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  1. I didn't like Conquest

    Only Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones did this. However, the former was still just one chapter. The latter did the same as well......but it's Sacred Stones. Binding Blade didn't do this but it even if it did, it wouldn't have mattered, because Binding Blade's Endgame is hilariously easy. Fates does give you the preparation menu, but in the case of the GBA games, you didn't really need it.
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    Aside from having a long-range option, not really. Light Brand does a fixed damage of 10. I could be wrong though. Anyway, i'm still thinking this is fake, but i really hope that thing about Pursuit being back is more of it actually being Adept being back. Because if Pursuit is actually back, i'm throwing this game out the window.
  3. I didn't like Conquest

    On the subject of Conquest's Endgame, i actually think it's one the worst Endgames in the series. The Endgame is challenging for sure, but that challenge is made artificial due to the fact that, if you reset/Corrin dies, you're forced to go back to Ch.27, which is a challenging chapter itself. Birthright and Revelation do the same as well, but they aren't as remotely challenging as Conquest's Endgame.
  4. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Oh you mean, actual bundles. Usually, when people talk about remaking the Elibe saga, they talk about them being combined into one big game. I thought you meant the same regarding the Jugdral games.
  5. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Because FE4 and FE5 play very differently from each other whereas the Elibe games play the same.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey is here!

    So i'm currently borrowing my friend's copy of Super Mario Odyssey (he's borrowing my copy of Breath of the Wild in return). My thoughts so far: Super Mario Odyssey is an amazing game. But is it the best 3D Mario game? Mmmmm, i think i need to play a little bit more for me to decide. So far, my one and only complaint is that the bosses feel too easy. I know it's a Mario game and bosses aren't supposed to be hard, but the bosses of 64 and the Galaxy games put up more of a fight. Anyway, this game is fun and i'm gonna see how much stuff i can get done in Odyssey in the 10 days that remain until Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  7. Neither does Anna and Donnel. Are they non-canon too? They don't. All you need to do to access them is activate them first, then beat Ch.25.
  8. I didn't like Conquest

    I respect your opinion but i disagree. Now, i haven't beaten Path of Radiance yet but so far, it's been pretty easy. It's not Sacred Stones but it hasn't really challenged me in anyway. Whereas, aside from a few chapters, Conquest was just the right mix between challenging and fair. Only on Revelation tbh. The unit balance in Conquest is comparable to that of Binding Blade imo, except it's not filled with Est-types that i would still use. The unit balance in Birthright is the most fair. This really only applies to Revelation though. I mean, yeah, Nyx and Odin suck, but magic classes in general got the short end of the stick in this game. Peri doesn't suck, but Silas is probably a Paladin by the time she joins and Xander outclasses both of them. This is news to me. My horse units were pretty fine when i played Conquest. This is an exaggeration. If you want hacked stats, look at Awakening's Lunatic+. This is only an issue in Ch.17. This has never happened to me. Honestly, if this upsets you, then don't play the hardest difficulty in New Mystery of the Emblem. I hear that New Mystery's hardest difficulty is harder than anything Lunatic Conquest throws at you. You really hate Fates, don't you? You're honestly the first person i've seen who has called the soundtrack in Conquest bad.
  9. I didn't like Conquest

    Pretty much everyone agrees that these are the worst chapters in Conquest. I don't know about Ch.25 but these chapters are pretty much hated in the community (from what i have seen). Of them, Ch.17 is definitely the worst offender. I hated that map so much. Took me like an hour to get to Kotaro because of all the Ninjas, only to have him crit me. I didn't touch the game for a week after that. I enjoyed Conquest and i do think it has the best gameplay in the series. But it does have it's own bullshit maps. These maps rank up there with Thracia Ch.24x, Binding Blade Ch.21 and Blazing Blade (Eliwood mode) Ch.27 for the most bullshit maps in the series.
  10. Comparing the Spotpass characters to the Trial/Creature Campaign characters is a bit.....inaccurate. The Spotpass characters have dialogue, Support conversations (albiet, only 2 chains, one of which is only accessible if they marry the Avatar) and endings. The Trial/Creature Campaign characters have none of that. The Spotpass characters are more canon than the Trial/Creature Campaign characters will ever be. A better comparison would've been comparing the Einherjar to the Trial/Creature Campaign Characters. Sure, the Einherjar do have recruitment dialogue (and if you want to go into the Xenolouges, some battle conversations) but that's it. They don't have the depth that the Spotpass characters do. Note: I'm not saying that the Spotpass characters are canon (even though it wouldn't surprise me at all if IS said they were). I'm just pointing out a flaw in your argument.
  11. Echoes is one of the least replayable games in the series.And i love this game. I've done two playthroughs so far and there were only small differences between the two (such as the Classes for the Ram Villagers). I would probably do a 3rd playthrough, but not right now. Though, tbh, aside from Awakening and Fates, Fire Emblem games aren't that replayable. Well, Radiant Dawn does have to be played twice in order to get backstory that is locked out of the first playthrough for some strange reason.
  12. I have but my issue with Fernand isn't that he hates commoners. Is that he betrays Zofia literally because Alm was made leader of the Deliverance.
  13. I feel pretty much the same way. I've done two playthroughs of the game, both on Hard. The cast is among my favorite in the series, and i even like some controversial characters like Faye. Map design honestly wasn't an issue because i had seen worse (FE4, FE13), though i did find the desert levels to be bad. I didn't have any issue with the swamp maps though, because Palla just carries everyone there, pretty easily. Stuff like the Turnwheel, Arts, and village and dungeon exploration is stuff i'd like to see return. Story-wise, it's definitely my favorite. Yes, it has it's flaws, but honestly, i don't see those flaws as dealbreakers. Alm may somewhat go against the themes of the game, but his personality is great, so who cares? I like Celica too, though looking back on it, she shouldn't have been made into a damsel in distress near the end. Some of the non-Lords being story relevant definitely made this story good for me. The game being fully voiced really did deepen the experience. The music is pretty fantastic. Rank it among the top 5 best FE OSTs and Twilight of the Gods is the best final battle theme imo. I don't like some parts of SoV though. The sidequests felt pointless imo. Didn't like how Barons were locked at 4 Mov. Desert maps suck. I don't like Deen and Fernand. Aside from the Rise of Deliverence and Cipher Companions DLC, the DLC was pointless. Some characters can't Support with each other even though they should (why can't Gray Support with Faye and Kliff?). Overall, SoV gets a solid 9/10 in my book.
  14. The Dragons in Elibe are most likely not related to the Dragons in Archanea. There's no mention of Naga at all in the Elibe games whereas every game in the Archanea/Valentia/Jugdral timeline mentions Naga (granted, Gaiden didn't mention her at all but SoV did). They could be similar to the Laguz, but i don't think they are related to the Tellius Laguz. Awakening established that travel between universes was a thing. It's likely just a "parallel universe" thing. You have to keep in mind that Chrom knows of the existence of Hoshido and Nohr, despite it being confirmed that Awakening and Fates take place in two separate universes. In the Xenolouges, Chrom also has knowledge of Magvel and Elibe. Considering the fact that the Xenolouges take place in locations based on other games, it's possible that travelers from these other worlds shared knowledge of their own worlds with the residents of Archanea/Valentia/Judgral. Tellius being in the same world is something i do see, but in the Xenolouges make it sound like it isn't. Of course, the Xenolouges aren't canon but one could argue that Priam and the rest of the Spotpass characters aren't canon either. The two events were different though. Archanea Dragons were forced to use Dragonstones to prevent degeneration. Elibe Dragons were forced to use Dragonstones because the Legendary Weapons of Elibe fucked up the rules of nature. If Archanea and Elibe did exist in the same world, Archanea's Dragons would also be affected by the Ending Winter. The Ending Winter affected the entire world. Archanea Dragons would've been forced to use Dragonstones when the Ending Winter happened. Archanea Dragons were degenerating. Elibe Dragons weren't. Now, you could argue that Achanea Dragons were degenerating because of the Ending Winter, but that wouldn't make sense. If anything, Elibe Dragons would be more susceptible to degeneration, since they were closer to the cause of the Ending Winter (the Legendary Weapons). Magvel Manaketes seem to function a bit differently as well, though we don't know how or why. They use Dragonstones, but unlike Archanea and Elibe Dragons, Magvel Manaketes don't have an explained reason as to why they need a Dragonstone.