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  1. Holy war banner

    I haven't played fe4 so this is the first time I've even heard of a character named Tailtiu. I'll probably try pulling at least Sigurd, but the last time I tried getting a red focus unit, I just ended up getting a 5* Chrom and 5* Ogma, so I'm slightly sceptic about my chances on getting him. But it is about time we got the hottest fe lord in heroes.
  2. A free neutral Minerva, I'll take it. Also performing arts Azura and Olivia which makes Shigure the only focus character from that banner I don't have but I think I'll save my orbs for now.
  3. 1) Are there actually any significant gameplay differences between the pegasus knights? 2) Which controller have you been using? How comfortable/uncomfortable does it feel? 3) Favourite playable character?
  4. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I'm team Ninian definitely, she's my fav female from the entire series. Also, even if Ninian seems to be leading on this poll, she's only rank 100 in cyl. Out of all the characters in the gauntlet only Fae is behind her. Female Corrin is probably going to win still. Oh well.
  5. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but HW includes quite a few Ocarina of Time characters and from what I've understood, Zelda's sales started to go downhill in Japan when Majora's Mask was published. So, it would kind of make sense that the japanese gamers would gravitate towards it for that reason. As for Fire Emblem Warriors's sales figures, I really have no idea how good/bad it is.
  6. Your Biggest Mistakes

    Let's see - Gave Iote's Shield to a Narcian - Promoted a +spd/-atk Lon'qu to 5* (because there's obviously so many units that will outspeed him...) - Gave Klein New Moon and Luna and immediately afterwards spent sp on learning his default Glacies instead
  7. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    I managed to get an Inigo. I got so excited I didn't remember check his IV's but I'm happy with anything to be honest. Funny how I used about 150 trying to get Brave Ike but I didn't get him but now I got Inigo with only 20 orbs. But I suppose that's just rng in action there.
  8. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    I'm very happy about Inigo. Finally, he actually gets to dance instead of just talk about it. Time to waste all my orbs and instead of getting him, get 20 Barsts and Bartres again. Maybe they can try dancing too.
  9. Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate!

    Reinhardt (-hp/+atk) would probably be able to take out Black Knight if he'd have cavalry bonuses or blazing thunder, but he's the only horse unit I'm running on this particular team and I switched out his default special for moonbow. He gets pretty close but can't quite ohko Black Knight. So I've just thrown Ike at Black Knight and then taken him out with someone else.
  10. Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate!

    Looks like my team (normal Ike, Soren, Rein, Azura) can clear 7 battle lunatic, not on auto-battle, but I'm not particularly busy right now so it's okay. The only problem is that if Ike dies, the rest of the team is just screwed. I should probably train Reinhardt more to somewhat remedy that issue (he currently has no a-skill).
  11. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    Well, if they are npc's, making them playable as dlc should be easy (at least I'd think so, I don't know really anything about game development). So they'll probably be in the Fates and Awakening dlc packs, if they are not playable in the base game. Also, Owain looked great in that cutscene. It seems that the art style fits his more comedic antics quite well. Niles's portrait looked a bit weird but I'm just happy he's in the game.
  12. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    If the one on the right is indeed Shigure, his hair's a lot more flowier than it in official works ever has and his face looks more angular than usual. In fact that looks a lot more like Dwyer but there's pretty much no reason for him to be wearing the pendant. Of course it could be just because of the artwork. It might be a younger version of Azura but it would be very strange to have two of the same character in one banner.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Looks like the rng gods have finally had mercy on me since I finally got an Ike and a Rein, in one pull round none the less. The Ike's a +res/-spd which isn't optimal to say the least but I'll take it.
  14. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    Good point, I didn't think of that
  15. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    Finally! I was beginning to worry if all sd characters (minus Marth) were going to be dlc or something. But this does make me wonder if Navarre is going to be just a npc or if they still have more characters to announce since I can't really see him being worth his own trailer. I mean, I like him but he isn't exactly a main character or anything like that.