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  1. Create a Voting Gauntlet

    The only one I came with was Servants/Retainers vs. Lieges Servants: Frederick, Felicia, Seth, Jagen. Lieges: Chrom/Lissa, Corrin (M/F), Eirika/Ephraim, Marth. You can change Felicia for Jakob/Gunter if you want. There's also the bunch of Fates retainers but let's keep it to the ones for the main lord (and relatives if they share).
  2. It seems many are going to whale a lot here. My highest merge is my Eirika+3 and I'm expecting to get a few +2 at best (only for those I already have like Caeda, Ike, Lyn and hopefully Fjorm).
  3. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Alright time to choose my team for the TT. Bike is a given because he's my only 40% bonus unit, Lancina is in because I've neglected her for a very long while now and she needs the SP. B!Lyn is on the iffy side, on one hand she's a monster and will destroy about everything (she even has desperation if Sacae's blessing turns to be more useless than good) but she already has capped HM and having a mage would offer more balance to my team. The 4th spot is most likely going to be for one of the Olivias and Genny when using auto battle.
  4. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    YES! Bike confirmed as a 40% bonus. He has max HM but whatever, the orbs are a bigger deal right now. Bonus because I'll finally max Lancina and I want to see how busted B!Lyn is going to be. She's super busted as it is but with +10 stats..... *shudder*
  5. Is there any hint on the Feh channel about if Fjorm is going to be a one time thing, something like seasonals or just added to the regular pool after the Legendary banner? I find it weird to have a summonable OC, not that I mind she's awesome, but I'm really intrigued about how IS is going to approach her and possibly other OCs. Summonable Veronica please.
  6. Touche. She's going to need a new attack animation to get out of the bench.
  7. Sharena is lovely but DC and that flip animation are a pretty tough competition.
  8. I don't know if I'll regret this (I think not). It was Alfonse's turn to become a 5* (the first from the Askr trio) but after upgrading an Ogma and giving him Brave Sword+ I started thinking what benefits I would get making him 5*. Turns out there wasn't a lot and Sharena started waving her hands at me to look at her being at 4* Lvl.40 for like 4 months. Long story short I promoted Sharena to 5* while Alfonse will get stuck at 4* and Anna at 3*. The sad part here is that I'm pretty sure Fjorm is going to put Sharena in the bench as soon as she gets released.
  9. Commonly Used Heroes You Enjoy Facing

    Hmm...Well I like every red not named Celica/Sigurd because my Tana makes short work of them all the time (gotta love Moonbow+QP), I used to love seeing Armor Emblem but Jakob is annoying af. Henry I like seeing because he can't do anything to my beautiful Eirika and even on defense tiles he dies to her. I also enjoy seeing TA units (except dancers, those can go to hell with Reinhardt), those are awful on defense so they make for easy pickings.
  10. Wait?! The Alfonse quests are before the banner? Here I'm sitting at 50k feathers and a 2* Alfonse. Maybe I'll give him his Brave Sword+ set and finally make him a 5*.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    This one seems interesting. Depending on whether it goes for canon couples or unrequited love I can see Caeda or Catria in respectively. In any case I'll wait for it to see who's going to be the best feather machine and hope for them to pull a Shanna and see the salt mines unleash.
  12. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    I might bat an eye on the banner if they include Velouria (which won't happen) but otherwise I don't really care about the kids at all. Which is good, this way I can safely throw my orbs at Fjorm without regret. For predictions, I'm expecting to see Siegbert, Shiro, Midori/Percy/Kana and Forrest/Kiragi.
  13. I'M GOING ALL IN! I want every hero her except for S!Xander but hey 1 pity breaker vs 2 blues I want (Caeda please be +Spd this time). Even the ones I have need a better nature or are fantastic SI fooder so it's a win/win. It helps that the other banner seems to be Fates kids whom IDGAF about. If my luck is bad I may have to spend another $40 on orbs.
  14. Bound Hero Battle: You of the Light (Takumi and Hinoka)

    I was going to share my strategy as soon as I finished the Infernal map (about 5 minutes after it released lol) but it was not worth it. Hector shits on Takumi and the blue mage and for the rest you can either go with 1 archer with Brave Bow+ and two dancers or use 2 archers and 1 dancer which is what I did. Klein+B!Lyn made short work of the rest while Hector went to chill in a corner after his job was done. Oh yeah, Hard and Lunatic were done by my classic team of Ike, Nowi, Hector, Bride Lyn. This map alongside Ursula's is just a "JustuseHectortm".
  15. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    I'm relatively ok with them. More often than not they're just shiny new toys, looking at you Ylissean Summer, but when you get into unique classes it gets stressing. I'm not a big fan of putting those classes behind a limited time banner because it basically makes it "get this super new class NOW or cry until next year/whenever we choose to bring 'em back if ever". Even if they''re not necessary it's still an annoyance. Thankfully I'm not a collector so chances are I'm just going to pull for those who are characters I like, characters who look super cute and maybe characters with new classes every once in a while like I did for S!Corrin but not S!Camilla (although the mage/archer armor and red flying mage are super unique they didn't won me over). Also if the Christmas banner keeps itself as the datamine from 8 months ago showed then I'll be more than happy to ignore it while Spring Xander laughs at my pathetic tries to get Fjorm.