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  1. I've heard literally nothing good about it. It's basically everything i feared after learning how it works during the November Smash Direct. Until it gets fixed, i have no intention of doing Quickplay.
  2. Anyway, anyone else kinda bothered by the dark filter on the borders of Dracula's Castle? They don't show up in the Battlefield and Omega forms and for that reason, i prefer to play Dracula's Castle on those forms instead of it's regular form.
  3. My thoughts on the online and of course, the matchmaking when fighting against strangers is awful. That said, the arena system is neat, even if it is a bit odd. Also, to the Inkling mains out there: does Inkling has any kill throws? Because my friend played Inkling against my Roy and even though i somehow made it to 200% damage, none of Inkling's throws killed me, even at the edge of the stage.
  4. I like that the world has actually themed areas based around the games represented but World of Light gets really repetitive after a while and as you said, there are some frusterating fights. The Chorus Kids fight, for example, is just three Jigglypuffs spamming Sing and putting you in an eternal sleep. I only plan to do WoL until i unlock my mains (and i already unlocked Shulk outside of that so 1/3rd of that is done). After i do that, i'll only do WoL when i feel like it.
  5. Well that's very upsetting. Ganoncide was one of the most fun things to do in Smash 4. Ganondorf is much viable than he ever was. But not can the opponent mash out of Ganoncide, but Ganoncide will kill you first. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. __________________________________________________________ Anyway, i think i'm gonna be saving Zelda as a pocket for less intense competitive fights and for funsies. She's definitely not bottom-tier anymore but she doesn't click with me as much as i'd hoped. I really did want to at least have her as a secondary but that's not happening.
  6. Favorite "marathon-length" video game

    Idk, Xenoblade stories take me around 80 hours to complete (with the execption of Torna, that only takes me like 15-20 hours). I'd defineitly say they are proper marathon length. At any rate though, i agree with you, Xenoblade is a great series to marathon. The world, story and characters are great and while Xenoblade 1's combat is a bit dated, Xenoblade 2 and Torna's are super satisfying. Torna is also tied with Xenoblade X with some of the best sidequests in the genre. ---------------------------------------- I've spent about 190 hours in Xenoblade 1 and 470 hours in Xenoblade 2. Torna, due to have much less content due to being an expansion, has made me spent about 40 hours. In addition to that, i like to marathon the older Xeno games (Xenogears and Xenosaga). Xenogears has, in my opinion, the greatest story in the JRPG genre (and i'd say gaming as a whole but i don't want to be too biased). The Xenosaga trilogy is a great space epic although it's a bit hard to marathon that since you'd want to simply watch Episode II's cutscenes due to that game having the absolute worst gameplay in all of Xeno. The Hyperdimension Neptunia games are rather short but the series' hilarious meta humor and super entertaining dialouge ensures that playthroughs of the games never get old, even if the dungeon design leaves a lot to be desired. On that note, Kid Icarus: Uprising is also amazing because like Neptunia, the meta humor and super entertaining dialouge ensures that repeated playthroughs of the game never get old. ___________________________ Individually, i feel each Trails story is a bit longer than short (about 25 hours), but the interconnected nature of the series makes it perfect for marathoning. The best method is to play the Cold Steel and Crossbell arcs simultanously to try and best sync up the events.
  7. Ok so looks like the article was misinfofmed. This is what Reggie actually said (skip to the 3 minute mark) Reggie says characters that are new to Smash, not games. Xenoblade still has a chance boys.
  8. From the sound of it, the DLC lineup is coming from games that are new to Smash. So any character from any series already represented is out. Goodbye Rex and Elma, hello KOS-MOS.
  9. Literally just woke up to the news. Never in my life did i expect Joker, or any Persona character, to be in Smash. This is wild. Fuck, i need to play Persona 5.
  10. The Game Awards 2018 Hype/Discussion Thread

    Red Dead Redemeption 2 won Best Music and today i just learned that Red Dead had music in the first place. In case you needed more proof that the Game Awards are wack.
  11. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Yeah, that's how it's always been. You couldn't see who your opponent picked until the match starts.
  12. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    At the cost of those players being unable to participate in tournaments, though i haven't confirmed that. That's really odd. Changing characters in a rematch is a fighting game staple, don't see why it would be changed. Hopefully they change it back to normal.
  13. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Someone made a chart detailing the Classic Mode method of unlocking characters
  14. General Trails thread

    Chronologically, it's the first game in the timeline (FC stands for First Chapter whereas the next game is called Trails in the Sky SC, with SC standing for Second Chapter). The Trails timeline is pretty straightforward, just follow the release order of the games. Zero, Azure, Cold Steel 1 and 2 take place at around so there, you technically could play them in whatever order you want (provided you stick to the arcs, so don't do Zero -> Cold Steel 2 for example) but from what i've seen, it's recommended to play Zero and Azure first and then the Cold Steel games. On a side note, Trails of Zero and Trails of Azure never released outside Japan. You'll have to download a PSP emulator and download the fan-translated versions of those two games. Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4 also haven't been localized yet but with the recent announcement that the PS4 ehanced ports of Cold Steel 1 and 2 being localized, there's hope for Cold Steel 3 and 4.
  15. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Can't find the video at the moment but grabbing Diddy while he's holding a banana causes the grabber to slip, allowing Diddy to get in a free hit.