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  1. The reason people are complaining about favouritism towards female characters isn't because of what the female to male ratio is in general but how the seasonal alts favour female characters more. With this banner we've had three seasonal events in a row with three women and one man and Marth wasn't even in the banner. Now, the reasoning behind this is obviously the thing you mentioned previously; men (presumably) spend more money on gachas. So, it's understandable they've been catering towards them more. However, I am worried how this approach will turn people off from the game if they continue this way. I certainly am starting to get a bit tired of this and I know I'm not the only one.
  2. Well, now I am very happy I decided to spend my orbs on the fangs banner rather than waiting for this because I don't care about any of these characters (although I don't particularly hate any of them either). Anyway, is it just me or does Innes have a very strange hair colour in that picture? At first glance I thought it was Eldigan or Ares and had to look up what others were saying.
  3. The one on the rigt looks a awfully lot like Frederick but since that's very unlikely, I'm guessing it might be Stahl. As for the left, it's probably Gunnthra or Azura. If it is Gunnthra, I predict she might bring along either Anna or Fjorm too.
  4. Edelgard - I feel like her role in the story is going to be somewhat like Azura's with a bit more hands-on approach to resolving conflicts. Axes aren't exactly the most graceful weapons, so I feel like she'll be more closer to Lyn or even Hector personality-wise. Dimitri - Looks like a bit of a snob to me. Most likely going to take things more seriously than others. Claude - My favourite so far. He seems a rather laid back and fun guy. Byleth - I still hope he isn't an avatar. The problem I have with most avatar characters is that they have a personality and backstory that distinctly isn't "me" but the game sure likes to act like that it is Really, most of the time the character isn't even anything I'd create as an oc. Regardless, FE has this weird problem where it feels that it's necessary for every other character to suck up to them because they seem to be afraid that someone might get upset if another character would call their precious little avatar a meanie. Even if some character doesn't like the avatar, they either change their mind or are portrayed as a bad guy. That kind of behaviour has the exact opposite effect for me. Now, the same problem does apply to most main lords but I feel like the it isn't quite as bad for them as it's for avatars. tl;dr If Byleth is indeed the avatar, I'm not going to like him. Looks like that's just his shoulder to me.
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Currently no. I was quite pissed off about that when I found out about that since I don't really care about the other dlc besides Torna.
  6. I wasn't aware she worked on that or that such series existed. I'll definitely check that out later.
  7. I like this art style a lot. I think one of the reasons why it seems a bit dull for some people is that we have only seen a few portraits and they have all been wearing similar sort of clothes. I also keep seeing comments saying that the style reminds them of Persona. I can sort of seeing where they're coming from. For example, the portraits have that gradient shading down from their chin but the Fates portraits already have that and if anything the style looks a lot more like Fates then Persona (/SMT) to me. All and all, I'd just like to see more of the game. If the artist designer is indeed Chinatsu, I really can't see there being that much variation in body types, other than tall/short. I couldn't really find any other projects she has worked on, but from what I've seen of Utapri there really didn't seem to be much variation there. But to be honest, if that means women with clothing that makes sense and bishounens, I don't mind that much. So far Claude's design has been my favourite and he seems like a chill dude. I just hope they fix his model's skin tone in the final release.
  8. How Would Heroes Handle Three Houses?

    If they release the units before the game's released (which they probably will, for marketing purposes), I'd assume they wouldn't put any major spoilers in, or at least I hope so. I don't think adding ultimate weapons would be too big of a spoiler, when compared to something like Grima. As for the formation aspect, they could make that some kind of skill, not really sure how that would work but it seems like the most logical solution to me. I can't really see them putting in just random npc's because the map size is so small. Maybe something similar to the tactic skills they have currently. It's a bit hard to tell since we know next to nothing about that aspect in Three Houses.
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I kind of doubt that they'll show it off just based off the fact that the game isn't listed in the "games" section of Nintendo's e3 page .
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Interesting, I've heard of the franchise but don't know much about it. But if that is true, it would make sense why the outfits so far have been less fan service-y. But since the style is very "stereotypical animu" there's many, many possibilities who the artist would be. Guess we'll just have to wait for confirmation.
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    My first thought was: "Three Houses? Oh no. Is there going to be three versions again?" But thankfully, judging by the japanese title, that won't be the case. But another thing I'm a bit worried about is the greenish haired main character that seems to be the main character. Since it's clearly not him talking, I'm worried that he'll be an avatar or a silent protagonist. I wouldn't mind if it's going to be avatar and a silent protag but if it's either or… no thank you. Other than that, the gameplay changes certainly seem worth a try. I'm still optimistic about that aspect.
  12. New Heroes: Scattered Fangs

    I'm not sure whether to pull or not. On the other hand, I really like Legault and almost spilled my morning coffee when I saw him. But on the other hand there's probably going to be summer heroes I might be interested in and daggers still aren't that great. Glad to see Canas as well.
  13. True true, too bad that backstory in Fates kinda gets lost in all the fanservice.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    I'm guessing this won't have a banner accompanying it. Interesting. Anyway, I'll go for Ike and see where that gets me.
  15. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    Not gonna lie, I am disappointed. Not only because I don't like Ryoma but because this means that Xander is probably going to get a legendary alt as well and then there's two versions of Corrin as well. Oh well, I was going to save my orbs anyway.