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  1. Ok, thanks for the advice! I was planning on foddering the other one since special fighter seems like an interesting skill.
  2. So, I somehow managed to pull two brave Ephraims. The problem is that the other one is +atk/-spd and the other one is +def/-res and I don't know which one I should keep. I have so many units already that there isn't really a specific role he should fill and I would just like to know other's opinions on the matter
  3. That is exactly why I have to play games online. None of my irl friends own a Switch (at least as far as I'm aware of) or really care for games I like, so the only way I can play games with any actual person is through online play. I mean, I'm sure they'd find some enjoyment out of Smash but I doubt it would keep them interested for too long, since it's a "kidz game". So local multiplayer isn't really an option.
  4. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    I (and probably quite a few others) mainly thought Chrom would be an Ike echo because his build is much closer to Ike than Roy. Then there's also the Viridi's line about him and Ike being too similar in Smash 4. I'm not disappointed that he's a Roy echo or anything, just surprised.
  5. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    I'm pretty happy that he's in. I mean, he's popular and they already had a model for him (probably did some tweaking from smash 4 to ultimate, but still). I do understand why some people are upset but I think it makes sense that they added him. As to why he's a Roy echo and not an Ike echo, I have no idea. Maybe they thought he isn't cool enough for Ike.
  6. Dancing Samurai, eh? I can't believe Heroes is having a cross-over with Vocaloids. But in all seriousness, I'm happy they finally have a special banner with two male and two female characters again. I might try to pull Xander and Elincia but I don't have much orbs currently.
  7. The one on the left is most likely Ryoma unless it's some art style thing and it's Wrys or something. Regardless, if this is an all male banner (finally), it could be something interesting, especially since the notification is calling them "elegant". Too bad I just spent all my F2P orbs on the vantage banner.
  8. Digimon Survive

    The game's themes seem right up my alley. I like that the game seems to be taking things a bit more seriously but of course I'm not expecting it to take it to the levels of SMT etc. since it's still pegi 12. I do hope the gameplay is at least decent, it's pretty hard to tell from just the small clips they showed off. And I also hope I can get a wormmon. But the latter isn't a deal-breaker for me.
  9. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    I don't actually dislike the unit because it's another Lucina alt etc. but because the design is really lazy. Like previously with legendary Lyn, it's basically same the same as her legendary variation. The only change I can see that Lucina's cape might be slightly different. They could've at least given her the archer/sniper class's clothes from Awakening but instead they decided to recycle. Oh well.
  10. Rate/Rank/Critique the Events

    1. Tempest Trials - It does include grinding but because of the long time it's active and the daily 2x chances, it doesn't feel that bad. I enjoy the current incarnation of it a lot and the only downside is that the units you get as rewards aren't always the best. 2. Voting Gauntlet - I know it tends to be a major salt mine for many players but I enjoy it. The rewards could be better but I just enjoy the gameplay aspect the most out of all the events. The main downside is that the mode doesn't favour us Europeans at all since the biggest multipliers are up when I'm asleep (or at least when I should be asleep, cough). 3. Forging Bonds - From what I've seen so far, this mode is very grindy. The convos are nice but it just takes too long to get them, even with the accessories. Also, it seems to be based on luck which character's points (or whatever they're called) you get. So far Libra just seems to hate me. 4. Grand Conquest - I used to dislike this mode a lot more because I don't like the RD style of maps but then I found an easy solution: just use the autobattle and do something more interesting in the meanwhile. 5. Tap Battle - I don't like rhythm games. The main issue I have with them is the sounds you get when you press a button with the correct timing, isn't in the song originally and my brain just goes "what is that sound, it doesn't belong there". Turning off the voices and having no feedback either isn't an answer either. But I suppose turning off some track from the song and having the player play that instead would be too hard (maybe, I'm not an expert on that front). Having to play the same song eight times isn't exactly my idea of fun either and I've liked maybe two songs they've chosen for the mode.
  11. What's your opinion of buying orbs?

    I haven't bought or plan on buying any orbs because I know that if I spent, let's say, 1 € on it, that'll quickly turn into 2, then 10 and so on. Basically, I have no self control when it comes to stuff like this. I'll probably never get to rank 20 on the arena because I'm a F2P but I'm fine with that. I don't consider buying orbs cheating because that is literally the only way the developers make money out of the app. I'd much rather have that than have billion ads etc.
  12. July-August Event Schedule

    Ooh, that would be really neat and nice change of pace from the swimsuits. Too bad they already had similar sort of thing for new years, so I doubt they'd do it again for the summer.
  13. I'm hoping that the new heroes banner will be a SoV themed but I wouldn't mind Binding Blade either. Still, the pessimist in me thinks that it might just be another Fates banner. I'm a bit surprised about the special heroes banner they have scheduled. I don't remember them having three banners last summer and three beach banners in a row (plus the repeated ones from last year) would feel a bit too excessive.
  14. A lot of the grandmaster ones feel like there's only one solution which is a bit annoying in my opinion, since part of why I enjoy FE is that you can play it how you want to play it. Pretty clear they are not meant to teach anything either, unless someone really wants to make their life hard and go to arena with three units and only escape route or wings of mercy equipped. Haven't bothered with the other ones yet but I'm assuming those are less finicky.
  15. I'm not even angry, just really sad. The banner is not only blatant pandering but also really lazy. I suppose it's kinda nice that they have mounts but… Takumi? Really? Only way they could've chosen a safer option would've been to go with Chrom again. And really, you gave him a bow again? I mean, I like Takumi but this just makes me not want to bother with the banner at all.