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  1. Fates' exp system is broken

    It's almost as if there's different ways to use units.
  2. Fates' exp system is broken

    If you read that tier list, you'd see it's not ranked solely on combat potential but on efficiency. This is why Mozu is at the bottom of every single list since she can turn into a decent combat unit in the mid-late game, but it takes a huge investment and there's nothing efficient about her. I wasn't involved in the tier list, nor have I read every comment but I can speak to a few points. Rinkah is as high as she is for a number of reasons, which isn't even that high. She's only 1 spot above Oboro in that list and both are in the mid-tier which means they're basically interchangeable. Her availability is awesome, for one. A solid tank coming in at Chapter 3 is huge in a route where no one has defense to speak of. Her pair up bonuses are excellent for Chapters 7 and 9 and if paired up with a male Corrin you can unlock Kana before Chapter 10, or provide much needed defense and strength for Kaze in the early game when he needs it the most. Honestly, by the time you recruit Oboro she's largely obsolete, but by then she's done her job and done it well. If you do keep her around, she's your only source of Seal Resistance without reclassing which can help get Orochi or Hayato off the ground if those are the units you want to train. Shove is a vastly under estimated skill in a game where only one class can use it, and passing on Death Blow through marriage or friendship can't be overlooked. But as for her placement relative to Oboro's, again they're 1 space apart in the middle of the pack which means they're completely interchangeable for what they do. Reina is so high because she comes in on a map where she's needed immediately and takes no investment to use. Most people have probably given up on Subaki by now which means your only other flier is Hinoka who might be level 11 by now unless you've been ignoring everyone else. If you want to early seal Hinoka then by all means do so, but she's one of the few units who benefits from waiting a little longer. Really, your 2 Master Seals are probably better used on Hinata and Oboro/Kaze especially if you're not planning on keeping the latter past Chapter 15. Reina struggles against maybe the Malig Knights on her join chapter, but more importantly she's excellent for training Hinoka and arguably Subaki on this map. In Attack Stance, she allows those two to completely obliterate every flier they come into contact with while taking little to no damage themselves. Solid mid-game utility, no investment needed and an instant delete button against the numerous wyverns Nohr likes to throw at you definitely makes her a solid unit. Scarlet does most things than she does better but 5 chapters later. Also, flight. Subaki is ranked mostly because of flight. His combat is trash, but an early game flier is invaluable especially on Chapter 8. He's ranked solely for utility and an early game child with a Swordslayer. Passing on Pegasus access to his wife and friends is also a bonus. Orochi is as high as she is because of Capture shenanigans and pair up. Capture is another skill that most people ignore, but is immensely useful. With proper marriage planning shenanigans, you can easily get Silas's paralogue super early which means you can capture useful bosses to help fill out your roster. Especially if you want to avoid training certain trash units you get in the early game. On Birthright, you can easily unlock Jakob's and Corrin's paralogues before Chapter 10. This is 2 additional maps you can gain experience for your useful units and 2 more maps to build supports. You can reliably unlock Saizo's, Azura's, Subaki's and Silas's (and quite possibly Azama's and Hayato's) paralogues in this time. I've done it and can repeat it, since my whole playstyle with Awakening and Fates revolves around full recruitment no-grind runs. This gives you a total of 6-8 extra maps to gain experience, useful weapons, staves, seals and units going into Chapter 10. This also gives you 4 capturable bosses, the most useful being Funke and Nichol. Funke gives you a healer with combat utility, as well as Pass shenanigans and +1 move on pair up while Nichol can do everything Scarlet can do. Neither has a personal skill, but Scarlet's is trash anyway. Neither can build supports either, but Scarlet is only able to support Corrin and he's likely married and moved on by then. You can reliably recruit both of them by Chapter 13, giving you access to 4 classes worth of Nohr skills and a flying tank 3 chapters before you can recruit Ryoma and Scarlet. Also she gives solid pair up bonuses to Saizo. Saizo is so high because he joins so early, has access to the best weapon type in the game, enough bulk to be used on the front lines unlike his brother and he gains a mount on promotion since Mechanist is better than Master Ninja for him. Ryoma can gain a mount as well, but he loses the best part about himself in the process. Takumi is where he is because he costs a huge investment in the mid game and 2-range bow lock until promotion. I'd honestly put him higher than he is simply because he deletes everything that flies for the whole game and is a hard counter to every ninja he meets, but his speed does fall off hard around Chapter 15.
  3. First time!

    You can easily get all of the children in a no-grind run even on Hard Mode. You'll be spreading the experience a bit thin in the early game, but once you get to Chapter 12 you should be good to go.
  4. Cherche was recruited with no issues. I had to take her to Carrion Isle, which wasn't a lot of fun. I lost Panne there since she decided to not dodge anything. Nowi is still struggling along, though I'm wondering if it's even worth it since she needs a Dragonstone+ to remain viable. I continued Cherche's training on the ship fighting the Valmese, along with Henry and Lucina. Her training ends here though, because she just can't keep up with Sully and Sumia. Sumia still clocks in with one of the highest Defense scores on my team and a passable Strength score. Sully is stronger and physically tankier with only slightly less speed. I'm about to tackle the Valmese on the beach. Lon'qu officially hits the bench since Say'ri comes in at a lower level with equal Strength and Defense and higher scores in everyting else. I think my endgame team has pretty much been decided at this point barring any surprises if I manage to make any more kids. Right now I have Great Knight!Chrom, Dark Knight!Robin (via Dark Mage), Cavalier!Lucina, Dark Knight!Ricken (21 Defense! 20 Speed!), Falcon Knight!Sumia (18 Defense!), Warrior!Vaike, Wyvern Lord!Sully, Warrior Cleric!Lissa, Warrior Monk!Libra, Trickster!Anna, Sorceror!Henry, Hero!Gregor and Manakete!Nowi. Sumia ended up being Lucina's mother. Future pairings include Ricken&Sully, Vaike&Lissa and Gregor&Robin. Henry's only potential spouse is Nowi and I have none active for Libra or Anna.
  5. I may still train Miriel as well since I lost Virion and Olivia to reinforcements on Chapter 11. At least it saves me the trouble of deploying Olivia in the next chapter. I'm not a big fan of dancers outside of the GBA games.
  6. What's surprising me is the Defense. He's got 13 at Level 11 which is just nuts. It's much easier to employ a tactical nuke when they can survive a rpund or two of combat. And Celica's Gale is relatively cheap if I need him to double. I dropped Donnel, but only because I want to use my shapeshifters instead. Gauis died in Chapter 8 due to an untimely Dual Strike and poor positioning. I'm about to tackle Gangrel. My team is Cavalier Chrom, Robin, Ricken, Gregor, Nowi, Panne, Libra, Sumia, Vaike, Wyvern Sully, Libra, Lon'qu, Virion and Anna. Lissa took an early promotion to War Monk but her axe rank isn't high enough for this map. Plus Nowi is the only member of my team who hasn't crested Level 10 yet. I'm resisting the urge to reclass Panne because I always do. Besides, I want to test out her default class against the sheer number of mounted units coming up later. Vaike and Sumia are Level 15, so I'll likely promote them soon. I've cured myself of the habit of insisting on 20/20 units long ago.
  7. This thread inspired me to do another Ironman run of my own. About to start Chapter 8. :) Starting on Chapter 6 I instituted the "1 Chapter Rule". Basically, when a new unit joins they must be deployed in the following chapter. Some random observations: I actually have a competent Sumia. Seriously, 10 Strength and 12 Defense at level 9 is insane! Only Kellam and Frederick have higher Defense and Sully is the only other person tied with her. No boosts or anything. Stahl sucks on this run. Normally he's a cornerstone of my defense, but he just hasn't been hitting his growths. Sully has surprisingly been hitting her Strength and Defense growths so far, and is nearly as fast as Sumia. Another surprise is Ricken. More Magic than Miriel and as much Defense as most of my frontline means I smell a Dark Knight promotion in his future. His Speed sucks, but no one else on my team will need Speedwings, so they're all his if he doesn't fizzle out. Donnel is Donnel, but I'll probably continue to use him as long as I can. Screw optimization, I just like him. Vaike is easily my MVP. He has the strength to eliminate most serious threats and the health to survive a few hits without worry. I may switch him to Barbarian Panne and Gauis haven't hit any level ups yet, so I'll probably give them another Chapter to see if they impress me. I'll probably just switch Lon'qu over to a Thief instead since he's another who is surprising me with his Strength growth this run. I'm not really planning a second gen here. While I'm not shying away from Pair Up, I'm not abusing it either. My supports are all over the place right now and I only have a few viable pairings in the works. I'm going with a female Avatar and both she and Sumia are currently at C rank with Chrom, so we'll see what kids I end up with. This is a Hard Mode run.
  8. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    No. You are not a true fan. Now turn in your fan card. If it helps you feel better, I'm not a true fan either.
  9. From Conquest to Awakening

    Regardless of how it was received here, it was a huge financial success and is the reason the series has been able to continue developing. As for the difficulty, you can't really break the game accidentally. If you grind or low-man then breaking the game is easy to do, but in a no-grind run the difficulty on hard is about right especially with the asshole reinforcements.
  10. SoV nintendo wallpapers

    Thanks for this. Grabbed one for my lock screen on my Surface.
  11. Fire Emblem Fates Challenge Runs

    No Royals No pair up No tonics No My Castle/Visitation/Battle/Path bonuses No DLC No Second/Friendship/Partner Seals No Forging
  12. War Cleric or Sage For Lissa

    As others have said, War Cleric is only useful if Lissa has been blessed with strength. My Lissa, promoted at level 20, has more strength and defense than Libra.
  13. Came back to FE13

    I still like the game. It gives you the freedom to come up with different challenges and even combine them without making the game unwinnable. Doing a run right now to see if I can unlock every Paralogue and recruit every character without grinding. You can, and it actually makes the game even easier since your characters slightly over levelled by the time you reach the halfway point. My next run will be a no pair up Ironman, because that's the best.
  14. Hard Mode Challenge Run

    Sumia has only been used enough to make sure she's going to marry Chrom. I think she's level 6 or so. I don't like the character or her class and it gives me more time to focus on other supports. Vaike and Lissa are married and so are Stahl and Miriel. Vaike took an early promotion to Hero so I can get Sol for Owain. Stahl and Miriel are hitting the bench; Panne and Ricken do their job just as well with a little less mobility and I need to focus on other supports. I'm about to start Chapter 9. Cordelia and Gauis are forced since I recruit their spouses here and I can do further work on Fred/Maribelle and Ricken/Panne since both couples are at B ranks. I think I can fit in Nowi and Gregor as well. Edit: For anyone reading, I'm up to Chapter 15 now. My unmarried couples are Robin/Anna at A and both Cherche/Virion and Olivia/Henry at C. Lucina came out speedy as hell and is already wrecking things. Nowi, Panne and Sully all sealed to Wyvern to pass along Strength+2 to their kids; Miriel went Dark Mage and Kellam went to Priest to pass on extra skills to Laurent and Kjelle; and Ricken went Cavalier for fun. All are benched except for Ricken and Panne who are nearing promotion. Vaike, Maribelle, Gauis, Henry, Chrom and Robin have all reached promotion; Vaike got Sol to pass along to Owain and is hitting the bench. If Robin and Anna reach S Rank on this chapter then I'll be ready to recruit Morgan, Owain and maybe Kjelle before proceeding. No real issues so far and it's been fun making use of units like Ricken and Maribelle who usually end up benched ASAP. Also both Anna and Libra are much more useful and powerful than they have any right to be.