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  1. Critical information, so there isn't much use in reclassing characters to learn all their spells if the end class cant use them. Cool, seems logical. In that case Mage/Clerics are prime candidates for Shields and Rings (primarily). Weapon skills seem mostly clear to me now. Still unsure if Mt/Hit bonuses from skills like Double Severity only apply when the skill is used. I saw a screenshot of a DF Jesse using a Silver Sword with both Duelist's Blow and Crushing Blow equipped and made me wonder if he was getting a total of +7 Mt/ +30 Hit bonuses during combat regardless of whether he used either skill. It kind of made think of weapon skill rank bonuses from prior games.
  2. I, personally, am relieved that such mechanics are being onitted from this game and hope they are omitted in the future, at least in the way that they were used in the last two installments. I looked at it from a eugenic stand point and the characters ended up being reduced to their pure genetic potential. Basing pairings purely off a massive spreadsheet full of calculations about optimization defeated the intended (i pressume) purpose of the feature.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Since you can only have one item equiped does that mean that when resolving combat the game goes back to the default level weaponry when calculating damage while a shield/ring is equipped? Understood about spells and reclassing, will have to wait. In regards to spell set, I meant to ask if you have a limit to the spell choices from your learned pool. Faye can learn 6 spells through the Cleric line; does she have access to all of them during combat? In regards to the bonuses from the active skills: I understand that Double Severity's +30 Crit will only activate on command. Do the +2 Mt/+10 Hit bonuses also only apply when the Double Severity command is used? Or is that given from simply having the skill equipped, and thus passive? I asked about SP because the main site lists "SP" (costs/requirements?) as a factor of Command skills in Echoes.I know little else about it.
  4. Couple of questions: How does individual character inventory work? Are they only able to carry one weapon? Other misc items? Can you have, say, a sword and a shield equiped? Do shields share slot with rings/etc? How about spells? Do the caster classes have access to all spells the character has learned? If say, I decide to reclass Sonia to Cleric down the line will she retain all her Mage/Sage spells? Do you have to pick a spell loadout before each battle? The main site lists two types of effects on weaponry: Effects and Learned Skills; Zweihander has an Effect of Crit + 10 and Double Severity, Force-Through and Tiger Flurry as Learned Skills. Are the Effects always active? Or do they only apply when you initiate combat (ala Death Blow in Heroes). Im assuming they are always active and therefore a Zweihander gives a passive +10 crit. Along the sane lines as above: Looking at the Double Severity skill, it is listed as giving +4 Mt/+10 Hit and an Effect of +30 Crit. Are the first two stats always applied? If so, do they stack with the bonuses gained from Force-Through and Tiger Flurry? (Can you even have all three on with the Zweihander equipped?) Does that mean that a character that has extensive practice with the weapon will gain a total of +11 Mt/+60 Hit when it (and the skills) is equipped? Coming back to the Double Severity Effect, I assume this part of it works like Death Blow in Heroes since you have to activate it, correct? Can you activate multiple skills at once? And lastly, how does SP work in this game?
  5. Resistance is in an odd space. You are either DF and take no damage from magic or you arent DF and spells do nigh true damage. Going for a middle ground is going to leave you disappointed.
  6. Off topic, sort of: Something interesting I noticed about Faye is that she is the only one that can learn the spell "Again". That makes her the only "dancer" in the game.
  7. Hm, so Faye is the closest thing to a dancer in this game.
  8. Q's about stats

    Also worth noting is that the Gaiden class growth was far larger than the SoV ones. This means that character growths are a little more influential (which is good imo). However, class choice can definitely help specialize a unit for a role in which their current class would simply be mediocre. Using Saber as an example, assuming the leaked growths do include class boons/banes (lol), subtracting the Mercenary line's class growths would leave his theoretical innate growths as follows: HP: 60, Str: 40, Skl: 25, Spd: 30, Lck: 25, Def: 50, Res: 0 The mercenary boons grant +5 to Skl and Spd, which are negligeble. The banes reduce his Str and Def by 5 each. His Str can be salvaged without this penalty and his Def is great for a frontline unit, so the loss there just doesnt seem like a smart choice. However, changing him over to the soldier line will give him boons to his HP, Str and Def; these boosts fortify his strengths and bring up his Str to a more respectable level. The banes cut his Spd and Lck down to 20. Acceptable loses.
  9. Q's about stats

    Thanks all for the input. In regards to the class growths impacting character growths, I wonder if in Gaiden it was simply a symptom of all classes sharing a static growth set, where as in SoV each class path has its own set. It seems counter intuitive to specifically assign class growths and have them not impact characters at all, specially considering the added flexibility from being able to class change almost (if not every) character in SoV.
  10. I stopped letting reviews influence my purchase decisions a while ago and never looked back. I have enjoyed games with bad reviews (Heroes of the Storm, ME: Andromeda) as much as ones with good reviews (Overwatch, Breath of the Wild). In summary, if you are true to what you really like, you will never "waste" money. That being said, even if you want to avoid falling hard off the hype train and breaking some bones, it is always good to have positive reviews for games of franchises you like. They do often influence people who are on the fence about buying the games and profits will always encourage companies to support the titles and future releases for said franchise. More Fire Emblem is always good.
  11. I have been looking through the information available about SoV in preparation for launch but there are a couple of things that are still a bit murky to me as I didn't get to play Gaiden. I hope someone can assist me, for science. 1. Growth rates: Do the rates posted on the main site include the growth rates of the character's starting class? If so, will subtracting the class rates from those numbers give me a character's innate rate? 2. Class base stats: Are these simply stat floors? [Edit: Next question was more or less answered in another, recent post. If you have aditional info , feel free to contribute] 3. Class change: When you have a character switch to Villager (either naturally or via the Fork) and then try to promote them can you then have them select any of the class paths? Are you restricted to the character's base class? (ie, can Clair go from Falcon Knight to Villager to Mercenary?) Can Celica and Alm move out of their baseline class paths this way? 4. Character Maximum stats: Do the variances in stats disregard the character's class? In other words, all other things being equal, will Gray's Str cap always be 3 points lower than Tobin's? Effectively giving Tobin a +3 Str mod? (In this example) I feel that maybe Awakening/Fates got me too used to min maxing character/classes and I'm reading too much into it for SoV but if anyone can provide clarification on the above it would put my mind at ease. Thanks all.