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  1. Revival shrines only work on characters you've recruited. So no, you won't be able to save Delthea, as you didn't recruit her.
  2. The same thing happens to me. My friend tells me it's my Internet's fault, but it can't be because Mario Kart works near flawlessly. I've had 5 times as many disconnects in Splatoon 2 than in Mario Kart. Heck, even Smash 3DS doesn't get as many disconnects for me. From what i hear, Splatoon 2 connects console to console, not console to server, which could explain a lot.
  3. Oh yeah, the Paralogues just have a massive spike in difficulty after Ch.18 in any path. Ignatius gave me so much trouble. Didn't help that it was Conquest. I hear if you get the hard version of Shiro's Paralouge, it's basically impossible unless you use a Rescue Staff on him.
  4. Oh yeah, these two maps were pretty bad too. That reminds me, I also hate Conquest Ch.17 a.k.a Ninja Hell. The boss, Kotaro, is a real pain in the ass to deal with.
  5. There's always those chapters that you just hate playing on. Usually, it's one game, but sometimes, you have chapters among several games in the series that you just despise. What are those chapters for you? For me, it's Ch.21 in Binding Blade. Reinforcements that spawn based on your location on the map, rather than a set turn. In addition, you have a time limit of 30 turns if you want to access the Gaiden chapter. And Ch.21 is pretty big. To top it off, the boss of that chapter, Murdock, is fairly strong. Also in Binding Blade, i don't like Ch.11A, because recruiting Thea (Tate) without having her or her Pegasus Knight squad suicide on the enemy is a pain in the ass. So is trying to save the villages from the bandits that spawn on like, turn 4. But hey, at least i get Echidna out of it. On a more general scale, i hate any desert map, the biggest offenders being Ch.14 in Binding Blade and Ch.7 in Genealogy of the Holy War. The Sacred Stones and Blazing Blade desert maps aren't that bad though. Echoes' desert maps for me can range from terrible (Wolff's fort) to ehh (Deen/Sonya's maps). On another general scale, i hate literally every Genealogy chapter. I personally believe that Genealogy has the worst map design in the entire series just because of how long it takes to get from point A to point B and how it's borderline impossible to save the villages completely intact, and how the map is generally empty half the time. Now, i don't hate this chapter anymore, but i didn't like Ch.27 in Blazing Blade (Eliwood's tale). But then i found out about the Mine Glitch and the rest is history.
  6. I don't know about Puff, but what i do know was that Ness was going to be cut in Melee and replaced with Lucas. But Mother 3 got delayed, so Ness stayed. True but Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was on the DS and that was released a year after Punch Out Wii. Granted, i've heard Isaac doesn't really appear much in Golden Sun but hey, at least it's something.
  7. This, i see happening. Along with Dark Pit. Dr.Mario will remain his own character because Melee veteran status. I saw the "too much swords" complaint way too much. Which is dumb, because swordies take up the least amount of slots in Smash 4. Also, what am i saying? There are no slots. Never say "x character stole y's spot" because no character has a reserved spot unless it's the Original 12 (the original 12 characters from Smash 64). I mean, yeah, i wasn't trying to make the Smash community look bad. There are good people there. But like, don't go on Twitter whenever Salem or ZeRo win a tourney now. Unless you're looking for the salt, in which case, always go on Twitter.
  8. Welcome to Smash, where people complain about literally everything. ZeRo won another tourney? Complain. Salem won two majors with Bayonetta? Complain. A person's most wanted character wasn't added in? Complain. *Insert character here* is considered bottom/low/mid/high/top-tier? Complain.
  9. Note: This list will only contain potential newcomers. While it's unlikely, i'm going with the assumption that no one from the previous game is cut (because tbh, they can only go up from there) I predict The entire Fire Emblem cast whoever the new FE Lord is. Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Maybe Elma from Xenoblade X as well. Xenoblade is slowly gaining popularity after all. Inklings from Splatoon. That's a really obvious choice. Isaac from Golden Sun. He'll be pulling a Little Mac, going from Assist to Playable Character. *Insert Gen 7 or eventually Gen 8 Pokemon here* A character from ARMS. One or both of the new characters from StarFox 2, to celebrate that game finally releasing. Takamaru. He'll also pull a Little Mac. And now for my personal picks Gunvolt. The Azure Striker Gunvolt series is my favorite Indie series (and by extension, Inti Creates is my favorite Indie developer). Gunvolt can really bring something new to the table with his Flashfield and tagging ability. The way it works is, the darts he shoots from his gun will stick to the target, allowing for Gunvolt to follow up with his Flashfield attack, which also works as a shield against explosives. He's also got some neat Skills, such as Astrasphere, Luxcalibur, Voltaic Chains, and Grand Strizer. He would also have his Prevasion, but that would be to be nerfed for game balance (Prevasion lets him negate all damage provided he has enough EP, and in his games, he can recharge his EP whenever he wants, and there's no limit to how often he can do it). His Final Smash would be Joule powering him up with Anthem. Azura. She's the best Fates girl, so she has to be in. Ok, in all seriousness, she'd be really nice being a Lance-Wielder who can also manipulate water. Her Final Smash would be summoning a massive tidal wave because Smash Bros. Zoroark. My favorite Pokemon, i was really upset when he was just a Pokeball item. Sakurai, please make him an actual character. Skull Kid. Majora's Mask being my 2nd favorite Zelda behind Breath of the Wild, i was also upset when Skull Kid turned out to be an Assist. I would rather have him be an actual character with him bringing down the Moon as his Final Smash. Professor Layton. While he's a good fencer, i mainly want him to be there as a joke character, kinda like Phoenix Wright in Marvel vs Capcom. Damn the complaints honestly. Though i wouldn't want Roy cut, as i'd be pretty upset if they brought him back as DLC just to cut him again. Seeing as how Pyra is Rex's Blade, if Rex makes it into Smash, so will Pyra. She'd be involved in his moveset, that's for sure. I know i said this before, but it will really rub me the wrong way if they take out Roy (and Corrin) just to add them back in as DLC. Especially Roy, because that'd mean he's DLC twice. If anything, i see Lucina being cut because at least Roy and Corrin are distinct enough. Also Nobody has to be popular to be in Smash. It helps their chances, yes, but it's not a guarantee. Look at Shulk. People barely knew who he was prior to Smash 4. But now, he's achieved meme status and Xenoblade will have three games by the end of the year. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Dixie Kong and K.Rool are very popular, but neither are in Smash.
  10. I'm not misconstruing anything though. I'm just going off of what i have seen people say about Faye. If anything, blame them for giving me the "quick version". Besides, that's what the Faye issues basically boil down to anyway. So again, i'm not wrong. Heck, i even addressed some things too Honestly Thane, i feel like you antagonize me too much (i don't know if that's the right word to use but whatever). You're literally the only person who ever calls me out whenever i defend some part of Echoes, and it's usually brought up as if it were a bad thing. It always boils down too "there are people who don't like this or that part of the game so you shouldn't argue or try to convince them to change their mind." But that's how arguments work. You try to get the other person to see your point of view (which is admittedly something that never happens 99% of the time on the Internet). If people have issues with Faye or some other part of Echoes, fine. Whatever. That doesn't mean i have to agree with them. That doesn't mean i can't argue my point of view. Maybe i'm misinterpreting this whole thing but this is how i feel.
  11. What i said was the basic gist. I've seen plenty of people hate Faye because her entire character revolves around Alm. I'm not entirely wrong here. I wouldn't really compare Faye to Leon. If anything, i'd compare Faye to Marisha, but i don't know what the general opinion on Marisha is.
  12. LOL no. Internet Explorer sucks, and i'm assuming Microsoft ow the Edge isn't much better. I would much rather use Chrome. I would only use Internet Explorer if i absolutely have to such as when school computers are being terrible.
  13. I remember Murdock giving me a lot of trouble. Though that could've been because i had to rush the map to access Ch.21x. And that wasn't fun, because Ch.21 has bullshit reinforcements. I dread that chapter every time i play Binding Blade.
  14. Wait, people like Zephiel? I mean, i like him (mostly because of his battle theme and animations), but i thought the general opinion on him was meh. Then again, i thought everyone loved Ike before seeing a good amount of people hate on him, so i guess i should never assume anything. But yeah, i agree that Zephiel's reasons for being a villain are dumb. What i would've done is have Jahn influence the whole thing, convincing Zephiel that Bern needs to rule Elibe, as well as convincing him to unseal Idoun.
  15. Oh man, that reminds me of the first time i played Blazing Blade. My first playthrough, Hector sucked. He got RNG screwed, but the kind where he missed literally every attack. I swear, he had worse aim than Darkness (that's a Konosuba reference). By Endgame, Hector was only a Lv.7 Lord. He didn't even get to promote. Endgame was hell for me because i had to make sure he didn't get one-shot by everything. Thankfully, i've never had that problem with other playthroughs of the game.