when it's 8-4 doing the localization. I know 8-4 has screwed up in the past, but the only case I can think of was the original localization of Azure Striker Gunvolt, though that's mainly because Inti Creates wanted the game out quickly iirc. Unless that's what's happening here, and NoA wants SoV out fast, but considering how Nintendo sees FE as one of it's biggest franchises now, i doubt NoA would do something stupid like that. Edit: Ok, i found inconsistencies. The picture below is from the English trailer released almost exactly a month ago The next image is from the Master Class trailer Also, I believe this was the area that was shown off at the Dutch event that happened a short while back. So really, what is happening?
  7. To be perfectly honest, I'm kinda the same way to an extent. Like, for example, I find Genealogy of the Holy War's gameplay to be bad. I had a lot of problems with it. That being said, it didn't break the game for me or anything, and i still enjoyed FE4 (even if Judgral is my least favorite FE series). However, in the case of Mega Man X7, it's entirely different. The gameplay there is actually bad to the point that i just stop playing. Basically, a game's gameplay can be bad, but as long as it's playable and there are things that make up for it, it's fine. That's just how I feel though. Also, to answer Emerson's question There are a few "Defeat Commander" levels but they are typically reserved for Dungeon Bosses from what i've seen. I do believe Rudolph's Map as well as the Final Map are "Defeat Commander" levels as well.
  8. A game can't rely on gameplay alone though. Unless it's like, Atari games.
  9. I have to disagree with this, especially since you won't really find Gaiden/Echoes unique gameplay anywhere else. Also I wound't exactly call Derrick a hardcore Fire Emblem fan but he definitely has the experience, especially since he has livestreamed Iron Man runs of Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, and currently, Path of Radiance (though the Iron Man runs are a result of him probably not wanting to bore the viewers with resets).
  10. None are more reliable than the other actually. Just like how the gameplay in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery was largely the same as the original versions of said games. This is basically how Fire Emblem remakes work. Keep the gameplay 95% the same, add some new stuff/change some old stuff a bit (unless it's Shadow Dragon, all they really added was the Weapon Triangle, Reclassing, and characters that you could only get by killing off your own units. Shadow Dragon didn't have Supports, which is one of the biggest reasons why people didn't like it).
  11. I've played games that have actual shitty gameplay *looks at Mega Man X7* Gaiden and Echoes do not have shit gameplay. If anything, Gaiden/Echoes' gameplay is arguably better than Awakening's. Because in Gaiden/Echoes, you can't cheese the game via Pair-Ups. Despite it's looks, strategy still actually matters in Gaiden/Echoes.
  12. You do realize all of this applies to literally ever game ever made, right? At that point, what's the point of even playing any game? By that logic, I can just skip Xenoblade Chronicles 2, since I can look up literally everything about the game when it comes out. But where's the fun in that? Also, Echoes Forging>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fates Forging. Retreat can only be used from Turn 3 onwards, assuming it's not a mandatory battle. Mila's Turnwheel can't be abused, and Skills not being able to double has always been a thing. Plus, them being attached to weapons means that you no longer have to flip a coin and hope for it to activate. Echoes Skills are certainly more strategically viable. Also, Echoes' plot is basically Gaiden's, except it's actually a story this time. Gaiden's original story is barebones, but it still passed as a story. All Echoes did with it is make it better.
  13. The opposite, really. I just find it stupid that someone would skip a game soley because of gameplay. Echoes has amazing music, actual characters (compared to the original), a good story, fully voiced dialogue, amazing art, new features (Mila's Turnwheel), returning features (Skills, Supports, Forging, etc). And you're gonna skip all of that because the gameplay looks boring?
  14. Don't skip the game solely because of gameplay.
  15. Yeah, despite the blandess of Echoes' maps, the only one that is actually bad is the open area with a single river running in the middle with a single bridge. That map is used three times. Granted, enemy placement and stats are different but the map is still used three times. Perhaps the only other bad maps are the desert maps but no one likes desert maps.