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  1. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    Never been a big fan of Ephraim, although he looks cool. Doesn't help that I already have a +Def OG!Hector that I won't replace for anything. Veronica's art is a bit eh too but damn if her staff doesn't look exciting to use. After all I only have Priscilla and Nanna so I'm lacking in troubadours. Still, better wait until the stats are revealed before going ham.
  2. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    So powercreep DC is here and now we're getting tier 4 skills, eh? Uhhh...I don't really like how Celica looks here (mainly the Atk pose, too much neck). Er...I'll wait to see if Hector and Celica get more BST before choosing, if they don't then I'll go for Veronica.
  3. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    @Zeo That Matthew clear was very nice. It's a bit odd how the AI prioritizes their attacks by being incredibly inefficient, but Matthew shined there as always. The Morgan clear though, Shove strats are always so clean! Everyone put in lots of work but damn, Amelia is incredible.
  4. Aw man, I missed the Asrk bunnies. It doesn't count anymore but I'd given both a 7.5 - - - S!Kagero. She has an offensive statline with passable Res and a dump in Def. Kagero follows the offensive daggers we've been having recently but she brings the niche of being a flier on top of having a great offensive spread. Her default weapon, Lethal Carrot+, grants her a Wo Dao effect which makes her a very potent sweeper when combined with Moonbow/Glimmer. Her low physical bulk makes her an easy prey for DC armors and dragons so keep those in mind. While daggers are still very troublesome, Kagero's advantages as a flier help her greatly to cement herself as a very strong threat. Rating: 8/10 F!Grima. She has a balanced spread with a focus on Spd and low Res.F!Grima is an interesting one thanks to being the first (and only so far) colorless dragon. Not having to worry about the Weapon Triangle allows her to be a very good generalist that can take a surprising amount of hits and deal a fair share of damage back. Sadly, her strength is also her weakness, not having access to the WT makes her an inferior choice to dragons like Tiki, Nowi, Fae when facing an advantageous match and she also lacks a bit in the damage department thanks to her low-ish base Atk and lack of WTA to bolster it. Her Def is also a bit meh so she has to rely on her Spd to avoid recieving huge amounts of damage. All in all, F!Grima is a unit that can fit in most teams and will do a decent job but she lacks specialization which tends to make her an inferior choice when compared to colored units. Rating: 7/10 (she doesn't get kills very often but is great at softening foes for the bonus units so she'd get a 9 under the new arena).
  5. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Well, standard fare. Went down to tier 19 and I think I fell out of the top 5k as always (maybe not, I didn't pay attention to AA results this week).
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Micaiah & Sothe

    @mampfoid Nice as always! It was interesting to not let Cherche see some action but then again she'll be more useful for extra hard content. - - - @SatsumaFSoysoy @Zeo @kirauza343 @Aera @Khid @Rafiel's Aria @Usana @DefyingFates Man, college just started so I won't be able to post these early like I used to (unless one of these maps comes on a Friday/Saturday). Anyways, this was a blind clear as you can see by the ! in the map.
  7. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    If they give another one for free, I'll choose Celica and be happy with it. I want to go for Micaiah merges with the BHB banner but I'll hold off to see how OP these units will be.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Right...this event is female only and it's full of Casters. Guess it's time to let Rider Martha do some exercise, I haven't used her at all since I got Yuri Pirates so it'll be nice to let her loose for a while she hits like a wet noodle, tho. I also noticed that all my Sabers are male so I'm out of luck if a Lancer appears.
  9. An Update to LHBs Incoming (datamined)

    I already mentioned my worries about not being able to solo it with Eirika in the general thread. In any case, even if I can't do that kind of shenanigans I'm up for harder content. After all those solos are basically gimping myself in order to make the maps more challenging so it'll be fun to see something that will force me to bring full powered teams that hopefully aren't just "lol Flier/Horse Emblem cheeses this".
  10. Official Pull Topic

    So..I tried to get dancing Micaiah once again. The red orbs gave me a 3* Henry and a +Atk -Res Ares (this boy is getting merges!). There was a lone green orb and I got this: She's giving me mixed feelings. Getting a focus unit at 3% is neat after the Y!Tiki pity breaker but she's -Atk +Res which sucks, her Atk is bad to begin with and now it's just unusable. Haaah...If it weren't because I like Elincia a lot she'd be fodder for Sakunya. Edit: I forgot to mention that both of my Elincias are -Atk. Guess they're consistent in that regard.
  11. I'll abstain from rating L!Ephraim because I'm not familiar with his playstyle. S!Catria. She has an offensive spread with awful bulk on both sides. S!Catria is made for using a Blade tome with her high Atk/Spd and non-existant bulk. Her Prf weapon lets her play a bit of support with her Atk/Def Chill effect but it doesn't help her in terms of combat. As a blue mage cavalier she faces direct competition from Reinhardt and sadly she doesn't offer anything to put her anywhere near close to him so there's little reason to use her outside of favoritism. Overall S!Catria is decent at her job but doesn't do anything to stand out. Rating: 5/10
  12. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    I haven't played these TT a lot, mostly because there was no seal to look foward to. I'm at 30k while I wait for the next banner reveal. I want to see if I'll use the orbs there or in the Micaiah banner that will come soon.
  13. @Zeo I think the first refine sounds the best, this would cement Matthew as one of the best tanks in the game thanks to his high Spd/Def but he'll still be suceptible to specials so he won't be too OP. The third refine sounds a bit underwhelming, although quad buffs/debuffs are nice. And the 2nd is basically Sacae's Blessing+ which is a bit too broken considering how easy it'll be for Matthew to Ignis bomb people.
  14. Oh boy, if that's legit I don't think my Eirika will be able to solo that thing. Doesn't mean that I won't try but it scares me.
  15. LA!Hector. He focuses on Hp/Atk/Def with low Spd/Res. He has all the armor perks so I'll just skip over that. His Prf weapon, Berserk Armads, which has the killer effect and has Wrath built-in which is as ridiculous as it sounds. He can stack it Wrath in order to deal +20 Dmg when using any kind of special and combined with his huge Atk he'll deal absurd amounts of damage. Just keep in mind that Hector can't use double Wrath without losing the armored exclusive skills at least until IS goes crazy and creates a Vengeful/Bold Fighter seal. His low Spd/Res makes him a bit suceptible to dragons but he makes up for it with his huge Hp stat which gives him a 74 magic bulk so only a blade tome user or Lilina will be able to one shot him. Rating: 9.5/10 LA!Roy. Physical colorless Reinhardt is the best way to describe him and it is as strong as it sounds. Roy has a very high Atk which makes him a better user of Brave Bow+ than B!Lyn and his higher mixed bulk ensures that he'll be able to take a few hits before going down. His Spd is non-existant which hurts his bulk when combined with his pathetic Hp but Roy is a PP unit so he shouldn't be tanking hits anyway. Now, while he's better the better Brave Bow+ user when it comes to raw stats, Roy is inferior to B!Lyn overall thanks to the latter's higher BST and Sacae's Blessing which nullifies Distant Counter on physical melee units making her a safer unit. Roy also suffers from dealing physical damage because most of the cast have higher Def than Res, which makes him worse than Reinhardt on average. Rating: 7/10