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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    So the 23rd will be the day when I get nothing but Mapo Tofu trying to pull Melt. It was obvious considering when the pre-campaign ends but it's nice to have official confirmation. Those QoL updates are really nice, too. The back button is the one I appreciate the most, now I don't have to worry that much if I forget to press Ishtar's Mana Burst before destroying the wave before the boss. Auto burning stuff means that now I'll summon more on the FP gacha for event CEs It was so annoying to either create CE bombs or burn all those low rarity CEs.
  2. I stand corrected. I still think Infantry mages and my triple DD Faye are better for that kind of role if only due to Null C-Disrupt, but we all know only a few whales and hardcore savers will have enough Nailahs to fodder it will nilly. - - - - Anyways, no luck so far but I got some WoM fodder which is nice. Luckily the TT will start soon and if that fails there's still some hope for GW, I just hope IS decides to give orbs instead of free summons.
  3. Dang! Here I was hoping to skip this banner but I WANT that Flora (and Genny too, she looks so happy). I'm at the point of not needing anything unit wise L!Eirika aside but Legendary banners hate me so I'll just pull for units that catch my fancy with their artwork. With that out of the way, I don't know about the AR exclusive skills. If I read the descriptions correctly the defensive one seems to be the better one of the two because it is stronger when you have more structures standing while the offensive one gets stronger when your party destroys buildings. The offensive one requires you to waste turns destroying buildings and with how unforgiving AR already is this just adds another layer of annoyance. If this isn't armor exclusive then you can bet the defensive one is going to be nasty on Firesweep Galeforce horse maps.
  4. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    @mcsilas Nice! Double BK alongside the BKs from other realms really makes for an intimidating team. Black Luna is terrifying to face and no matter the color you'll go down without enough Hp. This also reminded me that despite being an armor, Black Knight isn't as tanky as one would think but he makes up for it with his above average Spd. Ares is a beast once he procs his special for the first time, it seems crazy how IS decided to make him so easily available considering he's almost as strong as Ophelia. @kirauza343 Yep, that went as expected. Your team was pretty overkill for the map so this was just a show to their greatness. The flying mage managed to scratch Cherche a bit but it was futile. The Marisa solo was pretty impressive! I always like those types of clears and this one was even better. It was a little scary to see her without a healing special but Renewal took care of the little Hp Marisa needed to keep tanking her foes. Also nice use of WoM to get the mages out of danger! Very nice! @mampfoid Oh! Budget S!Alfonse, it was nice to see that even with the good ol' Killer Axe he was able to overkill those blues. Everything else went as one would expect. Nicely done! Those bunny clears seem like lots of fun. The first one was a bit rougher but it is nice to see S!Kagero in action. The second one was pretty clean, the enemy just disappeared from all the bun-bun fun your units were having. Alfonse springing back and forth was also pretty fun! - - - - - - Obligatory Eirika clear. Yeah, it was a bit too easy even if I nerfed myself indirectly by having Kaden in Panic Ploy range. In RD Wyvern Riders are weak to thunder magic so this can be considered a semi-themed clear. Now if IS releases Tine and Arthur before the re-run I'll try to do a family clear run. This also counts as proof that Kaden is OP.
  5. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    @mcsilas Nice themes! I liked how you made OG!Azura seem perfectly like her Fates incarnation (as in dealing huge amounts of damage for a dancer), the maid twins really did a lot to help here even if Felicia's healing involved trading her Hp for it, it almost seemed like a mini Sacrifice. Rhajat with the horse killing and chipping really helped to take down the bulkier foes. All in all, a great clear as always! For the dream world team, those Corrins really are something else with their bulk and power, goes to show that Gen 3 units are no joke. M!Kana makes for a wonderful tank as you showed, and last but not least, A!Azura is a beast of a unit under ideal conditions, I've been saving grails (and a Helbindi) to +10 her due to her combo of being a great unit and also very cute. It was nice seeing her wreck havoc against Gooron. And about Bonus Doubler, I've thought about it and decided that it isn't really worth it in the end. Legendary banners are quite rough for me even when I don't snipe for anything so getting L!Roy seems like a pipe dream, and I think a +Atk boon and Kaden with double Drive Atk should be enough to deal with anything this game throws (unless IS decides to make the 99 lancer a real deal) at her. If I get a stray Roy someday I'll give it to her for the +24 meme.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Batre and Fir

    Better late than never, right? I hate crunch week in College but at least is over now @mcsilas That was great! The map itself wasn't too bad but going with mostly vanilla skillsets really makes it all the more impressive. Nice use of B!Lyn as a meat shield for the armor, it surprised me to see her survive with 1 Hp (very reminiscent of Tactics drills). Karla taking both Fir & Bartre was icing on the cake!
  7. This mode is quite chill, I may get bored of it soon but right now I like it quite a bit. The music screamed to me "ADD SOV UNITS!" and I complied. Man, I wish I had Kliff to complete the Ram Village set.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Dang! I was hoping for this to come late April/early May to get another 5 tickets for Melt. Guess I'll have to pull my "there's no hope so I'll just roll for Mapo Tofu/4* CE" card, it has worked 3 times.
  9. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    No Lyre no buy /s (but not really, I want Lyre even if she's just a meme unit in RD). Well, Caineghis is as OP as one would expect and IS has no excuse to not give refinements to DC weapons now. Mordecai is obvious demote, his weapon seems wonky and his only good skill is Atk/Def Link. Lethe has Atk/Spd solo in-built but other than that nothing too crazy. If her base Atk/Spd is good enough she'll be able to pull some nasty Galeforce shenanigans with the Flashing/Heavy Blade seal but Tibarn is still better at this due to flying mobility. Ranulf is a worse Kaden (unless you don't like using buffing skills for some reason) but he has that 400 SP skill so he isn't getting demoted anytime soon. Haar GHB? At least he's guaranteed to have 1 good skill and most of those units tend to have good spreads so I think he'll be fine as long as he doesn't overlap too much with Cherche/Gerome. I hope he'll get a Prf to carve his own niche. - - - Overall, easy skip for me. Caineghis is the obvious bait unit but the other 3 look eh. After the pool changes I made my mind and I'll just pull on banners featuring older units so I'll just take the chapter orbs and keep trying to get Ishtar for collection purposes.
  10. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    I'm not angry at the part of them improving the pity breaker pool for new banners. What I'm mad about is that those Gen 1 units that have no SI at all aren't going to be getting a focus banner anytime soon making them virtually impossible to get. Honestly, I'd be pretty happy if IS just made a permanent banner with all the old units and to help a bit have it with a rotating focus of 3~4 units from that pool. Have that banner update every 4 months or so. It shouldn't cost a lot to keep that banner up and it would be the solution for the people that want to work on a +10 project for old units while those that only summon on the new banners won't have to fear for bad pity breakers.
  11. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    I just read the in-game notification to get a better idea about the summoning changes. It makes sense that removing all those units will make the pool less bloated for those that want to get the newest heroes, but at the same time I'm not too happy about how IS removed practically everything. I'd never not appreciate a B!Ike or Hector spook for banners where I just do the free summon and dip. And the worst thing is that many of those old units don't have anything worthy skill wise so unless IS creates a perma-rotating banner (like every day some random 3~4 units from the old pool become the focus while the others are still there to pity break) it's going to be practically impossible to get them.
  12. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    Big oof! Like, I knew that people wanted a revamp for the summoning pool but if I heard correctly we only got demotions for the old 5-4 star units to the 3-4 star pool and a bunch of removals. RIP the chances of me ever getting OG!Lyn