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  1. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Lucius. He sports a good Hp, Atk (for a healer), Spd and Res while dumping his Def completely. His good Spd allows him to avoid a good amount of doubles and thanks to his high Res he won't take much damage from mages if he ends up in their range. He's in the top 3 of infantry healers alongside Bride Lyn and Genny meaning that he's going to be great when built properly. Thanks to having an actual Atk stat he can run other staves instead of Pain+ making him more versatile. All in all Lucius is a very good healer and can work as a colorless mage if required, just keep him away from melee units because his Def is pathetic. Rating: 7/10 Rebecca. Her stats have a semi focus on Spd and Res (sorta). With a +Atk nature she's able to emulate the likes of the archer trio of Klein/Jeorge/Takumi in terms of generic builds or she can take the +Spd route to become a quadding archer like Setsuna. Thanks to being an archer she'll do a decent job but at the same time suffers a lot from the general increase in bulk that the weapon refinery provided. The lack of a Prf weapon also hurts her as she's forced to run generic builds. I'll keep it short, she's totally outclassed by the archer trio thanks to their higher Atk and even worse she'll never be close to Bride Cordelia who sports higher Atk and Spd. Use her if she's one of your favorites but she's not in a good spot, maybe if she gets Rienfleche one day she'll improve? We'll see. Rating: 3/10
  2. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I'd prefer to use S!Cordelia come home please, the other 2 Cordelias are waiting but if I can't then Sharena it is. At least I have her decently built as an anti-red unit with TA.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Well, for now I got a bunch of nothing (not even fodder) and a 3.25% pity rate. I still have the orbs of the arena quests and a few left from the TT so I'll give this another shot later.
  4. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Karel. His stats have an emphasis on Hp and Spd while also having average Atk, below average Def and terrible Res. On his vanilla form he's pretty mediocre and outclassed by the likes of Athena when it comes to being a semi strong and fast unit with enough bulk to fight a few rounds. Thankfully the weapon refinery gave him a new leash in life with a new Prf, Nameless Blade which gives him access to a Slaying Edge+Wo Dao effects in one weapon. This makes him pretty strong when using low CD specials like Moonbow and thanks to his huge Hp he makes for a good user of Panic Ploy to disrupt buffed enemies. That's about it though, his damage is good but his Spd, while above average, isn't on par with the top tier swords. He is very similar to Fir but with a focus on physical bulk and with a bit more Atk. He's a pretty good unit but the spot for red sword is a very competitive one and Karel doesn't offer much outside of high damage. Rating: 6.5/10 Ninian. Being a dancer already makes her a great unit, but being a Dragon Emblem support makes her an outstanding one. Statwise she's nothing to write home about thanks to being mediocre across the board, this means that she shouldn't be fighting stuff without TA but her utility is huge. Being one of the two sources of Fortify Dragons (with the other one being a GHB that has another coveted skill to fodder off) makes her pretty valuable for these types of teams. Her color coupled with TA allows her to survive at least 1 hit from Falchion users not named Alm so she has some merits as a lure. That's about it when it comes to Ninian, she offers the best kind of utility in the game but as a combat unit she's pretty subpar. Rating: 7.5/10
  5. While I don't have hoarding problems I always hate to see any kind of limited resource go to waste. Also that Lyn has been gathering dust since her release banner because I wasn't going to give Dazzling Staff to anyone but Elise (although it's very hard these days to set some orbs apart for her and Priscilla does just fine with Dazzling Pain+). It's not that big of a deal, thanks to how refine works if I get a stray Genny one day then I'll be able to achieve the same Dazzling+Wrathful effect.
  6. Er...None of them seem too appealing in terms of skills, although Noire's could work if one wishes to make Infantry Emblem, still too niche imo. Whatever, I'll still go for Cordelia because I love how she looks that wink is really charming. Being able to shut down any kind of Melee buffs will make her pretty good in AA. Sadly for Tana her skills aren't really that good and she looks a bit too similar to her OG form which I have so no need to get her.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    I'll need to get Euryale to level 90 10/10/10 sooner than I expected I'm doing it for the FP and love, I know a normal one can perform just as well. Time to blast Gorilla into oblivion. It's a shame I didn't get enough of the Kiyo CE from Rashomon to MLB it but it should be good enough in it's vanilla form.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Well, I finally got to 200M so I'm done with the ladder. I'll grind Coral and use natural BP against Ushi Gozen for now. I'll save the refills for the return of the Blue Oni so I can keep bullying him with Euryale.
  9. RIP Dazzling Staff fodder. I gave a Wind Blessing to the wrong Bride Lyn when I wasn't paying attention so I had no other choice but to merge them. At least the good Lyn is +Spd so she went up to 38 at base which means only crazy swords and Bold Fighter will double her.
  10. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Slowing down to save orbs for the summer units turned out to be a good idea in the end. I'm at 42k atm, maybe I'll start grinding harder once the banner drops and I get to 50k doing the daily 3 runs. Both Olivias already maxed their HM so I guess it's time for Inigo to take his mother's place for the feathers. I also changed Y!Tiki with Alm, I wanted to get a better feeling of his refined Falchion and it's really cool.
  11. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Finished my run with a score of 3,614. Should be enough to go back to tier 20 (it feels odd, I keep getting low range matches of like 720~724 instead of 728~732). AA I ended with 5,107. Still nowhere near enough for top 5k. Water week really makes this hard.
  12. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Lachesis. She has a decent stat spread with above average Atk and Res with mediocre Hp/Spd/Def. Her Atk lets her use more staves than Pain+ which puts her in a better spot than other healers although the lack of a horse means that she won't be doing Gravity+ shenanigans like Elise would. Her low Spd undermines her decent Res as she's certainly going to be doubled if hit. The perks of being a healer puts her in a good spot but she's outclassed by Genny due to being less min-maxed. Rating: 6/10 Klein. The last one of the decent yet outclassed by Bridelia infantry archers. His stat spread is semi-balanced with a focus on Spd. At the time of his release he was one of the best archers in the game thanks to his wonderful skillset, sadly SI came by and allowed every other archer to use the same Death Blow+Brave Bow set. Due to his lackluster Atk he falls short of the likes of Jeorge and Takumi although that's by a very small margin making the 3 of them practically the same. As I said earlier Bridelia blows those 3 out of the water when it comes to using a Brave Bow, at least Jeorge got himself a niche unlike the other two who are doomed to walk in her shadow. Klein will cover your needs if he's one of your favorites because he is good, just not top tier. He's godly as fodder though. Rating: 5/10
  13. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    @Rafiel's Aria Wow! Lucius showed no mercy what's this Heron thing that guy's babbling about?. Even with Pain+ he deals so much damage, that's so awesome! Congrats on the great clear! Thanks! Actually when I did my test run I forgot the Sapphire Lance was there and I got a bit worried about it thinking I'd have to run CA2 to clear the map. It was very funny when it dealt so little damage despite having a 40% advantage. Guess Eirika can now join Zelgius, Effie, M!Grima and Ayra in the list of units that don't care about the Weapon Triangle! @kirauza343 Marisa ate that Lance cav like it was nothing! Getting her out of danger with Guidance was also a very nifty strat, not to mention Celica nuking stuff is always nice to see. Cool stuff. Thanks, I really hope to get a bad natured L!Lyn next time, although Legendary banners tend to hate me...
  14. Cordelia winks again... I NEED her. I went to great lengths to get her Bridal version because she winked and now this one does too. Guess I'll get Cordelia Emblem when the 4th one comes and winks one more time. Tana looks extremely cute but I'll wait to see her stats before deciding if I'll pull for her or not. Innes reminds me of Dio which is a good thing. If I get Cordelia early he's next on the list. Noire...Er, her art is nice but I don't like her pose and I wasn't the biggest fan of her in Awakening. She's a completely new unit and she's the one I'll skip.