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  1. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    No. You are not a true fan. Now turn in your fan card. If it helps you feel better, I'm not a true fan either.
  2. From Conquest to Awakening

    Regardless of how it was received here, it was a huge financial success and is the reason the series has been able to continue developing. As for the difficulty, you can't really break the game accidentally. If you grind or low-man then breaking the game is easy to do, but in a no-grind run the difficulty on hard is about right especially with the asshole reinforcements.
  3. SoV nintendo wallpapers

    Thanks for this. Grabbed one for my lock screen on my Surface.
  4. Fire Emblem Fates Challenge Runs

    No Royals No pair up No tonics No My Castle/Visitation/Battle/Path bonuses No DLC No Second/Friendship/Partner Seals No Forging
  5. War Cleric or Sage For Lissa

    As others have said, War Cleric is only useful if Lissa has been blessed with strength. My Lissa, promoted at level 20, has more strength and defense than Libra.
  6. Came back to FE13

    I still like the game. It gives you the freedom to come up with different challenges and even combine them without making the game unwinnable. Doing a run right now to see if I can unlock every Paralogue and recruit every character without grinding. You can, and it actually makes the game even easier since your characters slightly over levelled by the time you reach the halfway point. My next run will be a no pair up Ironman, because that's the best.
  7. Hard Mode Challenge Run

    Sumia has only been used enough to make sure she's going to marry Chrom. I think she's level 6 or so. I don't like the character or her class and it gives me more time to focus on other supports. Vaike and Lissa are married and so are Stahl and Miriel. Vaike took an early promotion to Hero so I can get Sol for Owain. Stahl and Miriel are hitting the bench; Panne and Ricken do their job just as well with a little less mobility and I need to focus on other supports. I'm about to start Chapter 9. Cordelia and Gauis are forced since I recruit their spouses here and I can do further work on Fred/Maribelle and Ricken/Panne since both couples are at B ranks. I think I can fit in Nowi and Gregor as well. Edit: For anyone reading, I'm up to Chapter 15 now. My unmarried couples are Robin/Anna at A and both Cherche/Virion and Olivia/Henry at C. Lucina came out speedy as hell and is already wrecking things. Nowi, Panne and Sully all sealed to Wyvern to pass along Strength+2 to their kids; Miriel went Dark Mage and Kellam went to Priest to pass on extra skills to Laurent and Kjelle; and Ricken went Cavalier for fun. All are benched except for Ricken and Panne who are nearing promotion. Vaike, Maribelle, Gauis, Henry, Chrom and Robin have all reached promotion; Vaike got Sol to pass along to Owain and is hitting the bench. If Robin and Anna reach S Rank on this chapter then I'll be ready to recruit Morgan, Owain and maybe Kjelle before proceeding. No real issues so far and it's been fun making use of units like Ricken and Maribelle who usually end up benched ASAP. Also both Anna and Libra are much more useful and powerful than they have any right to be.
  8. Currently trying a run I've been thinking about for a while now. It's the recruit everyone run. No DLC No Risen battles/Reeking Boxes No Second Seals except for maxed promoted units. To make things a little easier, I'm only pairing up units with fast supports. This leads to the following pairings: Chrom/Sumia Lissa/Vaike Sully/Kellam Miriel/Stahl Maribelle/Frederick Panne/Ricken Cordelia/Libra Tharja/Gauis Nowi/Gregor Cherche/Virion Olivia/Henry Robin/??? This does mean that Donnel and Lon'qu are permanently warming the bench since every battle I'm working on building supports. It also means that Morgan is going to be an only child. I'm thinking of making Anna the mother of my female Morgan, if only to unlock that Paralogue as soon as possible. I just finished Chapter 7 and so far it's going well. My units are chronically underleveled though. Assuming Frederick is a 10/1 unit, my average level is 7.2 and only Chrom and Lissa have broken double digits. Support wise, Chrom and Sumia are locked in and my A-ranks so far are Lissa/Vaike, Sully/Kellam and Miriel/Stahl. Has anyone tried this before? I doubt I'm the only one.
  9. Conquest Captured Units Database

    It can't be overstated just how useful some of these units are. I've gone to benching Effie after getting the Knight in Nina's Paralogue, and Haitaka and Kumagera are top tier for their potential join time.
  10. I fail to understand why you don't use Jakob in Conquest. He's arguably one of the best units in the game. As for the other units, having Kaze around level 5 or so makes him useable in any path, and Rinkah doesn't need any levels before level 7 in Birthright.
  11. They're best used as the partner in Attack Stance. And the Killer Bow on a Kinshi Knight is always useful.
  12. Conquest Captured Units Database

    To revive this, there are some capturable units in Birthright. There is of course the infamous Daniela in Chapter 14, the first capturable boss outside of children paralogues. She is a Strategist who comes with Savage Blow on Hard and above. Sorry for not following the formatting of the Conquest posts, but it's difficult on mobile. I'll add more as I progress, but I'm going a bit slow on this playthrough since I'm working with some units I usually ignore. Also I'm going to grind out all of the children Paralogue to see how the bosses look and if they're worth the effort.
  13. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    Jakob depends on how much you want to rely on Tomebreaker. Having that and Armored Blow/Inspiration/Aegis before the rest of your units are even ready to promote is his biggest strength. Arthur wants Cavalier immediately. His join chapter if possible or right after. The sooner he starts ranking swords the better. You want to focus on swords in case you decide to seal him over to Hero later. It's trivially easy to get Mozu to about level 8 or so in her Paralogue, but it takes some time and comes at the expense of your other units. Forget Odin and Arthur if you want to do this. You may end up dropping Elise as well.
  14. Conquest: Early Class Changes?

    Many characters benefit from early class changes, it just depends on who you want to focus on. Jakob breaks the early game if immediately changed to a Paladin or Great Knight. Mozu needs to go Archer to even be relevant. Arthur does much better as a Cavalier/Great Knight, and is equal or better than Silas in that role. Many people swear by Wyvern Rider Elise, but I've never seen the benefits.
  15. Conquest Captured Units Database

    Looks like I spoke too soon as you can't capture any units in Invasion battles. That Wyvern Rider would have been awesome.