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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    That's what it sounds like, so I'll hope it works just like that. Guess Kaden is also on the list of units I'll have to pull for. I'll need to remake my PvE team if that's the case (Airzura needs Atk Tactic so I'll have to pray for a Legault while trying to get Velouria, Eirika will get Ally supported with Kaden for the extra +1 to everything, Kaden will need Drive Atk to give Eirika +22/19/19/19 stats). Haha, it's the first time in ages that I've needed to theorycraft my team. This is certainly going to be fun!
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Now that I read Kaden's weapon description I wonder if it'll stack with Eirika's refined Sieglinde. If it does then that would mean she'd be able to get +18 Atk/Spd/Def/Res....damn that sounds incredibly OP but I won't say no to the chance of cheesing Abyssal maps even harder.
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    MUST.PULL.VELOURIA!!! That aside, the banner itself isn't too crazy. Although Keaton's Brave claw with Wo Dao effects included will certainly be scary if his Atk is high, which it should considering that was his best stat in Fates. For demotes it's between Kaden and Velouria. I'd love for Velouria to be the one to demote because I really like her but she's a girl so who knows. Anyways, I'll probably wait for the Legendary banner announcement (although I'll probably skip that one, those banners suck).
  4. So I just got a -Atk Helbindi from the Valentine's banner and I'm thinking on foddering him for G Duel Infantry. The question would be who's the best choice from these units: Young Azura. She's been my Grail project since forever so she's guaranteed to be at +10, not to mention as a dancer her support capabilities are the absolute best you can ask for. The bad news is that her Sing skill hurts her arena score. Nino. Classic nuke and thanks to her getting a new Prf she'll score pretty well. Downside is that because she's a nuke she'll struggle at supporting the bonus unit. F!Robin. Great support and can get up to +7 before factoring Grails. The bad part is that she's quite weak so it seems unlikely for her to deal any damage to the beefy armors I find in tier 20.5.
  5. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @Landmaster Woah, that's a lot of clears! The Mia+Soren one was very fun, it highlighted how great OG!Mia can be with some investment I really need to give mine some love, but it's hard when Karla is there. The little Fates sisters one was mostly HS!Elise show with all those ducky kills but the rest provided much needed support to ensure you weren't overwhelmed. The little Fates siblings clear, well using Summer Leo is a feat by itself but the star of the show would be Summer Takumi. It was fun how he and Elise both say "Drown already!". And last but not least, Ike Emblem is very unbalanced color wise (and because 3 of them are infantry Tactics isn't an option) but they are really powerful with all the Aether and DC going around. The newest V!Ike stands out with how resilient he is. All in all, great clears on every front! @mcsilas Nice stuff! The servant clear really cements how jealous I am of your Flora. Her nature may be a bit unfortunate but she really looks fun to use, I wish I could've gotten her when she released. Regardless, Cherche was the star of the show with all those kills and the others were very helpful to ensure your team would survive. Minerva Emblem sounds fun. While the team was very green-centric they had no issues dispatching those red enemies. Cherche was the star of the show once again but that's to be expected considering Virion always needs a good scolding every so often. And lastly, Gerome takes over his mother's job and is the one that punishes Virion. He almost solo'd the map but Virion has a very inflated Hp so he needed some help from Owain to bring it down to more reasonable levels. @mampfoid Thanks! Actually I have the Flaw/Asset option active to save time, maybe I didn't had it active during the clear? It's either that or that the Blue for Asset is too light and can be hard to notice. Doesn't help that I tend to make the status screen in my videos a bit short (unless the unit says a very long line). - - - - - Promised is due and so here we have Cordelia Emblem +daughter. The clear itself wasn't hard, although it was tough to give Selena a kill. Bridelia can mow this map by herself but that would be no fun.
  6. That makes sense, I'm still pissed but it's more reasonable than the bot stuff.
  7. WTF?!?!?! Who voted for L!Lyn?! No, just no. H!Myrrh doesn't bother me that much because she's great but like...people really voted more for her instead of L!Eirika or Hrid or L!Marth? I have a feeling boting is involved in this, there's no way this is right...
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Well, that CQ was certainly hard for me. Euryale isn't good for this because the roster is all females so no explosions like last time and because all my friend list has Merlin/Waver with event CEs there was a Tamamo with Prisma Cosmos but she was 1/1/1 I had to change my plans for a Buster team+Mash. I had to use CS to revive everyone in the last third of the battle but it turned out ok. Ishtar was the MVP this time, being able to NP spam and her 50% Atk buff on a super short CD came in handy more than I'd like to admit. Outside of Lalter (who was defeated by Salter in some sort of irony) everyone else fell to Ishtar. Shuten and Drake get special places in the throne of super annoying servants to face, Shuten because she was spamming her Atk buff and Drake for her Invul pierce.
  9. Nice! It's good to know the dynamic duo is still going strong! I think I used Eirika+Cordelia and just rolfstomped them. I was going to try for something more nice like Sakunya+dancer but in the end I just wanted the orbs so I went for the boring option. Doesn't help that 10th stratum is child's play compared to Abyssal maps.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats! It's really good to get that unit you've been waiting for since forever. The natures may not be the best but it's workable enough to not hinder their performance.
  11. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    I won't lie, Rune Factory 5 was the hypest moment for me in the direct. I loved RF4 and was heartbroken when I heard the company that made the games went bankrupt so I'm extremely happy to know the series isn't dead! The Link's Awakening stuff is a bit of a mixed bag for me, I love that they're remaking the game but I'm not too keen on the style they chose as it reminds me a bit too much of Pokemon Rumble. Astral Chains seems very fun, although that's to be expected with Platinum being the developer. I'll look foward to it. Fire Emblem Three Houses wasn't all that hype despite it having a bigger spotlight than other games. I like that it seems to have tons of customization but I'm not too keen on the models and the game looks a bit like PoR when it comes to how it runs, which isn't a good thing as that game was extremely slow. I didn't care that much about the other stuff so yeah, that should be it for my impressions.
  12. I just got out of school and managed to watch the trailer so I'll give my thoughts inside the spoiler tag:
  13. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @mampfoid Cool as always! It always feel weird to see Hector as a Smite bot but then again, it's not like these kinds of maps require his sheer powress. @kirauza343 Fury 4 on Celica, nice! It's also very interesting to see you use speedy Micaiah, I'm a bit too used to use her as a nuke (i.e doing tons of one-shots in the Duma map) that I forget she can do more than that. A classic Eirika clear, this one took 3 tries because That Guidance-like skill caught me off-guard twice but outside of that it wasn't very hard (Cherche hits really hard, though). This is an Awakening map so I'll probably do a Cordelia Emblem +daughter clear later this week.
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    Sent a request. Name is Alexmender. Hope my guys can be of help.
  15. With +Def a +4 Mia with Fury 3 will have 75 physical bulk and 69 magical bulk. +Res Mia with Fury 3 will have 72 physical and 73 magical. I'd say to go with +Res, Mia has a ton of Spd to not worry about doubles so she'll appreciate a more balanced spread instead of focusing on one stat and then getting one shot by high Atk mages/dragons (those 70+ Atk Lilinas are no joke). +Def will make her just a slightly bulkier Ayra+0 and due to her lack of Regnal Astra Mia will end up as the inferior unit most of the time but with her higher Res she'll be a good unit for battling those pesky dragons.