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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    @kirauza343 Nice clear! It was pretty cool to see Micaiah shredding all the horses to pieces, and it was pretty funny how the mage dealt 0 dmg despite activating Moonbow only to get nuked to oblivion with Iceberg. @mampfoid Cool as always! I always like to see Airzura being used offensively and this time you made her shine. I also see that Swift Sparrow on your Cordelia, that's pretty nice stuff! - - - - @SatsumaFSoysoy @Zeo @Aera @Khid @Rafiel's Aria @Usana @DefyingFates As for me, this was a pretty easy BHB but it took 2 tries because I did this half-asleep. You'll notice that close to the end I wasted a bit of time trying to see why I couldn't kill Ephraim before I remembered that an important cheerleader was out of line.
  2. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Just got the Brazen Atk/Res seal (finally I'm getting stuff to make my Sonya powerful!). Mia/Mia/Dorcas/Lute is a pretty solid team, although Lute tends to die quite early on auto battle. Dorcas is a lot of fun after giving him Aether and Steady Breath, which I don't regret because he has the best possible nature (+Atk -Spd), I have like another 4 spare B!Ikes and watching him destroy everything on his own is awesome. The Mias do ok but they need expensive fodder to shine and they're not that high on the priority list.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Congrats! That's a really nice free pull! Now your flier team will be pretty bonkers! For me, well I wanted to try for a better nature for Sakunya but ended with a Sothe. LnD fodder is always appreciated. On other, more dire news. I just reached 4% on the new Halloween banner Myrrh, come home!
  4. Not right now but I plan on putting her there next season. My team would be Karla, Cordelia+10, Airzura+2 and bonus unit (hopefully H!Myrrh, otherwise I'll put H!Dorcas there). And yes, blessings do apply on defense teams as long as it has the corresponding Legendary hero for the season. The only things that don't apply are Summoner and Ally support.
  5. This Relay Defense seems a lot more forgiving than last time thanks to the HP reduction but I'm still on the fence about the mode because it's pretty hard to adapt to it. Then again I said the same about Rival Domains and now it's a pretty normal thing so I think it's best to give it some time. Anyways, I finally found a use for the -Atk Saber that's been sitting in my barracks since forever. This is an evil build (inspired by a +10 Hana I found in arena once that had the same skillset), nothing outside of Brave weapon users (Alm and B!Celica included) and mages is going to kill her in one round and she still hits like a freaking truck despite not having an offensive special. When paired with a WoM healer or dancer there's nothing but despair.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: The Goddess and Her Right Hand

    @Zeo Nice as always! Actually, I managed to get Eirika to kill Ishtar at 100%. I failed the first time trying to tank both her and Reinhardt at the same time which is what got me killed, but starting from the middle of the map allows Eirika to kill her and then heal with the archer. I should've recorded that but that'll have to wait until the re-run. Anyways... Matthew really was the star of the show. Soloing a map is no small feat and he made it seem so easy. He needed a bit of support from Genny but that's nothing considering that he took 2 Moonbows to the face and was still able to keep going. Morgan doesn't lag behing, though. The clear was very nice but I found it really interesting how Vantage was enough to make the mage go after Ninian instead of trying to finish Priscilla. You learn something new everyday, huh? Guess there's still a lot I have to learn about AI manipulation. And last, but not least. That Lon'qu has crazy stats! Like, only Karla comes close to that level of stats and even then she's lagging a bit in terms of Spd without Even Spd Wave. It's really crazy to see that. Still, I'm also impressed by your Faye with how tanky she is! Guard Bow + Double Distant Def is something crazy, reminds me of an unkillable Faye I found in AA one time.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes now and in the future

    I'm not going to touch the accessories comment (I have more than enough of those types of discussions IRL to bother with it here). I'll only say that anything that gives me the goddess that is Eirika with glasses is great and you're wrong if you disagree I agree with the Forging Bonds issue. While it can be pretty lenient because you only need to get 1k points per day it can also be very stressful with all those 2x bonuses that may come at times where you can't play. Relay defense is weird. I'm still not used to it we've only had it once ffs, give it some time but I don't hate it. While not killing stuff seems counterintuitive it is kinda interesting in a twisted way. Skill sets are a blessing to me. I always have to change the build of my Eirika between her Arena/GHB/Support sets and having to go skill by skill is sooo annoying and I'm so happy that I don't have to go through that hassle anymore. The training tower is just bad. It needs to give something like double SP in order to compete with the training maps, otherwise it'll continue being useless of quests. Arena is garbage, but AA is still kinda fun and I like the restrictions it has (after all it's one of the few modes where I use more many of my usually benched units and it's decently challenging to face +10 units with +0s). Grand Conquest has the same issues as FB. I don't have much time to play so I end up missing some Lances and then I'm unable to get to tier 25. VG is meh. BHB/GHB/LHB is my favorite mode because it's in these maps where I can make the most out of my Eirika. The reinforcement maps range from awesome to super annoying depending on where they spawn from but in general I like them better than static maps. I can see why some prefer easier stuff, though. Tactics drills. They were fun the first week or so but now I just look the answer on Youtube. Story/CC/etc. Free orbs and nothing more, they are extremely boring. TT. Call me a geezer if you want but I liked it better when it was extremely challenging with all the bloated stats and being very punishing if you lost. Nowadays it's just "autobattle the mode", I want IS to release an Infernal difficulty that is the OG Tempest Trials without the bonuses and stuff. Combat manuals. I don't summon that often anymore so they don't seem that useful to me. Weapon refinery. It's cool and gives old characters a new niche (or at least lets them be relatively competitive in terms of combat RIP Takumi and Anna) but with Dew being so scarce it's hard to justify using it on anything that isn't top tier.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid @Landmaster @Zeo Thanks! It was pretty cool to get quite lucky on a seasonal banner (usually they tend to be pretty harsh for me). Also, speaking of a Mia rain... Yup. Free Mia #2. She's +Spd -Def, the superbane hurts but it's not the end of the world because she's a speed demon and can take at least 1 hit from everything that doesn't have a special charged.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Today is a pretty good day all things considered. I woke up expecting nothing and this was my free summon: It's funny because she was the only colorless orb in the summoning circle, sadly the red orbs were only fodder so no double 5* units for me. She's +Res -Def which isn't the best possible nature but it doesn't hurt her and having 36 Res with her A skill active is pretty handy. Oh well, it's time to clear the 3 heroes quests and snipe for H!Myrrh.
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    I managed to clear this with only Eirika fighting. This one was a bit trickier than Narcian's (as in it took me like 3 more tries due to bad positioning on my part) but it doesn't seem worthy of making a video. Haaah....I guess I got too used to borderline insane maps like L!Marth's and L!Tiki's. I still need my revenge against Garon, though.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo Congrats! She may be a pity breaker, but considering she's a unit you wanted makes it a good thing. Veronica is arguably the best healer right now so she'll surely be very useful for you.
  12. Eirika x7. Voting for anyone else is sacrilege in my eyes.
  13. This map is a bit too easy and the way to solo it with Eirika isn't all that entertaining (basically have someone with Chill Atk to avoid dying during turn 1 and then retreat to kill the enemy one by one). Meh...I'll leave it like this for now, I may record it later down the line but right now I don't really feel like doing it.
  14. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Extremely...Cute...Myrrh...Must...Pull!!!!!! Mia looks incredible for Abyssal maps, maybe I'll give her a shot too despite her awful voice
  15. Things you regret doing the most?

    So far there's nothing that I truly regret doing, but I'm not too happy with all the investment I put onto my Sheena RIP M!Grima and Hector just to end up with the arena changes making her almost useless (stupid cheerleader meta). After all I don't like Sheena that much but I wanted to try to be in the high tiers of arena, but now that's just a waste of time.