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  1. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I like how they include the generic soldiers for each units, it reminds me a lot the Advanced War systeme (low health, less soldier)
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    It's now 1 unit=The character plus some soldiers. Which is better for the "realistic war way"
  3. Ty for the answer but I think it would be logic to make Linus a bonus unit immediatly for the coherence of the banner (Still, it's Ursula so I won't complain because some people wanted her again). I'm just disappointed that I'll have to wait the next bonus heroes rotation to use my promoted Linus.
  4. Why Ryoma and not Linus as bonus unit ? I'm stuck Alfonse this time, i'll have to wait the next season to, maybe a day, reach tier 20 (always stuck at 19 at the top for me).
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    GG everyone, at the begining I tought it would have been Ike/Grima the winter but I seems that OCs power up (or not) in people's heart, plus it was a tigh one. Anyone crossed my Lyon ? If yes I hope that he helped.
  6. As I predicted, my chart was right and Anna just destroyed her opponents. Also, I put miror strike on my +spd,-def B!Ninian, do you think that is a good idea ?
  7. If Claire have enough speed to double often(buff included) then use galeforce. Also for GC after Alfonse's offensive and Sharena counter attack, this now Anna that dominates the end game, but table can turn on because most player are going to go full offensive at the very end. My predictions:1-Anna 2-Sharena 3-Alfonse
  8. I don't see Lene in the 4 star list
  9. Sanaki neutral atk is 36+3from the weapon+5 with A skill+6 if 3 allies adjacent to Sanaki. Sanaki=nuke
  10. Free summon:Lucina (+spd,-atk) I hate when the game is trolling me by giving me at the same time the best and worst IV. At least it's a free aether.
  11. Julius:Infernal Genny(pain+) PA ! Azura Sothe and Fjorm (perfect to counter the Bard dagger owner and Julius and kill them in 1 battle ) the difficulties was to keep the panic staff away to avoid a giant debuff after Sothe's attack.
  12. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Now, my Bartre is ready !
  13. My bad, Hawk King, ty for the correction, you're right, I make errors because my native language is french, also, I write my message on my phone and there's an automatical correction which is, first, stupid even if I write in french, second, hard to write in english (ex:when I want to write "a" it's always corrected in "à" and this is idiot because in french "a" is very common when you speak in past) and I want to rush my message because of this make me impatient. (that's why my messages can look like trashes) And don't worry, even in french there's a lot of exceptions that are stupid and inexplicable. And my message is that I find Ares, in my opinion, a little too powerful but at least he deserves to be in Heroes, not like for some Alternative version (Like Reinhardt or Olwen)