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  1. Let's go Prologue: 2/2 Chapter 1: 5/7 Chapter 2: 5/12 Chapter 3: 6/18 Now Garcia's here. There were some moments where enemies need to not block Eirika's way, but I think it's RNG based. Also grabbed Colm after he grabbed the Hand Axe (and Iron Sword). Chapter 4: 7/25 If Garcia could ORKO the boss with Hand Axe, this could have been a 4-turn (though that's probably statistically impossible EXP-wise). If that annoying Vulnerary Entombed reinforcement attacked on Enemy Phase, this could have been a 6-turn. Alas, neither happened, so 7-turn it is. Chapter 5: 5/30 Some pretty scary enemy phases, but things worked out so that I got the Armorslayer, Killing Edge, and the 5-turn, so that's cool. Chapter 5x: 7/37 Nothing unusual here Chapter 6: 4/41 Just Eirika clearing the way for Garcia's bosskill. Ended up having to Hand Axe him, but Garcia has just enough strength to do it. Chapter 7: 7/48 Garcia self-improves, Eirika walks on water. Chapter 8: 8/56 Garcia gets to Tirado a few turns before Eirika, so he gets the bosskill. Exactly enough strength to kill him in 2 PP + 1 EP. Stats Entering Eirika Route: Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Luk Def Res Weapon Ranks Eirika Lord 16.49 26 11 13 15 15 06 06 A Swords Garcia Fighter 19.96 41 16 16 11 10 07 08 A Axes +5 Res from average, Garcia? O.o
  2. Yes, assuming you drafted the summoner
  3. I do believe that Colm > Rennac. Even if Colm's contributions of a few statboosters and promotion items are nothing "of note", they are still more than nothing, which is virtually what Rennac contributes by the time he joins. He grabs a few stuff as an enemy, but that's about it. By the time he joins, most chapters are turning into warp skips, and there's no real need to grab anything in chests. His combat is pretty bad too, since 10 Strength isn't doing him any favors. On the topic of Ephraim!Saleh, he's not D-Rank material I'd say, but not having the time to grind staves does suck. His combat is still pretty good, and he still reaches S Anima with ease, but if you're going for the warp skips of the late-game, he's not feasibly getting to A Staves. Even if you get him to A Staves, it's going to be in the last 3 chapters of the game, and you put in all that time and effort to get him to Warp once or twice. Why do that when you can get Moulder, Artur, Natasha, or even Lute to do the same thing earlier and, most likely, better than he can? I've used him in one of my Ephraim playthroughs, and he got to B Staves at the start of Chapter 20. Getting him to A would just be worse, and ultimately not worth it.
  4. You raise good points: 6 move is pretty mediocre and being nearly unrescue-able makes it even worse. I suppose I did underestimate how fast units can grow in this game and, thus, B rank would probably work. I still insist that Duessel's combat is better than "middling", but I've already made my case, so there's no need to repeat it. The exact position in B rank matters not to me, but I do support raising Garcia to B, and also lowering Ephraim!Saleh and Innes. I also question Natasha being B rank, since her staffing is ultimately inferior to Moulder's, Bishop!Artur's, and Eirika!Saleh's. She does have 7 chapters over Saleh, and slightly less over Artur, depending on when you promote him. She still faces competition over Moulder, and the double healing isn't too necessary for the early-game chapters. Getting her to promotion is also difficult due to how short this game is, and how the higher EXP staves don't appear until later. Perhaps I underestimate the worth of having a 2nd healer for some chapters of early and mid-game, but I think C Rank makes sense, since deploying her "can be useful depending on the situation". I will say she is slightly better on Ephraim's Route due to Saleh not being able to train his staves for nearly as long, but I don't see how that significantly affects her ranking for the better.
  5. I'm a pretty big fan of Ephraim!Duessel, so I guess I'll explain his usability and why I think low A/high B would be a sufficient placement for him. I think we can all agree that his bases are pretty fantastic, especially his defenses and weapon ranks. 41 HP, 17 Defense, and 9 Resistance is top-tier during the mid-game, and among the best of any units you have by the time you get him in Chapter 10. His weapon ranks are also spectacular, with the triple A's in Swords, Lances, and Axes. A Axes in particular is a great boon, since it allows him to reach S Rank quickly, and use Garm as soon as it's gotten in Chapter 14. His offensive bases may not be as impressive, at 17 Strength and 12 Speed, but I think they are sufficient for a good amount of the game, and I'll try to explain why. I will admit that his contributions in his starting chapter (Chapter 10) are nothing too special. He can fend off the pirates attacking the NPCs, but most people can do that, and tanking the various Mercenary/Cavalry reinforcements also isn't anything too special. I will note, however, that he preforms pretty well against Beran, the boss, since he's one of the few capable Axe users at this point that can counter Beran's Lancereaver and not get doubled. Considering that killing Beran is faster than waiting out the turncount, this may be the preferable option, in which case Duessel helps out quite a bit. Chapter 11 is where he really starts to shine though, and he never really stops. I won't go into it too much, since other people have mentioned it already, but his does really well in Pirate Ship, ORKOing virtually every grunt on the ship, and, more importantly, having the Defense to tank the onslaught of Enemy Phases. Considering that this is considered one of the harder chapters in the game, that's a pretty big point in his favor. And he just continues. In Chapter 12, he can clear out the various monsters blocking the 1-tile chokepoints, allowing other units to run towards the boss. In Chapter 13, he can double the Fighters, Archers, and Peg. Knights, and OHKO the Cavaliers he doesn't double with the Horseslayer. In Chapter 14, he can ORKO almost every enemy, either doubling naturally or OHKOing the Mercs/Myrms with the Swordslayer/Swordreaver/Silver Lance. It's in this same chapter that you get Garm, which Duessel can use quite proficiently throughout the rest of the game. The only chapters in which he doesn't do too well in is Chapter 17, due to the influx of mages. Heck, with the Garm, he can even do a juicy 21 damage to the Demon King, surviving the counter and not getting doubled (not too impressive, but fun fact). And he does all of this at base. Indeed, the only non-promoted enemies he can't consistently double are Mercs, Myrmidons, and the Chapter 13 Cavaliers (the one's that aren't weighed down). However, he can OHKO all of them with a Silver Lance/Horseslayer (or he gets really close). He doesn't really need Speedwings, or any stat-booster for that matter, although they help, obviously. He does have a tougher time against standard promoted classes, but they don't arrive too often: you have the Chapter 13 Great Knight (Armorslayer says hi), the Chapter 14 Bishops/Druids (fair point), and past Chapter 14, even promoted classes don't enjoy taking the massive chunk from Garm (he might even double with his boosted 17 speed). Even if you don't want to use the Garm/want to use it on someone else, he still has the bulk to take the hits (usually without getting doubled) and deal the damage back with a powerful Silver/Killer/Effective weapon. Just reminding you that this is all at base. No investment. No training. Straight out of the gate. Indeed, other units can do these things better, but they require sufficient training, whereas Duessel does this with no training. Basically, Duessel has a dominant mid-game, with his amazing bases making him a competent unit well into the end-game, with absolutely no investment. Whether this better fits A Rank or B Rank in this tier list is up for debate, but, as someone with much experience using him, I think he should be low A tier/high B tier. If you ask me, his current placing below Tana/above Christmas Cavs is a-okay. I can see the argument for Christmas Cavs being better, but I really think he's better than Ephraim!Saleh, at the very least. But Eirika!Duessel? Yeah, pretty bad, should probably drop. Thanks for reading this, sorry if this rambled on a bit. I just tried to explain my experience as best as I can.
  6. Just click the Code button (circled), and type in the table. I would recommend a format similar to mine. Also yeah Wrys is low-key a really good pick, definitely helps out in Chapter 1 specifically.
  7. Chapter 6x: free (20)/47 Jeigan goes Bishop to work on his Staff rank, Vyland goes Myrmidon. Marth got C Swords, Ogma got B Swords, Matthis got D Staves, Vyland got D Swords, and Wolf got D Axes. Also got Athena because why not. Chapter 7: 7/54 Jeigan goes Dracoknight, Vyland goes Cavalier. Wolf, Jeigan, Caeda, Ogma, and Cord go down to meet the flyers, and dispatch them easily enough. The enemy Cavalier reinforcements are relatively weak (or my units are getting stronger). Thus, Marth, Ogma, Caeda, Jeigan, and Wolf all manage to brute force their way through, while Cord went back up to have fun with the Whitewings. Some combination of attacks from Ogma, Jeigan, and Wolf allow Caeda to take down the boss with one Wing Spear use, and Marth seizes. Caeda gets B Lances. Chapter 8: 5/59 Jeigan goes Paladin. I have just enough offense between my main units for Marth to just walk his way to the throne. Recruiting Rodger ends up being a lot easier than killing him. After killing the initial group of Knights, Cavaliers, and Archers, Jeigan, Caeda, and Marth go to the boss while Cord baits down the Horsemen for their EXP. Silver Lance + 2 Wing Spear uses kills the boss, since he's too much of a chump to OHKO Caeda. Made sure to buy the extra Wing Spear and Rapier, among other things. Also got Radd, which is cool. Chapter 9: 5/64 Radd goes Cavalier for movement, while Wolf goes Berserker for water movement/boss cheesing. The main isles are pretty crowded with powerful enemies, so Wolf baits some of the pirates away, while the rest of the gang follows Marth. Jeigan, Caeda, and Ogma deal with a Mage, Hunter, and Pirate well enough, while the Cavaliers go for the chests. Wolf walks over the water on his way towards the boss. Wolf crits the boss with the Devil Axe, since there's no other quick way for me to kill him, and Marth seizes. Cord got C Rank Bows. Thrones costing 1 extra movement ensures that the 4 turn is impossible :^[ Chapter 10: 8/72 Jeigan goes Dracoknight, Wolf goes Hero. Caeda uses the Seraph Robe. Marth walks as quickly as his 7 movement will let him, while Jeigan, Wolf, Ogma, and Cord lead the charge. Caeda takes a detour to claim her Master Seal via killing a Hero who drops one. She ends up killing Minerva in the process too I guess. The flyers were tough, but big chip damage eventually takes them down. After they were killed, Wolf, Marth, and Caeda go to the throne, while Cord has fun killing Archers through a wall and Jeigan gets the Physic chest. Wolf does the necessary chip for Caeda to grab another bosskill, getting him to C Rank Axes. Matthis also ended up getting C Rank Staves in the middle of the chapter, just in time to help Caeda out with Physic. Chapter 11: 9/81 Caeda promotes, breaking the game in the process. She heads out to fight the Mercenary group while most others clear the way for Marth. Cord and Matthis chill near the starting point so they can bait the Pegasus Knights and ballista shots, allowing Matthis to get more Staff EXP in the process. Ended up recruiting Jake. First non-gaiden map that ended up being routed. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 6.12 22 09 00 06 09 10 07 00 C Swords Caeda Dracoknight 15/1.97 33 12 00 14 20 19 13 03 A Lances E Axes Jeigan Dracoknight xx/8.28 23 10 01 14 09 04 11 04 A Lances E Axes Ogma Mercenary 14.36 32 11 00 14 14 08 08 00 B Swords Cord Hunter 12.93 23 11 00 09 15 09 07 00 C Bows Matthis Curate 11.16 24 01 03 04 05 03 04 10 C Staves Wolf Hero xx/7.92 32 10 00 14 15 08 10 01 C Axes D Swords Vyland Cavalier 5.49 22 06 00 03 08 03 07 01 D Swords D Lances Radd Cavalier 1.80 20 06 00 01 05 01 09 00 D Swords E Lances + 5 Meatshields Upon further analysis, it appears that killing off meatshields is not necessarily a guaranteed way to get to the gaidens. For example, I have 9 drafted units currently, and, with the additions of Midia, Boah, and Macellan for Chapter 12, I will have 12 drafted units. Considering I got 6 loan units from Chapter 4, even if I kill all my meatshields, I cannot go to Chapter 12x with 18 units. There was no real way for me to prevent this, either. I would need to kill off 3 loan units to go to the gaiden, so I hope that's ok.
  8. Chapter 4: 7/33 Jeigan goes Dracoknight, while Cord goes Hunter. The relative lack of units eases the difficulty of this chapter. Caeda and Jeigan weaken the cavalier squad on Turn 2 EP, and the rest of the gang follows up, leaving only Matthis. Lena recruits Matthis, and Merric, the newest meatshield, quickly sacrifices himself so that the Horsemen come closer to the group. They are surrounded, and the kills are fed to Ogma and Cord, respectively. Caeda, with some assistance from Marth, Wing Spears the boss. Chapter 5: 4/37 Matthis goes Mage for some chipping utility. Caeda and Jeigan kill some cavs with Wing Spear/Ridersbane, and the rest of the group finishes off a final remaining cavalier. Wolf and Vyland grab the rest of the Wolfguard's weapons in preparation for the slaughter to come. Cord and Matthis continue to hunt down Wendell's group, while Roshea and Sedgar end up dying to ensure Marth's safe delivery to the throne. Jeigan and Caeda team up on the boss for the boss kill, and Julian goes and grabs some Javelins at the armory. Chapter 6: 10/47 Matthis and Vyland both have the spiritual revelation that they suck as combat units, so they both join the clergy and become Curates. Jeigan goes Paladin since Archers and Mages are scary. Finally, Wolf goes Hero to start on his Axe rank. I enter this chapter with 17 units. Ceada, Jeigan, Ogma, and Wolf blaze through the beginning of the chapter, with Vyland following them with powerful 8 HP Heals. Cord goes to that one spot to train his Bow rank on the archer in the throne room, with Matthis making sure he doesn't die. Navarre and Hardin both end up sacrificing themselves while holding the really prominent chokepoint in the first hallway, leaving me at 15 units. I end up grabbing all the loot outside of the Killing Edge (lol) and the gold thanks to the power of enemy Thieves. After spending a few extra turns dealing with the throne room enemies, Armorslayer Ogma + Wing Spear gives Caeda another bosskill. Cord ends up getting D Bows. I end up grabbing that one Cavalier's Master Key, and to 6x we go. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 3.63 20 06 00 05 08 08 07 00 D Swords Caeda Peg. Knight 9.76 19 06 01 10 19 14 08 06 C Lances Jeigan Paladin xx/4.40 24 08 01 12 08 03 09 06 D Swords A Lances Ogma Mercenary 9.03 27 07 00 13 13 04 08 00 C Swords Cord Hunter 6.82 21 10 00 08 09 06 06 00 D Bows Matthis Curate 3.69 18 00 01 01 04 01 03 06 E Staves Wolf Hero xx/3.68 24 06 00 10 12 05 07 01 D Swords E Axes Vyland Curate 2.46 18 00 01 02 05 02 03 07 E Staves + 1 Meatshield
  9. Loan units appear to fill up to the maximum amount of deployment slots for a chapter. Thus, the only case in which killing loan units would be needed to access a gaiden would be if someone entered a chapter with no more meatshields and the chapter had 16 or more deployment slots (including Marth). As it turns out, Chapter 15 has 16 deployment slots (21 and 22 do as well, but 24x has different requirements). I don't really know the probability of someone running out of meatshields by the time they reach this chapter, but if it were to happen, there would be no way to get 17x/20x. For now, I guess we'll just roll with it and, if someone encounters this problem, it's dealt with then.
  10. I'll take Macellan I guess
  11. "You may not use loaner units." Does this mean that we can't use them as meatshields either?
  12. Snake order (the order most drafts go by) goes (assuming 5 players): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, repeat. That's why you (1st) and Sturm (5th) get two picks, and also why the order is in reverse sometimes. Since most of the picks at this point are pretty inconsequential, I just decided to get started Chapter 1: 10/10 This map. Where do I even begin. Jeigan, Caeda, and Marth kill some of the starting pirates, but most of them get baited by the unarmed meatshields. They pause near the halfway point to deal with the pirates near the boss, while Draug, the last surviving meatshield, continues to distract the pirates while on a fort. The boss is the icing on the cake, 2HKOing everyone and not going down by conventional means. After visiting the Wrys village, Marth, with his HP intact, gets a Rapier critical on EP while just surviving the counter. Jeigen Silver Lance and Caeda Wing Spear are exactly enough to take him down, and Marth seizes. Wrys and Draug are the only undrafted units to survive the chapter. Marth got both villages. Chapter 2: 6/16 Another challenge, but made much simpler thanks to Ogma and Cord joining the team. Ogma, Caeda, and Marth team up on the pirate near the starting point for the kill, while Jeigan positions himself to bait the other pirate. Barst holds up the northern group with his meatshield abilities, and most others position to give up their lives as well. The next group consists of a pirate and two cavaliers. Wrys baits down the pirate, while Caeda kills the two cavaliers with the Wing Spear, surviving the EP with 1 HP. The rest of the pirates are dealt with a combination of meatshields, Ogma, and Jeigan. The boss this time has a weak Hand Axe, and thanks to an HP level from earlier, Jeigan manages to just survive two hits and 3HKO back with the Silver Lance, so he does just that over the course of two turns. In the end, Bord was the last remaining meatshield alive. Marth also grabbed the village. Both Castor and Darros were recruited over the course of the chapter, but they were quickly sacrificed along with the others. Chapter 3: 10/26 Despite the relative lack of enemies, this chapter also proved to be tough. I need Lena to survive for the Matthis recruitment, and bodybagging Julian would be a waste, so Caeda goes and stalls Navarre's group for a while. This leaves me even more lacking in combat than I already am, but the combination of Marth, Ogma, Jeigan, Cord, and Bord's meatshielding proves to be just enough resources to take down the first three Fighters. The Hunters are much easier to deal with, thankfully. Caeda starts running away from Navarre's group, as to let him get closer to Ogma so he can trade over the Killing Edge. The two fighters near the boss are dealt with contributions from Jeigan, Caeda, and Ogma. I end up sacrificing Bord to Navarre to ensure that he doesn't get too close. By Turn 10, everything was in place. Caeda recruits Navarre, who trades his Killing Edge to Ogma. Ogma crits Hyman, and Jeigan breaks his Silver Lance to finish him off. Marth seizes, with Navarre, Lena, and Julian as meatshields. Thank goodness Battle Preparations are here :^] Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res Weapon Level Marth Lord 2.82 19 05 00 04 08 08 07 00 D Swords Caeda Peg. Knight 5.43 17 04 01 08 15 11 07 06 D Lances Jeigan Paladin xx/3.09 23 07 01 11 08 02 09 06 D Swords B Lances Ogma Mercenary 5.85 23 06 00 12 12 03 06 00 C Swords Cord Fighter 3.30 21 08 00 05 10 05 05 00 E Axes + 3 Meatshields