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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    I just finished Babylonia (lucky me for having enough time to "rush" it). I think story wise Camelot is slightly better in terms of being emotional but Babylonia is more badass. Now for my spoiler thoughts which also include some fight highlights WARNING, WALL OF TEXT FULL OF SPOILERS INSIDE:
  2. Legendary Hero Battle: Hrid

    Sorry for being super late for this, college decided that I would barely get free time since last week with a bunch of projects and exams and stuff. Doesn't help that F/GO also had a super grindy event and I decided to focus on that instead so no videos from me until the re-run. @mampfoid That was crazy! Despite the inflated Hp you were able to just end those guys very swiftly. Smite and Alm are something you don't see often but they're really good. @mcsilas I'm jealous of your Flora, she looks so fun to use! It was interesting to see how well she pairs with flying dancers and how devasting a 2CD Iceberg can be. I'm also jealous of how you're able to use H!Myrrh so effectively, I have tried with mine but so far I can't get the hang of her playstyle very well. @Zeo I totally forgot how AMAZING Ayra is, guess that happens when I focus too much on Eirika but she's really great. She had her base kit and was able to be very badass which is something you don't see often with the popularity of her Slaying Edge+DC set. Cool stuff. The Morgan clear was very impressive too, it's funny how the stakes always seem higher here because (Amelia aside) everyone is quite squishy and could be OHKO'd if you're not careful. Regardless, everyone did their fair share of work and were able to destroy this map. Congrats! @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice! The map has debuffers left and right which makes it really hard to take time to breath so the best choice seems to go full offense. Hrid's playstyle seems interesting, although not enough to make me try pulling for him.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    After what seems like an eternity I was able to get Ylgr. Getting only one 5* after a 4.75% pity rate doesn't feel very good but her nature is +Spd -Hp which is perfect so I won't complain about it. Now I finally have Spd Tactic to bring Eirika to her maximum potential during -HB battles (now if IS could release an inheritable dagger with a Spur/Drive effect I'd be very happy).
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    Finished at ~30 boxes but I couldn't save any EXP/QP because Medusa/Ishtar ate through all of it. Good news is that I was able to get 2 copies of the Jalter CE so I'll get 2 MLB copies when the re-run comes. Funny how I ran out of Feathers/QP so I couldn't get Ishtar to 6/10/10 for Babylonia. I think I'll farm Doors and the Feather node in Okeanos before playing through the singularity. It helps because I'm still busy IRL with college projects and I want to enjoy the story at it's fullest.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    The event is going pretty well now that I got some free time. Right now I'm in my 7th box. My CE luck hasn't been that great so far, I wanted the 5* CE for Euryale but this decided to come instead:
  6. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Let's see how I did in November (although I already have an idea...): Total: 124. Rough month...
  7. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo There comes a point where if you don't get the exact unit you want with a good nature it feels like crap regardless of how good the pity breaker/unexpected unit is. It's ok to be negative, after all a gacha is a salt mine (I'm still baffled as to why I'm playing two of them...). For me...well, this aren't going well. I'm at a 4.75% pity rate on the Ylgr banner. WHY DOES SPD TACTIC ELUDES ME?!?! I just want to put Eirika at her maximum potential...
  8. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    I totally forgot about this. I'll go with either Laevateinn or Laegjarn depending on who's better for feather hunting. I also have Fjorm but everyone and their mothers have one so she seems like a bad choice for feathers. For my lead I'll probably put B!Ephraim or Bridelia.
  9. Learning with Sharena spoils new feature

    On one hand this is a huge meh for me because Legendary heroes hate me (unless they give another one for free, which I'll gladly welcome) but on the other I'm pissed because now I'll need to get more units for AA whenever the Light/Dark seasons happen and most of my good units are already blessed.
  10. The Grand Hero Battle's Table: Gharnef

    @Zeo Nice! This time it's very hard to choose a clear that I prefer because all of them are really awesome in their own way. Matt continues to show how godly of a tank he is, taking so much punishment and dishing it too. The use of Gravity+ and Swap to avoid getting overwhelmed in that tight space was really clever too. The Morgan clear shows how debuffs are becoming more and more important in these types of clears as time goes on. Priscilla chip damage is really good for breaking those annoying opponents (I kinda want to make a Pain+ healer too but then I remember how cancerous they are in Aether Raids and I forget about it). It's interesting to see how Amelia is great as a flier but as a tank she's starting to struggle a bit, although not to the point where she can't take quite a few hits. The last clear was epic. Funny how you managed to make Merric do a wonderful job with only a Rexcalibur (not even +) and the QR seal. Linde killing Gharnef is a staple but it was nice seeing her tanking that Ignis hit like it was nothing. L!Marth takes the cake, though. Tanking so much and dishing so much punishment is just bonkers, I still dislike that version of him because he's basically Eirika but 100% independent because he doesn't have that ally restriction that she has but I can't deny that he's a beast. @mcsilas Those armors are something else! I've wanted to showcase H!Myrrh for the longest time but I haven't found the chance to do so. L!Tiki is quite bonkers despite not being all that bulky but she makes up for it with her crazy Spd. H!Henry was the star here, though. Tanking that blue manakete for so long and then finishing Gharnef was very satisfying. The Marth clear was also very cool, Tiki did her thing just like in the first clear but this time Marth was the one in charge of keeping the chokepoint. Using Barst and Maria adds a nice touch considering how rare it is to see those two. But really, that clear was sooo cool
  11. Hrid: Icy Blade - November Legendary Hero

    I knew this was coming so no surprises here, I'll just do my free pull on Blue (red if no blues) and leave it at that. After all I still need to get Ylgr for that sweet Spd Tactic how come a banner with only 2 focus units puts me at 4% pity rate, those Hectors really drained my luck.
  12. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    @Zeo Armor emblem is as broken as always I see. Then again, using 4 armors without Armor March must be quite tough. Those Hectors though...It makes sense why they're still at the top of the arena lists.
  13. The Grand Hero Battle's Table: Gharnef

    @SatsumaFSoysoy That clear was very cool! LnD Lucina is not something you see often but damn is she strong! @mampfoid Cool as always. Elincia was the star of the show this time destroying 3 units on her own. @kirauza343 Incredible! Most of the time one gets overwhelmed by so many reinforcements but your team made it seem like child's play. It was also full of close moments like Micaiah tanking that green mage or Marisa taking that manakete but they pulled through. Really nice! - - - - @mcsilas @SatsumaFSoysoy @Zeo @Aera @Khid @Rafiel's Aria @Usana @DefyingFates @Azuris I had the usual Eirika clear but then I remembered that I despise Gharnef so I didn't want to showcase him doing any damage to Eirika which led me to this: It is a cheesy clear but it felt really good to use Eirikalter for a change. Every Eirika deserves tons of love, after all. And there's more this time. I was lucky to see that no one has used S!Linde yet so my themed clear is relatively new. I used some dramatic music because this means a lot to Linde (and showing how much of a chump Gharnef is because he fell to a starshell without having a way to retaliate feels very nice). The only thing lacking is for Phina to be released in order to get a full Archaneia clear but Airzura will do for now.
  14. @Zeo Sorry for the late response (finals week is draining...). For Merric I think he can work with a Gronnowl+ tome. His Hp/Spd/Def are pretty good and the tome will patch his non-existant Res allowing him to be a pretty bulky mage. In an optimal setup he'd have CC but considering you don't like Merric that much it'll probably be a waste, not to mention that Owl tomes are mostly for EP because it's quite hard to make good use of them during the PP. For the clear I think that Excalibur isn't all that great. The fliers have pretty high Res meaning that effective damage isn't going to be very helpful (not to mention I didn't saw a blue flier at all in the map). If my memory isn't failing me the only blues in the map are manaketes and a Blade tome infantry mage which are pretty rough matches for Merric. To make the most out of Merric I think giving him Gronnwolf+ will be your best bet. With this Merric will be able to have a niche in AA for killing the stray horse (or Lynhardt if you still see them often) unit, not to mention that the tome will come in handy to shut down annoying Aether Raids comps full of Horse Emblem buffs.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Congrats on your Surtr. The nature seems a bit iffy but having a 180 BST armor with those OP skills sounds like fun for cheesing stuff. For me, well the Hector palooza that was the Adrift banner seems to have drained my luck. So far I haven't gotten Spd Tactic but I'll keep trying because that skill is super valuable to me (although IS seems determined to bring Swordbreaker units in their PvE maps...).