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  1. My friend asked me this and I thought it would start an interesting discussion.
  2. 1-2 range sword idea

    If it's in game were daggers/throwing knives are not there own weapon type like they are in Fates then they can function as 1-2 swords with it still making sense.
  3. FE GBA Randomizer Improvements

    I would like to see what it would be like if enemy class got randomized.
  4. Whats the deal with me and ponytails in these?
  5. Concept for Elibe prequel

    I think the early game should be about building up enough power to take down dragons well mainly fighting drakes and wyverns but not actual dragons till later in the game. Maybe there could be a chapter much like the one in the tellius games where you have to avoid the Black Knight.
  6. Hacker's Hangout [Q22] half baked ideas

    I had this idea for a game taking place a few thousand years after Fire Emblem 6 where Elibe is going through late a renaissance period or an early industrial revolution in terms of technology and culture.
  7. Concept for Elibe prequel

    I have actually heard a lot of people suggest this idea but have not seen anyone actually make it. I'm kind of knew to Fire Emblem hacking but I may be able to help.
  8. Gaerr head of house of the Seyra kingdom I got them from hitting random buttons till something that sounded good came up. Parts
  9. Hacker's Hangout [Q22] half baked ideas

    I had this idea for a new magic triangle thing with 7 different kinds of magic. Fire: Strong against Lightning, Light and wooden material (trees and ballista,) weak to Water. Water: Strong against Fire, Light and Ground, weak to Lightning. Lightning: Strong against Water, Wind and Light, weak to Fire and Ground. Wind: Strong against Flying Units, weak to Lightning, and Light. Ground: Deals physical damage, strong against Lightning, weak to Water and Light. Light: Strong against Dark, Wind and Ground, weak to Fire, Water and Lightning. Dark: Strong against Fire, Water and Lightning, weak to Wind, Ground and Light.