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  1. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    I'd have to say the most non-meta unit I've invested in would have to be my Explosives Master Saizo. He's got: +Def/-Res Fire Blessing Defense refined Smoke Dagger+ Reposition Growing Flame Fury Poison Strike Savage Blow Savage Blow Seal It's very much a gimmick, but it works way better than it should. Any time he attacks there's an explosion that everything, himself included (via fury) feels, and the enemies are left crippled by the fallout (smoke dagger). From everything I've seen of Saizo in Fates, it feels exactly like I'd expect him to fight, and as a result he's a blast to use.
  2. Together, we must rally our Laguz allies!

    As much as I'd love to see Laguz in game, I feel like them winning a Brave Hero spot would actually backfire, since then we'd get some special variant of them which could very well not be a shapeshifter. I could totally see them make dagger Lethe Lethe: "It's not a weapon, I use it to cut fruit!"
  3. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    As expected, this TT has been no problem whatsoever. I see plenty of posts with brave Hinoka obliterating Takumi, so I figure I'll toss in my own version. Long story short, he's not even safe from non-brave weapons with Hinoka =D Admittedly it's only due to Sakura's support and Ryoma's Drive Speed that she's able to double him, but it's still super satisfying. Almost as satisfying as seeing all this Hinoka love coming out of the woodwork, considering her relative unpopularity compared to the rest of both families.
  4. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    My current biggest -team- project has been to make the Hoshidan family into a unified force. In my effort to pull Micaiah, I finally got a Tailtiu and another Odin to mostly finish the team. Only thing now is to find better natures where applicable. Currently +SPD/-DEF, Ryoma covers green enemies and can duel with reds, having a reasonable 32/30 bulk when attacked in melee, and responding with a Wrath Moonbow in turn. Coming in with +DEF/-HP, this Takumi is my oldest 5 star unit in the game, given new life with the refinery and a lot of inheritance. He covers the physical ranged enemies - mainly bowbreaking B!Lyn. He also works as a backup melee tank when needed. With +HP/-SPD, (Not my favorite nature for her, still waiting to find another), Sakura's here to keep the team alive with Fear+ and Physic+, and provide a much needed mage tank. I still bounce between RES+2 and Deflect Magic with her depending on the occasion, as Moonbow Reinhardt will still power through her. Easily my biggest project character, Hinoka's currently at +SPD/-RES. She's the wildcard slot, able to engage pretty much anywhere against anybody except greens (Who she can still tank to a degree with team support) Also, by my true biggest project, I mean she's currently in the process of learning every skill in the game accessible to her, in addition to the slow climb to +10. Current skill list is: The team as a whole covers just about everything, and with all 4 drive skills between them, can bulk each other up without fear of getting debuffed by Panic. And if something comes up that the others can't handle, Hinoka almost certainly can do so. Supports are Hinoka + Sakura, and Ryoma + Takumi (And yes, I'm absolutely looking forward to the coming Tempest Trial. This will be Hilarious >:D )
  5. You know, thinking on it, they could make Yukimura even more unique by making him a mounted dagger user. I know the Mechanist can use both dagger and bow, but dagger'd be a very exclusive niche. I do agree with the sentiment people have had with regards to Reina (Bow Flier) and Aversa (Flying mage). I think I saw somebody suggest Dheginsea as an Armored Breath user somewhere. There're also Reyson and Leanne for flying refreshers. If you consider the different flying beasts as different there's also Jill for a Wyvern Lance and Ashnard for a Wyvern Sword. Bow cavalry's got the Nomad (Sue, Sin, Rath) and Bow Knight (Astrid) to pull from, not counting classes that can take it as a secondary like in PoR. Aside from all that, I'd still love for Miciah to have Thani be effective against Armor/Cavalry. We don't have any vs armor tomes, and with the Christmas units, they're getting a lot more durable to both damage types.
  6. I definitely agree with all the sentiment that the Askr Trio weapons and Sieglinde should be able to be forged. Not sure what to do with them, but they need something. Other weapons I'd like to see forged are: The Binding Blade - the titular weapon of the game of the same name, and from what my friend tells me it basically allows Roy to break his game in half once he gets it. In heroes it's been power-crept super hard. A forged Silver Sword is better in some ways. Not sure how to upgrade it, myself, but that friend of mine really wants to see DC on it (I guess it had 1-2 range in it's game?) Yato - also a victim of power creep. Just compare it to Ayra's Blade - Darting Blow 2, or SPD+3 and Flashing Blade all the time. A thought I had is giving it an unconditional 2 to all stats as an upgrade to the Omega Yato, and maybe throw in Guard 3 as well (It also grants Corrin 10 critical evade in Fates) Excalibur - I know you can just replace it with Dark Excalibur, but it's still its own weapon. I'd be happy with it just getting the ability to forge stats onto it, but if they wanted to give it something unique, they could give it Nullify Flier Buffs in the same vein as the Armor and Horse slaying weapons. Aura - Same reason as Excalibur, I rather enjoy using Linde as a pseudo-medic, so I'm not switching to Dark Aura. Maybe upgrade it to Breath of Life 3, and/or extend its effect to 2 squares like Absorb+ Brynhidlr - Power-crept by Gravity+. As a legendary weapon, I think it could at minimum use the 2 square radius Gravity+ gets, and if it gets something nifty, give it Reduce the first magic attack recieved by 50% damage like Divine Tyrfing. It has a chance of doing exactly that in Fates On a non-legendary side, I'd love to see the Guard Naginata added to the game as an upgrade somewhere. Just give it Close DEF 3 in the same way Guard Bow has Distant DEF 3 There are more, but those are the main ones I've thought about actively.
  7. Definitely supporting Lobster Lord this time around, partially out of spite for him and Hinoka not being part of the banner, and partially because I don't have the other characters. I may or may not have fed both Christmas Robin and NY Camilla to Hinoka. Camilla mostly out of spite, but also because I'm collecting all the skills I can on Hinoka as a grand project >.>
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Sounds good. I've switched her over to fury (which incidentally, has the side effect of boosting her attack by 6 when moving from fortress def as well). If you get her again let me know how that works for you. I should actually be pretty good on color quests, so Merric suits me just fine as well. On another note, finally got another Serenes member. @Rezzy's Titania once again saved a team from getting swept by a TA blue mage
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Glad Hinoka could be of assistance. She's easily my biggest project (and favorite character) in the game. Was fortress defense working well for you? She also has fury, distant counter, close defense and iote's shield as options. I've been trying to make her as self sufficient as possible. That Merric of yours is awesome as well. With dark Excalibur he demolishes whatever Sigurd can't handle. Haven't gotten anybody else's characters yet, it's mostly been Merric or my irl friend's Hector. But at least it's not red hell
  10. I was thinking the same thing. But I'm not too worried about him not getting Caladbolg. While it's certainly possible, he did get it in Cipher, which is a Japanese only card game. So it's not like they've completely written off it's existence as being NA exclusive.
  11. Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate!

    For once I actually have multiple bonus characters, so same as Aria and Xenomata, I'm running Ike(Neutral, Stock build +Hone ATK), Nephenee(+DEF/-RES, Stock Build +Fury/Hone ATK), 4* Soren(+ATK/-RES, Stock again) and Mist(Nature doesn't matter - Recover Staff). The extra stats from them being bonus units makes it hilariously easy, and the team always makes it to the end. And as a rule, Ike has been the one to take down the BK every battle (Though I've had Nephenee tank the Black Luna hit on occasion). His stock Swordbreaker and natural bulk actually make it a surprisingly even duel, despite Black Luna and boss stat inflation. Though yeah, the maps aren't being conductive towards an A in speed, with those maps that have the enemy just sit there until you provoke them while overlapping different parts of the triangle at their aggro points. But I've never cared too much about speed, so meh.
  12. A bit late to the party here, but PoR/RD did actually have some physical Breath attacks. Red and Black Breath (Ena and Gareth for the former, Kurthnaga and Dheginsea for the latter) Were both Strength based. I guess White breath was too, in PoR, but they changed it to Magic in RD (Sorry Nasir!) I'm pretty sure there weren't any physical tomes though. As far as other weapons go, however - Fates alone has a ton of weapons they could draw from to mess with the damage being dealt, as well as other tools that've yet to be tapped. Flame Shuriken/Shining Bow for Colorless magic damage. Barb Shuriken (Special -1), Hunter's Knife (Beastslayer), Soldier's Knife (Brave), and Sting Shuriken (Armorslayer) for dagger variety. Just as some examples. There are of course also the Bolt Axe/Wind Sword/Flame Lance as well for the primary weapon classes for altering damage type, and Storm Sword/Tomahawk/Spear for giving the melee classes a ranged option. Still plenty they can do to shake things up. Sadly, just not as much for mages, though there are still tomes like Nosferatu they could introduce for giving magic more shenanigans or (heaven forbid in a battlefield of this size) the siege tomes Tornado/Meteor/Bolting (At which point if they go that route, they may as well introduce Ballisticians as well)
  13. Banners you guys want to see ?

    I, too would like a Dawn Brigade banner. Each of the original members (except Sothe) even have a prf weapon they could have. Micaiah - Thani (Effective against Cavalry/Armor?) (Probably with Ardent Sacrifice as an assist. Please don't just pull a Lucius here and make her a staff) Edward - Caladbolg (Traditionally boosts luck by 8, which is hit and avoid and not relevant to Heroes. It's also related in some cases to skill activation, so maybe the killer -1 CD?) Leonardo - Lughnasadh (SPD +3? 2? +5 in its home game, but in Heroes special weapons get the second level of the related skill) Nolan - Tarvos (DEF +3? 2? +4 in RD, same as above for Heroes) Sothe - Silver Dagger/Baselard/Peshkatz? (I'd like to see Peshkatz on Volke since he comes with it in RD) Of course, this comes with the problem of doubling up colorless. But as the PoR banner we just got shows, they're still not above doing that. I'd imagine Micaiah would be Blue, because Thani's light magic, and Aura sets a precedent for that being in Blue (PoR/RD's light tomes even use Aura in their names) Related, I really hope, in the same vein as my hope of Volke getting Peshkatz, that whenever we get Mia she gets Wo Dao, since she comes equipped with that in RD as well.
  14. Who are you Supporting?

    So far I've only set up supports based on a few of my teams: Team Nohr Xander-Leo and Camilla-Elise and Team Hoshido Ryoma-Takumi and Hinoka-Sakura Pretty basic stuff really. And the first support I did, without any hesitation whatsoever was Chrom-Ephraim. I couldn't not support the two now that the system's in game.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Now it works! Request sent.