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  1. Fair enough, at the end of the day everyone should go with whoever they like the most. Although wasting votes in trash like Gheb is unforgivable imo.
  2. True, her haters weren't going to vote for her either way so that aspect doesn't have that much weight on her spot. My statement has a bigger focus on the "she already has 2 seasonal variants" part though. As popular as Camilla is, her showing up in the "Hoshidan" New Years Banner instead of Hinoka/Ryoma left a sour taste in many players mouth so that's going to reduce the number of votes she'll get, maybe not by a huge margin like I'd wish to but it will have some impact even if it is rather small. After all, I'm sure even some Camilla fans are getting tired of the unnecessary pandering IS has been giving to her, even if those are an extreme minority they still count. That reminds me that I also have some hopes on overconfidence, with people ensuring Tharja and Camilla's victory that'll lead to some deciding on not voting on them because "they already won" which can turn into their downfall. Then again the chances of this are extremely low but they're not zero.
  3. For males I think it's going to be Hector and one of Ephraim/Chrom with Ephraim having higher chances due to Chrom already having 2 seasonal variants. I guess Reinhardt will meme his way up to the top 20 but I don't think he'll get much farther than that. For females as much as I don't like it Tharja is probably going to get the 1st place, for the 2nd place I'll believe that Eirika will reach it (although the competition with F!Corrin, Azura and Celica will be tough). Camilla I feel is going to fall a bit because she's both a polarizing character and has 2 seasonal variants which should make some people think twice about her.
  4. Does this mean multi voting will get you nowhere? that case I'll stop at 2 votes today and only do 1 from now on.
  5. I voted for Eirika twice! I suppose I can get a couple more if I use my tablet and Smartphone but it is worth it. Inb4 I get blocked for spam
  6. I wouldn't call myself F2P either (although spending $40 once to get a -Atk Julia isn't what I'd call a regular spender). You can always make Eirika Emblem with 4 five star+10 Eirikas, that would be a cool defense team for arena not like I'm planning on doing that, not at all ehehehe. Yeah, I'm hoping for a Atk/Spd Bond upgrade for Sieglinde but something more busted would be welcome too. I should give that a try, after all I have a Luke that isn't doing anything in my barracks and there's the 3* Arvis too. Mine went full anti green mage with DC and G!Tomebreaker with +Spd/-Def (turns out she's unable to OHKO +10 Fury Ninos and they're too speedy to double, maybe with the ploys) while keeping her buffing role. I think only Boey survives a round if she doesn't proc Iceberg but his Atk is too low to consider him a threat.
  7. During other circumstances I'd vote for Hector and Alm too but considering this is the chance for getting an alternate Eirika I can't afford voting for others, I don't want to wait for year 3 for B!Eirika. I'm jealous. Mine is only at +6 because RNGesus doesn't want to give many Eirikas to merge. The only thing I can boast about is that she has DC.
  8. I think they're implying that FE16 is going to be Conquest 2.0 or something along those lines. No idea how that's related to what you said though.
  9. Don't count Eirika out, she got 6th place last time so she's going to give a fight! I'll rally for B!Eirika everyday so that's 7 votes already
  10. You shouldn't underestimate the Smash community. There were a lot of guys expecting Smash for NS during the Labo announcement even when Nintendo claimed that it was something aimed at kids and "kids at heart" and considering some (most do it ironically but there's always the naive person who believes it's true) believe that characters like Roy came from Smash it's not completely far-fetched to think some watched the FE direct in hopes of getting Smash news.
  11. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Fell out of the top 5k in AA again...I'll have to see if Eirika+6 increases my score enough to give it another shot but I'm not to hopeful about that. In normal arena I have 4 defense wins (2 against Ikes and 1 against a Xander and the last one against a Sanaki, reds must hate my team).
  12. The 4th map was pretty tricky (not hard, I just forgot Eldigan has Lunge and ended up taking extra damage from Beruka). Anyways I appreciate the badges although I still need a ton to upgrade QR, and the orbs gave an extra Eirika so I'm pretty pleased with that. Sorry Lyon, your promotion is going to take longer than anticipated
  13. I've been looking at what kind of costumes characters get in other gacha games during Valentine's day and turns out it's either some cook clothing or a school uniform. If I were to guess I'd say the latter would get more money because having characters in a school uniform is a huge thing my waifu/husbando would go to the same school as me but the former could include some fun stuff like a character which is bad at cooking dressed as a chef with some inedible stuff in their hands (would they be a dagger unit that throws their pseudo chocolate at enemies?). Funnily enough I can imagine a seasonal Sumia in both themes.
  14. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Seems good enough, I'm at 73k so I'll push up to 90k tomorrow and see if that's enough.
  15. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Micaiah learned Swordbreaker 3 a lot faster than what I thought she would...Right now HM is the only thing that keeps me going at this. I wonder how much will be neccesary for top 5k, 100,000 points?