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  1. I've actually always pronounced it as "Arr-cah-neigh-a."
  2. What i did was, i took out the Deathgoyels that come from the top right, then some of the Dagons. The reinforcements spawn at turn 3. And because it's turn 3, you can retreat. So i did and then went back to the battle. The Dagons and Deathgoyles that were killed before stay dead. So do the same thing on the other enemies. The third time i went back to the battle, there was only one Deathgoyel. I killed it and the battle ended without the reinforcements spawning.
  3. What happend in Act 4 with Celica is basically just kinda a repeat of what happend with Eirika in Sacred Stones, really. Both were naive and believed the villian, convinced that they had even the tiniest hope in saving someone (Celica saving Mila and Alm, Eirika saving Lyon).
  4. So thanks to Hidari's amazing artwork for this game, the Terrors actually look intimidating. They aren't horror-level scary but they still feel like proper monsters this time. So which one would you say is the scariest? For me, it's Fiends. They are pretty scary with their skull-like face, as well as the screams they make when they take heavy damage. Also, those things are terrifying on a gameplay level too. You're only hope against them is Seraphim, since Fiends are the Terror-equivilent of Barons. That and they aren't affected by Expel. Imagine if there were Fiend-summoning Cantors.
  5. So i was on the 4th floor. Faye and Tatiana died so i used the Turnwheel.....and my game froze. I'm actually a bit salty right now.
  6. It's like the latter, except there is lore and worldbuilding to it. It's also brutal in difficutly. Like, it's arguably the hardest part of the game.
  7. I think the plot, at it's core, is decent, but the way it's presented makes it so much more memorable. The thing i found off though was the part in Act 4 where the pendant Alm got from Celica dispells the curse that Berkut unleashed. I thought all this time that the pendant waa just a regular pendant but i guess not.
  8. The thing is though, that it was shown to come specifically from the pendant.
  9. I just wanted to put my thoughts into words, that's all. I can do the same with other characters as well.
  10. So in Alm's route, his first battle in Act 4 is against Fernand and Berkut. At the end, Berkuf unleashes a dark curse from the mirror that Nuibaba gave him. This almos kills Alm and friends but then the pendant that Celica gave him shines and dispells the curse. My question Alm says he prayed to her but is that it? The pendant was never implied to have special powers like that. It's the one part of the plot that doesn't make sense to me.
  11. The one that comes to mind is Zeke and Tatiana. Fighting Zeke first will make both him and Tatiana unrecruitable. Though the game basically tells you to go to Nuibaba's Manor first, which is where Tatiana is recruited after the battle. Then, once that's done, go fight Zeke and Jerome. If Tatiana is on the field, Zeke becomes your ally. If he survives the battle, he can be recruited at Rigel Village. There's also Palla and Catria being recruited in Zofia Harbor after the first Celica battle of Act 3.
  12. Controversy is not my intention here. My intention here is basically, as the title says, why i like Faye. No one has to agree with me if they don't want to.
  13. So I think we can all agree that Faye is probably the most disliked out of the playable cast. Yet, despite that, i found myself liking her quite a bit. So to find out why I like Faye and why i'm defending her, we need to take a close look at her character she's one note so analyzing her character isn't that hard. To begin, we know that Faye has a crush on Alm, which is her main trait. She's had that crush on Alm ever since they were children, and when Faye was saved by Alm, that's where the crush likely depend to it's current point. "I remember when we were children and those knaves cornered us in the woods. You came to our rescue like a knight in shining armor. Ha ha. Look at you! You’re blushing! But it’s true. You’ve always been my knight, you know? Then and now." -Act 1 Base Convo. One of the things that i really appreciate about Faye is that, despite being obsessed with Alm, she genuinely loves him. "You always were braver than me." -Act 1 Base Convo. "They said I talk too much about you. They want to know what’s happening with me, not you. But they don’t understand that I AM writing about myself! Or at least I’m writing about what matters to me…" -Act 4 Base Convo. And then of course, there's Faye confessing to Alm in their A-Support. So Faye gets called a yandere....pretty commonly actually. But i don't see her as one. Outside of maybe the obsession (more on that later), she doesn't fulfill the qualifications of being a yandere. She doesn't stalk Alm, she doesn't go after any of the girls that talk to Alm, and most importantly, she handles the freindzone pretty well. However, one counter-argument you might have is her lines in her C and B-Supports with Alm where she says "Now, shall I head back out there and slay more of your enemies for you?!","I'll fight for any cause you desire!", and "I drank a bunch of tea, so I'm ready to kill in your name! Just point me at your enemies and watch me go!". Perfectly understandable counter-argument, however, Faye being a yandere simply isn't true in my eyes. Let's take a look at the facts. There's one thing that Alm says in his B-Support with Faye that caught my attention: "But I'm worried about the toll this war is taking on her...". Basically, what the game is telling us here is that Faye wanting to kill enemies in Alm's name is more of an effect of the war rather than Faye herself. There is more evidence to support this. For starters, Faye is against joining the Deliverence, saying it's too dangerous. In fact, she only obviously joins the Deliverance with the sole thought of staying close to Alm and keeping him safe. "I'll grow however I can to keep you safe, Alm." -Faye's promotion quote. In addition, Faye is probably the least experienced with weapons. Sure, she did train with Mycen ("I was taught by the best." -one of Faye's victory quotes) but she's the only one of the Ram Villagers that has no indicator of what her canon class is (it's Pegasus Knight if Cipher is any indication), compared to Tobin, who shot some arrows, Kliff who practiced magic, and Gray, who sparred with a fence. And in her A-Support, when she's confessing to Alm, she says "And we'll never have to fight another battle for as long as we live!". Tl;dr, the war was temporarily affecting Faye's mind. At the end of the day, she wants to live a peaceful life without fighting. Ok, so is Faye actually obsessed with Alm? Yes. But how far does this obsession go? Clearly not far enough to the point where she ignores the consequences. "I thought about going after him just to teach him a lesson, but I didn't. I'd probably get killed by some foul beast out there on my own, you know?" -Faye's recruitment conversation with Celica. So despite her obsession, she's still able to think logically. Now here's another counter-argument you might have: the infamous Support Convo with Silque. The common thought is that Faye hates everybody but Alm. This is like, not true actually. In the prolouge and the beginning of Act 1, we clearly see that Faye and the rest of the Ram Villagers are good friends. Adding to that, Faye is also good friends with Celica. "Oh, Celica! You're back! Gosh, how long has it been? I've missed you so much!" -Celica's recruitment conversation with Celica. So the question is, why was Faye rude to Silque? Well, it's very possible that Faye just has a serious lack of social skills with girls. Think about it. Growing up, Faye's only friends were all guys. Sure, Celica was there but only for a short while (it was recently brought to my attention that Celica was in Ram for three years). And even though she was rude to Silque, Faye realized her mistake and apologized. On a more general note, Faye does give other members of the army compliments when they land a crit. I know i mentioned this before, but Faye's A-Support with Alm was what really made me appreciate her. When she begins to confess, she acknowledges that it isn't the best time for it (they are on a battlefield). And despite her obsession with Alm, when he rejects her, she takes it reasonably. She doesn't get angry, she just accepts it. In fact, she likely knew from the start that she would be friendzoned. "I should've known such a thing wasn't really possible." -Faye in her A-Support with Alm. This here is basically further evidence that she genuinely loves Alm. The things i talked about above are also a reason why i think Faye is a better character than Tharja and Camilla. Tharja stalks Robin and even went as far as to curse him with a cold just so she could take care of him ...whereas Camilla just straight up tried to kill Corrin in both Birthright and Revelation. Meanwhile, Faye genuinely loves Alm and would never wish or inflict harm upon him. Now, i know what you're gonna say. "Tharja and Camilla at least had more to them." This is true. You know what else is true? Tharja and Camilla having 20+ Support Convos, with Camilla being story relevant. Faye only has two Support Convos and isn't story relevant. Tharja and Camilla had the advantage (is it really though) of being in games where everybody could Support with almost anybody. Really, a more fair comparison would be comparing Faye to Marisha from FE3/12. The only reason i brought up Tharja and Camilla is because Faye gets compared to them a lot from what i've seen. Conclusion: this is basically just me explaining why I like Faye. Is this post meant to change your opinion on her? No. Is Faye a deep, complex, deconstruction character like some have claimed? No. Do i think she's getting a lot of unnecessary hate? Yes. Do you have to agree with me on that? No. Would i like it if people saw her a bit more positively now? Yes. Will that happen? Well, who knows? Anyway, go ahead and tell me what you think of this essay i made regarding why i like Faye.
  14. *Enters labyrinth* This isn't so bad. *Gets to floor 5. Gets rekt by the Fire Dragon battle* *Cries because there wasn't any save points* *Cries harder because there were only two enemies left but Alm had to get killed by that Priestess*
  15. Fair enough. Then i guess Rinea was simply a very forgiving person. I wish we knew her a lot more though. I felt nothing when she died. I felt more when Sigurd died and that's saying something because Sigurd's my least favorite Lord.