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  1. They're best used as the partner in Attack Stance. And the Killer Bow on a Kinshi Knight is always useful.
  2. Conquest Captured Units Database

    To revive this, there are some capturable units in Birthright. There is of course the infamous Daniela in Chapter 14, the first capturable boss outside of children paralogues. She is a Strategist who comes with Savage Blow on Hard and above. Sorry for not following the formatting of the Conquest posts, but it's difficult on mobile. I'll add more as I progress, but I'm going a bit slow on this playthrough since I'm working with some units I usually ignore. Also I'm going to grind out all of the children Paralogue to see how the bosses look and if they're worth the effort.
  3. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    Jakob depends on how much you want to rely on Tomebreaker. Having that and Armored Blow/Inspiration/Aegis before the rest of your units are even ready to promote is his biggest strength. Arthur wants Cavalier immediately. His join chapter if possible or right after. The sooner he starts ranking swords the better. You want to focus on swords in case you decide to seal him over to Hero later. It's trivially easy to get Mozu to about level 8 or so in her Paralogue, but it takes some time and comes at the expense of your other units. Forget Odin and Arthur if you want to do this. You may end up dropping Elise as well.
  4. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    Many characters benefit from early class changes, it just depends on who you want to focus on. Jakob breaks the early game if immediately changed to a Paladin or Great Knight. Mozu needs to go Archer to even be relevant. Arthur does much better as a Cavalier/Great Knight, and is equal or better than Silas in that role. Many people swear by Wyvern Rider Elise, but I've never seen the benefits.
  5. Conquest Captured Units Database

    Looks like I spoke too soon as you can't capture any units in Invasion battles. That Wyvern Rider would have been awesome.
  6. About Class Tree Inheritance

    For real fun, marry Jakob to Effie and change him to a Great Knight. If you really struggle with the early game do this immediately after Chapter 7.
  7. Conquest Captured Units Database

    I don't have much to add to this for Conquest but I am noticing a few decent options on my current Birthright playthrough. While it takes a while for enemy units to show up with skills in the story chapters, occasionally you'll find some in the random battles. Also I just noticed the boss of the first Invasion is a Wyvern Rider with Quick Draw and Elbow Room as well as Rank C in axes. Definitely a worthwhile addition, especially for the Pegasus fest that is Chapter 11. I may post more if I find any worthwhile.
  8. Another PMU

    I've been neglecting this. I'm on run 3 of this PMU. The first run I broke my own rules and repeated some of the early maps. The second quickly turned into a low man run. I lost Virion in Chapter 1 by being too aggressive against the Risen boss. Sully fell in Chapter 2 to poor positioning and Vaike dropped in the same chapter after missing an ~80% hit against a soldier and being tag teamed on the EP. I don't remember the rest, but by Chapter 12 I only had Chrom, Robin, Nowi, Miriel, Maribelle, Lissa and Cherche. Our Avatar died on turn two of the EP by one of the many knights. Run 3 is turning out better. On Chapter 7 now with Wyvern Rider Virion and Troubadour Lissa. Sumia is my lowest level at 7 and my average level is 10, with only the Vaike joining Sumia in not reaching level 10 yet. Taking Pair Up and Frederick out of the early game makes this much more challenging than normal. Tonics are essential to the survival of many, especially Sumia and Vaike and Nowi needs the boosted speed and skill early on.
  9. My first PMU

    Stay boosters are an entirely case by case basis. They're best used on someone with mediocre stats as opposed to outright bad ones. Giving someone with very low Res an extra 2 or 4 points isn't going to increase their survivability in the late game.
  10. My first PMU

    Give it to Tharja and Vaike. The other 2 can wait a bit.
  11. My first PMU

    Seal whoever is highest level. I'm not having quite as much luck with my run. It's quickly turning into a low-man run considering how many units I've lost. Though I did manage to seal Lissa before Chapter 6/Paralogue 2. I'll recap it here if you want.
  12. My first PMU

    Rescue them so Miriel can use that Elwind tome.
  13. My first PMU

    Tharja: Dark Mage > Archer > Sniper Frederick: Great Knight > Wyvern Rider > Wyvern Lord
  14. Help with an Awakening pairing

    I'm curious how you're not getting a decent Brady. Unless you want him to be more than a staff bot.
  15. Another PMU

    Very swell sword. I like this one too. Especially since it can be done immediately.