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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Sounds good. I've switched her over to fury (which incidentally, has the side effect of boosting her attack by 6 when moving from fortress def as well). If you get her again let me know how that works for you. I should actually be pretty good on color quests, so Merric suits me just fine as well. On another note, finally got another Serenes member. @Rezzy's Titania once again saved a team from getting swept by a TA blue mage
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Glad Hinoka could be of assistance. She's easily my biggest project (and favorite character) in the game. Was fortress defense working well for you? She also has fury, distant counter, close defense and iote's shield as options. I've been trying to make her as self sufficient as possible. That Merric of yours is awesome as well. With dark Excalibur he demolishes whatever Sigurd can't handle. Haven't gotten anybody else's characters yet, it's mostly been Merric or my irl friend's Hector. But at least it's not red hell
  3. I was thinking the same thing. But I'm not too worried about him not getting Caladbolg. While it's certainly possible, he did get it in Cipher, which is a Japanese only card game. So it's not like they've completely written off it's existence as being NA exclusive.
  4. Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate!

    For once I actually have multiple bonus characters, so same as Aria and Xenomata, I'm running Ike(Neutral, Stock build +Hone ATK), Nephenee(+DEF/-RES, Stock Build +Fury/Hone ATK), 4* Soren(+ATK/-RES, Stock again) and Mist(Nature doesn't matter - Recover Staff). The extra stats from them being bonus units makes it hilariously easy, and the team always makes it to the end. And as a rule, Ike has been the one to take down the BK every battle (Though I've had Nephenee tank the Black Luna hit on occasion). His stock Swordbreaker and natural bulk actually make it a surprisingly even duel, despite Black Luna and boss stat inflation. Though yeah, the maps aren't being conductive towards an A in speed, with those maps that have the enemy just sit there until you provoke them while overlapping different parts of the triangle at their aggro points. But I've never cared too much about speed, so meh.
  5. A bit late to the party here, but PoR/RD did actually have some physical Breath attacks. Red and Black Breath (Ena and Gareth for the former, Kurthnaga and Dheginsea for the latter) Were both Strength based. I guess White breath was too, in PoR, but they changed it to Magic in RD (Sorry Nasir!) I'm pretty sure there weren't any physical tomes though. As far as other weapons go, however - Fates alone has a ton of weapons they could draw from to mess with the damage being dealt, as well as other tools that've yet to be tapped. Flame Shuriken/Shining Bow for Colorless magic damage. Barb Shuriken (Special -1), Hunter's Knife (Beastslayer), Soldier's Knife (Brave), and Sting Shuriken (Armorslayer) for dagger variety. Just as some examples. There are of course also the Bolt Axe/Wind Sword/Flame Lance as well for the primary weapon classes for altering damage type, and Storm Sword/Tomahawk/Spear for giving the melee classes a ranged option. Still plenty they can do to shake things up. Sadly, just not as much for mages, though there are still tomes like Nosferatu they could introduce for giving magic more shenanigans or (heaven forbid in a battlefield of this size) the siege tomes Tornado/Meteor/Bolting (At which point if they go that route, they may as well introduce Ballisticians as well)
  6. Banners you guys want to see ?

    I, too would like a Dawn Brigade banner. Each of the original members (except Sothe) even have a prf weapon they could have. Micaiah - Thani (Effective against Cavalry/Armor?) (Probably with Ardent Sacrifice as an assist. Please don't just pull a Lucius here and make her a staff) Edward - Caladbolg (Traditionally boosts luck by 8, which is hit and avoid and not relevant to Heroes. It's also related in some cases to skill activation, so maybe the killer -1 CD?) Leonardo - Lughnasadh (SPD +3? 2? +5 in its home game, but in Heroes special weapons get the second level of the related skill) Nolan - Tarvos (DEF +3? 2? +4 in RD, same as above for Heroes) Sothe - Silver Dagger/Baselard/Peshkatz? (I'd like to see Peshkatz on Volke since he comes with it in RD) Of course, this comes with the problem of doubling up colorless. But as the PoR banner we just got shows, they're still not above doing that. I'd imagine Micaiah would be Blue, because Thani's light magic, and Aura sets a precedent for that being in Blue (PoR/RD's light tomes even use Aura in their names) Related, I really hope, in the same vein as my hope of Volke getting Peshkatz, that whenever we get Mia she gets Wo Dao, since she comes equipped with that in RD as well.
  7. Who are you Supporting?

    So far I've only set up supports based on a few of my teams: Team Nohr Xander-Leo and Camilla-Elise and Team Hoshido Ryoma-Takumi and Hinoka-Sakura Pretty basic stuff really. And the first support I did, without any hesitation whatsoever was Chrom-Ephraim. I couldn't not support the two now that the system's in game.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Now it works! Request sent.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Very nicely done! Also, went to add you, but it seems you're missing a number somewhere in that ID; its only 9 digits long =p
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    So Lyn managed to lose to the multiplier. Sorry to hear that guys. If any of you coming to Ike's side want a Minerva to help cut down Camilla, feel free to add me as well. (As much as it sounds like she hasn't shown up even once for Rezzy >.>) Code is 7908155030. Let's see if we can avenge Lyn and Minerva!
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    I'm doing the same this time, since I had a level 1 Ike. The scoring doesn't care what level the character you use is - just whether or not they're the bonus. (Just make sure you don't set your low level and/or Ike as your friend display character >.>)
  12. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Just remembered I initially posted my WiP Whitewings team here a while back. Figure it's about time I posted an update on them. (Spoilered because these phone pictures get big) Short of getting Renewal 3 and a Slaying Lance for Catria, they're more or less where I want them now. The sisters are all the neutral ones they gave out as quest rewards a while back, while Minerva is +RES/-HP (I've since found a +ATK/-RES one, but I'm not convinced she really needs any more damage). As may be extrapolated by their HM level, this team has carried me through basically everything short of specialized battles like Infernal GHBs. It can even full clear the Tempest 90% of the time. I'm really glad the family (and their boss) work so well as a group together
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Fair enough. The multipliers aren't at set times. They happen when one team is 10% higher than the other. That's why such a big score swing early in the morning causes them for both sides, even if one side has significantly more players. That's the only time for this level of blowout that the scores are low enough for the less popular team's bonus to push them above 10% higher than the more popular team. It's not strictly because it's morning, but that morning for NA is when the match begins.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    Ugh, that sucks. Had it happen a few times before @Rezzy woke up. Your Titania has been immensely helpful, by the way Rezzy. Seems you're the only one on my list that actually went Ike, so I get to count on having her every battle! This is also why I have Minerva as my lead (well, that and favoritism >.>). Ike can handle Reds and Greens, so she can cut down any Blues that show up If you're referring to the one multiplier Ike actually got, it's because that's the only time in a blowout match like this that the scores are close enough, since they're unboosted on both sides for the first hour. Ike gets ahead of Roy easily in that first hour, but since the match just began and the scores are still low, Roy can actually blow past Ike's unboosted score in the next hour, which gives Ike a multiplier. But everybody on team Ike who were on at the time knew they probably wouldn't see another multiplier, so most of the team (Which is substantially larger) blew their flags for the multiplier. The result is a score too large for Roy to respond to, so he's playing catch up the rest of the match.
  15. First off, I do really like this site. It's a nice change of pace from viewing Wikis all the time. That in mind, got a few things I figure I'd note - basically just any time I've had to leave the site to get further information off the wiki that I feel could still be relevant to what this site is accomplishing, I've made mental note of it. Just suggestions, of course. These things are: What star rarity a character learns their skills. When clicking on Renewal for example, it shows the characters, but neither the Renewal page nor individual character pages show that only Fae can learn it at 4 star, and the others need to be 5. Maybe superimpose a star count over their pictures on the skill page to show rarities skills are learned? Prerequisites/Follow-up skills. Knowing which skill you need to teach to learn Hone Fliers (for example) can be useful if you don't have the unit to inherit that yet, but want to get a character started on inheritance in the meantime. Same deal with knowing which skills one you already have learned are needed for. I.E. Frederick has New Moon, which allows both Luna and Moonbow. Putting a 'preceded/followed by x skill' would be a potentially simple QoL improvement and help navigate things more fluidly as well. As a formatting suggestion, maybe move the Dagger units to be in line with the other two colorless weapons? This would put all 3 tomes on the same line when viewed 3 across as well, making everything -feel- more consistent. (Actually looking at it, it looks like the list is just set to sort the categories by most-least units.) This last thing isn't necessarily a suggestion, just pointing out that to me at least, on Firefox, the Hero Matchup key doesn't seem to line up with its text. See spoiler for image of what I mean. All in all though, great site! Keep up the good work