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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I'm Lucky this time 140 orbs: HSMicaiah atk + and hp- FlyingNino spd+ def- HSXander spd+ atk- (sacrifice)
  2. Grand Hero Battle Breaks Through: Takumi

    I have too much trouble to finish the Infernal, even F2P solution don't work because my AI don't act normally for some reason (I just have 1 extra atk on my Fjorm). This map killed me.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Game has a teeth against you, hope you will have more luck for next legendary banner (If you don't summon until next )
  4. Official Pull Topic

    160 orbs, That's Hurt. But you got a lot of fodders I guess (even though Legendary banner is for 5 stars seasonal...)
  5. I was confused but now I understand, thank you for your answer.
  6. The special heroes on the schedule
  7. I have a little question:Are we really sure that the next summoning event is really CYL2 ? Because I have some doubt 'cause the setting since the last FEH channel and that they didn' t give us a day for the next FEH channel special CYL2 in the schedule. Maybe they may include the heroes for the next update with a surprise channel (I don't remember if it was like that past year.
  8. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    For those who don't like Lucina getting an another alt, don't worry IS will release Lyn dancer to comfort us for the next legendary banner.
  9. Outch, take a look to the number of dislike and compare it with the previous Legendary Banner, two time more. I guess people don't like Lucina Emblem Heroes. (Or Lyn)
  10. Meanwhile, some characters stills don't have an alt, I'm just not happy to see how IS is milking some characters.
  11. I'm glad they added a new colored bow but why in the Legendary heroes pull only ? And I want to say "Lucina again ?"
  12. Doing AA to beat my morning score of 4932 because during the run I fell on a "meh" score of 698(instead over 700).I went again and found very good score teams, then, at the final stage, I fall on armor team (Jacob, Tharja,L Hector and Lyn) and lose to them because of my lack of anti armor and their good stat. I hate armor units
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I pulled on the summer banner because of my high rate and got Summertiki -hp boon and res bane, not bad for AA
  14. Sorry, I mean the support conversation as a reward.
  15. Honestly, this new mode isn't very original (as gameplay), the support rewards are OK but I feel the limits of the characters development because it may only concern characters of futurs banners and leave the old behind.Also the stamina cost is too expensive imp.